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15 Minutes of Fame

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15 Minutes of FameLily pulled her car into the driveway, the house looking normal except for the other ten cars parked in the driveway and street. It was just another house in Simi-Valley, California. Except it wasn’t anything close to being normal. Simi-Valley was the center of the porn business, and inside this house, a porn movie was going to be shot today. Lily was going to be in it, her first ever.Lily didn’t look anything like a porn star or have the experience to be one. It was a chance encounter that landed her here with the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy that she had since she was thirteen.It was four o’clock, Lily sitting in the small diner near the university, in the same seat she had occupied for the last three months. A cup of coffee and a small slice of lemon meringue pie were in front of her, putting just a smidgen of crème in the coffee. She had noticed him looking at her, but he had done that many times before. It didn’t bother or scare her. After all, she didn’t wear short skirts to keep the San Francisco chill off of her. Many businessmen came into the diner close to the financial district. He was dressed nicely, a white shirt with a blue and red tie. The navy blue suit fit him as if it were tailored for him, which it probably was. A hint of a five o’clock shadow covered his face, short hair neatly trimmed, handsome, but it was his smile that she liked. Even when she caught him looking at her, his lips curled into a smile, not a hint of embarrassment at getting caught watching her.Eric looked at her perched on the stool at the counter. She wore a red-plaid skirt, short, a lot of long leg revealed. A sweater hugged her breasts. Her black hair was cut short so he could see her face. He saw her many times in the past. The coffee was good at the diner and the scenery got even better since he saw her, so he came back more often. She was a student, the pile of books on the floor beneath her feet giving her away. He got up, taking his cup of coffee with him, walking over to her. She saw him coming, looking up, Eric smiling at her, the girl smiling back.“Is the seat saved?” Eric motioned to the empty stool next to her.“Not at all.” Lily smiled back at him. She liked men that weren’t bashful or shy, and this one was neither. She saw his wedding ring, knowing instantly this was not going very far, Lily refusing to get involved with a married man. Relationships were hard enough without having a third person in it.“I couldn’t help looking at you,” Eric confessed.“I noticed that the last couple of weeks,” Lily confirming his attention.“You are an extremely attractive and interesting woman.”“You look extremely married,” Lily shot back.“Yes, happily with one boy, seven.” It dawned on Eric that she thought he was trying to pick her up.  No, that’s not it. I’m not trying to get a date with you.”“Good, then I’m Lily.” She took a sip of her coffee.He liked that she had a sense of humor, hoping that when he said it, she would either laugh it off or seriously consider it. “Do you model to support yourself during school?”She was flattered by his suggestion. “No, I just scrimp by with part-time jobs and a lot of student loans.” She smiled back at him again. “Thanks for the compliment, a girl loves to be flattered.”“Ever think about doing a movie?” He didn’t add anything to it, looking up to see her interest before he said anything else.“What girl never thought about being a movie star?”“I have some investments on the side and one of them is a movie I am financing.”“I don’t have any acting experience; I don’t think I would be very good.” She was flattered, but she didn’t know how well she could stand before a camera and act like someone else.“It’s not a starring role, more part of the background. It doesn’t even have any lines.” He paused while he let it sink in. “It pays a $1,000 for the day.” He saw her interest pick up.The caution flags shot up instantly when he said a thousand dollars. “What kind of movie is it?”  Lily didn’t say it in displeasure, just questioning it.“It’s porn but tastefully done. It actually has a story line and there are characters that do more than have sex all the time. And it’s a novel theme, a western with cowboys and Indians.”“So you just decided to ask me because I look like a porn star,” she teased him.“Contrary, I asked you because you didn’t look like one.”“Good answer. Do you do this often?” Lily liked the banter with him.“Never before.”“So how is it working out?”“You haven’t slapped me or walked out yet, so I guess I would be still working on it, but so far, so good.” At least she was good-natured about it.“I’m not about to have sex in front of a camera for a thousand dollars. Or for any amount of money.”“I was thinking of you more as the Indian squaw. One of two in the background.”“For a thousand dollars, I suspect that there is more than just being in the background.” She took a bite of the pie as she waited for the answer. The idea of an Indian squaw brought back something that happened over thirteen years ago, something that was always lingering in her subconscious.“The Indians are captured by the soldiers. They are going to take their pleasure with the princess while the others watch.”“And not with the other two?” He did say no sex. “They just stand around and watch their princess having sex with a bunch of white men?” There was more that he hadn’t mentioned.“No, I did say you would be background, very beautiful background. You would be tied to a pole.”“Yes, and the rest?” Her background memory just became more vivid.“You would be dressed very skimpily.”“Describe skimpily.”“A little, short skirt made of leather, panties and a leather vest.”Since there were no bra’s back then, the picture became more vivid. “This leather vest is secured someway?”“Not exactly. Your breasts would be bared. After all, these white soldiers are horny.” He saw her catch him looking at her breasts as he described it.“That’s it, no grabbing or groping, no sex?”“That’s all of it. It will take about 30 minutes of film time. The only thing that will touch you is the camera. I have a feeling the cameraman will love you.”Lily could already see herself in the scene. Just as it was thirteen years ago, but her body had matured since she was thirteen. There would be more to see now.Eric could see her mind working. She was contemplating it. “It’s in LA, but you would be paid travel expenses. And it’s on a Saturday, so it wouldn’t interfere with your classes.” Eric looked at his watch; he had to get back to work. He took out his card and one of the producer’s. “I have to get back to work. You can contact the producer if you are interested. Here’s my card, too. Filming is in two weeks. I hope you do it, you will add a lot of class to my movie.” He left a ten on the counter for the tabs. “Nice meeting you, Lily. I’m sure I will see you again, if not in my movie.”Lily watched him leave, grabbing her books to go to her late class.She didn’t pay much attention in her class, coming home and picking over dinner as she kaynarca escort contemplated the conversation she had with Eric and his proposal. She turned off the television and the lights, going into the bedroom. She stood in front of the mirror, slipping the sweater over her head, unsnapping her bra until she stood in front of the mirror. Her breasts weren’t huge, but she considered them ample. Her areolas were the size of quarters, her nipples already hard and swollen, in spite of not even touching them yet. She worked out, so she barely had an ounce of fat, helping that she didn’t have a lot of money to indulge on food. There was no doubt in her mind that she would look good naked to the waist. By the time she got to the bed, her skirt and panties were on the floor behind her. She lay in the center of the bed, naked, her legs spread slightly, closing her eyes as she remembered what had happened when she was thirteen.At thirteen, Lily was more of a tomboy and she looked more like a boy than a girl. She was flat chested, even though other girls her age were already sprouting bumps on their chests and wearing training bras. She worried about it then, her mother told her that she was probably a late bloomer, which she was correct, but that did little to put away the jealousy she felt for the girls that were already sprouting breasts. I guess that is why she hung out with boys more than girls, feeling comfortable with them.Lily even saw the changes in boys her age, showing interest in girls, talking about their budding bodies, even in front of Lily as if she wasn’t a girl. Lily even began to see them with hard-ons when they talked and looked at girls.She remembered the last day that she played with boys. It was a Saturday, Lily living in a small town in eastern Washington state. They lived by a small pond, a cluster of homes built around it. There were four of them, Lily and three boys. They were bored, not much to do that day, the summer day hot already and it was barely noon. Lily was dressed in her shorts and t-shirt, her short black hair pulled into a ponytail.“I got an idea.” It was Billy that said it. He was older than the rest of them, f******n already. “Meet me on the south side of the pond in fifteen minutes.”Anything to break up the monotony, the three of them went to the pond, Billy staying behind. They only had to wait a few minutes before he showed up, a hatchet, some rope and a knife in his hands. She didn’t say anything, Petey saying it.“What’s that for?”“We’re going to play cowboys and Indians.”“I want to be a cowboy,” Petey yelled out.“Me, too,” Teddy chimed in.“I guess that leaves Lily to be the Indian.”Lily should have known right then, when she saw the smirk on his face, but Billy was older than them and the leader, so they never did anything that he didn’t like. She always had to try and fit in with the boys, so it was no surprise that she was the Indian.“Bring the Indian squaw over here.” Billy moved next to a small tree by the pond. He took the hatchet, cutting some low-level branches on the tree until it was smooth at least five feet up.Lily went along with the boys, as they held her close as if she would try to run away and brought her over to the tree.“We don’t want our squaw getting away, so we better tie her to the tree.”She felt something that she couldn’t understand until later that year, a strange tremor in her body. At that time, she thought it was the heat.“Put her back to the tree, I’ll tie her hands behind it and then circle her waist so she can’t get free.”Lily noticed his erection, but boys were always getting hard at almost anything, not thinking anything else about it. They pulled her against the tree, feeling the rough bark on her back. They grabbed her hands and pulled them behind the tree, her back pressed harder into the tree.“Hold it. Indians never wear tops, especially the squaws. Take off her top and then we can tie her.”Warning sounds should have been going off in her head, but she was as flat as a boy and really didn’t think much of it. Lily wasn’t foolish enough to go against Billy. She didn’t say a word as Petey pulled her tee shirt up over her head, grabbing her hands as they pinned them behind the tree again, this time feeling rope wrapped around them. Another tremor hit her body; this one centered between her legs, confused, she still did nothing, not that she could, the rope tied tightly around her wrists behind the tree. The rope then encircled her naked waist, drawing her tightly against the tree. She never even saw Billy staring at her naked chest.They started tickling her, Petey and Teddy running the hands up her naked sides, making her giggle, struggling against the rope that held her pinned to the tree. Billy’s hands were different. They slid up her side, but grazed over her front, shocked as she looked down, her small nipples now hard and pointed, a tingling racing through her body that she couldn’t understand. All of them were tickling her, but fingers were also running over her nipples, a strange tingling that raced between her legs. She felt the tightness of the ropes holding her pinned as the boys had their way with her, unable to stop them from what they wanted to do. Not that she wanted them to stop. Her body quivered with a strange excitement.It ended right then. Billy’s father came out of the woods, yelling at Billy, slapping him across the face so hard that he fell down. It seemed that he saw Billy taking the knife and hatchet out of the garage and thought he might get hurt. Then he saw what they were doing to Lily and stopped it immediately.She wasn’t allowed to play with the boys again, her mother sitting her down and explaining the birds and bees to her, but she didn’t know then what it had to do with the boys tying her up. It was almost a year later when she first masturbated, and it was that day with the boys that went through my mind when she had her first orgasm. Being tied up were in lots of her fantasies but never in her realities until now.She got out of the car, the day hot in the Valley in spite of the sun ready to set soon. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk as she walked up to the front door.  It opened before she rang the bell.Stan looked at her through the window as she walked up, as nice as Eric said she would be. She was nothing like the star of the movie who looked a little worn for the wear, but that wasn’t her expertise. The camera wouldn’t pan on her face much.Stan looked at Lily’s figure, lean, long legs, a short skirt leaving a lot of them naked. Her high heels made her calves tighten up, but it was the gentle sway of her ass, packed tightly in the skirt, that Stan liked. Too bad the camera wouldn’t get much of that, but the blouse that hugged her breasts and the two top buttons opened revealed a nice pair of tits and that is what the movie would get. Her hair was black, a little past her shoulders, ideal for an Indian squaw once they tied it in back. She was beautiful, dark brown eyes, big lips that were smiling orhanlı escort even as she walked up the sidewalk. “You must be Lily,” he put his hand out, feeling her soft hand in his as he stared into her beautiful eyes.“Yes, you must be Stan. Nice meeting you.” He was still holding her hand but her eyes had already wandered to catch what was going on in the house. There were people running around, but outside in the back yard was where the cameras were set up, Lily instantly spying the two posts that jutted out from the ground that she would be secured to, an excitement between her legs before she even felt it. She thought she would be scared a little about doing this, but since she drove down yesterday, it was only excitement she felt.“It is a little unbelievable when you first see it, but I get the same feeling with each movie. It’s the feeling that you are creating something that others will watch. I know its only porn, but it’s my porn.” Stan was never embarrassed at what he did. He put just as much in each film that the big producers put in their high-budge movies.“I always envy creative people and what they can accomplish with their talents.” There were other girls there, some already half-naked and most of the men didn’t pay much attention to them once they saw them initially. Eric was correct; most of the other girls didn’t look like porn stars.“If you see Sara over there, she’s the makeup and costume artist, she’ll get you ready. You have an hour before we start, as soon as the sun sets. We’ll have a nice fire to illuminate the outside and it will be much sexier than the bright sun.” Stan turned to the grip that was already complaining as Lily walked off, Stan’s eyes still hypnotized by her ass as she wiggled off so sensuously. Now why can’t I find girls like that to be the star?The dressing room wasn’t more then a sheet spread across the room to separate it, Lily hearing men on the other side, a little nervous at the thought of someone walking in as she took off her clothes. She put on the squaw clothes, if you could call them that. The skirt was shorter than the one she wore in, though not as tight. It was made of leather; luckily, they gave her panties to keep it from sticking to her flesh. There was the vest, but even if it did have a tie to connect the two halves, they would have never covered her breasts. The vest stayed open, both of her breasts exposed, the leather doing nothing more than to highlight the naked flesh of her skin. Leather moccasins replaced her heels. She took a deep breath and walked out into the other room to find Sara. It felt like the whole room stopped and all the men stared at her naked breasts, though it was probably more her imagination than reality. Yes, some men did look at her, at her breasts, but they quickly went back to work.“You already have a pretty good tan and it will be night when they shoot so your skin tone is okay. Just have to get rid of the makeup, not that you need any.” Sara went to work on Lily, cleansing her face. “Relax for a moment; I need to touch your nipples. A little rouge will make them stand out more for the cameras.”Lily tried to will her nipples not to get hard, but it didn’t work. The fingers were too soft, working across her nipples one at a time, the touch sending vibrations that raced through her breasts and ended between her legs where she grew damp. Sara worked the rouge around her nipples and areola’s as if she were a lover, teasing the flesh with her touch, arousing them into hard, little nubs that gleamed with the ruby red rouge by the time she was finished. Lily looked down at them, never seeing them so hard or vibrant.“The cameraman is going to love your breasts. I think you’ll get more camera time than the star. I’ll tell Kevin, the white man that is tying you up to give them a little nip now and then when the camera is not taping them to keep them erect. Off you go, I have the star to take care of now. She requires much more work than you do.”All of the no groping and touching seemed to have gone out the window now that she was here. First, Sara touching her nipples and stimulated them until they became rock hard, and now, there was talk of Kevin doing the same thing while the movie was being shot. It’s not that she could do anything about it; her hands would be tied. Just as Billy had done to her when she was thirteen.“Let’s get the background girls in place,” the voice boomed out. Lily walked over to one of the posts, squeezing her pussy at the thought of her fantasy about to be fulfilled in front of strangers for all to see her. It wasn’t how she always fantasized it, but this was better, bound while others saw her helplessness. What would it be like if it wasn’t a movie but a man that had bound me for his pleasure?Kevin was a young, handsome actor, a few years older than Lily. He was dressed as a cowboy, but his shirt was off, his chiseled chest bare for the camera, his pants fitted tight to enhance the bulge of his erection. “You new to the business?”“Yes, probably my first and last.”“Too bad, nice body. You don’t look like the star, a fresh face. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do much except look scared and pretty. Put your back to the pole, and I’ll get you tied up.”She felt the rough pole on her back, even with the leather protecting her.The costume designer walked over to Lily. “Lose the vest; those breasts are too nice to cover up.” She walked off as fast as she walked over to them.Lily took it off without as much as a word of protest. It wasn’t as it was doing much to cover them up. She backed against the pole again, this time feeling the rough bark on her naked skin. The other girl was moving against the other pole. Lily put her wrists behind the pole.“No, lift your arms up to the top of the pole. Real high so it stretches out your body.” Kevin was ready with the rawhide rope, it would leave indents in her skin, but it would be realistic.The pose that he wanted her to be in was more revealing, her naked breasts rising up as she stretched her arms behind her and over her head. She felt Kevin grab her wrists, feeling something lashed around them, digging into her flesh. He yanked her arms up higher until she was almost on her toes, her lean body stretched taut. He released her wrists, but they lay pinned to the pole, Lily looking up to see the leather rope digging into her flesh. She looked at her nipples, almost pointing up to the ceiling.“Take a deep breath and relax. Now you have to have a scared look on her face for the camera.”She felt Kevin’s hands slide along her naked sides, almost as the boys did to her when she was thirteen. His hands were bolder, like Billy, slipping across her belly and sliding up to cup her breasts. She didn’t say a word, knowing what he would do next, but she wasn’t prepared that he had licked his fingers to make them wet. He rubbed his wet fingertips across her nipples, teasing the nerve-rich flesh, the cool air blowing on the wet tips until Lily shivered in excitement. Her nipples tepeören escort felt so big, swelling up as his fingers continued to tease them erect. She was glad her legs weren’t tied, clenching her thighs together, squeezing her pussy as though she was clenching on a lover inside her. Wishing there was one between her thighs.“Look scared, not excited, Lily,” Stan yelled out to her. The fire was burning brightly, the night growing darker as the sunset. The star of the movie had already been stripped naked by two men, one holding her pinned to the ground while she feigned being scared, but as soon as the other spread her legs and slid into her, she went to work on pleasing him.Lily felt excited each time the camera aimed at her, the red light on it showing that it was capturing her. It was hard to act scared while she was so excited, but the camera lens was more interested in her breasts than her face. The camera left her to show the star again, but a second camera came over to her, panning up and down her body as Kevin moved behind her. She felt a little panic, letting it show on her face as his hands slid around her naked body, Lily tugging on her bound arms, surrendering to the helplessness that pervaded her body as his fingers moved to her nipples. The fingers strummed her nipples as though she was a musical instrument, the camera catching every touch, every shiver in her body as her nipples grew so big and hard that she ached deep between her legs. His fingers would leave her nipples alone until the camera came back, then he went to work on arousing her once again.His fingers were pinching her nipples, pulling on them, stretching them as though he wanted to push them into the camera lens. He pulled them up; forcing her breasts into elongated flesh, the fingers hurting when they pinched too tight, but it was a hurt that made her wetter. The star was being fucked by the second cowboy, on her hands and knees, doggy style, Lily watching as the thick cock penetrated her deeply from behind. Lily almost wished it were her that was being fucked from behind.Kevin took his turn with the star, returning to Lily. He whispered into her ear. “It’s almost over.” He plucked at her nipples again, hearing a moan from her lips as he did. He squeezed her nipples, Lily moaning loudly, not in pain but in pleasure. The camera took in every moment of her excitement, focusing on her face and breasts and the hands that abused her flesh.The camera left them, Kevin’s hands disappearing from her breasts, her pussy soaked in excitement. She never felt anything like this. Half naked and bound, a stranger fondling her with immunity and all she could do was grow in excitement. She welcomed the camera when it returned, but it was different this time. The star was being fucked by the last cowboys, one taking her from behind as another used her mouth.Kevin bent down, his hand sliding under her leather skirt and pulling her panties down. Not a word of protest came from her mouth as he stripped them from her. The camera moved in close, panning down to her waist and down her legs and back up.“Spread your legs,” he ordered her. He didn’t know what to expect as it wasn’t in the script, but a lot of what happened in porn movies was not in the script. One hand slid around and cupped one of her breasts, his fingers digging into the flesh until he felt the hard nub of her nipple pushing into his palm. His other hand slid down across her bare stomach, and by the time it smoothed over the front of her skirt, the camera had already captured her surrender, the squaw spreading her legs for the cowboy that had her bound.She had promised herself that it wouldn’t happen, but that was before she was enticed into the bondage, her body playing tricks on her as soon as she was helpless to stop them. One hand was playing with her nipple until it was throbbing, the blood forced into the tip until it felt like it would explode, his powerful fingers pinching the base until the blood pounded in the tips of her nipples. She spread her legs as soon as she felt the hand slide down her belly, the camera following the hand. She didn’t protest as she should have when he stripped her panties off. She spread her legs too eagerly as he ordered her. The hand grabbed her leather skirt, feeling it being pulled up as the cameraman kneeled in front of her, aiming the camera directly at her mound as her skirt was pulled up to reveal her to all that would pay a few dollars to buy a porn movie. Lily should have cried out for Kevin to stop when his fingers found her slit and began to run up and down it, but she only moaned loudly as her pussy soaked his fingers. The camera caught every intimate detail.The cameraman was glad that she had a full bush, not many Indian squaws were shorn and this one had no tattoos either. He hoped this would make it to the final film, catching a close up as the fingers rubbed up and down her slit, her hairs glistening in the lights, as she grew more aroused. Her hips began to move with the fingers that were pleasuring her, capturing her as she rose on her toes as two fingers slid easily inside her. A second hand came around, sliding up her slit until it found her clit, exposing it to the camera as it became aroused.She could feel the heat of the camera’s light on her pussy, but she couldn’t have stopped them even if she weren’t bound. She was being filmed more intimately than any girl should be, but it was only arousing her more, each time tugging on the ropes that held her bound to add to her excitement. She clenched her muscles on the two fingers inside her, wishing there were more fingers or a cock to take her. His other fingers found her clit and that was all that was needed to send her over the edge. It hit her with a ferocity, racing through her body, and her head exploding as she came, as she never did before. She milked his fingers as if they were a cock that she was trying to please, the orgasm spreading through her body as Kevin’s fingers wouldn’t let her stop, taking her from one plateau to another as the camera recorded every intimate detail. It took long minutes before she came down, the camera finally moving away from her, the movie ending. Kevin finally released her from the bondage, Lily rubbing her wrists, deep indents in her skin where she tested her bondage. She didn’t even put the panties back on, her own clothes in the other room. She took her time dressing, her legs still weak, spent from her orgasm. She finally got dressed and walked out, Stan finding her right away as if he were looking for her.“I want to thank you, Lily. You added a new dimension to the movie. It was quite unexpected.” He handed her the check. “If you ever change your mind, you have top billing in any movie I make.”Lily surprised herself. She wasn’t embarrassed or regretful of what she did. In fact, she was proud of herself, though she doubted that she would do it again. “No, I think that will end my acting career.” She took the check, leaving without seeing Kevin.She copied the check before she deposited it in her bank, so she would have a reminder of her fifteen minutes of fame. The tape that Eric gave to her two weeks later went with it, though she never did look at it. She preferred her own memory.The End

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