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TV/CD adventures – going for ice, remember ID

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TV/CD adventures – going for ice, remember IDIt’s amazing what high heels, wig, makeup, nylons, mini, etc can do for ya when going out in public. Couple months ago I got me a room at Imperial Palace on the strip and I think the front desk caught on I was using the room for casual sex. I put up an ad on craigslist and gave out the room number. But setting up times and availability was difficult because I didn’t have a computer in the room. So the front desk constantly was connecting me to “different” guys. After being drilled deep by 2 guys I decided to go for ice in my fishnet no panties slut outfit. My ass was gaped and sloppy and I was still horny as hell so walking the hall feeling the slop between my ass cheeks was mmmmmmmm and exciting. Well, after getting the ice for some reason my room tuzla escort card didn’t work. So here I am looking like a ragged out $10 street whore with crotchless fisnets and lubed up gaped hole walking through the casino having to wait in a LONG line to get my room card reset. SEEMS like EVERYONE is pointing, whispering, and looking. After about 20 minutes I get to the lady behind the counter and she says I need an ID to get it processed. Of course, going for ice why would I need my ID. So I need to walk all the way through the casino back to my room where security has to let me in the room. But of course they don’t show up to my room for about 15 minites and I look like I am turning tricks outside my room. After getting ID and another 20 minutes in line I finally get my sancaktepe escort card reset. What an awesome memory, humiliation at it’s best. Oh yeah, forgot, only 1 of three elevators was working. So each time a group of people are standing around waiting and I’m in my platforms towering over most. One lady asked if I was in a show which was nice. Another time I was staying at the Howard Johnsons on the strip. The room I got had a balcony right over the parking lot. So after getting slutted up I would sit on the balcony posing and teasing as guy would walk up to the hotel. Around 2AM i get this bright idea to dress in a very very skimpy outfit and pretend (excuse to walk the strip) I am going for coffee down at 7-eleven up the BLVD. I’ve got these small 3″ thick üsküdar escort stripper shorts on with a thong showing and my stripper platforms on. As I’m leaving the hotel I look at the office and see the guy behind the counter checking me out. I continue on to the strip and start walking towards 7-eleven. I get about 2 blocks and from behind comes a cop car. He goes to the corner swings around and waits. As I get to the intersection he turns on the lights and gets out. “What are you and whar are you up to” he says. I said I’m just a transvestite going for some coffee at 7-eleven. He asked if he checked my purse if he would find anything and I said no and you can check if you want. He asked where I was staying and warned that walking the street in drag at this hour was dangerous. He said “you never know when a truck full of drunk guys sees you and doesn’t take kindly to a guy dressing like that”. We talked a little more about tranny bars, my outfit being skimpy, and then he took off. PRETTY FUCKING COOL!!! Woo hoo a copper thought I was turning tricks….LOL!!!

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