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Woken by gf and hot stripper friend

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Woken by gf and hot stripper friendSo I’m now in a ‘proper’ relationship with a stripper, things moved pretty fast and within a month or two she moved in with me. I know she’s kinky as fuck, always horny and a lot of fun but she seems pretty loyal. She took me by total surprise when she seduced me in front of my mate and then of course let him fuck her right next to me, but I guess this was her way of saying thank you. I would usually pick her up from her shift at the club at around 3am Sunday mornings, but I had arranged to work this particular Sunday and said she would have to find her own way home and try not to wake me up. I had an early’ish Saturday night but around midnight, Emma calls me saying she’s going to get a lift home with one of her friends. “Ok cool”. Then soon after she calls again saying her friend doesn’t want to drive to my place and then all the way home and can she stay… “Yeh sure, but now I’m going back to sleep, don’t wake me”. Then what feels like seconds later my front door slams and I hear talking and giggling and Emma jumps into bed with me and I feel her friend sit on the end of the bed and they will not shut up talking. Yeh I’m getting a bit grumpy but not realising what’s about to happen. Emma tells her friend Paris (not her name) to get in bed karşıyaka escort and I’m half asleep but I feel Paris get in as I’m sandwiched between two hot blondes. Paris is a typical looking stripper, huge fake tits, fake lips, too much make up but sexy as fuck, Emma just as sexy but in a more natural way. There is a second of silence and then i feel both girls lean over me and they start kissing, all of a sudden I’m not so tired and grumpy. I almost didn’t exist for a while as they kissed, caressed and groped each other and removed their clothes. Emma starts to sigh and moan and I realise Paris is rubbing Emma’s pussy. I’ve not been touched, even acknowledged at this stage and to be honest i didn’t care I’d been enjoying the show but I had to reach out and pull Emma close to me to kiss her and take a little control. We kissed passionately but she pulled away from me and jumped on Paris, again kissing, groping and Paris moans a little as Emma starts to tease her pussy then gasps as her fingers penetrate her then positions herself between her legs and begins licking her out.Both girls play with each other and I’m pretty much just sat there watching with a huge hard on, then I feel a hand stroke my leg and reach up for my cock. I think Emma had forgotten escort karşıyaka I was even there but made it up to me as she started to stroke my big cock. “Wow” I hear Paris say. I’m not huge but thick and well above average. Emma removes her hand from my cock and take’s Paris’ hand and places it back on me and encourages her to give it a little squeeze at the base as Emma leans forward and takes it back into her mouth as Paris starts stroking me. Emma comes up for air and offers my cock to Paris and without hesitation she starts to suck me, a little at first but starts to swallow me inch by inch. Fuck nobody had ever deepthroated me like this and this chick is doing it with ease, until she starts to gag but does not stop until every last inch of me is down her throat. Paris then continues to give me the sloppiest nastiest blow job I’ve ever been given. I feel myself get closer and closer to cumming and I hold back, determined not to blow just yet. The girls play, lick, kiss and finger fuck to orgasm but for me I think I tried a little too hard not to cum and lost a bit of my hardon. Emma decided she needed to be fucked but needed me in a better state and I think wanted to show Paris she could suck me just as good went back down on me. She sucked karşıyaka escort bayan gagged, and choked on my cock, not able to take as much as Paris but certainly trying to. This was almost hotter to watch her struggle than take me and I became rock hard seeing my gf turn into a total slut over my cock. She told me to fuck her and I didn’t need telling twice, I grabbed a condom out of my drawer as she laid down on the bed and I climbed on top of her and pushed my big hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy. I fucked my slutty gf hard and deep as her stripper friend kissed and groped her, I think this site alone would have been enough for me to shoot my load and I pulled out, ripped the condom off as Emma took me into her mouth and I shot wave after wave of cum into her mouth and on her face. Both girls kissed and swapped my cum and cleaned my cock with their mouth and tongues. I lost my raging hard on but kept a good semi and it wasn’t long before I got hard in their mouths again. Emma asked Paris if she wanted me to fuck her and she said yes, so I grabbed another rubber and bent her over and took her doggy style. I leaned forward and grabbed her rock hard porn tits and started to fuck her deeper before she climbed on top of me until I shot another load into the condom inside her.I must have cum and crashed because I don’t really remember much after this apart from my alarm going off, waking me up for work. I left, leaving both girls asleep and could barely work most of the morning, wondering if they were playing together. Apparently they didn’t but who knows lol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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