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A discovered fetish

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A discovered fetishMy fetish began when I was probably about eleven. I was brought up in a strict household in a small town, and as puberty struck, I had very limited access to any members of the opposite sex, either real or fictitious. My mom and my teacher were the first members of the opposite sex I noticed. As I did my chores at home, I quickly started noticing the lingerie my mom wore, although looking back it was nothing special, but the different materials and styles compared to my own underwear began to spur my imagination. I would often sit in school wondering if my teacher wore similar lingerie to my mom. As the months passed I discovered the clothing catalogues my mom had which furthered my interest, finally leading me to root in my mother’s drawers. The first time I remember masturbating, was a day I was off school on my own. I had found a pair of my mom’s panties, they felt soft and silky, and for some reason I decided to try them on. My cock immediately hardened as the soft material rubbed against my sensitive skin. The harder my cock got the more pleasurable the silky friction caused. Within minutes of touching my straining cock through the soft material, I was shooting cum into her panties. Wads of cum were soaking through the white material, the pleasure my whole body felt was a feeling I haven’t forgotten to this day. As I grew into my teens, I used what I could find in my mom’s drawer to try and copy, the way the models in the catalogues were dressed. Eventually my experiments lead me to try on her pantyhose as well as her panties. Any chance I got, any freedom, I would put on her lingerie and pantyhose, which would always lead to amazing orgasms. I became so good at cleaning up after myself, including hand washing the delicate clothes, that no one ever found out, although the chance of being caught always added to the feelings.Now in my mid thirties, if I get a chance to dress up I still do. My wife is a bit of a hoarder, and I quickly discovered that a lot of the lingerie she owns, most that doesn’t fit her since she lost a lot of weight, fits me. To spend a day wearing just panties and pantyhose for several hours, can keep my on the brink of orgasm for many enjoyable hours.One Wednesday, I was able to leave work a couple of hours before lunch time. I had been horny for weeks, my aroused mind craving a dress up session. My wife would be in work and Zoe our fifteen year old daughter would be in school till after six. That gave me at least six or seven hours before anyone would be home.I let myself into the house and straight into the bedroom. I quickly took off my clothes, and noticed the anticipation was already beginning to have an initial effect on my cock. A quick shower and I was soon opening my wife’s bottom drawer, where she stored all her lingerie that didn’t fit anymore. Searching through the piles of colorful panties and lingerie I finally picked out a pair that I had worn many times before. They are black, the lace front has a silky backing that rubs exquisitely against my cock. The small triangle of material just covers me until I reach a full erection, when normally my cock will work its way out of the sides. The back of the panties is a fine mesh, black in colour, but see through. They are a little tight on me, but that always adds to the excitement and erotic sensations I feel. I pulled the panties up on my legs, filling the crotch with my ever hardening cock. My erection was beginning to reach about half its full potential, and as I stuffed my cock into the silky triangle at the front of the panties, the material was straining. The shape of my cock was fully visible through the black lace as I looked down upon myself. In another drawer I found a pair of barely black pantyhose the fine nylon adds to the sensations I enjoy. The soft warm material clinging to my legs adds to the excitement, until my cock eventually finds its way out of my panties. The black colour would not be enough to hide my skin, or even the panties I had chosen. Pulling the pantyhose up my legs, carefully ensuring I didn’t tear them. As I fixed them adana escort in to place on my skin, I could feel myself tingle to my touch. The nylon having a desired effect on me.To increase the anticipation and sexual effect I was beginning to enjoy, I always make a rule of no masturbation until I can definitely take no more. Otherwise naked, I began doing a few chores around the house, including making some lunch and eating it dressed only in my panties and pantyhose. Two hours of going about my chores had me getting close to being unable to contain myself. Catching myself in a mirror, I noticed my panties were barely restraining my cock. The seams of the crotch were beginning to push away from my legs, as my cock head had appeared. The tip of my cock was starting to rub against the fine nylon, the feeling making me harder by the second. By the time I made my way to my bed, my cock was fully erect.Lying on the bed my panties were restraining my cock against my leg, my erection unable to lift up fully due to the tight encasing material. The small triangle of lace, and the silky interior only holding my ball sac. My cock was clearly visible through the fine black nylon, the fine prison only adding to the sensations I was experiencing. When I finally touched my cock, it felt hard and warm, a slight ooze of precum already seeping from the tip. My first touch almost bringing me to an immediate orgasm. I restrained myself, and slowly the urge to cum drifted slightly. The buildup of anticipation being something I had learned to control over many years. Somewhere in the house I heard my mobile phone ring, I was still on call for work and knew I would have to answer. Knowing the delay that would cause and the further sensation of my now fully stiff erection being excited by my panties and pantyhose would heighten my erotic feelings and finally add to the eventual orgasmic sensation I was looking forward to. I found my phone in the kitchen, the missed call was from work, but it was something I could leave till the following day. As I exited the kitchen to return to the bedroom, the hall door opened.Standing in the door way was Zoe, dropping her back pack to the floor, she slowly closed the door behind her. I had nowhere to hide, and my female clothes did nothing to hide my straining cock from her view. She stood there speechless for what felt like an age, all the time her eyes seemed focused on my crotch. For some reason I could still feel my cock rubbing against the nylon, the erotic sensations seemed to be superior to the embarrassment I knew I should be feeling.Zoe hadn’t moved since she closed the door, and I felt like I was frozen to the spot, unable to move even if I wanted to. The only movement I was aware of was the deep beating of my heart, and the heaviness of my breathing, my mind was telling me I should be running after being caught, but my body was keeping me from moving. Finally Zoe moved, within three steps she was standing beside me, she reached her hand out, and without a word she touched my thigh. I could feel the warmth of her hand through the nylon and her soft touch only made my cock twitch. She looked me straight in the eye, for the first time since she walked through the door. Her hand moved around behind me, and softly touched the nylon encasing my ass. Her small hand ran over the back of my pantyhose, her finger tracing the line of my panties. Gently her finger ran along the outline of the fine mesh rear of my panties, following the high leg line and moving towards the front of my body. I tried to speak, but the words just wouldn’t come out. I was unsure what Zoe was doing, but several emotions were running through me. She had caught me wearing women’s underwear with a huge visible erection, I was in no position to begin a debate with her, however I knew I shouldn’t let her touch me like so. The confusion I was experiencing was multiplied by the sexual hormones and the stiff erection I had, adding to my difficulty in defending myself.As her soft touch found the shape of the front of my panties. Still following the aliağa escort triangle of black lace material, just inches from my cock, which was poking out on the other side of my panties. Her knuckle brushed off my balls, inside the small tight panties. Slowly she traced the lower outline of my encased testicles. With her other hand she pulled her jacket off, dropping it to the floor, standing in only her school dress code, white blouse and dark mid length skirt. Looking down, her top few buttons were undone and I could see the slight outline of her tiny cleavage, in her white lace bra. Her hand had found the other side of my panties, and she was now following the outline of my cock through the pantyhose. Her short manicured nails, painted a bright red colour were all but touching my hard erection. Her body was now standing gently touching my own, and I could smell her gently floral perfume filling my nostrils. As she followed the outline of my cock I noticed her breathing was getting heavier.Zoe moved her body slightly away from me, I felt her skirt brush against my nylon covered legs as she allowed it fall to the floor. I hadn’t even been aware that she had unclipped the fastener. In the mirror behind her I could see her tiny shape, she was wearing black hold up stockings, and I could just make out a red thong under the edge of her school shirt. I could also see my black pantyhose and the waist of my panties appearing around the side of her slim frame. It felt like she was pressing her body closer to mine, her small hands were now exploring my bare chest, her finger rubbing my hard nipple.Zoe stepped away from me, she unbuttoned her shirt, then reaching behind she unclipped her bra. As it fell to the floor, the most amazing small breasts I have ever seen came in to view. She was probably just a B cup, but her dark pink nipples looked enormous against her pale breast flesh. The sort of nipples you just want to suck. Further down I could see her red panties, they appeared to be a satin material thong, tightly pulled against her pubic mound, and virtually disappearing between her slightly round mounds of ass.Zoe appeared to be dancing to some music inside her head. Her body swaying and moving seductively as she pressed herself against me again. Her nipples brushing against my chest, I could feel my hard cock press against her belly through my pantyhose. The feeling of her stockinged legs brushing against my own pantyhose sent small shock like signals through my body. Still grinding her body in time to the music in her head, I felt her hand on my ass, pulling me tightly against her young body. The extra pressure on my cock and the way the nylon was rubbing against me made my cock twitch. The pressure in my balls felt extreme as they tensed, then they released their load, flowing up through my cock, I let out a low groan, and felt the creamy wetness begin to pump form my cock. The warm liquid soaking my pantyhose, the circle of hot cum slowly increasing as my cock pumped wads of hot stickiness on to my pantyhose. As I came Zoe seemed to pull herself tighter against me, and as my cum soaked through my nylons, her small slim stomach was receiving my love juice. As I came her hands had gripped the cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart through my pantyhose. Eventually I stopped pumping my cum, my legs felt like jelly as slowly my breathing began to return to normal. Zoe released me from her grasp, and as my cock was freed, she dropped to her knees. Her mouth was level with my cock, her tongue just inches from the thick globule of love juice that had spread through my pantyhose. Zoe stuck her tongue out, slowly flicking the tip against my cum, she licked upwards and the hot creamy goo, came away from the nylon material, and dropped on to her tongue. She rolled the cream around her tongue, and as she looked me straight in the eye, she closed her mouth and swallowed. As her mouthful slid down her throat, she smiled widely, and with a loud “aaahhhh” she opened her mouth which was now empty.My cock was beginning to soften, when ceyhan escort she moved closer to me, I felt her warm breath through my pantyhose, then her lips gently kissed my cock. She traced my cock with her tongue, then she began sliding her mouth along my pantyhose covered cock. Her movements as her warm wet mouth and tongue slid along the length of my cock, could be felt through my whole body, as if she had found the switch to reboot my cock. Slowly I could feel it begin to harden again.Zoe stood up, she took my hand and led me to the sofa in the lounge area. She sat me on the sofa, then lay me down. She went back to sucking me through my pantyhose. Quickly I was fully hard again. Zoe then climbed on top of me, her legs straddling my body. She moved forward so her crotch was just above my erection. She lowered her body so her red satin panties came into contact with my pantyhose covered erection. She began to grind herself against my hardness. With each passing minute her breathing became heavier, the blush on her bare breasts got redder, she was leaning on my chest as she rubbed her crotch against my cock. As her breathing got louder, she pushed herself harder down against my erection, each movement of her body causing my pantyhose to rub my cock, and her pussy. I could see a dark patch of dampness building on the crotch of her panties. Her body began to shake, and she moaned loudly, locking her hot pussy against my cock, she dropped forward so she was lying on my chest. Her spasms shot through her body, I could feel each one, as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her.Finally her body regained control of its self. She climbed off me, my cock still rock hard, as she swung my legs on to the floor. Zoe knelt between my knees, then slipping two fingers in the waist band of my pantyhose she slowly began pulling them down. My legs felt hot from their nylon encasement as she pulled them over my cock, half freeing it. She slid the nylon down each leg, making sure she didn’t tear the fine material. Then she hooked the waistband of my panties over my cock, keeping my balls still encased in the silky material, for the first time allowing my cock stand erect and free. Zoe stood up and pulled her own panties down. Her pussy was shaven and her labia looked engorged and red. She dropped her head over my cock, sucking up and down, allowing her saliva coat my hard red erection. She then straddled me, her pussy slightly above my upright cock. She had one hand on my cheat to balance herself, and with the other hand she began rubbing her clitoris, until it appeared from its little shelter. Licking her finger, she wet her clit, then pulling her labia apart she slowly dropped down on my hardness. My cock began to disappear between her legs, her slim young body was soon resting on mine, as she had taken my full erection. Her stockinged legs clamped against my now bare legs, adding to the sensations as she slowly raised her hips then lowered herself back down on me, her finger still rubbing her clit. Her pace was quickening all the time, and as she sped up I could feel my own orgasm approaching. Zoe’s pussy began to tense around my cock, her pelvic muscles tightening and releasing against my intrusion. Her moans were getting louder and breathing was erratic. Her crotch landed on my own, locking me inside her as her inner muscles began to spasm, her finger was like a blur as she rubbed her clit. Her whole frame began to spasm, as I felt a rush from my ball sac. My cum began to spray inside her. With each injection of my hot cum shooting into her, her body seemed to spasm over and over as our joint orgasm brought us to a utopia.When finally our joint nervous spasms subsided, Zoe lifted herself off my deflating cock. As my cock popped out of her pussy, a flow of my cum mixed with her juices poured from her red gaped pussy. Our mixed juices flowed on to my stomach and the panties I was still half wearing, and the tops of Zoe’s stockings. The flood of our mixed love juices leaving a pool of stickiness on both of us. Zoe leaned over, her mouth met mine, and I felt her tongue searching between my lips, as she kissed me passionately, a long way from how a girl should kiss her father. When Zoe finally broke the kiss, she sat up, her naked body sitting on my chest, and for the first time since she walked through the door she said “Hi dad, I’m home from school”

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