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True Confessions … Part 1

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True Confessions … Part 1I’ve been teaching for a few years and in addition to genuinely loving the job (well most of the time!) there are some extra perks. One of them is parents evenings when we get parents in to discuss their k**s. Some of my students parents are fuckin HOT! Not long ago I met one of my more unruly student’s parents for the first time. They look about my age and I was instantly taken by the Dad. He was a stocky, hairy guy with a rugby player build and the most intense blue eyes. Thank fuck I was sitting down cos I got an instant hard on. I’m surprised I didn’t make the table tip over!Anyway we were in the midst of discussing their k**’s challenging behaviour when I felt a foot brush against my leg. At first I thought nothing of it. A bit later it happened again, only this time for a little longer. Again I put it down as an accident as I could tell from where it came from that it must have been his foot and not hers.About 10 minutes later it happened again. This time though it was pretty obvious that it was intentional as it ran up the inside of one of my legs. I looked straight at her but she didn’t react in the slightest. When I looked at him however, he just smiled sheepishly and raised one eyebrow. I’m savvy enough to know exactly what that meant. I just smiled back trying to remain professional. For the rest of our chat every now and again his foot caressed the inside of my leg. I was so fuckin turned on I could have thrown him over the table and fucked his shithole right in front of his bird. Somehow I managed to restrain myself.Not even a week bursa escort went by before their k** got into more bother and I had to call the parents in again cos the little brat was being suspended. Only the Dad turned up however as he was the only one who could get out of work. In the middle of talking about the latest incident with his k** he asks me what time I finished. Without really thinking I admitted I had the afternoon off. Without missing a beat he said ‘Good. So you’re free for a fuck then? I’ve been dying to blow my nut in your mouth since parents evening.’That was all I fuckin needed to hear. He arranged to drop his k** off at his Gran’s before heading over to my place. I’m happily married to a great bloke but we both love group sex. The only rule we have is that we only fool around with a bloke as a couple. Thankfully my hubby was off work too.Ste barely got through the door before me and the hubby were on him. I helped him lose his coat and t-shirt while by hubby unbuckled his belt and got his pants around his ankles before he knew what was happening. His body was everything I had hoped it would be. He was very hairy, nicely built but obviously not a gym bunny as there wasn’t the slightest hint of a six pack. I find six packs pretty off putting if I’m honest. I was also glad to see he was free of tattoos and piercings. As I helped him out of his t-shirt I noticed that he had really hairy pits. I’m a serious hairy pit freak so I couldn’t resist burying my face in one of them and inhaling deeply. He was pretty ripe since the weather had been boiling. bursa escort bayan I was so fuckin turned on I could have blown a load right there in my pants.We stripped him and just threw him straight on the sofa. We decided to tease the fuck out of him before we stretched his throat and hole.I started to lightly run my fingers through his curly chest hair making sure to completely avoid his nipples, which were already erect. All the time we were talking dirty to each other. While this was happening my hubby was stripping off and I could see Ste seriously eye fucking him as he undressed.To get his attention I starting running my tongue across his nipples. They’re clearly VERY sensitive as he was quickly moaning loudly and writhing all over the sofa. I ran my tongue down his hairy belly but again completely ignored his fat delicious looking dick. Instead I ran my tongue and my fingers over the inside of his thighs.As I was happily devouring Ste, my hubby started undressing me and before I knew it was feasting on my insatiable shitter. The more intensely he tongue fucked my hole the more I devoured Ste. When he least expected it I swallowed his fat cock balls deep. He’s about 8” and boy did it turn me on having that fat veiny prick clogging up my throat good and proper. After a few minutes of worshipping that delicious tool Ste pushed me off. He said he was so into it he was on the verge of emptying his balls.By this point I was getting my hole fucked good and deep by my hubby’s monster cock. Even after all these years I still can’t get enough of his dick escort bursa in me. Since Ste was ready to nut I told him to turn over to I could eat his arse. It was exactly the kind of arse I love to feast on. It was big and hairy and I dove in like a fat bloke dives into a Maccy D’s! I got so into it in fact that I blew a massive load all over the sofa without even touching myself.From the grunts and groans from them both I could tell they were on the verge of busting their nut. As a dedicated cum guzzler I wasn’t about to waste all that cum. I got on my knees and opened my mouth just in time to catch Ste’s first shot. The horny little cunt just kept straying more and more cum across my tongue but I certainly wasn’t fuckin complaining! The next thing I know a huge creamy blast of my hubby’s ball juice sprays across my face. The next thing I know Ste is licking it off my face and tongue. That turned me the fuck on I can tell ya!!In the middle of the action my Dad rang. He could tell I was misbehaving and asked if he could come over. Ste had no objections. A proper hardcore 4some then ensued. My favourite sight was watching my Dad and hubby brutally DP his hairy shitter while he begged for it harder. We eventually moved upstairs and he wrecked my hole while my Dad fucked my hubby. Then they DP’d me while my Dad watched. Through it all we were giving each other the odd High 5 and a lot of dirty talk went on. Fuckin LOVE dirty talk when I’m on the job.By the time we were done with Ste he’d swallowed 8 loads and his arsehole was gaping like a fuckin wizard’s sleeve. As my Dad always says it was a ‘job well done!’I guess that old Mae West quote is very apt for me … “When I’m good, I’m VERY good … but when I’m bad I’m BETTER!”Oh and yeah Ste has been back for more … I might even tell you about it sometime!

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