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Who’s Next? Part Three

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Who’s Next? Part ThreeThis is a hybrid between a story and a blog article. It started as a journal entry, then took on a life of its own. There are three or four vignettes based on musings on my life as a polyamorous husband. The segments are a mixture of memories of real experiences, utter fantasies, and enhanced experiences. I guess I have to credit or blame DizzyD247 for this as some of his best stories are also based on autobiographical events. Anyway, as I worked on it, the first vignette needed to be fleshed out. Once I did that, it got too big to publish the whole thing at once, so I’m publishing it in sections. Parts One and Two have been published. Part Three is below. Others will follow as they’re cleaned up and fleshed out. Oh, and a word of warning. The next chapter dips a toe into the LGBTQ spectrum. If you’re at all queasy about cross-dressers and trans gurls, skip this one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The thought of watching Trent cum all over my slut wife’s gorgeous face has me almost ready to cum myself. But I have all morning. So I slow down, catch my breath and slather some more baby oil on my throbbing hard cock, making it glisten again in the dim morning light. The chocolate brown skin is stretched tightly around my rock hard shaft. I think about taking a picture and texting it to her, but I don’t want to interrupt her date. Boundaries and all that. Fuck, I wish she was here. I wish Trisha was here, I’d fill my hands with her long blonde hair and shove this big hard black dick deep into her pretty young mouth. I take a deep breath, relax, and stroke it lightly, slowly, letting my mind wander back to the question of the morning. Who will be the next person to suck this beautiful cock? Maybe my next date will be just as pretty as Lilly. Not likely, she’s one in a million. She could be Rosario Dawson’s sister. But looks aren’t everything. It’s the hunger that matters most. What makes Lilly such a scintillating cock-sucker isn’t the fact that she looks so damn good doing it, or even the fact that she seems to instinctively know what men like. No, what makes her such a powerful cock-sucker is the fact that she enjoys it so much. Come to think of it, that was part of Trisha’s charm too. She seemed to really get off getting me off. If I’m really lucky, the next g|rl will be just as hungry. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few women like that since we opened up our marriage. Proud passionate women who love smoking the bone, who thrill at the chance to drain a man of his pent-up testosterone reserves. There was Trisha, there’s my slut wife Lilly, and..oh yeah. Martina. So, um…The next g|rl might not actually be a g|rl, unless you change the spelling. I like to think of myself as straight, but in reality the term ‘hetero flexible’ is probably more appropriate. I have this weird fascination for trans women. We used to call them she-males, but I’m told that term is no longer politically correct. I discovered my t-gurl kink a few years ago through my interest in erotic art. Soon after I got my first home PC, I discovered the online erotic art community. It was rife with all kinds of lewdness; Jessica Rabbit parodies, super heroines getting gang-banged, tentacle monsters, and ‘dick girls’. Back then, there were only a few artists who dabbled in dick g|rls. My favorites were Jaxstraw and Kinky Jimmy. If you’ve seen my online gallery, you already know that their work left a lasting impression on my. I caught the dickgurl art bug and started drawing lewd pictures of shemales, mainly fucking and topping females. Yes, I know now that’s not the primary interest of most trans women, but I didn’t know that. Dick gurls’ and ‘she-males were mostly the stuff of fantasy back then. Fast forward to 2018 and these days transgender erotic art is all over the internet. There’s an entire website devoted to it with the most awesome digital artwork you’ll see anywhere. And there are real live t gurls all over the web now and some of them are as feminine and sexy as any of my digital fantasies. Hell, x-hamster has an entire category for transgender porn. So it may be an acquired taste, but it seems like a hell of a lot of us are acquiring it. But I digress. Back to Martina. Once again, it’s all Lilly’s fault. One of my wife’s boyfriends was a cross-dresser who was deeply connected to the BDSM and fetish communities. There’s a lot of crossover between the polyamory and BDSM, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, Dick – yes I know Dick is an ironic name for a cross-dresser. He doesn’t seem to see the humor in it. Anyway. Dick is a tall thin, wiry guy who’s had a hard life. He has that half-starved rock star look and a laid-back vibe. Anyway, Dick’s CD persona is “Natasha” . Natasha invited us to a “Gurls’ night out” party at a club in Dallas a while ago. Man, that was that a wild scene. When we walked into the club, I felt like I had stepped into another world. There were trans gurls and cross-dressers everywhere. I found to my astonishment that cross-dressers come in all kinds, from pretty g|rls who could fool most men, to big goofy John Belushi lookalikes who just dress up for fun. There was actually a bearded lady in a slinky black dress. But there was also Martina, an actual TS porn star. I’d seen her on the attendee list online and befriended her in the weeks leading up to the party. She was beyond hot. She was a gorgeous Latina with long dark hair, big dark eyes, full, sensuous lips and a body that belonged on a Penthouse Pet. If I had to guess her measurements, I’d guess 38D, 22, 36. She was all curves and sex appeal. I had watched some of her videos and gotten to engage with her on her webcam site. In the days leading up to the party, pendik escort I’d had lots of fantasies about her, but figured my chances of meeting her weren’t great. I hoped the time I’d spent as a customer on her chat portal would improve my chances to connect in person. After my wife and I had settled in and spent some time meeting and chatting with Natasha’s exotic entourage, she and Natasha wandered off, leaving me on my own. I sought out my TS porn star crush, hoping to catch her when she wasn’t surrounded by admiring fans and girlfriends. I found her at the bar and offered her a glass of wine. She graciously accepted and we started small talk. I told her about my erotic art hobby and showed her some pics of my work on my phone. To my pleasant surprise, she was impressed and we hit it off. She was from San Antonio and hadn’t been to this club before. Since this was my third party there, I offered to give her the grand tour. She accepted with a dazzling smile and we made our way through the club. The downstairs was the social area, where attendees got acquainted. Strict rules were in place. No nudity, no pda *, etc. Upstairs was a very different matter. When we reached the second floor and stepped into the lounge area, she gasped. The second floor included a large central lounge about 30 feet square with two massage tables in the middle, and a massive, wooden bondage rig to the right for suspending rope bunnies. Directly across from the stairs was a large couch where people could sit and talk or watch the XXX-rated video feed on the big screen TV. The lounge was flanked by areas with several bedrooms on either side: Private play on the left, public play on the right. We stopped and took it in the sight for a moment. Both massage tables were occupied, but nobody was getting a massage. One was being used by a guy and a pretty brunette cross-dresser in a leopard print dress. The other was occupied by my wife and Natasha enjoying a BDSM scene.We stepped into the room and casually strolled around the lounge, circling the tables and taking it all in. The hot brunette cross-dresser had caught my eye earlier and we’d flirted casually. She was pretty and petite with long dark hair and what appeared to be a pretty curvy figure. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to look genuinely feminine. Personally, I’m not into cross-dressers, but she made me look twice. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought she was hot. She was bent over with her upper body flat on the table . A man in a black t-shirt sat in front of her, straddling the table, naked from the waist down. He had both hands in her hair, pumping her head up and down in his lap, using her mouth. The slurping and moaning indicated that they were having a helluva good time. The decadent music of the brunette CD and her admirer was accompanied by the noise from the adjacent table where my lovely wife was being flogged by our host. She lay bare-assed on the table, showing everyone her awesome sexy round ass. Natasha struck an imposing figure. In her heels, she stood at least 6’2”. She looked appropriately exotic in a shoulder-length blonde wig, and a slinky black cocktail dress. She was standing over my wife, tanning her ass with a blue suede flogger she’d made herself. The loud, sharp reports of the suede on Lilly’s firm, naked cheeks drew gasps and moans from Lilly as she clutched the table and writhed in pain and pleasure. As we took it all in, I looked at my guest. She wore a dazzling smile and there was a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Ohhhh, I like this club” she purred. “As good as the lounge area is, the best part is this way,” I said as I lead her to the right wing and we walked into the central hallway. On either side were bedrooms with open doors and couples inside sucking and fucking. I slid my arm around her waist as we strolled slowly down the hall and back taking in the bacchanalian sights and sounds. The heady aroma of lust and satisfaction tickled our nostrils and inflamed our hormones as we made our way back out to the lounge. I sneaked a peek at her bust and thought I noticed her nipples getting hard under her tight dress. She caught me looking, winked at me and casually ran her hand across the front of my jeans. “Seems like we’re both enjoying the show, aren’t we? Is that the best part, or is there more?”“No ma’am, that’s not the best part. The best part is right over here…” I pulled her a little closer to me and walked her back through the lounge area and across to the other wing. I opened the door to the central room and we walked into an empty bedroom with clean sheets on the bed and condoms on the bedside table. I closed the door behind us, turned around and took her shoulders in my hands.“This is the best part, Martina. Because this is where one of my most intensely erotic fantasies finally comes true.” I gently took her face in my hands and kissed her. She moaned and melted into me, kissing me intently and snaking her tongue into my mouth. Within moments she had one hand caressing my bulge and I had one hand on her marvelous tits. I broke the kiss and stepped back and looked at her in wonder. “My God Martina, you’re so fucking gorgeous!” I looked her up and down. She looked every inch a woman, and I was dumbstruck that a trans gurl could look so feminine, so alluring. She graced me again with that dazzling smile, pulled me to her and kissed me again.“Thank you stud. Now…..”She slid the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and peeled it downward. Her marvelous tits spilled out over the cups of a lacy black bra. I gasped in awe.“Tell me about your intensely….”She pushed the dress down over her shapely hips and wiggled out of it, revealing a lacy black thong and thigh-high escort pendik stockings.“…erotic…She reached behind her, unsnapped her bra and let it slip down her arms. Her full firm tits were absolutely magnificent. They barely sagged as they were freed from their lace cage were full, round, and firm, capped by dark brown aureole. Her nipples were big, dark and hard. …fantasies.”She stood before me in nothing but a pair of black thong panties. I stared at her crotch with my mouth agape. No sign of a bulge. I could scarcely believe my eyes. My brain began to short-circuit.“Do they involve sucking and fucking a trans g|rl who’s prettier than most of the girls you’ve dated?”I stepped over and pulled her to me, kissed her again passionately. Then I took her by the shoulders, spun her around and wrapped my arms around her, filling my hands with her tits. I nibbled on her neck and breathed in her ear.“Something like that. Actually, I don’t know if my fantasies can possibly come true. They include me doing crude things to a really nice g|rl. Things she probably won’t like.”“Try me, stud.” she purred.“Mmmm. Things like shoving my big, hard cock deep in her pretty mouth and calling her filthy names like…sissy bitch, cock-sucking slut, cum-hungry whore…”“Oh, you are a bad boy, aren’t you? Mmm, normally I would say no. But…maybe it’s the atmosphere. Maybe…” she ground her ass into my groin.“Maybe, It’s that big hard cock poking me in the ass. But tonight, I’m gonna say yes. Call me your cock-sucking sissy slut, call me your bbc whore, I don’t give a fuck. Just gimme that cock, baby.”“Fuck yes” I breathed. But first, I have got to suck on these tits. I spun her around again filled my hands with her magnificent tits, and sucked her right nipple and aureole deep into my mouth. I was insatiable. She gasped, moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I spent a few more minutes groping, sucking and biting her tits.I kissed and nibbled my way back up her chest, nibbled at her neck and kissed her again. She broke the kissed and looked at me lustily. “I don’t hear any nasty names coming from you, Bart. What did you say before that you were going to call me?”“Greedy, cock-sucking tranny whore” I whispered.“Let’s see if I can live up to such high praise”. She stepped back and got to work on my belt, removed it, unzipped and removed my pants. She knelt and tugged my briefs down, and worked my legs free. She gripped my hard throbbing cock and looked up at me, her beautiful dark eyes adding to the magic of the moment. “Mmm, big, hard, and dark. Just the way I like em. “ She dipped her head and dragged her tongue along the crease of my inner thigh and licked all around my balls. I gasped and shivered. “Mmm yeah, you like that don’t you, Bart?” “Fuck yes, you sexy bitch!” I hissed. “That feels exquisite”. I raised my right leg up and placed my foot on the bed. She instinctively used the access to crouch down and tongue the underside of my balls.“But, if I remember correctly,” she purred. “Somebody said something about…shoving a big, hard cock in my mouth?” She looked up at me, taunting me with her dark eyes. I filled my fists with her long dark hair, and shoved my cock forward. She opened wide and I thrust it deep into her hot, wet mouth. She instinctively started sucking hard and swirling her tongue around the head.Something snapped and any reserve of decency I had melted in her mouth. I began fucking her pretty face, using her mouth like a pussy and calling her nasty names. ‘Greedy, cock-sucking slut, sissy bitch, nasty gurl’. She moaned and sucked my cock greedily. “Oh yeah, suck my cock, you greedy, cum-guzzling whore!” I shoved my cock deep into the back of her mouth and held it there. She paused just for a second, then opened wider and leaned into me as I forced my rock-hard cock into her throat. As good as it felt to fuck her mouth, having my cock completely buried in her throat was twice as exhilarating.“Fuck yeah! Oh, you nasty, cock-sucking bitch!” I growled as I ground my groin into her lips. I held her face against me for a long moment, reveling in the pure a****l passion, the thrill of having my cock buried in Martina’s mouth and throat. I pulled her face roughly away and she gasped as my cock sprang fee, leaving thick strands of drool arching to her lips and chin. At the time, in the moment, I thought it was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen. But I was wrong. That came a few minutes later. I pushed my cock back into her mouth and we fell into a carnal rhythm, me burying my hard cock in her throat, grinding my pubes into her lips, then dragging it out again to watch the bridge of drool and pre-cum form and fall until her chin and chest were slick and sloppy. After a while on her knees, she paused to wipe some pre-cum from her chin and asked if we could move to the bed. I agreed and she had me lie down on my back, then knelt across my body and began bobbing up and down on my pole, taking it deep, tonguing my balls and slowly dragging her lips up the shaft. She looked absolutely gorgeous, her beautiful face, long hair and immaculate features every bit the porn star she was. Then, on one on of her up strokes, her hair fell away from her neck and I saw her Adam’s apple. It wasn’t huge, but it was there. The subtle but unmistakable giveaway that she wasn’t quite all woman. She wasn’t a g|rl. She was something different, something rare and beautiful, an exotic hybrid just like the ‘dick girls’ of my fantasies. I almost came right there.“Oh. Martina, you are such a gorgeous, sexy, awesome cock-sucking, girly bitch. Come up here.”She smiled and crawled up to my face and looked down at me with that wicked twinkle in her eyes, her lips gleaming pendik escort bayan with pre-cum. I pulled her face down to mine and kissed her passionately. She moaned and returned the kiss. I pulled her down to me and rolled her over on her back. “Just fucking incredible” I said, caressing her fashion model face. “I still haven’t seen you naked.” “What’re you waiting for stud, an engraved invitation?”I pulled her thong off, knelt at her feet, and sat back in wonder, gazing at her lovely nude body. She was shaved and had a little uncircumcised cock, maybe a few inches long. No wonder I hadn’t seen a bulge. She was still soft. And, lying there nearly naked in front of me, she was a sight to behold. Martina was, in her own exotic way, incredibly beautiful and sensuous. Now, being a manly man who prides himself on being the head of the household and topping women, I would like to make it perfectly clear that at no point did her little ‘g|rl-dick’ spend any time in my mouth. I would like to reassure you real men that I just used her whore mouth and went back to the party to fuck my hot wife. But that would be a lie. I wanted to make her feel good. And she looked so damned beautiful, I…just couldn’t resist. I slid down between her smooth tan thighs and did just as she had done for me. I took my time caressing her legs and licking her shaved, tight little sack and caressing her little g|rl-dick. She sighed and spread her legs, inviting me to explore. I slid my tongue up along the soft shaft and sucked it gently but urgently into my mouth. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked earnestly on her soft little dick willing it to grow. And grow it did. It was a surreal and wonderful experience feeling the soft flesh grow longer, wider, firmer. The nerve endings inside my mouth sent an unmistakable image to my brain. It was an image that had been transmitted to my neurons thousands of times before, but always from some other source. From the images hitting my eyes as I watched a movie or watched my wife giving me head. From the sensations of my fingers as I stroked my own cock on one of a thousand lonely nights. But never before had that primal image arisen from sensations in my mouth as a soft flaccid penis became a hard, pulsing cock.Martina moaned and writhed in pleasure as I sucked her to full hardness. I felt and tasted the head as it emerged from her foreskin. I swirled my tongue over it and she moaned and squirmed. I felt a special joy as I gave her back a small measure of the intense pleasure she’d given me. Her dick grew to about five inches I guess, still relatively small and thin, but undoubtedly hard, and hopefully at that moment sending exquisite sensations up her spine. I began to suck it more eagerly, feeling the excitement that comes from changing someone else’s anatomy. I tasted a drop of pre-cum and felt my cock twitch in response as I sensed her passion building.She moaned and began to whine and whimper, then gently pushed my head away and looked down at me with a mixture of fondness and sorrow. “Sorry hon, gotta stop you there.”“But…But, I wanna make you cum” I whined back.“That’s sweet Baby, but not tonight. I came with another g|rl and I have a promise to keep. Maybe next time. Speaking of cum…I don’t wanna send you back to the party with blue balls. That could ruin my good name.”We both laughed at that. What I wanted to do was straddle her face and make her lick my balls until they locked into firing position and covered her face in cum, but that too was out of the question. Instead, she let me fuck her marvelous tits and I spent a few glorious minutes on top of her with my cock buried in her cleavage. As wonderful as the experience had been so far, I was still unprepared for how luscious it felt to have my cock enveloped in the warm soft flesh of her hormonally-induced womanhood. It wasn’t long before I surrendered to the exquisite sensations. She groaned with me as I shot a geyser of thick spunk that filled her cleavage, pooled around her collarbone and ran down her neck. We cleaned up, spooned, cuddled, and talked. We connected. She told me about her c***dhood growing up in Puerto Rico, a g|rl in a boy’s body, slowly bringing it into compliance through birth control pills. I told her about how I was raised on comic books, and had been drawing lewd pictures since my high sch00l years. She complimented me again on my erotic art and I got her email address and promised to send her more samples. Eventually Lilly came and found me. When she saw me cuddling with a slightly disheveled TS porn star, she beamed with pride. I introduced them and they hugged and kissed and made ‘g|rl talk’ for a few minutes. Martina didn’t stick around long afterwards and I didn’t get to see her again.We had about an hour’s drive home. On the way, I told Lilly all about my encounter with Martina and what an amazing cock-sucker she was. We both got turned on again, and not to be outdone, Lilly sucked me off on a dark stretch of highway. So after my first experience with a gurl, the very next woman to throat my meat was my wonderful, slutty, perpetually horny wife. As I said, Lilly loves sucking cock. And, thanks to Martina, now I think I understand why. My Lilly loves to please, and, truth be told, she is a bit of a control freak. She probably gets off on the sense of power she gets from making men’s cocks transform from flaccid to massive. She loves hearing us moan and growl in response to her ministrations. She does it well and often. But unfortunately, she’s not here right now. She’s with her boyfriend, and I’m on my own. So, getting back to the original question. Sure, she’s the next woman likely to suck my dick,but that’s not really what I meant. Who’s the next…other woman, g|rl — or gurl – who will look up at me with lust as my hard flesh invades her mouth?——————————————————*public display of affection

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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