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Tinder and my friends ex.

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Tinder and my friends ex.So I am married going on 10 years soon. And the sexlife is so so. We get the heat on from time to time but there is so much baggage. So it requires some mental strength and fantasies to keep me getting the hard on. And so I have been peeking on what goes on on the internet. I’ve gotten a profile on bad and ashleymadison. And I’m on Tinder. Just peeking. I’m not really up for any drastic steps. I’ve had some one night stands thru the years. I travel a lot in my line of work. And I recon there might be more. So I’m not desperately seeking anything online. To my big surprise i find my colleagues soon-to-be ex, Paula, on Tinder. She has just given him the boot and I’m pretty much everyone he told so far. And she is on Tinder already..? I don’t know if I sweep right by mistake to see more pictures of her or if I sweep right because I like her. I do like her. She is tall, fit, nice round ass and small tits. But she is kind of the asexual type. She has been at least up until now. I never really considered her, as you do all girlfriends of friends and foes alike. She just never seemed sexual. But now I got to think about it. She had nice long legs and that nice ass…I swept across a few more women and as usual I swept all to the left. As I said, not looking for real trouble. One hour later I was back on the phone outside while having a cigarette. I eventually opened Tinder and a match was in my face all of a sudden. You’ve Got A Match. It was Paula. Wtf… So now she knew that I knew etc. And that I ‘Liked’ her… How to proceed now? First of all – what did I want to happen now? What if she was fishing on behalf of my wife? They were friends kind of. Paula beat me to it.Paula: “What happened here?!”. A chat message from Paula.Me: “You tell me… I liked your photo but did obviously did not think ahead:)”Paula:”I don’t know what happened!. I thought I was going to see another picture of you but swiped you away and then this happened.”Me: “No problem. We can remove the match and pretend this didn’t happen:) Your secret is safe with me!”I let it be up to her.Paula: “What secret?” “What do you think I’m doing here?”Me: “Nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t think you’re doing anything. Should we remove the match?”Paula: “What? You don’t think I can be doing anything here?” She ignored my question.Me: “Well… You could be doing all kinds of naughty things in here for all I know. I just never imagined you to be naughty:)”Paula: “What are you going here? You’re married!”Me: “I’m just here daydreaming:). Looking but not touching”Her answer took a while. I hoped she was debating with herself… Meaning this could have optional outcomes.Paula: “Daydreaming about what? You men. Only thinking on that one thing.”Me: ” I have had some nice chats in here. Not all of them naughty:) What are you doing in here Paula?”Paula: “Don’t know… I just heard about it and wanted to have a look.”Me: “What did you hear? You looking for a new boyfriend already?”Paula: “A friend of mine uses tinder all the time and said I should have a look. With the right photo etc I would have a lot of fun…”Me: “With your photo I’m sure you will. You should be more confident Paula:)”Paula: “I have no idea how to do this. I just wait for a match? And then what.”Me: “Did you never pick up someone before? All the guys picked you up?”Paula: “Basically… I’m an amateur”Me: “Well you wait for a match and then one of you start chatting. Usually him I guess. And you decide where you wanna go from there. Naughty, nice…”Paula: “… I’m nice. Don’t know how to be naughty. “Me: “No problem. Many guys want nice.”Paula: “They want a wife. I don’t want a boyfriend now. I must learn naughty maybe.”Me: “You must. And it is usually quite fun to learn this:)”Paula: “You seem to know quite a lot. What did you chat about with girls in here?”Me: “Fantasies, preferences, stories…”Paula: “wow… I’m just not made for this I think.Me: “Maybe not:) I’m sure you could be naughty once you try. I can test your skills if you need me to”Paula: “What do you mean? You want me to write something naughty?”Me: “Yep. Write a naughty message. To someone imaginary”Paula: “I don’t know… can you give me an example..?”Me: “ok… Paula I saw the picture of you in the garden. Green pants and you bend forward so I can see what a beautiful ass you have. Makes me think of bad things.”Paula: “Aletjo!! You are crazy!”Me: “Now your turn.”Paula: “I don’t know what to say!”Me: “Do you have a favourite position? Did you have sex somewhere canlı bahis strange? Do you have a fantasy? Come on:)”Paula: “Aletjo!!! You are crazy!!”Me: “Ok. Maybe this is strange:) You should practice on someone you don’t know.”Paula: “Riding… and I like from behind…”Paula: “… on a chair I can ride the best. I like that…”Me: “Good start:)”Paula: “What’s your? Now you tell me something.”Me: “I like to be on top. Too look into her face. Also I love doggy but it is so sexy I’m often scared to do it.”Paula: “Scared?”Me: “When you do a girls from behind it is very hard to keep from coming.”Paula: “Aletjo!!! You are crazy:)”The first smiley…Paua: “Maybe it is good to practice with you.”Paula: “Why is doggy so sexy for men I always wondered?” Me: “For me… its the view of the back, the ass, I can reach the tits. And to see the *** going into the ***… “Paula: “wow. You are not shy Aletjo! I cannot write like that.”Me: “Don’t you have any fantasies?”Paula: “Not really… I just don’t think about sex too much.”Paula: “Usually… lately I have a bit.”Me: “So what have you been thinking?”Paula: “Nothing special. Just felt my body wanting something.”Me: “So you masturbate any more than usual these days?”Paula: “Aletjo!!!!!!!”Me: “Sorry:) I’m just curious:)”Paula: “Why do you wanna know if i do this?”Me: “We’re having a chat about sex don’t we? And I’m curious to hear how you like to masturbate…”Paula: “You are tricky, Aletjo…”Paula: “I like to take showers… You understand?”Me: “Yep. So do I:)”Paula: “You masturbate in the shower? How..?”Me: “Same as you probably. I have a hard on and I run the shower water over it…”Paula: “wow…”Paula: “Does that feel like fingers on your…”Me: “:)”Paula: “I think I need a glass of wine…”Me: “Good idea”At this point this story might turn a bit creepy. Since Paula and my wife were kind of friends I was a bit careful. For all I knew Paula had friends there and they were plotting to tell my wife or something. Could happen.So since I lived only 10 min drive from Paula I had actually gone over during the chat. Just to see from a distance if she was alone or had someone over.And so I cold see her leaving her place in the sofa and return with a glass of wine. She was at least not plotting anything requiring her to stay sober.And so I was just reduced to a peeping tom. Kind of embarrassed and kind of excited. I was considering my options.Paula: “So… we were discussing fingers on your hard on? (naughty?)”Me: “Afraid you forgot:) (Yes. Good one)”Paula: “Are you really sensitive? You hard on? Water can make you..?”Me: “Sometimes. It also requires a certain mental state as well”Paula:”Touch is not enough? What do you need extra?”Me: “I need to be horny plain and simple. I can get horny from a touch. But to stay horny I need to have the mind onboard”Paula: “Explain:)”Me: “Well… I need to wanna fuck her from behind for instance. Thinking about that must make me horny. Thinking that soon I will be behind her must give me a hard on… I must get the feeling that she wants to be had. She can decide what she wants is fine by me.”Paula: “wow. :)”Paula: “You are good at this naughty thing. Much practice?”Me: “Not much. Some:)”Paula: “Say something else. Something shocking. :)”Me: “Ok…”Me: “You have my number. If you send me a picture of the view from a place I could have you from behind I will come. I will find you in the dark. And I will do it with you. You don’t reply here just send a photo when and if you want:)”Paula: “… 🙂 wow.”I saw her getting out of the room and returning with a glass of wine. She remained standing. She looked around and moved out of view. Paula: “I think I see what you mean by certain mental state. :)”Me: “So what can you come up with?”She returned into view and stood infant of the couch.Paula: “You’ve made me look at the house in a new way now.”She sat down and took her glass.Paula: “Bad boi!”Paula : “…boy!!”Paula: “I might need the shower soon.”Me: “Thats naughty:) What do you think about in the shower?”Paula: “Hands mainly.”Paula: “Nobodys special. Just touching hands.”She got up and looked around the room. She pulled a chair into view and placed it with the back to the window.The window looks out over a small lake and I was parked on the other side. She could not see me..?She got up on the chair on her knees and I realised what she was doing. My stomach got butterflies.Paula: “What do you think about in the shower?”Me: “Fingers:) And similar”Paula: “I have long nails. :)”Me: “And thats what I would think bahis siteleri about in the shower. Will think about:)”Paula: “My fingers? :)”Me: “Yes”Paula: “What else?”She was up from the sofa again. A bit restless walking in and out of view.Me: “Warm breath. Toungue. Lips.”Paula: “So we are not so different.”I saw her stop and look at her phone. She did something with it. And wiggled back to the sofa.”1 new Message” – My phone chirped. And my stomach got more butterflies. And my dick was ponding.Me: “So where would you be? On your back in a bed with hands and tongues all over?”I checked my SMS inbox. 1 Message from Paula. The photo as seem from the chair facing the window.Paula: “Right now I think I would be on a chair to be honest. ;)”She was back up again. Moving some stuff around. Making it welcome for a guest.She moved the chair away. Then back again and looked at it. Got on it.Me: “Just a minute. I got an SMS”Me: “Seems I have to get off this chat soon…”Paula: “Why?!”Me: “I got a photo of a small lake. So I must leave soon to follow up on that in person.”Paula : “Oh… how long before you must leave??”Me: “I can chat for about 20 mintes.”She got back up and went out of sight. I saw the light on the bathroom go on.I got out of the car and started walking to her house. Paula: “Tell me something. The most exciting you experienced…”Me: “In 20 minutes. Ok if you keep sending some photos:) I’d like to see some skin…”Paula: “..:) “Me: “So I got a SMS from a female singer I know. She had been flirting hard with me by SMS. She was probably braver since she knew I was married.”Paula: “This really happened..?”Me: “She had been thinking about me too much lately she said. And now she had her flat to her self. What was I doing these days…””1 new Message” – My phone chirped. Photo from Paula. A foggy silhouette in a bathroom mirror. She was naked but for panties. But you could not tell who it was. Unless you knew… Me: “I answered truthfully that I was quite frustrated. I had been fantasizing about her all the time since her last message. She sent a photo of a phallic symbol and I replied I had one just like that in my hand. In a hotel room far away.”Paula : “wow:)”I sent her a picture from the road. Not too revealing so she could not place it. Just that I’m coming.Me : “And the singer wondered if I was just like that time? With a hard on in my pants? Yes I said. “Me: “How about we meet for coffee in the park by me the singer suggested. Why I asked. I was probably too horny to talk any sense I said”Paula: “:) naughty boi”Paula:”Boy!””1 new Message” – I could see her bare belly down to panties and some loose pants. No socks.Me: “So the singer suggested we meet in the park for coffee and then go to her place. To have sex. So the decision is out of the way.”Me: “We meet on a bench in the park. She has long blonde hair and looks a bit blushed. She brought coffee “.I send another photo of more asphalt.Me: “We had to wispher. I cannot believe we are going home to fuck after this coffee she said. With a hushed smile.”Me: “Why are you alone today I asked. I sent my roommate out. I had a feeling about you and I didn’t want to risk it.”Me: “I had finished my coffee and she kept to her feet. Lets go she said. I’ll finish mine on the way. She was kinda jumping to get moving.”Paula: “I know the feeling.””1 new Message” – A silhouette of her in the window. From the side with her ass a bit out and knees bent a bit. Just a robe on her it seemed. I could see her bare knees and legs.Me: “Wait! She said in her bedroom. I wanna cigarette and to kiss a bit first. She got out of her coat and shoes and tripped on her perfectly white socks to the window. Opened it and lit a cigarette”I sent a photo of the street leading to Paulas house.Me: “We kissed and finished our cigarettes. I saw the makeshift bed she had made. A mattress and a bunch of big cosy pillows and blankets. She felt my pants and we just both started to undress.”Me: “Paula – Must finish up here.”Paula: “Ok:) Door is open”Me: “I know. Im’ already inside. Shoes off. Pants off?”Paula: “What?! 🙂 pants off panties on. Now I leave the phone!”I got out of my pants. And opened the door to the living room where I recommend she was. The room with a view.I could see the chair. And I could smell her:) She was in the room. My eyes adjusted and I found her standing by the couch in the corner.I went to her. I did not want his to get off on a fumbly start to talk tripp so I grabbed her and I kissed her. I pulled her tight and we kissed güvenilir bahis for real:) She was as tall las me so this was a new experience for me. One I liked. She was hot and her robe was smooth and slippery. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back a bit to lick and kiss her neck. She shivered and I kept on going further towards her chest. She had a bra on. Her tits were small but firm nice tits. Something to grab from behind for sure. To play with those nipples from behind… I felt my dick made a twitch. Paula felt it too.I stood on my knees with my nose on her pussy. Her pants I had pulled down on the way. She did not object.I could smell some and something else. She was warm and a bit salty to the tongue. I felt my way around and she wiggled around a bit to help me find my way. And her spot went wet. I found my way in. So I was letting her move around to find her spots. I flicked my tongue.She puled me back up and made me remove my shirt. She stepped out of her robe and went for my pants. She seemed a bit unsure so I took her hand and put it on my hardon. She grabbed it. And started pulling off my pants. She went down to her knees and looked at it. She kissed the tip. My dick twitched. She kissed it some more and up and down around the dick. And she took it a bit into her mouth. And sucked carefully. No sexpornb**st. Just carefully and soo good. She took her time and kissed the tip in between strokes and sucks. After a while she looked at me and I grabbed her and turned her around to the chair.She got the idea and I had the view of her from behind. She was athletic. Thin and muscular. But not too much. She had an ass. And I grabbed her around the thighs and pointed to her pussy. And I pulled her on slowly. She actually let out a deep sigh all the way until I was all inside. I pulled out and back in again. And out and a few teases in before I got all in again. I could not believe my luck. Butterflies all over my body. And Paula seemed to have needed this for quite a while. She was moaning heavier by each stroke. I gave her a few hard pushes to see how she responded. She made a high pithed squeal and I felt my dick make a jolt. I continued with some teasing and some hard and felt how she responded more and more to the hard pushes. So I upped the tempo a bit and kept them harder and suddenly she just came. She moaned a high to low groan and came all over my dick. I almost lost it at this point but I kept fucking her in a slow steady tempo. She seemed to like that a lot. I got a hold of her right breast and could reach her neck to kiss her. She wiggled under me and I decided maybe she wanted to run things for a while. And Paula was all over me. She pushed me to the sofa. On my back and she climbed on top of me. She moved around a lot before she found her sitting and then I felt her full weight as she came down on me. And she started to ride me. She picked up a steady tempo and her tits were bouncing right in front of my face. I caught them with my mouth but she moved away and took them with her. And back. I felt she was chasing another oragasm and I was kind of hoping for the same. But I wanted to have her on her back first. And I told her this. “Yes. Now” She said with a heavy breath. She pulled a few pillows off the couch onto the floor and found her way on her back. And I was on her. Between her legs. She lifted them so her ass and pussy was easy to find. I stuck my dick in her. And it was good so good. Her head fell to the side and she had her eyes closed. I watched her face as we fucked. Her lips and mouth made small movements as I pushed and pulled. If I stopped her eyes almost opened, she smiled and waited for it. And she let out a sight when I pushed into her again. Her right leg was finding it’s way up and over my shoulder. I got deeper in and the speed increased. She opened her eyes and just stared at me as I fucked her. She was beautiful:) And she was on her way to a new orgasm. I felt it in my lower back and my dick. I was gonna shoot soon. I told her I was gonna come soon and she got more intense. She got more active with her pussy. And I came. I came inside her. I felt the warmness spread from my dick and down my legs and up my back. I groaned and kept on fucking until my dick was empty. Paula was still on her way so I had to jump down and put my mouth on her pussy. She pushed my head hard against her pussy an I sucked and licked her pussy until she rose her ass from the ground and made a noise so nice I had to smile…We just lay there. I was all out. After a while Paula said “I never saw this coming when I got this Tinder thing””Me neither” I said. “A nice surprise this””Do you mind If I keep the match..?” Paula looked at me and I knew I had to get it up again..

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