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Third Day Being Gay

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Third Day Being GayAfter my first two days experimenting with gay sex, I was feeling extra adventurous. I had been ultra conservative thus far, only sucking 3 guys total and only swallowing two loads. I changed my online profile from being an inexperienced 19yo looking to suck cock to being a teen bottom that wanted his ass fucked. My inbox FLOODED with replies. Many hot older tops looking to get a piece of my 19yo hole. The first two experiences I had with cocks were not very impressive, size wise, so I was on a quest for someone at least 7 inches.I had been experimenting not only with my sexuality, but also my porn preference, and I was becoming quite fascinated with black cocks. I received a reply from a black man who was 8.5 inches. We exchanged pictures and then I invited him to my place. This was also the first time I hosted, so I spent the time getting my ass ready. I didn’t own any toys at the time, so I went upstairs and fingered myself. The feeling was not that great and I didn’t have any lube other canlı bahis than vaseline. I put on a thong that I stole from a girlfriend, a tight tshirt and waited for him. The doorbell rang and he was everything I could ask for when I opened the door. good looking older black man, shaved head, nice shape. we talked for a moment. He quizzed me up about my age, experience as I embellished my gay-sex resume, saying I had been with many black men, and loved to be gangbanged. He then followed me down the stairs, his eyes focused on my thonged ass. I immediately turned back toward him, smiled, and dropped to my knees. I unzipped his jeans and reached into his fly to grab his cock. I got very nervous once i felt its girth, but continued on as though I was an expert. It was even bigger to see than it had been feeling it in my hand. I began to suck it, and was suprised at how little I could take into my mouth. Because of my lies regarding my experience, he wasted no time in getting really rough on the blowjob, I gagged bahis siteleri and gagged as he shoved his huge black meat deeper and deeper into my throat. Each time I pulled away from his cock, he would pull my hair and slap my face hard. It would turn me on, but also taught me not to pull away. The way he was using my face made me extremely horny and was the first time I was fully erect during my gay sex adventures. He spit in my mouth, smacked my ass, and even turned around to make me lick his ass. I had never even thought about rimming a man, and this made me even more horny. he threw me onto all 4s and got behind me doggy style. fear shot through my body as I realized he was going to fuck me. I asked him if he had a condom, and he said he did not. My fear of an STD was just as high as a fear of his giant cock. The whole time we discussed this, he had a finger going in and out of my ass. Then two. He told me I was really tight, which brought back into the moment. picking up the pace, it began to feel good, güvenilir bahis which doing it myself had not. My cock had softened, mostly from fear, but his fingering was getting me harder and harder. He stopped and stuck a thumb in each side of my hole and began stretching me open, pulling my asshole apart. He spit inside me. He shoved his cock back in my mouth, and pushed it all the way down my throat. I gagged and gagged, but there was no where for my head to go, as I was up against the couch. I spit up on his cock from the gagging and he pulled out my throat, cock covered and slimy saliva. I gasped for air, eyes shut, in a daze. Without warning he shoved his cock into my virgin ass. I screamed in pain as tears filled my eyes. The pain was indescribable, as he continued going in and out. I yelled out that he was too big and it hurt too much, but he just slapped me in the face and told me to take it like a man. I squeezed his cock harder with my ass muscles, hoping he would finish faster. He began to pick up the pace, he was not fucking my ass extremely hard and I was not enjoying it one bit, tears and pain as he broke my ass. I looked down as I tried to regain my composure, my cock was getting hard again, and was soon rock hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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