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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 3

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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 3This part of the story is longer than the other parts before it and sorry that it is, but with all the interuptions I had, trying to write this part, I had trouble remebering what and how, I had planed on writing it but I do hope, you all enjoy it, for those of you that do read it.Shortly after I got into bed I heared mom in her bedroom across the hall from my bedroom, masterbating from the sounds she was making and the bed squeaking like it was.I took mom’s wet pantys and licked the guset where her cum had soked through on them and stroked my hard cock, then when I heared mom give out a louder squeal that told me she was cumming, then I heared “yes Sammyyyy” which set me off and I just got mom’s pantys down to my hard cock in time, to catch my cum into the pantys.Saturday morning mom was her usual self in the way she was dressed in her night gown and house coat, as she fixed us some breakfast like she all ways did every morning, and the rest of the next two weeks she was her norm in the way she dressed and acted.For me I kind of did what I all ways did before the night of our date, like trying to get peeks up her dress or skirt, which ever she happen to be wearing that day, and on the week ends she would wear her shorts that she usually wear, and I would get a hard on seeing her panty lines in the tighter shorts and the looser shorts, I would try to get a peek up the leg holes, which sometimes, I would see a tiny bit of her cotton pantys that she all ways wears.On friday, when I got home from school, we talked about another date, which we decided we would do on the last day of school, which was in two weeks on a Friday.Again, we went back to our norm again till the day school was out for the summer for those that would have to return the following year. Since it was my last year of school, I got out in the afternoon, so I was able to have dinner at home or where ever I wanted to.As I stepped out the school doors to go home, I saw mom’s car parked in the parants pickup lane and I could see mom sitting in the car watching for me and waving, to make sure I saw her, so I walked over to the car and opened the passanger door to get in, and I quickly got in when I saw how mom was dressed, so no one else would see what I saw.”How did you manage to get off of work at this time of day and have time to dressed like this, all sexy and and all?” with my dick getting and instant hard on.”The foreman that was over me got fired and so did my boss that was over us and the foreman, so the main boss told me to take off today and get rested up for monday, to be trained for my ex boss’s job, since I’m the next in line to be promoted. They said they had to sort through every thing to get things back on track, for me to be able to get right into my job without any trouble, and keep me out of hot water from the job that my ex boss and foreman may have caused, that may come up later.””So that means more pay right?””Yes it does and they even, gave me the higher pay rate for this week, so we can go and celebrate tonight.””Wow, that is great. I may be doing more than just celebrating thou.””Why do you say that?”Well, look at how sexy you look, sitting here driving in a sexy short miny skirt, showing me a pair of see through sheer pantys that looks sexy as all get out, and a see through blouse with a see through sheer bra on those sexy tits of yours. I’ll be fighting every one off, more than I’ll be celebrating, more than likely.””Oh, so do we need to go home for me to change into some thing a little less sexy then?””NO. Sorry. No, I love the way you are dressed, but, to keep from a repeat of what happened on our last date, I may end up r****g you tonight, even thou I do love you mom but damn, you have me so hard now, I’m not sure if I can hold off till we do get home after our date tonight.””Oh my. You mean your old mom looks that good, that I may get ****d tonight?””Yes you may.””I guess you better do your job so that I don’t get ****d then, and you just might get what you want, without doing the r****g yourself.””Your all dressed up and I’m not, and I didn’t pack anything for our date since I figured our date would be later this evening, like it was the last time.””I have you covered my handsome man. You’ll be able to change here in a little bit to get ready for our date.”I then saw mom was getting on the free way and heading away from down town like she was headed out of town. “May I ask where we are going?””Well, first we are going to stop and get a bite to eat for dinner, then we will be going out to get ready to start our date, with a slight difference. Make that a big difference, in our plans for our date.””Like how big of a difference?””Like a different town and a over nighter or two.”I then laid over in the seat and kissed mom’s thigh, as close as I could to where her thigh met at the bend, which was below the hem of her skirt and I could smell her sent, coming from her hairy pussy that was showing through her sheer pantys. Between her sent coming from her pussy and the sight of her hairy pussy showing through, did not help my all ready hard cock any at all.After I had kissed her thigh, I then slid over and kissed on her pantys, just above her panty covered pussy lips and took a big wiff of her sent, “Sammy! What are you doing? You need to quit, I’m driving.””I find you so sexy and your pantys, are so sexy as well as your pussy, that I just had to kiss you there.””I thank you for thinking I’m so sexy and all, but you need to get a hold of yourself, and wait till tonight.””Okay, I will do my best.” as I sat up and slid over closer to her to sit next to her.We talked about different things for the next thirty minutes, when she exited the free way, then turned towards a town that had a restaurant one block past the gas station, that was at the bottom of the exit ramp.When mom parked in a parking spot in the parking lot, I slid over and got out of the car from the passanger side and walked around to the driver’s side and opened the car door for mom to get out, and I held her hand as she got out, one leg at a time, then she let the skirt fall down around her sexy little round butt, which is all it really covered in the back and just covered her pussy in the front.Mom made sure her skirt was down in the back before she side stepped for me to close the door behind her, then she took my arm and we walked arm in arm into the restaurant then to a corner booth and sat down. Mom sat down in the booth then slid over to the wall, to let me sit down next to her and she kept her skirt down, but I still got another good look at her sheer pantys and even saw her pussy lips through the guset of her pantys for the second time, with the first time being as she got out of the car.I had noticed, that when she sat down and gave me a peek at her pussy, there was some dampness on the crotch that wasent there, when she got out of the car.A waitress came over and laid two menus down on the table one each in front of us, “Hi, my name is Sandy and I will be waiting on you. May I take your drink order?”Mom gave Sandy her drink order, and then I gave her my drink order, “Okay, I will get that right back here for you, to give you time to decide on what you want to eat.””Okay thank you.” I told her, then Sandy left the table.”Do you know what you want Sammy?””I think I’ll just have a cheese burger and frys for now. How about you Sarua?””I think I’ll have the same as you, since we haven’t had it for a while.”When Sandy returned with our drinks and sat them down in front of us, “Have you decided on what you may want to eat?””Yes we have Sandy, thank you. She will have a cheese burger and frys, and I’ll have the same too please.””Okay. Is that with everything on it?””Yes please.””Okay, I’ll get them right out for you.” then Sandy left the table.Mom and I then gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and took a drink of our drinks.We made small talk till Sandy returned with our food and sat it down in front of us, “I hope you enjoy. Would you like a refill on your drinks?””Yes please and thank you.””You’re welcome.” After we finished eating our meal I stood up, as mom laid money down for the tip, then she slid out to the edge the swung out one leg then the other and stood up, then we went to the counter and paid the bill to Sandy whom was operating the cashregister, as mom and I stepped up to the counter, arm in arm.When mom and I got to the car, I opened the driver’s door as mom got the car keys out and just before she got into the car, she handed me the car keys, “You can drive now.” then she put one leg in and sat down then put her other leg in, which caused her skirt to rise back up like it was when she picked me up from school, as well as the back of the car seat helping out when she sat down in the seat.Mom slid over to the middle of the seat and as she slid over, I noticed that I didn’t see the back side of her pantys, like I had on our last date when she was wearing her cotton pantys, which then made me wander if she was wearing a thong this time.When I got into the car and got it started and ready to back out, mom then told me which way to go, so I followed her directions as I drove.In no time at all, mom told me to pull into the parking lot of a motel and park near the entrance, which I did, then I shut the car off and opened the car door and got out, with mom bahis siteleri sliding over behind me and then getting out, with me holding to her hand.When mom got out of the car, she put out one leg then the other leg, giving me a good look at her crotch again, to see that the wet spot in the guset of her pantys was soked through, then when she stood up, she let her skirt fall back down and she made sure it had fell down into place in the back, then side stepped for me to close the door behind her.We walked into the motel arm in arm like we had at the restaurant and stopped at the checkin counter, then mom told the woman behind the counter that we wanted the bridal suite for two nights stay, cause we are to be married this evening.When I heared mom tell the woman behind the counter that, my jaw just about dropped but I did manage, to keep from showing any kind of surprise thou, till we got back out to the car to get things out of the trunk, that mom had put in there before she left the house, to pick me up from school.”What is this about you and me getting married tonight?””I didn’t want her to think that I was just some slut or whore, being paid to fuck you.””I understand that part. But, doesn’t the bridal suite, have just one bed in them?””I’m sure that they do. That is what you want thou, isn’t it?””Yes it is.””Now you know what I decided on, since our last date right?”I put my arms around mom and hugged her close to me in a full body hug, which I felt her tits press into my chest and I know, she could feel my hard cock in my pants pressing into her lower belly, as I held her close and kissed her neck, just under her ear lobe.”Come on Sammy, let’s get our luggage out and into the room where we are in a more private place.”I then let mom go and opened the trunk to the car and got out two suit cases, then I shut the trunk and carried the two cases into the motel, with mom walking beside me and opening the doors for me, till we were in the bridal suite she had asked for.I sat the cases down on a stand that was next to the door, in a little cubby hole, to see one bed just past it and a table, with two chairs next to it, next to a sliding glass door that led out onto a patio with a metal railing around it, then mom opened the door that was next to the table and chairs, to see a sitting room, a bathroom on the left, and a hot tub just past the bathroom.There was an open view behind the hot tub, that over looked the pond that was behind the motel, that was a good size pond with what looked to be a wooded land then just past the pond. Stepping out on the patio, it over looked the same pond and woods, but had a two seater swing and a couple of chairs with a table between them to sit and enjoy the view in.”Wow mo… Sarua, this is out of our range isn’t it?””Yes usually it is, but since no one knows you at work and to get everyone off my back, I told my boss and everyone else, that I had a man and we were going to get married this week end, so my boss told me to go get a bridal suite for us, so this is on him not us. That is another reason for me getting the day off.””Wow, what in the world get into him? All this time he has been a ass hole from what you have told me all these years.””Well, that is what I thought till this morning. It turns out, that the ass hole all this time has been the boss and foreman that has been over us, and she didn’t pass down any of the options of off time or work time that is given us on holidays. She just made us work all those times, which did help in our pay but was such a bear, when we needed or wanted the time to be with our familys, with normal pay or the work with time in a half pay, which we did get the time in a half pay but took away from our family time.””Those times your boss and foreman took time off to be with family while they made the rest of you work whether you wanted to or not.””Yes, that is correct. Pluse she put down that both of them worked right along with us for the pay but took the time off instead and anytime they took off from work, they put down that they were at work like they were supposed to be.””Wow. When and how did they find out, that the two of them were taking off and not working?””I’m not sure on when, but the head boss had got some tips from a way back and when they started getting more and more tips, since that time, they started keeping a closer eye on them so they could get an average, of how much time they were taking off and saying, that they were at work, to try and get some of that money back, by taking them to court.””What kind of tip off was they getting I wander?””When some one like me would call to ask questions, as what to do under some emergancy, that would come up while they were gone.”The whole time mom and I were talking, we had sat down on the swing on the patio, looking at the view and me looking at her sheer panty covered pussy every little bit, with my hand on her thigh next to her pussy and her hand on my thigh next to my hard cock.”Wow. I guess they are wishing they played by the rules now.””From what I hear, they are going to get what they have coming to them for sure.””I think we need a bottle of wine to celebrate with and I think, I may need to see about buying a ring to put on your finger, for when you return back to work on Monday.”Then there was a knock on the door to our suite, which mom went and answered the door, before I could get stood up.When mom opened the door, a man stood at the door in a uniform, with a towel drapped over a ice bucket and two wine glasses, all on a silver tray and he sat it down on the table just inside the sliding glass doors, took the towel off the bucket, folded it, laid it down beside the tray, then opened the bottle of wine, then had mom sign a ticket, and then left the room, closing the door behind himself.Stepping over to me, “You know I told you that you could not have any more wine to drink till your birthday.””Yes you did, now that you say that.””Well, I guess I will forget that I said that, and let you have some, since it is in celebration of my propotion and, our wedding day. But you only get one glass for now since you maybe doing most of the driving today.”I picked up the wine that the guy had opened, then poured both glass up with some wine and put the bottle back in the ice bucket, then picked up one glass and handed it to mom, and then picked up the other glass of wine, “Here is to the best and the sexiest beautiful woman in my life, for a job well done and may life, be easier for you, from this day forth.”As we clinked our glass’s lightly to each other’s, “Mmm my, aren’t you full of flattery now.” then taking a drink of her wine.I too, took a drink of my wine then.”I just speak the truth.””Well, I thank you for the complement. Now, here is to us, and I do hope, that you was serious about wanting to be with me and have the relationship, that is more than just, a mother and son, that we are.””Mom, I am so sure of what I want. I have wanted to be with you, I guess since I started getting hard ons, cause you Sarua, have been there for me when I needed you, or someone. It was you that went to any thing at school that I was involved in, it was you that took the time out of your day to meet with my teachers, when I was having trouble in school, you taught me how to deal with trouble makers that gave me trouble, you took me hunting and fishing, when the jerk wouldn’t take me with him, camping when the jerk wouldn’t take me. All those times I got to see you walking away from me, with that sexy walk you have and that sexy smile you have even, when you would smile at me, and then being able to hold you, when you were hurt by that jerk or you holding me, when I was hurt by the jerk, cause I was able to feel your sexy tits pressed either on my arm or in my chest, it all just added to me wanting you more and even helped me fall in love with you, to where I want no other woman but you, in my life.””Oh wow. Are you saying that the natural swing in my butt when I walk is sexy?””Yes I am and it is.””Now, I didn’t know I had a sexy smile.””It is a natural smile that mixs with your eyes, that just make it sexy. And back to your sexy wiggle or swing, as you called it, when you would add that extra little swing or wiggle, just like you did just before you disappeared into your bedroom, on our last date, that just fueled my love for you too, Sarua.””Oh wow. Well. I guess I have a confession to make now. I have no idea when it started, but, I have wanted you for a long while now too. I guess I wanted you some time during the times that jerk, as you call him, would hurt you by not taking you with him camping, hunting, or fishing, which you and I, would end up going ourselves, then the way you would come to me and hold me when him, and I, would get in an argument, helped to fuel my want for you and since, the jerk and your sister, left us to be alone, added to it too, which is about the time, I started really having thoughts of you in a way that a mother, is not to have and after, our last date, I knew that I wanted you but I, had to get it in my mind in such a way, that I could really deal with it, to where hopefully I do not have any regrets afterwards, because for the fact, once we do sleep together, say as husband and wife, there will be no going back, and I may not be able to ever let you go to be with another woman, or I might hurt, canlı bahis not only her but you too.””Two things. One is like I said, I do not want another woman my age or your age, cause no one could really love me the way you do, and the second thing is, if you were to meet another man, even if we do not sleep together as husband and wife, I will still hurt the man you meet, if not hurt you too.””Oh man.” mom then just looked at me for a second, then said, “For some reason, I believe you would do just that. And I am not wanting to meet another man, after having two jerks, as you call them. You are the only man for me, and you, will all ways be my man, from this day forth. Now, we need to get ready and go, so we can be married, if that is what you really want to do.”I put my glass down, took mom’s glass from her and sat it down on the table, and took her into my arms and hugged her again, in a full on body hug and French kiss, with a hand on her ass and one around her shoulder blades and squeezed her ass, and feeling the hem to her skirt at my finger tips, pulled the skirt up and sqeezed her bare ass cheeks, and all I felt was a string, running down between her butt cheeks.When we did break the kissing off, “I am more sure of this than anything in my life, I want to do this as soon as possible.””Then we better get dressed for it then.”I let mom go at that time then, and she went to the suit cases and pulled out some clothes she had packed for me and handed them to me, just as I had got my shirt off, “Here, since you usually take a shower after school and you haven’t done that yet, take these with you and shower and change into these, and I’ll get changed in here.”Watching mom bend over to get my clothes out, then bending over to get her clothes out, I saw her but cheeks then for the first time, to see that she had on a string thong, (I guess that is what it is called) under her skirt, since it had rode up when she bent over.I then turned and went into the bathroom in the next room. While in the shower, I wanted to hold off on jacking off, but I had it so long, that I just had to jack off in the shower, so that I wouldn’t cum so quick if she went through with what she told me we would be doing later on tonight, I hope it will help any way.When mom and I were dressed and ready to walk out the door, I had another hard on, seeing mom dressed like she was. She had on this red dress, that had a very low V neck in the front, that showed off her tits on the inside next to each other, with the bottom of the V stopping just below her tits, with the outside of her tits showing like they were on the inside, with a triangl bra cup shape that covered her nipples and areola, with string straps to hold the triangles up over the tits that went down in the back,at about the same leval as the bottom of the V was in the front, then the rest of the dress formed over her body to her hips, then just hung from her hips down to the hem, that stopped one forth of the way down from her groin to her knees, leaving three forths of her thighs down showing, and black fish net panty hose on, with a three inches high heel open toes shoes on her feet, and her hair, she had it cut to the middle of her back in layers, and then light makeup on, that just made her look that much younger yet than she all ready did look, with matching red lipstick and red nails on her toes and fingers.”Damn, we better not go any where near a bar tonight.””Why is that Sammy?””If we do, I’ll be in for a fight for our lives to keep all the men off of you, your so sexy and beautiful today. I knew you were sexy and beautiful, but damn, now, you are letting everyone know, just how sexy and beautiful you are.””Man Sammy, you are doing all you can, to make sure you get into my pantys, that I don’t have on, aren’t you.””Oh wow, now I need to see this.” as I put a hand down on her hem which mom slapped my hand away from real quick like.”Now now, that you can not see, till we are married. I really shouldn’t let you see this dress, till we are to be married, but it might be hard to change into it, by the time that is to happen.”At the car when I opened the door for mom to get in, she made sure I couldn’t get a peek up her dress, and she told me which way to go to get to a WalMart, where we bought two rings, a set for her and one for me, which then I got down on one knee and asked her, “Sarua, my love, will you marry me?” as I held out the engagement ring toward her.”Yes Sammy, I will marry you.” then there was an uproar of people cheering us and clapping hands together for us.I stood up and we kissed each other on the lips and laughed, as I then put the ring on her finger.Mom turned red in the face, when the people around us started cheering and clapping, that heared me ask the question and then her answer, she then put a hand to her face and then leaned in and kissed me again, then hugged me, then people started shaking my hand and congratulating me and mom, and the women shook mom’s hand too, then they would shake the other’s hand, men and women both, to give us each a form of congratulation on our marrage.When we was able to get out of the WalMart and out to the car and in the car, “I can not believe you did that. Ask me to marry you, in front, of all those people.””I didn’t know so many people were around to hear it myself.””The check out clerk even put us over the loud speaker, for the whole store to hear it.””I thought the echo I was hearing, was from my hart beating so fast, till I heard you answer the question.”Again, mom told me which way to go, which ended up to be at a lake side diner with a beach around the lake, which we got out and walked down to, and then while still arm in arm, we started walking toward a group of trees a little ways from the diner.When we got close to the trees that was just off the lake beach, we turned and went into the trees, then just about the time we were well out of sight from the few people on the beach, we found a small clearing in the middle of the trees and off from any path, that might have been going through the trees, “This is the spot I want to do this at Sammy.” as mom came to a stop.”People may still come around through here you know.””Yes I know, but what we are going to do is, be getting married to each other and not to anyone else and we can not go, to a preacher or a justus of the peace, so this is the spot, I want for us, to to get married at.””Oh okay. I had a huntch but wasn’t totaly sure about it.”Mom then reached into her purse and pulled out a little tap player, that I had never saw before, “This will be our preacher or justus of the peace.” then she turned it on to play and her voice then came through the tiny speaker on it. It started out like a preacher might do at a wedding with the ‘now we are gathered here…’ all the way to the part, where it asked ‘Sammy, do you…’ then when it got to a pause, I answered, “I do.” then it asked ‘Sarua, do you…’ then when it paused again, “I do.” then it said to ‘place the ring on Sarua’s finger, on her left hand…’ which I then I did what it said to do and repeated what it said to repeat, then it did the same again for mom to do and say, which she did, then it said ‘I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.’ which mom then turned the player off and I took her into my arms and kissed her on the mouth, with my tonuge.When we broke the kissing off mom put the player back in her purse then said, “I now interduse to you mr. and mrs. Sammy and Sarua Henson.” mom then pulled out a paper from her purse that looked like a marage certificate.******************************************************************************************At the motel in our suite that night, after eating at the lake side diner, I carried mom across the threshold, closed the door and over to the bed and laid her down on the bed, then I started French kissing her with her kissing me back.I was laying with a leg between mom’s legs, half on top of her while we kissed, then when we finished kissing after a bit, with us rubbing our hands all over each other and me getting to feel her tits in my hands, and up under her dress, to feel the wet spot her pussy had made in the crotch of her fish net panty hose, “Oh Sammy, I love you and the way you make me feel.””I love you too Sarua.””Let me up, so that I can go to the bathroom, and you, pore us a drink, and I’ll be right back in here in a moment.”After mom and I had our little wedding, so to speak, in the clearing of the trees, we went to the diner and when she sat down in the booth, she let me see her hose covered hairy pussy, that was wet at that time and was still wet, when I saw it as she got up from the booth when we left there, and when she got into and out of the car, she let me have another peak at her wet pussy, and as I let her up off the bed, I got a good look at her pussy then too.When mom came out of the bathroom, “Sammy, my dear husband, would you take my shoes off for me please?””Why sure Sarua, my dear wife.” as I kneeled down and then took one foot and lifted it off the floor, with her holding onto my shoulder, I slipped the shoe off of her foot then did the same to her other foot then I set the shoes aside and stood up in front of her.I then took a glass of the wine I had pored and gave it to mom, and then took the other glass for myself, “Here is to the best man in güvenilir bahis the world, for me to love, for the rest of my days. My husband, Sammy Henson.””Thank you. And this is to the woman of my dreams and my heart, for me to love, for the rest of my days. My wife, Sarua Henson.”We then clinked our glass’s together lightly and took a drink.”Mmm, that does have a good sound to it, after all these years. Mrs. Henson. What really makes it sound even better is, mrs. Sammy, Henson.””I know I love the sound of it, mrs. Sammy Henson.” then I leaned in and kissed mom on the lips again.When we finished our drinks, we sat our glass’s down on the table then Sarua, moved me toward the bed as we French kissed then pushed me down, as she broke the kiss and with me sitting on the bed, leaned back on my elbows, she then put the tv onto a station, that was like a radeo station, that was playing some soft music, which she then went to dancing to in front of me, in a sexy way, then she reached up and slid one strap off of one shoulder then did the same to the other strap then pulled the straps off of her arms and laid the triangle parts of the dress down, exposing her tits to me for the first time in my life, that I can remember.The whole time she had been wearing this dress, I had seen her nipples trying to poke out through the material of the triangles, and I had guessed that she had eraser size nipples and seeing them now, in the buff with nothing to hide them behind, I saw that I had guessed right,as they were poking out as hard as they could and looked to be about one inch long, being hard as they are at this time.Sarua kept dancing in her sexy way, that made her tits jiggle on her chest, that seemed to make my dick even harder than it already was in my pants, and I had started rubbing my dick through my pants without really realising it, till mom danced over to me closer and moved my hand away from my hard cock and unfastoned my belt and pants, then stood back up and slowly started pushing the dress down towards her feet, as she kept dancing.After a short bit, I started seeing Sarua’s dark bush slowly come into view as she pushed the dress down slowly still yet, then when the dress finally slid over her hips and got lose around her, she let it drop to the floor around her feet and ankles, then she stepped out with one foot and then used her other foot to pick the dress up off the floor and put it in a chair, next to her, which I then could see all of her dark bush and then her butt when she turned, and I could see her juices on the inside of her thighs, that was coming from her hairy pussy and the hairs, were wet that was around her pussy lips.Sarua then came over to me and took my shirt off of me, and then pulled my pants down to my knees, and then did a turn around with her legs spread apart, bent over, pulled my legs up between her legs, with her butt close to my face, then she pulled my pants off with a step away from me, laid my pants in a chair with her dress, then did the same with my whity tighties, leaving my hard cock out in the open pointing up at her face, when she had got them down to my knees.”You touch me before I say you can, I will tease you longer than I will be teasing you, as of right now.” Sarua said as she did a sexy dance in front of me, while facing me.Sarua then turned around in front of me and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her fish nets and started pushing it downward slowly, with her butt just inches away from my face, and as she got them down lower, she slowly bent over, till she had them down around her ankles, then she pushed them off first of one ankle and foot, then she did the same to the other ankle and foot, then tosed them over into the chair with her dress and my pants, then she half stood upright and spread her legs and stepped back till she had her butt right in my face, “Now, I want you to kiss my pussy.” as she bent over again, for me to get to her pussy easier.I saw that her pussy lips was spread open some, so I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stuck it right into her pussy lips and gave it the best French kiss, that I to could, and licked from one end of her pussy to the other, as I sucked on her pussy lips in a kissing fashion.It wasn’t long for me to hear, “Ohhh fuck meee, you are making me cum all ready, fuck.”I then got a mouth full of Sarua’s cum in my mouth, as her cum just flowed out of her pussy.I put my arms around Sarua to help keep her from falling to the floor, as I kept licking and sucking on her pussy, and even sucked on her clit with a few licks on it, with my tongue.Again it wasn’t long, “Oh Sammyyyy, I’m cumming again. Fuck, that feels so goooood.”Again, I got a mouth full of Sarua’s cum, that again just flowed out of that sweet pussy of her’s.After a bit Sarua stood up straight, the best she could, “Please stop Sammy, I’m so sincitive, down there right now.” between breaths.Sarua managed to get turned around and kneel down in front of me, between my legs and took my now rock hard cock into her hand and licked, from the bottom up on it and with her other hand, she cupped my balls.When Sarua had given my hard cock a few licks from the base to the tip of the head, where the pis hole is, she sucked my dick into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on my cock a few times, then just before I cum into her mouth, she stopped and started getting up off the floor as she said, “Get up on the bed. I need this hard cock of your’s, in my pussy now.”I got up on the bed as Sarua kept a hold of my hard cock, and climbed up with me with her legs on each side of my legs, and when I stopped, she kept going till she was able to get her knees on each side of my hips and got her pussy lined up into the right place, where she then rubbed the head of my dick between her pussy lips a couple of times, then she slowly lowered herself down onto my rock hard cock.Inch by inch, Sarua lowered herself down, till all of my hard cock was inside of her pussy, with my balls up against her butt cheeks at the crack of her ass.Sarua just sat there on me when my cock was in to the hilt, letting me feel the wet warmness of her hot tight pussy, which surprised me at how tight it was, and I could feel her pussy muscles cunvulsing around my rock hard cock as she sat there on me, breathing heavy as she said, “Oh god Sammy. How can anything, that feels this good, be so wrong, like people are all ways saying, that it is?””I have no idea Sarua. Maybe because they are to afraid to try it themselves?””That’s got to be it.” Sarua then lifted herself up some then let herself back down and stopped again, “Damn this is good. I was in hopes it would be and thought it would be, but man, this is better than good, this is fucking great.””Yes it is. I can not believe how hot and tight you are. Your pussy is the best thing in the world. I don’t ever want to take it out, of your tight hot pussy.””I don’t want you to ever take your cock out either, or even, keep it away from me ever.” Sarua then went to riding me at a slow speed while slowly speeding up to a some what steady fast pace for a few strokes, then she started pumping my dick in and out as fast as she could, which sent me over the edge and made me cum deep into her pussy and sent her into orbit then too, “Oh no, fuck me, I’m cumming Sammyyy.”I felt Sarua’s pussy clamp down on my cock as she cum and sat down on me, trapping my dick deep into her pussy, as I kept pumping cum into her, and her cum, came flowing out on to my balls and pubic hair and legs, on down to the bed under us.When Sarua calmed down some, she collapsed down onto my chest, pressing her tits into my chest and tryed to catch her breath, as I was doing, yet I was still trying to pump my hard cock in and out of her pussy, the best that I could, with her pussy clamped around my dick and still cunvulsing, around my cock.”You cum didn’t you.””Yes I did, I just couldn’t help myself, your pussy felt so good, and when it tightened up around my cock, I just lost it without warning. Sorry.”As Sarua started rising and lowering herself again, while laying over on me, “Oh no Sammy, don’t be sorry. I know how good it felt to me and with you cumming like that, set me off over the edge too.””But what if it makes you pregnant?””Don’t worry about that, cause I’m on the pill and have been for a while now.”As Sarua started picking up speed with her rising and falling, on my still rock hard cock, I started matching her speed, like I had before we both cum.After a little bit, “Oh Sammy, I’m about to cum again.””Go for it Sarua, cum all over my hard cock and balls.”Sarua sat up straight and I reached up and squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, which sent her over the edge and made her cum again, getting me soked again for the second time.When Sarua finally collapsed down over me again, like she did the first time, I rolled us over till she was on her back and me over the top of her, which made it easier for me to then pump my rock hard cock, in and out of her pussy.As I pumped my cock in and out of Sarua’s pussy, I squeezed and pinched her tits and nipples the whole time and she kept moaning and every time she would cum, her cum would flow out onto my balls and drip off to the bed below us, and after she had cum about three more times that I know of, I then felt the urge to cum again myself, which when I did cum, I drove it in as deep as I could and held it there and Sarua, then cum just as my cum shot out into her pussy, with my first shot of cum.Like I said at the top of the page, sorry that it turned out to be so long, but I do hope you all liked it.

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