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A Family Cruise Ch. 01

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Mike staggered out of bed and crossed the room to the bathroom. Fuck… was his first thought. His head was throbbing. He had gone out drinking the night before even though he had known it was a bad idea. It had been his last night of his freshman year in college, so he couldn’t help himself. Now he was horribly hungover, reeked of alcohol, and wasn’t even close to being finished packing. His mom and sister were picking him up in 2 hours…

Damn, that was a good night though. He looked over the girl passed out in his bed, Not bad, not bad at all. He’d rate her at least an 8.5. She was a cute, slim, young looking blonde girl with what he would guess to be C-cup’s.

He decided to let the girl sleep a little longer, while he finished packing up. Hiding his condoms, alcohol, his flask, and his shot glasses under his clothes in a tub, and then just kind of throwing everything into the rest of his tubs, he packed relatively quickly.

Now I just need to shower, get the girl out and pack a couple other things.

He grabbed his towel and went to the bathroom connected to his room, and hopped in the shower.

Damn that water feels good… and damn that girl was looking good. Maybe when I finish up here I’ll have time for a quickie before kicking her out…

His thoughts had quickly given him an erection, and subsequently a renewed energy. He was feeling much better than he had been when he had first awoken.

He exited the shower and walked back to his bed. After drying off, he threw the towel in an open tub and was heading to his bed when outside his door he heard…

“Yea I crashed at a friend’s last night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still asleep either…”

The key turned in the lock and the door swung open as he lunged towards it, seconds too late.

“…uh hi… you’re early…” he mumbled as he stood completely naked in the doorway, facing his roommate, his mother, and his older sister, Katie.

His mother and sister stared for a second at his enlarged cock, before answering, “Is this how all guys answer the door at your college?” his sister asked, giving him a sly grin.

His sister was a gymnast at Belmont, and she had just finished with her junior year. He could tell she had gotten into even better shape since he had last seen her, though he wasn’t sure how, since she had always had what any guy would consider a perfect body. She was a slim brunette, 5’8″ only two inches shorter than him, and unlike most gymnasts, she had boobs. Great, mountainous, eye-catching boobs. He quickly looked away as his eyes seemed drawn to her cleavage sticking out of her low-cut top.

“Put some clothes on Mike!” his mother sternly said.

His canlı bahis mom was still a looker at 40. She was an older, bustier looking version of his sister. She had always been referred to as a MILF by all of his friends. And while this had always been awkward for him, he couldn’t help but silently agree when his friends voiced this.

The girl in the bed, woken by the commotion had darted up, grabbed her clothes and still covered with his sheet went into the bathroom and seemed to change in record time. Mike was just grabbing clothes and moving towards the bathroom as she darted out the door muttering an embarrassed goodbye, with her eyes glued to the floor.

“Well now I understand the… condition… you’re in, she was quite a looker.” his sister laughed in the main room as he quickly changed and came back out.

“Well that was awkward… uh I guess I’m ready to go…” He threw the rest of his stuff together he and his roommate carried it all out to his mother’s van.

“Don’t say a word,” Mike threatened his grinning roommate.

“Haha I don’t think any words are needed.”

After 3 trips, the two of them had the car completely packed and he said bye to his roommate and headed home.


“I almost forgot to tell you. We have some exciting news.” his mother said as they sat around the kitchen table the next morning. After the very awkward car ride home the day before, none of them had spoken much. “We’re going on a family cruise next week! Your Uncle Larry arranged it a couple months ago for himself, Aunt Sandra, Ryan, Jim and Alice, but obviously now that they’re getting a divorce, they aren’t going together, and Jim and Ryan don’t want to, so Sandra decided to see if the three of us wanted to go with her and Alice!”

Jim, Ryan, and Alice were his cousins. Ryan was the oldest and Mike didn’t know him very well, so it probably would have been awkward if he had gone, but he and Jim always hung out at family events. Alice, he always just felt very awkward and nervous around because she was incredibly hot, and she was his cousin. Alice and Sandra resembled one another much like Katie and his mother did. They were beautiful blonde goddess’s.

“Dang do I have to go then? It’ll be boring without Jim there,” Mike complained.

“Yes you have to go. You’ll have fun so stop complaining. Alice is your age, I’m sure the two of you can find something in common.”

“Haha, what you don’t want to see Alice? You’ve always seemed to enjoy seeing her in the past,” his sister mocked, clearly knowing how awkward he felt around bahis siteleri her and the reason for it. As she spoke his eyes couldn’t help drifting to the generous cleavage he could see sticking out of her top. His eyes were then drawn to her killer legs, which he had a very nice view of as she was only wearing her panties and revealing top, as she always did to breakfast.

“Well I need to go get ready for work,” his mother announced as she left the room.

His sister then went to get the cereal out of the cabinet, giving him an amazing view of her ass. He couldn’t help but become aroused by the sight.

Fuck, she’s your sister man. What’s wrong with you?

“Guess Alice isn’t the only one you enjoy looking at,” his sister said grinning as she turned around and caught his eye.

“Uh, sorry…” he muttered, his face red.

“Haha, don’t worry about it little bro.”

Good damn why does she have to be so effing hot…

As he finished his cereal, he quickly excused himself to his room to shower, where he began to fantasize about a hot brunette on her knees in front of him blowing him. The brunette quickly turned into an image of his sister.

You sick fuck… not her… but he couldn’t help the image in his mind. The image smiled up at him while taking him deep, and he lost it.

“Yesssss… Katie….” He muttered under his breath.

You sick fuck… he repeated to himself as he exited the shower, and got dressed for the day. Walking downstairs he caught sight of his sister in just her bikini walking quickly through the kitchen. Her breasts bouncing lightly up and down as he watched.

“Yea I’m home for the summer so get over here Kim!” she yelled with excitement into the phone. “I figured we’d just lay by the pool all day and then decide what to do tonight later. K well I’ll be seeing you shortly then!”

Kim was her best friend from high school. She was a short busty brunette who had a reputation of being a bit of a skank, but she was friendly and flirty, and you couldn’t help but like her.

“Well I’m going to stop by Tom’s for a bit then I’m going for a run. Have fun with Kim,” Mike said to his sister as he left the house.

He jogged over to Tom’s only to discover that he wasn’t home. Well there goes my plans for the day. Usually when he and Tom would go for a run they would then spend most the day hanging out before he would finally return home. Well guess I’m running on my own, then I’ll just go home and hang out by the pool. Watching Kim and Katie lying out in their bikinis isn’t the worst thing I could think of doing.

So Mike went for a run around his neighborhood and the neighboring ones, totaling 6 miles. Feeling bahis şirketleri good about his run, and drenched in sweat he opened the front door and started to head upstairs to the shower, stopping in his room to grab clothes to change into, when he spotted his sister and Kim in the pool from his window…

They were nude in the pool and they were in a very intimate embrace. He couldn’t see much at the moment other than the fact that they were making out.

God this is so hot… What I wouldn’t give to get in on that… Fuck what am I thinking that’s my sister… But I guess it couldn’t hurt to just watch some…

Kim’s back was to him, she was pressed up against the side of the pool. He watched as his sister broke the kiss and lowered her head to take Kim’s breast into her mouth, as she did this he was able to catch a glimpse of his sister’s magnificent tits.

Fuck… could this get any hotter…

Mike had removed his clothing at this point and was absently stroking himself.

Katie had raised her head from Kim’s tits by this point, and Kim was sitting on the edge now with Katie’s head slowly moving down her body.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm…” Katie says as she looks up from between Kim’s legs, smirking.

Her head moves in as she stretches her tongue out. Then she hesitates as if she knows someone is watching. She starts to look up…

Kim grabs the back of Katie’s head and pulls it towards her pussy. Katie’s hesitation is gone as she begins to luck and suck on her friends clit.

Mike watches from the window, stroking himself as Kim throws her head back with her eyes closed, her body trembling with pleasure. Her tits glistening in the sun and bouncing slightly up and down for only a few minutes before she slumps back, clearly having just cum. Mike has approached the point of no return, and just as he begins to cum against the glass of his window, his sister looks up.

“Shit!!” He quickly ducks beneath the window, and within seconds hears the sliding door open downstairs. He darts beneath his bed as he begins to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. He sees his sister’s legs approach his window and pause, standing exactly where he had been seconds before.

“Hmmm…” He hears Katie say. He hears a slight squeaking noise then a sucking, and swallowing. She turns towards the bed, pauses for a second again, and begins to exit the room.

Mike peeks out from under the bed at the last second, catching a glimpse of his sister’s wet pussy as she leaves the room. She didn’t put on her bikini to come up here!?!? What would she have done if she had found him here?

Mike shook his head dispelling the thought, and trying to dispel the image of his sister’s perfect pussy and his already recovering hard on. He grabbed his running clothes and put them back on before sneaking out the front door and jogging back to Tom’s to see if he was home now.

End of chapter 1

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