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Times Change

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Times ChangeMy, how Times ChangeMy ass was at the edge of the sofa, my wife was standing, bent over, my cock sliding in and out of her wet mouth. She was naked except for black hose, and spike heels, her c=cup tits swinging lewdly down from her chest as she worked on my cock. She was getting a nice, hard cock shoved into her very wet pussy by one of my photographer buddies. I held her head as I approached a really hard climax, and, at that moment Larry, the guy fucking Cheryl pushed forward burying his cock deep in her cunt, groaning with pleasure as he too unloaded his balls into my wife. I held her head steady until she finished swallowing all of my cum, as she moaned with her own climax.“Okay, Steve, slide over here and take my place,” I said as my cock plopped from Cheryl’s mouth, a long string of saliva and cum dangled from her mouth. She did not have a chance to say anything before her head was pulled down and onto another hard cock.Larry pulled out of my wife, his cock slimy with their mixed cum. Wade moved in behind her held her ass with his hands and easily slid his eight inches of meat into her very frothy cunt.I picked up the video camera that Steve placed on the coffee table and continued videoing my wife in her first gang bang and her first sex with anyone else but me. As my two friends continued pumping their hard cocks in and out of her now very willing holes, Larry stood on the opposite side of my wife from me, his hands playing with her tits as she was bent over sucking Steve for all she was worth, and clearly enjoying every minute of the sex.I turned the camera on Steve as he began moaning loudly and holding her head so she had no choice but to swallow his load of cum as he shot it into her mouth. Steve finished and Cheryl lifted her head momentarily as he released his grip on her, she leaned forward more, and began licking his balls as she cupped them in her small hand.“Ah, fuck! Here it comes, slut!” And Wade began unloading deep in my wife’s cunt, her moaning changed to words at that point.“Oh, fuck yes! Pump that cum in me, fuck me harder!” Cheryl exclaimed as she shuddered in another climax of her own.‘No, stay here,” I directed Cheryl as I videoed her. “Go sit in that chair, hook your legs over the arms of the chair, and show us that nasty cream pie you have.”Cheryl followed my directions, though I think she was not so happy with them as I continued videoing her. I moved closer and trained the lens on her now oozing pussy, legs spread wide for all of us to enjoy the view.“Are you done yet? I need to clean up.” Cheryl commented in a bit of a tiff.“Okay,” I said reluctantly. “But come right back in here, we may have more for you to do.”“Men, all you think about is sex, and how to use a woman,” she commented in a huff as she left us.We got out beer and some chips and dips as we waited for her return. I was nice and poured her a glass of white wine.By bursa escort the time my wife returned we the four of us were seated close to the TV where the video of Cheryl being gang banged was playing. We were all making rude comments about how hot the video was and how all of us were sure enjoying her body.“Geez, it is true, all you guys can think of is how to use a woman sexually,” a repeat of what she had said on her way to clean up.Cheryl stood close to me as we watched her sucking and fucking on the video. My hand was on the back of her leg, then I slowly moved it between her thighs, and slowly upward to her still damp pussy, and began to gently finger her labia.“Mmm, stop, don’t get me going again,” she pleaded hoarsely, making a vain attempt to move away.I kept my hand roaring the insides of her thighs, above the black, thigh-high hose tops.“Damn, honey you sure look sexy sucking Larry’s big cock,” I complimented her skills as we continued to watch the evolving video of my wife’s seduction into a gang bang. Cheryl made some sort of guttural noise in her throat, and I kept plying with her pussy lips, she was getting wetter as I gently played with her.the other three guys were slowly stroking their cocks as the sipped their beers and silently watched and listened to the video of my wife now seduced into have sex with multiple males at the same time, something she had never done.As I continued to play with her, her hand was on my shoulder, now rubbing back and forth as we watched her performance. I felt her move, she spread her legs a bit more, allowing me a bit more access.“You guys sure love watching a woman suck your cocks, don’t you?” Cheryl asked as we watched her on the screen kneeling between the three guys as I videoed her.“Well, you do such a great job of sucking cock, Cheryl, we just can’t take our eyes off the action,” Steve commented in a somewhat stilted speech as he stroked his semi-rigid cock.“Mmm, that feels good,” Cheryl commented as I continued tickling her pussy.“Hey, you getting something we aren’t?” Wade asked as he looked over seeing my hand between my wife’s thighs.“You wanna play with her pussy?” I asked, now sliding two fingers up into her vagina.“Love to play with that pussy,” Wad said stretching his hand out to Cheryl.”Go over and let Wade play with your cunt,” I directed my wife, knowing she did not like the use of the ‘c’ word. But she easily moved over and stood next to Wayne, his hand quickly finding it’s way between her legs, and to her damp nether land. As all of us watched the video of my wife learning how to be a good gang bang wife, Wade was slipping two fingers in and out of her vagina, and she was moaning softly eyes partially shut, and her hand rubbing his shoulders. A variety of crude and lewd comments were made as we watched my wife both live and on tape, getting hotter and hotter. Cheryl was slowly gyrating her hips as Wade bursa escort bayan continued to assault her wet pussy.“Damn, she’s getting all hot again, maybe she’s ready to fuck some more,” Wade said.“Would you like to fuck me again, Wade? Stick your big cock in me?” Cheryl said as she moved in front of Wade, backed up, spreading her legs as she did and lowering herself onto his eight inches of hard cock, as he slid forward in the chair allowing my wife to easily mount his growing cock.“Ahh, yeah, baby, fuck me,” Cheryl said crudely as she began moving up and down on Wade’s cock, her hand between his legs playing with his balls.“Well, her mouth is free, somebody go up and shove their cock in my slut’s mouth,” I directed as I sat watching Cheryl moving up and down on Wade’s hard cock.Larry moved off of the arm of the couch and stood in front of Cheryl, slowly stroking his cock and rubbing the tip over her lips and chin. She let hime move his cock around her mouth, for a couple of minutes, hid pre-cum glisten on her lips now. I turned the video camera towards the action and adjusted the focus and lighting as my wife was now eagerly taking two cocks in her holes once again. Her tits bounced up and down obscenely as she was sucking and fucking at the same time, a great multi-tasking slut.Wade and Larry kept pumping their cocks in and out of Cheryl, slowly increasing the rhythm over the next ten minutes or so. Cheryl was groaning with pleasure as she was filled with their hard poles, one hand between her legs playing with Wade’s balls, the other ticking Steve’s nut sack as she noisily sucked on his hard shaft.As the three of them worked harder and faster, it was clear that Wade was going to cum soon as he pulled Cheryl down hard on his cock and began moaning and growling, He then shook as he unloaded in her cunt and began to release his grip. Cheryl continued to hold herself study on his cock as she continued sucking on Steve, who now had his hands on the sides of her head adjusting the depth of his cock into her mouth.“You wanna swallow my cum again, slut?” Steve asked as he continued to fuck her mouth. “Or, would you like for me to cum all over your pretty face?”“down my throat again,” Cheryl answered as she pulled his cock from her lips for just a moment, then returning the engorged head to her mouth.“Mmm, fine with me, I do love fucking your mouth, so hot,” He answered as Cheryl now pumped the base of his cock with one hand and played with his balls with the other.A minute later my wife was holding Steve’s cock and obviously sucking another load of cum out of his meat. I watched as her eyes looked up at him, and smiled as she greedily accepted his seed and swallowed his whole load, not loosing a drop.Larry walked up to my wife who had released her grip on Steve’s now shrinking cock, and took hold of Larry’s semi-erect pole. She started to take his cock in her mouth but escort bursa he countered her move.“Naw, get down on your knees, I wanna fuck that pussy of yours,” and as he pushed her forward she moved to her knees and put her elbows on the floor. Larry moved behind her quickly and in one smooth thrust his cock slid all the way home into her cunt, still filled with Wade’s cum.“this won’t take long, cunt, watching you sucking and fucking my friends has got me close to cumming again,” and Larry began a fast pace of fucking my wife pounding her pussy, skin slapping as they fucked. Larry was right, it did not take him long to unload in my wife’s sloppy cunt, as he growled and moaned through his orgasm and hers.“Stay on all fours,” I said as I moved in behind Cheryl and took her doggy style too, but just for a few minutes. I pulled out of her, rolled her on her back, and mounted her chest my slimy, cum covered cock only an inch from her slightly open mouth. Cheryl opened her mouth and eagerly accepted my slimy cock into her mouth and began sucking me. After a couple of minutes of her sucking my cock, i pulled it from her lips, moved down and shoved my hard cock back into her now very sloppy cream pie. A minute or so of fucking her and I pulled out of her and mounted her chest again her mouth opened and her hands were on my ass, pulling me forward to begin fucking her mouth once again.I was approaching my climax, I knew it would be somewhat smaller than my first, but I wanted to do something a little different. I used my left hand on the top of her head, holding her steady, and just before I began to shoot my load I pulled my cock from her mouth. I never told her to move, but she instantly took my cock in her right hand and stroked me hard as I began to shoot painting her lovely face with my cum.“Yes, cum on my face, smear your cum all over my lips and cheeks,” she moaned in a hard climax of her own. The guys had left, my wife was still on the bed, legs spread cum oozing from her pussy, and more cum drying on her tits and face. I finished toweling off from my shower as I watched her, she moved slowly to the edge of the bed then rose, her legs abnormally far apart for walking, cum now dripping from her cunt. She said nothing as she went into the bathroom and showered.I had finished one show on the tv and was into my second when Cheryl emerged from the bedroom. She wore a light cover which concealed little as it was so sheer.“God, I am sore, well not real sore, but a bit uncomfortable. I guess you are not going to dump me after all that I did last night,” she said softly.“Oh, fuck, no. I loved you for all of the sucking and fucking you did, it was so hot and erotic,” I patted her leg, and then began to rub my hand up and down her thigh.“You approve of me sucking and fucking your friends, letting them cum in me and on me? No problems?” She looked at me quizzically.“No, I think you were great, and you sure proved to me you love fucking and sucking cock. In fact, I would really like to put together another gang bang for you,” I now toyed with her labia, her pussy beginning to ooze some sex juices.

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