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Amber pt1

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Amber pt1Part 1I rolled my eyes as I stopped in my daughter’s door, a little shocked, but wanting to laugh at the same time. I leaned against the door frame, watching as she masturbated with her left hand. Her eyes were closed and her hand was moving furiously, flat as if trying to scrub herself, with an expression of frustration on her face. Of course she chose that exact moment to open her eyes and saw me standing there.I sighed as she screamed, “Mom!” Then turned and covered her face with a pillow. “Amber, it’s ok,” I said, as I walked over to stand by her. She didn’t even twitch. “Amber honey, turn around, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” I said again.”Go away,” she mumbled into the pillow.I sighed again, knowing exactly how this was going to go. Stay in her room all night, slink around me for days, then be angry and defensive for weeks. We went through this every time she became embarrassed. I wanted to pinch her just for the reaction, but I decided to give her a reason to be embarrassed instead.Laying down next to her on my back, I flipped my skirt up, slipped my hand in my panties and started masturbating. I was actually a little wet from watching her play with herself, though her technique was anything but erotic. I pictured the time Dan and I had sex in the car, giving him a blow job, fucking on the car hood, then bending over and letting him fucking me in the ass until I had a screaming orgasm. Too bad he was a cheating son of a bitch, he was great in bed.After a little while I wasn’t even aware of Amber, lost in my memories, riding the waves of pleasure I got from my clit and periodically inserting a finger. I didn’t try to delay it and reached an orgasm in less than ten minutes.I came with a grunt and clenching of my pussy, then slowly drew my hand out and licked my finger clean as I opened my eyes. Amber gasped beside me, so I turned to see her facing me, wide eyed with her mouth hanging open in shock.Laughing I said, “Yes?””Mom,” she gasped, “Did you cum?”I twitched an eyebrow at the phrasing, but gave a laugh and said, “Of course, that’s why people masturbate. Why do you do it?”She looked embarrassed, sad and frustrated at the same time as she said, “I try, but never have,” then turned her head away, blushing.”Well,” I said, “it might have something to do with the way you’re doing it”Her head perked back up, but she was still blushing as she said “I don’t know how, I tried…” then stopped, blushing harder.I turned on my side to face her, head resting on my palm as I tried to decide what she was trying to say. “You tried… what?”Her face stayed turned away as she said, “You know… putting… you know a finger… well putting it… sort of in… you know.” I almost laughed, but caught myself, knowing she would just turn away and sulk again. “Putting your finger in your pussy?” I asked.She turned to face me and gasped, “Mom!”That did get me to laugh, but I hurriedly said “We’re talking about masturbating honey, so saying pussy isn’t a bad thing. We’re both old enough to not be embarrassed by it.”I could see the old enough statement helped, making her feel like an adult, so I continued, “You weren’t using a finger when I came in”She looked up from under her eyelashes and blushed some more as she said, “It just hurt to use my finger and I had heard other girls say they rubbed themselves” giving me a frustrated look she said “but they can also see internet porn and I can’t,” I laughed again, but held up my hand when she started to get angry, saying, “Sorry, but I never thought of having porn blocked being a handicap,” looking more directly at her I said, “they were talking about rubbing their clitoris, or pushing against something to simulate sex, not actual rubbing like you were doing.”She looked interested, then confused before saying, “I tried to find my clitoris, but I think I must not have one.”I giggled, then stroked her face and said, “Your young and some girls have theirs hooded.”Now she was getting thoughtful, something I’d seen a thousand times, give her some information she was interested in and she would become focused until it drove you nuts. She cocked her head at me for a second then said, “So how do they have orgasms?”Wow, guess this was the day for serious sex talk. Trying to get comfortable I said, “Well, penetration is one way, though you will want to try to be somewhat excited and wet before doing much. I find that kind of orgasm to be more satisfying, but it takes longer. Most girls use clitoral stimulation when masturbating, but it does make you more impatient over time.”That was a lot of information and I could see her trying to sort it out. She was pursing her lips in and out as she thought for a while, then said, “So what do you do to get excited?”I could see she really didn’t get it, thinking it was a mechanical type thing, how to touch yourself just right to achieve a specific result. “Honey,” I said, then waited for her to look at me. “When was the last time you became excited when not trying to masturbate?”She blushed ferociously, causing me to blink, then smile as I waited to hear what was so embarrassing. Did she see a boy naked?When she didn’t say anything I said, “Baby we’re talking about sex, I don’t think you have any reason to be embarrassed. What got you so excited, it’s important to know before I can tell you how it all works.”She was looking around, acting trapped, but finally whispered, “My teacher.”I nodded, remembering my own teenage crushes, and said, “Which one?”Her head went all the way down until her face was in her pillow as she said, “Ms. Thompson.”I blinked, then almost laughed again, but held it, knowing she wouldn’t handle it well at all. “Well, that’s normal. Most of us have girl crushes early on.”She peeked up at me and said, “Really?”I did laugh now and said, “Of course, I’ve had quite a few in my life, and still have them time to time.”Amber blinked, dumbfounded I think to realize her old mom was talking about lesbian urges. I wanted to giggle uncontrollably at her shock, but held it in again. When she had a moment she said “Wow. Ok… that’s… well that’s… I don’t know.”I wiggled an eyebrow at her, then said “Anyway…the reason I asked is because when you masturbate you should be thinking about something that excites you, a scenario or fantasy that you live as you play with yourself”She blushed again at my words, but kept looking at me, thinking about what I was saying. She nodded her head to herself, then frowned and said, “What were you thinking when you just did…you know.”Grinning I said, “Masturbate?”She gave me a shy smile and said, “Yes, masturbate.””A time when your father and I had a lot of fun,” I answered.She gave a half nod again, but sort of sneered. I understood, she really didn’t much like Dan anymore, not that I could blame her. She thought for a while, then spoke distractedly as she thought, “So you fantasize about something exciting, then when you’re excited you use your fingers to make you more excited until you orgasm.”It sounded so logical that I grinned as she reminded me of me when I was at work, solving a problem. Then she blushed and glanced at me, obviously remembering what her fantasy was about.”It’s ok to think about a woman Amber,” I said seriously, “thinking about or even having sex with another woman isn’t evil. Just because you do doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian.”She was still blushing, but she was looking quizzically at me, so I smiled and avcilar escort said, “Yes your decrepit old mother has fantasized about women and I had a girlfriend in college.”That got a gasp of shock as she said, “Mom!” again.I laughed at the expression on her face, but waited for her to get it together. She eventually pulled herself back and looked at me appraisingly, acting like I was someone she had never seen, so I shrugged and said, “So you fantasize about your teacher, then when you’re wet enough, try easing a finger in. Don’t push in too far, just enough to feel it. Try to tie the fantasy into the physical things you’re doing.”She blushed as I sat up and moved toward the door. Stopping as I stepped out, I turned and said, “Have fun, but remember we’re going shopping tomorrow morning.”Big blush, but she nodded.I found myself masturbating to an orgasm that night picturing her doing the same.We had fun the next day, though I caught her giving me a couple of appraising looks. The conversation gave her a lot to think about, but I didn’t say anything, though I was dying to know if she had her orgasm.It wasn’t till that evening while I was in bed reading that she finally came to talk. She was wearing her pajamas, though they were looking a little young on her f******n year old frame. She was going to have small breasts and they hadn’t grown big enough to really need a bra, as much as she wished they might. The growing she had done this year had pushed her to five four and caused her to look a little skinny, all long legs and arms.I smiled at her and set my book down as she crawled in next to me, kept her face down and muttered, “It didn’t work.”I choked back a laugh, covering it with a cough as she looked at me suspiciously. I slid down to lay next to her again and said, “Tell me.”She kept her eyes down as she said, “I did what you said. It sort of worked, but I didn’t orgasm. At least I never felt anything like people say.”I shook my head and pushed the hair out of her face, thinking about what to say. How do you tell people how to orgasm? It seemed natural to me. The talk was actually making me a little horny, which is probably why I suggested what I did.”Do you want me to help baby?” I asked.She looked up at me in question, then blushed and said, “Could you? How?”This was my last chance to stop and I didn’t take it. “I’ll try to talk you through a fantasy and touch you so you know how to do it. Once you have an orgasm you’ll be able to do it yourself”She really blushed but nodded her head immediately. “Well, turn off the lights and crawl in with me” I said.She jumped up and flipped the lights off and came back to slide under the covers. I set my book aside and pulled her close to me, spooning her from behind. Placing an arm around her I propped my head on some pillows by her ear and said. “Ok honey, I’ll describe a fantasy, then touch you until you become wet. When you are, I’ll use a finger until you come. Ok?”She was gasping a little in excitement as she said, “Ok.”Putting my hand on her stomach I started rubbing in soft circles as I started talking, “You’re at school, in Ms. Thomson’s room. It’s after school and you have to stay late to talk about grades. She walks in, then shuts and locks the door before sitting at her desk. You walk up to stand beside her when she waves you forward. She tells you that your grades could be better and you need to work harder. “She takes your hand and pulls you closer until you’re standing between her legs, looking down at her. She tells you that she could probably help you with your grades if you want, then reaches around and puts her hand on your ass.” I reach down and rest my hand on her ass cheek, then start rubbing it slowly as I continue “your staring at her as you nod and say, ‘Yes Ms. Thomson, I would like your help.'”She smiles and brings her hand around to the front of your legs” I slide my hand off her ass and around to the front of her thigh, squeezing it softly. “She tells you that if you do what she wants she can make sure your grades get better.”Amber gives a soft gasping moan as she seems to realize she had stopped breathing for a second, then starts panting a little as I continued. “You nod again and say, ‘Yes ma’am.’ Her hand slides up slowly as she stares into your eyes, then finally rests on your pussy” My hand does that, resting on the outside of her pajama bottoms, pressing into the hot center of her pussy. Amber makes a soft groan and twitches her hips forward and back once.”Ms. Thomson’s hand slides to the top of your pants as she says, “Would you like to earn an A this semester?” You nod again as her hand slides slowly into your pants, easing under your panties.” My hand does the same, sliding in, pushing under her panties. “Her fingers touch the top of your wet pussy and she says ‘are you willing to work hard and do what I say Amber?'” My hand reaches her wet slit, drawing a loud moan from her as her whole body twitched.I continued whispering “Her finger rests against your wet slit as you nod excitedly at her. She smiles as her finger runs up and down your wet pussy making you so wet and excited. You can see her breasts down her blouse and how her nipples are standing up as her finger presses against your pussy.”My finger is sliding up and down her wet pussy and continues to do so as I talk. “Ms. Thomson slides her hand out and unbuttons your pants, sliding them and your panties down, exposing your wet pussy to her, making her lick her lips in excitement. She moves you over to sit on the edge of the desk, spreading your legs as she says, ‘What do you want me to do now Amber?’I stop talking as my finger moves up and down, pressing harder as she flows juices. I almost giggle as she mumbles, “eat me.”I slide my middle finger in slightly, she was so tight that it took effort to push in to the first joint, as I say, “Ms. Thomson lets her head slide between your legs and her tongue comes out to push into your wet pussy.”Amber came at that point, moaning loudly and pushing her hips hard against my hand, humping it a couple of times as she grunted and moaned. She is panting hard when she finally relaxes so I pull my hand out, bringing it to my mouth as she turned on her back and watched me lick my fingers clean.Her eyes are half closed as she watches, her face totally relaxed. I finish and snuggle her close and say, “And that’s an orgasm.”She fell asleep almost immediately. I waited a moment, then fingered myself to an orgasm, reliving what had just happened.I didn’t wait for her to be embarrassed in the morning, just gave her a slap on the butt and said, “Alright k**do, time to get ready for school.” She hopped out of bed pretty quickly and gave me a shy smile, but didn’t blush and act like a spaz. I grinned as I headed down to get breakfast together while she got cleaned up and dressed. I only worked Tuesday and Thursdays as the divorce settlement had left us in good shape, so had time to do things I wanted. At thirty-two having free time was a true gift, so I spent a lot of time at the gym or playing tennis with friends.She gave me another shy smile when she came in, but we didn’t say anything about what had happened. I was not surprised to see her looking at my breasts when she thought I wasn’t looking and I in return was looking at her pert little ass. I almost laughed as she was heading to the bus as I thought about how weird it all was.I was horny and had şirinevler escort plans for this afternoon. My tennis partner was a young woman at the club named Kathy that had started a couple of weeks after me and had needed a partner. She was twenty-one and shy at the time, so I had been nice enough to offer. We had hit it off pretty well and one thing led to another and we had ended up having sex. It was her first time with a woman so I had had a lot of fun showing her what to do. Now we got together periodically when one of us wanted too, her mainly when her husband was traveling.We had fun playing tennis for an hour, then headed to the showers. No one else was there so as soon as we stepped into the showers I pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard, my hands coming up to fondle her breasts. She struggled a little, but froze and gasped as I dropped to my knees and shoved my face in her pussy. She put her hands on my brown hair as I started licking and kissing her, getting wet very quickly. I was moaning myself as I brought a hand up and slipped a finger in her wet cunt, sliding my tongue up and down, then over her clit as I plunged it in and out. The public nature of what we were doing really excited her because it was only a couple of minutes before she came, covering my hand in cum as I licked her until she stopped thrashing. Getting up I grabbed her face and tongue fucked her mouth, having her taste herself for a moment before pushing her to her knees and holding her head to my soaking pussy. I had one hand on the wall and the other on her head as she grabbed my ass and let her tongue do what I had taught her. I was hornier than I thought, cumming explosively within a minute, grinding her face into my pussy as I rode out my orgasm on it. I collapsed to my knees and started licking her lips clean as I panted.”Horny much,” she giggled.”God yes,” I said. “I needed that.”She helped me up, then kissed me and said with a grin, “Anytime.”We laughed and fondled each other some in the shower until another member came in. I had had an idea earlier and spent the rest of the day thinking about it, trying to decide how far I wanted to go with all this. When Amber came home and dropped her book bag in the corner like normal, probably not planning to do homework as usual, I decide what the hell.When she had sat at the table I sat down across from her and watched as she ate the sandwich I had made, getting shy looks from under her bangs as I tried to decide what to say.”I was thinking about what we did last night,” I started, getting a blush from her, but pushing on. “You enjoyed it and I think it was good for you to learn these things without having to get porn off the internet or waiting for some girl or boy to teach you.”She lost the blush and looked interested, the straightforward tone causing her to listen as if it was a normal conversation.”I was thinking we could continue that, letting you learn about yourself and how sex can be if you’re interested,” I said to her. She did look interested, blushing and opening her mouth to lick her lips as she nodded. I smiled and said, “You would need to do your school work and study hard, but if you did we could continue doing that on Tuesday and Thursday night and on the weekends. Would you like that?”I raised an eyebrow, watching as she squirmed in her seat. I think she was disappointed it wouldn’t be tonight, but she said, “Sure mom, that would be great.” I waved at her book bag and gathered her dishes to clean as she got to work. It was great not to have our normal fight over getting her work done. “If you start bringing home A’s, maybe you could earn special rewards,” I said without looking at her.My pussy was wore out that night as I thought about special rewards, as I’m sure hers was.The next day she came in and went straight to her school work, putting in a good hour before heading to her room and spending time on the phone. I was surprised when she came down and sat with me to watch TV, but it was nice to talk with her for once. She was squirming and red faced periodically, but I didn’t laugh, just smiled in anticipation.I was sitting in bed in my sleeping t-shirt when she came in, in her pajamas, stopping by the side of the bed, red faced and nervous. I smiled and laid on my side again as I said, “Why don’t you take those things off. It will be easier if you’re naked honey.”She blushed brightly, but didn’t hesitate to shed her things. I watched closely, enjoying her slim young body and small little breasts. She had a small growth of hair around her pussy I could see before she slid under the covers. I turned off the light and snuggled closer again.Reaching over her I let my hand rest on her belly as I got into my previous position with my head beside hers. “You stay after school again,” I start, “Ms. Thomson wants you to get some more special instruction. She locks the door again and has you stand in front of her. Her hands run around your body as she asks ‘are you ready for some more instruction Amber?'” I let my hand run across her belly, down her hip and around to her ass, cupping it gently as she mumbles “Yes.” I grin at that and let my hand run back around, then reach up to cup her small breast, getting a loud gasp from her. “Ms. Thomson starts playing with your pretty breasts, telling you how firm they are. She unbuttons your shirt and pulls it open, takes your bra down, then leans forward to take a nipple in her mouth.” I tweak her nipple as I say that, getting a loud groan from her. My hand goes back to palming her small breast, not quite a handful, but with very hard nipples.”Ms. Thomson plays with your breasts for a time, kissing and licking them, pinching the nipples, moaning about how pretty they are and how she loves to taste them.” I pinch, squeeze and tweak her breasts for a while, then move my hand down as I say, “She starts to kiss her way down your stomach, stopping to play with your belly button, then slides your skirt off, leaving you standing in only your panties.” My hand cups her hip as she starts making squeaking noises, her hips undulating slowly. “She drops to her knees in front of you and licks the front of your wet panties.” I say as my hand slide across and onto her very wet pussy. Amber makes a loud moaning noise, surprising me at how excited she is after only a few minutes. “Shh, she says, we don’t want anyone to hear. Then her hand comes up and slides your panties off, leaving you standing in the classroom naked, with her kneeling in front of you. Her face comes forward and her tongue licks your pussy, sliding between your lips, tasting your delicious flavor.”My hand slides up and pushes along her pussy, getting a loud groan and a hard thrust of her hips. She is gasping now, breathing fast and heavy. “She licks up and down, sliding her tongue in a little as she passes over your channel, her hands cupping your ass as she pulls you against her face.My finger pushes against her channel every time I pass it, putting pressure, but not entering. I do this for a couple of minutes as I’m saying, “Ms. Thomson is moaning as she is tongue-fucking you, very excited to have your tight little pussy against her mouth. Between licks she says, ‘I want to fuck you one day Amber’.”I let my finger poke in slightly as she once again cums. It is even stronger this time, drawing a short, high pitched scream, almost a yelp as her hips push against me and taksim escort her hand reaches down to hold mine against her pussy. Her hips hump me for a moment, each thrust in time with a small surge of wetness. I was impressed; this was a very strong orgasm.She released my hand as she sort of sagged against me, breathing heavily. I once again licked my finger clean, enjoying her young flavor as she watched me through half closed eyes. And once again I masturbated to a strong orgasm after she fell asleep.***The next morning she didn’t act embarrassed, just thanking me and getting ready for school. I admired her tight ass as she walked to her room. Amber went straight to homework again that night, spending another hour studying and completing assignments. When we sat down in front of the TV later she asked “Mom, you said you had a girlfriend didn’t you?”I smiled and said, “Just after high school.”She thought about that for a while, then said, “Why?”I shrugged and said “I’d always enjoyed looking at girls, but liked boys too. When I broke up with my high school boyfriend, and Sara broke up with hers, we just sort of…” I shrugged again and said “got horny”Amber giggled and said, “You got horny?”I laughed and said, “We had a couple of drinks, got to bad mouthing guys, and somehow decided to try kissing. That led to touching, then licking, then all kinds of things. We found we enjoyed being together. We actually dated for a while, but drifted apart during the second year.”She blushed as I mentioned kissing and licking, but was watching me, fascinated by what I was saying. She did her nodding thing as she thought about what I had said, then asked “Are girls better than boys?”I smiled and said, “Not better, different.””How?” she asked.”Masculine and feminine,” I started, “Men are naturally aggressive and everything is built around their cocks. They want to stick them in a girl, mouth, pussy, or ass, they don’t care. They can be loving, but not really tender. A woman knows your body, understands the things you want in life, and what you want out of sex. But they don’t have a cock, and they can’t cum inside you. “Having a man press his cock deep inside your pussy or ass and cum hard is satisfying in a way that I can’t explain. But a man can’t tongue your pussy in just the right way to make you scream, and they don’t touch you the way a woman can. Also, if you’re a dominant person, it’s easier to be so with a woman.”That was a lot for her to take in, so I sat quietly as she processed it all. She nodded and tilted her head a couple of times before saying “Do people really, you know, like to get, you know…fucked in the ass” she blushed and stuttered her way through that, embarrassed to say such a bad word in front of me.Nodding I said, “Oh yes. I love it myself, though it’s not for everyone. It’s about preparation and practice.””Does it… what does it feel like?” she asked.Smiling I said, “I can’t really explain the physical feelings, but it is more about surrendering your body to someone. Bending over and letting someone sodomize you is terribly naughty, so it’s very exciting to do it. You’re also giving the other person control of you, letting them take your most private things.””Have you… you know… used a… dildo?” she whispered the last word, bright red in the face.I giggled and said, “You mean on someone else?”She nodded quickly, not really meeting my eye, so I said, “You probably mean a strap-on one, and yes. And had them used on me.”That got a giggle, though she couldn’t turn any more red. We finished watching TV, but she stopped to hug me and said, “Thanks mom,” before going up to bed.I called Kathy before bed and asked what she was doing tomorrow. When she said nothing, I asked if she needed a deep massage, drawing a laugh and quick yes from her. Looked like I was going to be using a strap-on tomorrow.I got Amber off to school and went straight to Kathy’s. I had her bent over the couch, fucking her hard within fifteen minutes as she screamed and moaned. I fucked her three times over the next couple of hours, missionary, rear entry, then to be weird, on her side. She was coming constantly, totally worn out before I had enough. I came just as much, getting off continuously as I pictured her as Amber. I was turning into a very naughty person.She kissed me passionately when I left, saying how much she enjoyed the more aggressive Sharon.That night when Amber came in, I sat up and scooted against the head board, telling her to sit in front of me after she took her clothes off. I turned off the light, then wrapped my arms around her as I started.”You were babysitting for Mrs. Jones when she came home early and asked if you wanted to watch some TV with her before you went home. You sat on her big couch, between her legs as she wrapped her arms around you. When the movie started, you could feel her hands come around and cup your breasts.” I started as my own hands reached up and fondled her breasts. She reacted with a long moan immediately, startling me a little at its strength. I played with her breasts for a while, saying “she doesn’t say anything, just touches you, eventually unbuttoning your shirt and your bra as you sit passively between her legs” I’m enjoying the feel of her small, firm little tits, letting my hands cup and squeeze them, pinching periodically as she continues to moan and gasp loudly.”She lets one hand slide down and slip under your panties and pants, a finger sliding between your wet pussy lips.” My hand does this, my middle finger slipping in between her wet lips. When she gives a sharp squeak and cums on my hand I’m shocked. I press my finger in tightly, holding it to her as she humps forward against it as she lets a small spurt of cum splash my hand. This goes on for quite a while before she relaxes and lets her head roll back on my shoulder. I continue by saying, “You cum on her fingers, soaking your panties and causing her to draw her hand out and bring it to your mouth to lick clean.” I bring my hand up and let my middle finger slide into her mouth, drawing another deep moan from her as she sucks it clean.”When you’re done, she lets it slide back down and starts rubbing you some more.” I follow my own direction and start letting my fingers spread her pussy slightly and slide between them, letting the friction build her excitement again. Her pussy is soaked, making it very slick as I say “After a moment, she starts pushing her finger in, slowly, letting you get used to it.”Amber makes a soft sobbing, groaning noise as my finger tip slips inside her. Her channel is very tight and hot, making it slow going as I gently thrust in and out. I make slow progress, letting my palm and other fingers press in and out as my finger gains an inch or two over the next few minutes. I don’t say anything as we’re doing this, just enjoying her loud moans and sighs. When I’m up to my second knuckle I start a rhythmic thrusting, pulling out, then gently pushing back in. Amber starts making short uh-uh noises as I push in, her hands clenching on my thighs as her hips twitch forward and back. This goes on for another couple of minutes before her body clenches tight and her head rolls back as she lets out a long drawn out groan and her pussy splashes my hand again. I can feel her channel clenching and releasing my finger as the orgasm rips through her. She falls asleep in my arms before I can even pull my finger out, totally exhausted from the orgasms. I smile as I lay down next to her, licking my fingers clean as I finger myself to an orgasm.Amber was pretty happy when she woke up, saying, “Thanks mom,” as she dashed off to get ready for school. I laughed as I got up and went to make breakfast.To be continued?

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