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Barefoot Coworker Dream Comes True

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Sharon loved feet: feet in sandals, feet in shoes, bare feet, and especially dirty feet. There was something about seeing the sight of dirty soles on another female that turned her on. She especially loved her own dirty feet. She enjoyed rubbing her feet on the floor to grind in the dirt, then looking at her soles to see how dirty they were. She also loved staring at the feet of her girlfriends, comparing their feet to her own, fantasizing about rubbing their soles against her own. And when she was with a man, her feet were part of sex—she never made love without using her feet in some imaginative way.

Sharon went barefoot whenever she could, which was most of the time. In spite of the fact that she seldom wore shoes, she took excellent care of her feet. Her soles tended to get a bit rough after walking barefoot throughout the day, but she cared for her feet, kind of like a hobby. She wore a size 6 shoe, her feet were narrow, and her toes were long. Her second toe was longer than her big toe, which was an aspect of feet she especially loved.

She worked in the business department of an office, and usually wore sexy, strappy sandals, which usually came off during her busy mornings. She would usually walk around the office barefoot, always hoping someone would notice. She loved offering teasing glimpses of her bare feet while in public, and the office was no exception. In fact, there was one guy who worked in the IT department who had made it obvious that he liked her feet, but had never said so. His name was Joe, and he never revealed to Sharon that he liked her feet, but it was quite obvious that he did.

Joe maintained the computer workstations as part of his job. Sometimes he stopped by the business office for computer maintenance, or to install a piece of hardware, or solve some recurring glitch. This meant that more often than not, he had to crawl under a desk to disconnect something plugged into the back of the computer.

Sharon was almost always barefoot during these occasions, and she would tease poor Joe whenever he dropped by for computer maintenance, or just to talk. She usually had her shoes lying under her desk, near the computer. On this particular day, Sharon had to call the IT department because of a network problem. Joe came into the office and saw Sharon, eyes dropping to her feet, then to the computer. “This damn computer,” Sharon sighed, “it keeps locking up. Can you fix it?”

Sharon got up from her chair and stepped aside. “Yeah, let me check something real quick,” said Joe, pushing the chair out of his way. Joe kneeled under the desk and studied the cables plugged into the computer. Sharon noticed that he also paid close attention to her shoes lying on the floor just inches from his face. She had black footprints prominently embedded into the soles of her shoes; she wondered if he could smell the very slight foot odor emanating from the shoes. Joe turned his attention back to the computer, fiddled internet casino with the cables, and then got back up and sat down at her desk.

Sharon stood by, cocking one foot behind the other, showing her slightly dirty sole to Joe. Joe kept making sideways glances to her dirty little foot as he typed on the keyboard, looking for the error. Soon, he had the network connection restored, and told Sharon to call if she had any more issues. “Thank you so much Joe!” said Sharon, sitting back down. “I don’t know what we’d do without you.”

Joe smiled. “Just doing my job. I’ll be in my office.”

Sharon went back to work, thinking about how great it would be if she could rub her dirty feet all over Joe, sliding his hard cock between her soles. She shook her head, trying to clear it. No, she was at work, and she had to concentrate on company business.

Lunchtime soon rolled around and since it was a nice day, she decided to have her lunch outside. She put her shoes back on and grabbed her lunch and headed for the elevator. In the lobby, she spied Joe, also going outside to take advantage of the nice weather. She decided that it was time for her to make her move, and take advantage of him. “Hold the elevator,” she called as Joe stepped into the open elevator. Joe obliged and held it for her. “Thanks,” she said, as they descended.

Sharon hadn’t buckled her sandals, and her shoes were almost falling off. Joe looked down at her feet. “Looks like your shoe’s coming off,” he said.

“My hands are full, can you buckle them for me?” she asked, smiling.

Joe stared at her, eyes widening. “All right,” he said, with a slight quaver in his voice. He knelt down and held her ankle and wiggled her narrow, tan foot back into her sandal and buckled it for her. He then did the same for her other foot. “You know, you take very nice care of your feet,” he said, staring at her red-painted toes.

The elevator door opened on the ground floor, and they stepped out, and headed toward the courtyard. She glanced over and noticed that something was definitely happening in his pants.

“Thanks, I appreciate that. I like to walk around barefoot a lot, and my feet get dirty, but I do maintain them. It’s a shame nobody ever says anything. In fact, you’re the first person to mention it!”

He blushed. “Well, I notice feet. And, I’ve noticed yours for a long time. You have very sexy feet.”

Sharon smiled. “Thanks. Say, did you bring your lunch?”

“No,” he replied. “I’m not hungry today.”

“Well,” she said, “maybe we can sit outside and talk while I eat.” They opened the doors and stepped outside.

It was indeed a gorgeous fall day, and the temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees. They chose a table under a tree whose leaves were turning red, and sat down. “Oh, it feels so good to get back out of the office! Take my shoes back off, will you?” she asked, putting her feet onto his lap. Slightly canlı poker oyna shocked, he looked around to see if anyone else from the office was nearby. Nobody from their company was around this day, and everyone else was minding their own conversations and lunch.

Sharon took a bite of her sandwich while Joe unstrapped the sandals he had just recently buckled. He pulled off her shoes and set them aside. “Mmm, I love taking my shoes off,” she said, closing her eyes and flexing her toes. Joe gazed at her soles, unable to believe what was going on. They were only slightly dirty, mostly from the floor where Sharon had walked barefoot that morning. Otherwise, her soles were very smooth and soft, and her toes were perfectly pedicured. He ran his hands up and down her soles, squeezing her toes. He looked up at her and saw that she had her eyes closed, as she enjoyed this noontime foot massage.

He was also feeling an uncomfortable bulge in his pants underneath the heels that were parked on his crotch. He kept stroking the soles with his fingertips while Sharon sighed and ate her lunch. She moved slightly and started rubbing his crotch with her toes.

She smiled. “Just what is going on down there?” she asked, feeling the bulge.

Now it was Joe’s turn to sigh. “Sorry, just a reflex,” he said, petting the tops of Sharon’s feet.

“Joe, I need to get something out of storage after I’m finished here. Can you give me a hand when I’m through?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I have the key in my pocket.”

Sharon balled up her bag and pulled her feet down, reached down and put her shoes back on. “Come on, lunchtime’s almost over, and we should go now.”

Joe followed her as she threw her bag away and went to the building’s basement to storage. He wasn’t sure what was going on here. Did she really need something from storage? He just kept following her, feeling slightly dazed.

They went into the basement to the storage bins. Theirs was a large bin, with a door that locked both inside and outside. He fumbled out his keys and opened the door while Sharon stood by waiting. They went inside and he looked around the room at the piles of boxes and old furniture. She closed the door and said, “You do have the key, right?” He checked, and he had the key. She locked the door and looked at him.

“It is true that I needed something out of storage.” She walked over and pulled a sheaf of invoices from a box. “But I need something else. You like my feet, don’t you?

Joe stammered. “Yes, I really do, but. . .”

She stopped him. “I know that you like my feet, Joe. I’ve watched you stare at my feet ever since I started working here. I’ve also seen how you stare at the feet of every other woman in the company. But, you’re a good boy. You never talk about it, you never touch anyone, you’re the perfect 00’s employee—no sexual harrassment from you!”

She reached down and removed her sandals, and felt poker oyna the cold concrete floor against her soles. She sat down on the couch. “Take off your clothes. You’ve seen my feet, I want to see your cock.” Joe just stared at her, and slowly removed his clothes. In no time, he stood naked in front of her, six-inch cock throbbing, and oozing pre-come.

Sharon stared at his cock; she could feel the pleasurable tingling sensations surge through her body, as she planned her next moves. “You ever have a girl rub her feet on your cock before?”

“No, only seen pictures of it,” he said, and sat down at her feet. She unzipped her pants and he pulled off her pants and underwear, then she pulled off her shirt and bra. They were now naked on the couch together. She reached down and started rubbing her moist clit, closing her eyes and stretching her legs on Joe’s lap.

“Lick my foot, Joe. Taste it. Put my dirty feet in your mouth.”

He reached down and picked up her bare, dirty foot. He sniffed it, and could smell the slightly dirty smell of her soles. He ran his tongue up and down her soles while Sharon watched, rubbing her clit and softly moaning. He tasted her dirty, salty soles, then put her toes into his mouth, one by one, sucking and tasting them. Her other foot found his stiff cock and started rubbing it while he sucked on her foot. He picked up her other foot and her now-wet foot started rubbing his cock. He moaned, and Sharon moaned too, as she rubbed herself faster and faster. She wiggled her feet and flexed her toes while he sucked and squeezed her foot.

Sharon moaned louder and longer, ramming her toes into Joe’s mouth, rubbing his cock with her other foot. “I’m coming, Joe, oh, god,” she gasped, and stopped her movements. Breathing fast and trembling, and pulled her wet hand away from her wet pussy.

He lowered her foot and now she wrapped both feet around his cock and started stroking his wet cock, smiling as she did this. Joe felt something he never felt before: two soft female feet gliding up and down his cock. Pre-come kept flowing out of his hole, lubricating her soles as worked his cock. It felt amazing, as he sat there and watched as her tan, gorgeous feet stroked him up and down. It felt like a handjob, only better, and more intense.

Before he knew what was happening, he grabbed her feet and pushed them together on his cock and stroked faster and faster until he moaned and suddenly spewed his come all over her feet, the couch and the floor. He moaned and writhed and bucked his hips as creamy loads kept shooting from his dick.

After several agonizingly pleasurable moments, he sat back and relaxed, panting, and petting her feet, wiping the come around her soles and between her toes.

After a moment, Sharon said, “Betcha didn’t think that was going to happen today!” She reached down and pulled a towel from beneath the couch and cleaned the come off her feet and toes, and wiped down Joe’s cock. “We need to get back to work, foot-guy. But this isn’t the only time this is going to happen, I promise!” Joe just sat looking at his naked, barefoot coworker who was now telling him that more of his fantasies would be coming true.

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