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Why I’d love a Masturbatrix (I think)

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Why I’d love a Masturbatrix (I think)Here’s a little something from my past … to be honest there are only a handful of sexual experiences that clearly stick in my mind and they all seem to be a long time ago. There’s obviously the night I lost my virginity, although I was pretty out of it I guess it’s always memorable. Then there was the time I was with my first serious girlfriend in a good old 69 when she let rip … yuk!! But at least we had a good laugh about it afterwards. The next relationship was one of those crazy ones full of ups and downs. Major fights but fantastic wild times in bed. Didn’t last too long, it was way too distructive. But it did give me the most intense and memorable orgasm of my life … that and the night of two wine bottles but that’s another story.I guess the time I’m going to tell you about now has stayed with me because it’s something I want to happen again, in fact I crave it … halkalı escort it’s shaped my sexual appetite.It was early afternoon and we were sitting on the sofa watching TV, some film I wanted to watch but I don’t think she was too interested. Not too long into the film she reached towards me, undid my fly and slid her hand inside my pants. She began to slowly massage me getting me hard. But I knew it was just her way of trying to get my attention, I played it cool, carried on watching the film, enjoying the feeling of my growing excitement. She stepped it up at that point, unfastening my button, releasing me completely and lowering her head into my lap, sliding her lips over my swollen cock, teasing me with her tongue, taking me deep into her mouth, sucking me whilst her hand moved to my balls. (Shit I’m hard just thinking about taksim escort it lol) I was starting to lose interest in the film, no surprise there, when she told me to stand. I did and she removed my pants and underwear leaving me naked from the waist down. I sat back down again looking forward to the pleasure she was about to give me. As soon as I sat down she pounced using every trick she knew, and it wasn’t long before I I could feel the almost uncontrollable tingling, the tightening of my balls and then she did the cruelest thing … she moved her head, sat straight up and turned to watch the TV. It was her turn to play it cool and started to tell me what was happening in the film. Eventually I calmed down enough to concentrate, thought to myself “yeah maybe I deserved that one”. Next thing I know I feel her hand creeping across my thigh, taking a firm hold on me again and şişli escort almost straight away I was hard. We men are just to easy to please. This time as her head was down in my lap she removed her top and her bra and my fingers found her nipples playing and teasing as she brought me closer to the edge … she did it again … stopped just at the moment of full pleasure. Well to cut a long story short this went on for hours … and I really mean hours. It got to the point where I was constantly hard, precum almost constantly leaking from me, I was a mess, a real mess. She knew my body too well, knew the signs and always managed to stop at just the right time.Eventually she knew the time was right, she sat back from me and workiong her hand faster and faster she carried on until I exploded. Seriously it shot above my head, some landing on my shoulder, right across my chest but thankfully none on my face (but hey that would have been a new experience lol). My balls hurt it came out with so much force and she just sat there and laughed.You might think I’d never want that again but nothing could be further from the truth I love it, so intense … in fact I need to do something right now … let you guess what!!So there you go … my most memorable

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