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The Visitors Hotel

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The Visitors HotelI was nervous as I rode the elevator up to the third floor to meet a complete stranger to live out my long running fantasy. We’d met through his comments on my stories. I would read his messages and coyly send tepid, short responses. He would always write when I published new stories telling me about his favorite parts and characters until my responses began to get longer and more detailed. Soon we were Internet friends sharing our most intimate secret thoughts and fantasies. He was an older man in his 40’s or 50’s, he still kept his stocky 5’10 220 lbs frame in shape with a bit rounding from the office work lifestyle. He dressed very sharp in a corporate style that complimented his warm and friendly face. As I walked down the hallway to room 313 I was a nervous wreck. Why was I, a usually straight guy about to transform into beautiful fun Liz and meet this older gentleman in a hotel room? I had reflected on these thoughts many times over the years. Since I’d had these thoughts and fantasies for so long I decided it was well time to find out if the reality was as intense as the thoughts in my head. I suppose I thought once I’d tried it I would know or it would be out of my system. I had started writing stories as a release of the fantasies and met someone whose fantasies were my leading role. Which is how I ended up dressed in a beautiful pair of thigh high stockings under my sexy short black skirt and tight black top to match. The curves on my tall frame were to die for. Shiny high heels are the foundation of my fabulous lets and I let my hot wife attitude fee. Legs for days and an attitude to match.He’s sitting at the desk when I walk out of the bathroom fully dressed and rose to greet me. We hit it off immediately, both playing our roles and the tension just disappeared from the room instantly. It was a natural comfortable exchange and a real conversation. This handsome mature gentleman was very friendly and personable; he made me feel safe and confident that I could relax.His tells me about his favorite stories of mine. He enjoys the classy mixed with sexy themes. One of his most read stories is the one where a very doting and complementary lover treats the man like a 1950’s husband. I’ve always been the take-charge guy in relationships. When dressed I’ve always fantasized about being the doting sweet loving partner who showers their man with attention, compliments and performance. Instead of being the instigator, I wanted to be taken and of course perform to his pleasure. What a perfect fantasy match. I ask if he’d maltepe escort like a drink walking over to the mini fridge while he sits down in the plush oversized armchair. “A beer would be nice” he replies. ?I pour myself a shot of top shelf tequila from the open bottle and can see that he’s already had one shot before I arrived. I can feel his eyes staring at my backside as if they were burning into my hot figure while I pour our beers into glasses. I down my shot in one fiery gulp and saunter over to where he is sitting in the armchair and handing him his beer then fetching the remote without him even asking. He turns on the TV to some sports game and I sit on the couch while we enjoy our beers and conversation. We both know why were here but the conversation is just as normal and easy as I wanted it to be. Part of what always kept me from the fantasy was the awkward feeling of not being able to really just let loose my more adoring and feminine side. My open mindedness and curiosity had me wanting to switch roles and be the one who’s made love to. My new mature friend seemed to love my flirty attention and this made me very comfortable. I was finally able to relax and enjoy the fantasy without the feelings of guilt or shame. After I’ve drank half my beer I’m starting to feel warm from the shot I took earlier. Emboldened by the liquid courage I move from the couch to sit down on my soon to be lovers lap, legs swung across him side straddled. He compliments me on how soft my skin as he begins rubbing gently on my thighs and arms. I put my arm around his strong neck, giggling, cooing and flirting right back with his gentle caress. I begin to grind my ass into his lap feeling his bulge start to grow and get warmer. I thank him for inviting me over to his beautiful hotel room, continuing to stroke his ego while his hand stroked further up my leg. I decide to stand up and spin around straddling him. Teasing as I grind into him. I lean back so that he has to cradle my slender long frame with his strong hands in the small of my back. I keep telling him how good his hands feel, how strong they are and how much he’s turning me on.I can tell that with each of my compliments and flirtations he’s getting more and more excited. I’m delirious with feelings of acting out my fantasy of being a completely perfect slutty housewife. I sit up some on his lap so that I can start unbuttoning his shirt. He keeps pawing his big hands all over me now. I continue my shower of sincere compliments about his soft chest with strong muscles underneath. escort maltepe He pulls me close again grabbing my ass and stands up with out bodies pressing together. I squeal in delight at his display of manliness while he then gently lays me back on the ottoman and leans into kiss me, testing the waters just as our fantasy dictated.Part of my fantasy was the passionate intense make out sessions you’d see in the soft-core porn films. I just really wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it but as it turns out he was a perfect kisser. Not to rough, not to sloppy, not to fast and not too much tongue. Our mouths melted together as he pressed his warm body on top of mine, grinding his now hard cock between my spread legs. I started asking him about his big package for me as he told me that I was going to love his big cock. I kept telling him how much I loved big cocks and couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.The reality is that I was a virgin; I’d never even been able to use a dildo on myself. Part of the fantasy was getting to feel and act like all of those sluts in porn’s who just seemed to love getting a big one. He knew we weren’t going to try anal this time, in fact he knew we might just meet and take it super slow. But after all the waiting and build up…in theory I was going to fuck, suck and enjoy feeling beautiful and desired. Just like we both wanted. Even if meant holding my sexy thighs together for him to plow.He stood up after we’d been making out for what seemed like forever, his cock straining against his pants wanting to be released. Everything was going exactly to our plan so far. I was really enjoying getting to act like a wanton slut in heat. He knew I was very vocal and very verbal from my stories and I was giving him my best. I drop to my stocking covered knees and look up into his eyes and start running my hands up and down his thick thighs. I lean in closer and closer eventually giving playful kiss to the head of his cock. Cocks, well especially his so big when you’re face to face on your knees. I playfully with a dash of reality tell him I don’t know if it will fit in my mouth. He’s forever the gentleman in his response. Familiar with the playing hard to get even though he knows I want it, he patiently yet politely asks if I’ll just try. Telling me that it would make him feel so good. I lock eyes with him putting my hands on his ass cheeks as I open my mouth wide, my big pouty lips ever so slowly take the entire stiff clean cock all the way down to the base never once breaking eye contact.He moans in delight rolling his maltepe escort bayan eyes back into his head as I let out my own moan with my cock stuffed mouth. I stroke my tongue on the underside of his cock while I hold my breath, lips pressed firmly against his body with his entire length stuffed in my throat. After about 20 seconds I back off and take a deep breath leaving a long trail of pre cum and saliva from my lips to the tip of his cock. He puts his big strong hands on the back of my head and gently guides it back to the goal. I begin to give my first ever porn start quality blowjob. I alternate between using hands and mouth, to the no handed deep throat with ease. I then start to move even lower between his legs, guiding his balls into my wide-open virgin mouth. I swirl my tongue around his smooth sack lightly sucking the pair. I can tell the vibrations from my moaning and warm breath are driving him absolutely wild. Soon enough I’m getting that familiar feeling that he’s getting close to release so I gracefully stand back up onto my heels. I can tell he’s wild with desire for me by the way he gently yet with power pulls me close for another perfect kiss. His hands are roaming all over my smooth stockings and soft skin. I can tell he loves the way my body feels I lift one of my legs and wrap it around his hips pulling us even tighter together while we passionately make out. He then puts both hands on my ass and picks me up while my thin long smooth legs wrap around his torso. He effortlessly carries me to the bed and sits down with me still on top. He slides back to the headboard and I can see his eyes admiring and lusting after the sexy woman on her knees at the foot of the bed.We both are in frenzy and know its now time to move on to the main event.I crawl up the king sized bed and engulf his cock again to the base. His big hands are soon stroking my shoulders and head but never being pushy or rough. I’m very chatty while giving my second porn star style blowjob. In between sucking him I keep complimenting his huge cock telling him I can’t wait for him to fuck my tight ass.I pull out all the stops with this blowjob. I drool on his “massive” shaft as I ram it down my throat. I tease and lick it like an ice cream cone, suck on the side of the shaft like I’m trying to give it a hickie. I coax him into frenzy with my oral work skills. He has amazing stamina and I can feel his desire to fuck me at a peak. He starts to gently pull me up on top of him. His body is so much broader and thicker than my slender frame and we both relish in differences. I continue crawling up his body kissing my way up his chest, sucking on his manly nipples until I look up and see his friendly warm smile again. He cradles my head and promises to be gentle and take it slow for my first time…

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