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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 2

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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 2Joe and Albert emerged into the first hallway of the arcade.They both felt as though they’d been transported to a strange land.It was very dark. The air was filled with smoke. Noises were all around. Loud sounds of sex from the videos, as well as live sounds like, ‘suck it’ and ‘oh yeah’ and lot’s of moaning and grunting. Many odors were mixed together. The smoke (different kinds), the sweat …. the pungent stench of cum. There were several men standing around the hallway. Some of them were rubbing themselves, all of them inviting the new guys to join them.Joe and Albert each wondered if they should be there, but neither of them voiced their concerns.They just walked on, politely declining the men.Reaching the video booths, they passed by closed doors. Then they ran across an open door. A man inside called softly to them, “Hi boys.” Looking in, they saw that he had his pants down to his knees, and he was stroking a hard dick. They both stared, unsure of what to do. “C’mon in. There’s plenty of room for us all.”As they both began to sputter uncertainties, ‘uh…’ ‘I dunno…’ They heard a familiar voice”Hey, you guys made it.” Gary was at the far end of the hallway. “C’mere.”Joe and Albert left the mystery man without a word, hurrying to Gary.”Hey guys. There’s plenty of more booths around the corner.” Gary led them to the end of arcade. The smoky odor back here consisted more of marijuana than tobacco. “Look, there’s a group of three booths that are all open. One for each of us.”Joe and Albert allowed themselves to be directed by Gary, so that they were on the end booths, and Gary was in the middle.Inside, they saw the openings between the kadıköy escort booths, and asked Gary about that. “They’re called glory holes. If things are going a certain way, some guys like to make use of the glory holes. It’s up to you.” They were quite large glory holes, affording a good view into the next booth.The newbies pondered glory holes for a moment, then eagerly dropped a token into their machines and hardcore porno sprang up in front of their eyes.Gary didn’t put any tokens into his machine, instead choosing to peek through the holes. He told each of them how to change channels and volume, and explained that it’s perfectly alright to whip it out and relieve themselves.Albert began to rub his crotch as he watched a video of a man being sucked by a woman. “There ya go, Albert.” Gary encouraged him.Joe channel surfed, pausing at the gay porno’s, then moving on. Settling on a M/F blowjob, as well. But not touching himself.While Albert imagined that he was the man in the porno, getting his cock sucked, Joe wondered what it would be like to be doing the sucking. ‘What a crazy thought’ Joe felt.Soon, Albert’s video timed out and went off. “Damn,” he cursed. Then dropped another token in. Gary told him to put several tokens in, so he won’t be disturbed.”Great idea, Gary.” Albert thanked him and loaded up his porno machine. Then Joe’s machine turned off. As Gary was telling him to put several tokens in, Joe decided to move on.”I think I’ll go look around, Gary.” Joe got up and walked out of his booth,over to Alberts booth. Knocking on it, Joe said, “Albert, I’m gonna look around a bit.” üsküdar escort He thought he heard something like ‘yeah alright’ from inside.Joe took off down the hall.Gary thought Joe was really cute, but was kind of glad to get to a one on one situation with either of them. He knew that not being together, their inhibitions would be lowered.”So Albert, I see you really like that porno.” Gary said through the glory hole. He dropped a couple of tokens in and began to rub his crotch. Gary then unzipped and pulled his pants down. Albert sat in his chair rubbing through his jeans. He could see that Gary was standing in his own booth, rubbing his bulging white briefs, at eye level to the glory hole.As Albert got distracted from the videos by Gary, he pulled down his own jeans and massaged his undie covered dick.Seeing this, Gary pulled his dick out of his briefs and slowly stroked it.Now Albert couldn’t take his eyes off Gary’s cock. He took his own dick out and began to masturbate, in front of this stranger.”That’s it Albert, jack that cock!” Gary said lustily.”Oh Gary, you’re nasty. What am I doing, anyway?” Albert was so horny, but so confused.”You’re having a good time, it looks like.” Gary was right about that. “That’s a real nice cock you have. Just relax and enjoy yourself. As long as things feel OK, then go with it.””Yeah, go with it.” Albert smiled and stroked his dick. “You have a real nice cock too, Gary.” Albert laughed.”Yeah… yeah… that’s it.” Gary loved it!!Joe moved along the video booths, wondering what lay behind them. A man looking over the doorway from inside of one, opened it when Joe approached. The heavyset man was tuzla escort naked and hard, and he smiled at Joe. Joe actually thought that the man had a cute face. But Joe moved on.Another booth opens, and a man is getting his dick sucked by a man on the chair. Joe stops and watches while the suckee whispers, “Hi baby. Want some of this?”Joe watches the big cock get sucked for a few seconds. His dick stirs again. But he moves on.Finally Joe decides to enter a booth. He opens the door, hoping nobody’s inside. There isn’t.Joe looks through the glory holes on each side. To his right the booth is empty. To his left there is a man with his dick in his hands, watching the video. He doesn’t seem to pay any attention to Joe, so Joe sits down and plunks a few tokens in the machine. Finding a vid where a man is eating a woman’s pussy, Joe reafirms his manhood. Getting horny he rubs his bulge. Seeing no reaction from the stroker next door, Joe feels OK to pull his pants down and rub his growing dick, through his tight red bikini briefs. When Joe’s neighbor sees this, he becomes interested. The stranger looks closely through the glory hole, jacking his big dick furiously (in case the sight suddenly goes away). He mutters through his jacking horniness, “Oh…. so sweet….. mmmmm…….yesssss….. yesssssssssss……!!” Joe tried to watch his video, but had to see what was going on. He kept watching the stranger jack off. Jacking off to Joe! Boing…. pow…. splatt….. the man shoots a big load against the wall and on the floor. After the stranger shot his load and cleaned up, he told Joe thank you, before leaving… his video machine still running.Joe was hornier than he’d ever been in his life, but still wasn’t comfortable about it. He returned to rubbing through his red undies while looking at two young girls playing in their panties. There ya go, a lesbo scene is every Red blooded American Males dream. Joe focused on the girls panties, while the door opened on the booth to his right and a young, long haired man entered.

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