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Training son

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Training sonPROLOGUEOur son (David) is all we have now. My husband (Mark) and I lost our d**ghter in a tragic accident a couple of years ago. Ever since then Mark and I poured everything into our lone c***d. We wanted the very best for him. We wanted him to enjoy all the things his older s*ster was now missing out on. She was beautiful, smart, athletic, and popular. Our son was on that path as well, but we spoiled him every chance we had. He had the trediest clothes, and all the latest tech-gadgets.THE INCIDENTDespite all that we gave David he seemed to be distant, now that he was coming of age. I suppose that is normal for most young men of that age, to distance themselves from their parents, but this wasn’t a normal circumstance. David began hanging out with the “wrong” k**s, and his grades slipped. Then I found the p*t in his dresser, while I was cleaning his room.David was out doing God knows what and who knows when he’d be coming home. I told Mark about it, and instead of anger I saw a sadness come over his face. Mark was a totally confident man, bold even. I expected him to become fiercly angry- but that just wasn’t the case. Mark soon shook off his outer mood and suggested we search the rest of his room. Top to bottom, closets, under the bed, in every box even.Nother more of real consequence was found, except two glass pipes which we figured we might find given the d**gs were already in hand. The only other item in his room we hadn’t checked was his laptop. It was David’s laptop and we had always respected his privacy, too much apparently, but we decided to check his history to see if we could find what he might have been up to. In checking we found that he wasn’t doing any research or studying. It appeared the only purpose he used his laptop for was looking at porn. And his history was full of mother/son i****t sites.WHAT TO DO?Mark sent David a text message telling him to come home immediatly, but didn’t say why. He added “URGENT” to the message, so David wouldn’t feel like he was in any kind of trouble. We decided Mark would have a father-son chat with David to get to the bottom of this dr*g business, and Mark admitted to me that he’d never had the “girl-talk” with David. We, trying to be the best understanding parents we could, thought it was better late than never.AFTER THE TALKI was not present for the talk. Mark wanted it to be a man-to-man affair. Mark told me later, that David admitted to everything, stated he was sorry, and acknowledged everything halkalı escort we had done and provided for him. David also admitted, during their talk, that he was a virgin, but had been talking big about being a stud with his new “bad-boy” friends. David admitted to Mark that he was now absolutely petrified to date any girl, especially a “bad-girl” or any girl now for that matter, because he had built up such a false image of himself.MARK SUGGESTS…”We have to train him,” Mark said steadily, “Train him to be a good lover… We have to get him out of this jam, and give him the confidence, so he can break out of this rut he’s in.””Train our son how to have sex?” I was shocked.”Yes- Build up his confidence so he can break out of that group and get in with the popular k**s, who’ll end up being the successful k**s.””How are we going to do this?” I wasn’t ready for the answer.”You’ll have to do it.” Mark looked me directly in the eye when he said it.CONSIDERATIONSince we lost our daughter, Mark and I had not been intimate. I have had a burning desire inside me for years. David, who took on Marks better characteristics was now to be my lover?Mark asserted that we could use this to get David back on track with his academics, chores, and other committments. I gave the appearance of reluctant acceptance, but was secretly craving the physical contact again. Even if it was completely taboo.THE OFFERThe next night we scheduled a family dinner. David knew there was to be some sort of uncomfortable conversation involving him and more than likely a punishment of some kind. If he only knew.We didn’t know how to begin. How does one tell their son they want to teach them how to have sex? So I just laid it out there. Telling David that, even though we were disappointed in him, we wanted to help him. And that I would be offering myself, my body- to him. Of course his original reaction was silent shock.I went on to explain that on Saturdays, when Mark goes out for his weekly golf outing with his buddies, we could (if he didn’t have anything else planned) “work” on being sexual, so he could become more confident. Mark and I explained the whole stategy for his self-improvement, and David seemed to respond. Then Mark left the room, for me to lay down the ground rules.Again, I explained that this would happen on Saturdays. Mark usually left the house for golf around 9am and returned in time to take me out taksim escort for dinner and drinks. I told David this would only happen if he got all of his homework done, maintained a 3.5 GPA or better, started applying to colleges, and he couldn’t disappear for entire weekends. And of course, HE COULD NOT TELL ANYONE. David fully understood.Lastly, I added, we would not begin this for three weeks, after parent/teacher conferences so I could check his progress.IT WORKEDDavid spent more time at home studying, and even brought home brochures of colleges. The best part was he spent more time away from the bad influences.THE TIME HAD COMEI wasn’t able to sleep much the night before, knowing what was to happen. I tried to convince myself it was guilt keeping me up, for what I was about to do. But in reality it was excitement. I got out of bed at 6:30, and got into the shower. I got myself ready. I shaved, did my hair nice, applied some make-up. Mark didn’t even notice. Just before Mark left the house I heard him in the hallway outside David’s room telling him to get out of bed and to get into the shower. The door leading to the garage shut downstairs, and I heard David’s shower start. There I was actually looking pretty good, but what to wear? I decided this, being our first time, I would treat this like an educator. I put on my two piece swim suit.About a half an hour after I heard the shower stop running, I realized David hadn’t left his room. I guess he was wondering what I was- “What to do now?” I sent him a text message- “R U ready?”A minute later I got a response- “IDK”.I sent another text- “Just wear a pair of shorts- B there in 5 min”.”K”.FIVE MINUTES LATERI walked into his room, wearing my swim suit and barefoot, as I decided to slide off my house slippers just before exiting my bedroom. David was sitting up on his twin bed with his back against the headboard. I could see him quivering, pale and nervous. I could also see he had an erection under his shorts. I knew a boy who had never been with a girl would burst at the first touch, so I explained to David in a soft voice, “We have all day, so we don’t have to get this right on the first try.”David gave a half smile of false confidence, and was able to hiss out an “OK”.”Just sit there David. I’m going to start. I sat on the edge of his bed. Turned by body towards him, giving him a full profile of my bossom. I pulled up the elastic of his gym shorts with one hand, and reached into şişli escort his shorts with my other hand. It was warm, hard, and I could feel all the veins pulsating within it. I gave it a couple of quick nervous tugs, and as I expected, I recognized the sweet agony on his face, the persperation on his forhead, and the sudden deep inhalation. I then felt the hot cum run down my hand. Most of it had shot into his shorts, but then had slid down onto my hand.”It’s OK, it’s OK.” I assured my son, “We’re going to work at this, remember?”David looked so cute and vulnerable at this moment, still struggling to catch his breath, “OK mom.”I got up, went to his bathroom to get a wet towel. I returned to his bedside and instructed David to remove his shorts. He did, still embarrassed. I cleaned him up. As I did so, I asked, “Honey, I know you look at porn a lot, but have you ever seen a real naked woman?””No.”I took this que and pulled my top off. My breasts hung down, big and full, but not so big that they looked rediculous on my short full frame. I crawled onto the bed and hugged David’s head, by boobs pressed against his face. He bagan to kiss them. I brought up his arm, giving him permission to grope them. It felt invigorating, and I was getting very horney. After what seemed like an eternity of David kissing my chest, clevage, neck, and groping me, I felt his thumbs play with my waistband.”It’s OK.”David froze.I then took it upon myself. I stood up, completely exposing myself to him. I then slowly pulled my bottoms off. I could see David’s erection. “Your ready.” I wispered. I crawled back onto his bed, stradeling him. I reached behind me and felt his hard eager cock. David looked up at me, in anguish and anticipation. I knew my pussy was ready for it. I slowly lowered my hip down, just enough so the tip of his penis touched my crotch. I moved the tip of his penis back and forth across my opening, getting it as wet and lubricated as I already was. I lowered myself down a bit more, allowing my son inside of me. I then lowered all the way down. I saw David’s eye’s roll back into his head. He was feeling for the first time, his ready and eager erect penis fully engorged in a womans pussy.I couldn’t help it. I began rocking back and forth, and immediately I noticed the tell-tale signs of a man getting to “the point of no return” and knew David was about to ejaculate. I pushed myself off of him reached down with my hand and started to stroke his now slick cock. I looked down and noticed his scotum had drawn itself tight against his body. David winced, and cum began spurting up in the air hitting my belly and landing on his belly and chest.I was so turned on by this. It hadn’t been an hour yet, and I knew today was going to be an incredible sexual experience… for both of us.[TO BE CONTINUED?]

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