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TurnedintoaCuck2Holy shit,” was the only utterance from my wife as I now took the cock in my mouth with total abandon, letting it slide as far down as I could without gagging. I was demonstrating to Laurie just how good I was at sucking cock and if there had been any doubts, they were totally erased now.”Like I said, I question whether he’s bi or just out an out gay now,” Steve teased. “He simply can’t get enough of my cock. He loves sucking down my load and really begs to have his ass fucked,” Steve bragged.While I had my eyes closed, I could feel Laurie’s gaze on me and wondered what she was thinking.”So, is your interest only in my husband? Did you have me brought here to show how you’ve turned him into a fag or now that you’ve had him, do you intend to have me as well?” Laurie asked point blank.Her question made me stop dead as my lips froze on Steve’s cock.”Pretty direct aren’t you,” Steve shot back “What is it then?” she asked. “I want you both,” he responded. “Actually, he’s no good to you now. Bobby’s got no interest in pussy. Tell her boy. Tell her what you are. Tell her what I made you,” he commanded.I took my mouth off his dick long enough to say I was a cock slut.”No, that’s not all, tell her all of it,” he demanded.I knew what he wanted to hear. I didn’t want to hurt Laurie. I loved her. I know that sounds crazy but I did and I still do but I knew what he demanded to hear, “I’m a gay cock slut,” I admitted.Ashamed, I went back to sucking on Steve’s huge rod which was now rock hard in my mouth,”See, pretty worthless to you. Tell her boy. Tell your wife, would you rather suck my cock or lick her pussy?” Steve bragged.The question made me reel. I didn’t want to answer. Both, I like to do both. But I knew again what he wanted me to say, what I had to say, “Your cock, I love sucking your cock. And I love it when you fuck my ass. I’m your cock slut and you own my mouth and ass,” I added for emphasis.I couldn’t help but think of all the thoughts going through Laurie’s mind. Her husband confessing that he’d rather suck someone’s cock and have them fuck him in the ass rather than make love to his own wife. I opened my eyes when I heard water rushing as Laurie stood up. I thought she was going to get out of the tub. Perhaps rush out of the house never to see her again. Instead, it became quiet, then I heard the tell-tale sounds of kisses as I gazed up to see my wife kissing Steve. Their tongues in a hot embrace as he grabbed her breast and twisted pendik escort a nipple.I moved my fist up and down the hard shaft, jacking his cock slick with my saliva as my wife frenched him, her tiny pink tongue sliding in and out of his mouth.Steve broke the kiss long enough to ask, “You know what a cuckold is boy?” At the time I had never heard the term and shook my head no.”A cuckold is a man who gives his woman up willingly to another man,” he informed me. He grinned down at me before bending his mouth down to Laurie’s breast and taking a hard nipple into his mouth causing her to gasp.We stayed in the tub for several minutes and finally whispering broke the sounds as Steve suggested we get out of the tub and head into the den. Steve had Laurie sit on the couch and informed me to lick her real good and get her wet so he could fuck her. “Get that tongue in there boy. Kiss that pussy that I’m gonna’ be fuckin’,” Steve commanded. Laurie was really getting into it as she guided my head, moving me from her soaked box to her clit. “Lick me, fuck, eat me,” she groaned.”Yea, that’s all you’ll be doing from now on. Licking that box getting her ready. Licking up the load I put in there. No more fucking pussy for you cucky boy. Not with that little clit down there. That’s what you have is a clit. Not a cock. Not a dick…just a little clit,” Steve teased.I heard Laurie giggle at his chiding. “Laurie might even lick that little clit of yours from time to time or play with it but you can’t fuck with a clit. Just rub it a little,” he taunted.Steve moved between her legs kneeling on the floor, his cock inches from her hole. “Kiss it boy. Kiss that cock that’s gonna’ fuck your wife and make you a cuckold,” Steve hissed.I placed my lips on the head of his dick and let it slip in for good measure. My own dick was rock hard and I don’t think I had ever been as excited as I was at that moment.”You know when I stick this cock into your wife what you are, don’t you bitch,” Steve barked.”Yes sir,” I replied back.”Tell us then, tell both of us what you are,” Steve directed.”My wife’s cuckold,” I said back with my head down.”And that’s what you want isn’t it boy? You want to be cuckolded. You want to give your wife to other men to fuck. Maybe she’ll share with you and let you suck their cocks, maybe fuck that little bitch ass of yours. That’s what you want isn’t it, boy” Steve snapped.”Yes sir, I want that. I want that more than anything,” I heard Laurie moan as I looked up escort pendik to see her pulling at her own nipples, raising her legs in anticipation of Steve’s cock. Her knees bent and feet dangling in the air.”Stick it in then. Stick my cock in your wife’s pussy. Say goodbye to fucking her pussy bitch,” he barked as I guided the head to her gaping slippery hole. He pushed it the rest of the way in as her lips engulfed his member and he raised her legs over his arms plunging the cock deeper into her twat. Stretched by his cock, she bucked back, thrashing her hands on the couch.”Get down there and lick my balls while I fuck her bitch,” he instructed as I slid down and sucked on his hairy balls, taking one in my mouth before sucking on the other. Occasionally I snuck my tongue to her engorged puffy lips and ran my tongue along her full slit to taste the juices that flowed from her hole.”Your cock’s so fucking big,” Laurie moaned. “Fuck me, fuck my pussy, take it,” she screamed as he crashed into her. “Fuck it’s been so long since I had a cock that big. Mother fucker it feels good, take that pussy, fuck that pussy,” Laurie chanted.I couldn’t remember her ever getting that graphic and verbal with me but instead of making me feel jealous or bad I seemed to get turned on as I continued lapping at her stuffed pussy and his full balls.”Yea, I’m goanna like fucking this pussy… making it mine. I might share you with some friends. Some guys I know. You like that?” Steve ranted. “Maybe taking you to parties and having you fuck some total strangers, maybe doing some lezzy shows. I’d like watching you eat some twat for me while cuck boy down there sucks my cock,” Steve chided.Laurie was groaning, her butt going up and down so fast it was hard to keep my tongue glued to her slit. “Shit, oh shit, that feels so fucking good, yes, I’ll fuck for you, I’ll fuck who you tell me to. Since you’ve turned by husband into a faggot I guess I have no choice. I guess we both belong to you,” Laurie panted.”Yea, I’d love to see you gang banged again. I’ve never seen anything like that. That would be hot,” Steve said between groans as his thrust became more fierce.”Oh fuck, here cums my load baby,” Steve warned as Laurie too began moaning. I could tell Steve was dumping his load up her womb as he slowed and pushed more deliberately before pulling out and instructing me to clean him off.I sucked his cock in tasting the mixture of his cum and her pussy and relished every drop. Steve then pendik escort bayan had me lay under her as she forced the cum out and I took in her cream. Only after I had received every drop did I get on my hands and knees and scoop up the remainder from her twat as she smiled and rubbed my head.Even after all that, I looked up to see her mouth the words, “I love you.” I know that sounds crazy but I’m not sure we were ever closer than that very moment. The rest of the weekend, my wife slept with Steve and he spent most of the day having me suck her or him and the next night delighted her by taking me up the ass. It delighted me as well and she actually bent down and kissed me on the lips as Steve shot his wad up my ass. Later she told me it really turned her on to see me suck and fuck Steve.Sunday afternoon we drove back down the mountain to Raleigh. On the way through the pass, she slipped off her shoes and stuck her feet up on the dash, but not before removing her shorts and panties leaving her naked ass on the seat.”You know this wasn’t just for the weekend,” she said looking over at me. “Did you mean what you said about being my cuckold? Is that what you want?” Laurie asked, her gaze focused on me as I tried to both steer and focus on what she was asking.”I love you Laurie. I love you so very much and in a weird way, I think I love you more right now than ever before. Does that make sense?” I asked not sure I answered her question.”It does. And maybe someday this will change but for now and until I decide otherwise, you’re exactly what you said you were. You will be my cuckolded husband. I will bring men and women home and fuck them in front of you. You’ll never do anything with the women and on most, if not every occasion, I will likely have you suck the men’s cocks. Because we both know what you are, what you have become.””You will watch them fuck me, me sucking them, making love to them, and then you will suck their load from my used pussy. You’ll be the cuckold you agreed to be. When we’re with Steve, you will do anything he says without question…..as I will. We will both serve him. But in his absence, you will serve me. You will be my devoted cuckold, encouraging men to fuck your wife. Is that understood?” Laurie finished.I looked over to see her fingers plunged deep into her box. My wife was now my mistress and Steve was our master. I knew my place and what I had become. The weekend we shared was just the start of what was to come. My transition from a gay cock slut to my wife’s cuckolded husband was complete. What I didn’t know was just how much Laurie would adjust to her new role. Nor did either of us know then, the extent Steve would go as our new master.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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