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Bruce,,As we all know the net has a wealth of informationabout all kinds of sexual practices. In the fall oflast year I had began to read about things I neverknew existed. I found myself reading about BDSM, cbt,tt, milking etc. It seemed that in any of thesesituations where someone gave up control to anotherperson it exited me. I found myself overly excitedactually. Although I had never tried any of it, justreading about it made my dick as hard as a rock. Iknow that I love getting fucked and sucking dick butthese things sound even better. After reading so manyweb sites I stumbled upon one that I found mostfascinating. This man had pictures and explanationsrelating to just about anything you could imagine. Heseemed to really know his stuff. He seemed to be avery rough dominant man yet looked to play safe. I hadbeen to his web site many times when one day I decidedto click on the “about me” Icon. I couldn’t believe myeyes. The Master lived within about 50 miles of me andI had seen him at the gay club there in his town.The upcoming Saturday was my 19th birthday and Ireally wanted to go out and celebrate. I usually goout with friends but this time I decided to go alonereally in hopes of maybe seeing this new found personthere. I had many questions for him. Bruce was a 42year old Master and had plenty of pictures of himselfon the web site. I felt sure I would recognize him ifI were to see him at the club.I got dressed and ready to go that Saturday night inhopes of spotting Bruce there. I spent my birthdayalone that night and there were no signs of Bruce. Icontinued going to the club every Saturday night for 4weeks in hopes of seeing him there. Finally, thefourth time was the charm. He was in fact there. Ispotted him over by the bar standing with some otherpeople. I was trying to build up nerve to walk overand say hello. Thirty minutes or so had past and Inoticed that he was standing alone so I made my move.I walked over and introduced myself. He was mostfriendly and seemed to be easy to talk to. I explainedthat I had been to his web site and found it mostfascinating. After telling him this he remembered mesigning his guest book. I expressed to him that I hadso many questions I would love to be able to discusswith someone. Bruce was very receptive and asked if Iwould join him for dinner the next afternoon and hewould be glad to answer any questions I may have. Iaccepted and thanked him for his time.Bruce is a rather tall man standing about 6’1″. Thenagain my being 5’4″ everyone seems tall. He has darkblack hair with a full beard and gray eyes. He seemedto be a very strong looking man and would weigh around220 or so. It wasn’t really that I was attracted tohim but more the idea of the things that I had readabout. I was eager to learn more.That Sunday afternoon I met Bruce at a nice restaurantthere in town around 4 pm. I had many questions and hewas so understanding. When I had asked just abouteverything I knew to ask he asked if I mindedanswering a few for him about myself. I didn’t have toanswer anything that I didn’t want to. His firstquestion was this. “Of all the things we havediscussed and you have read what do you find the mostintriguing?” I expressed that really the thought ofjacking off to a climax then continuing on jacking forthe next one is something I had tried so many timesbut just couldn’t do it. He said that it is somethingalmost impossible to do on my own. He then asked meabout my sexual experiences and what I liked anddisliked. I was very truthful with him just as he hadbeen with me. “I love to suck and I love gettingfucked” was my first words. I really hadn’t tried muchpast that but wanted to. He asked if I had ever hadmore than one sexual partner at a time and I hadn’tbut make clear that I would love to try it. He said”more than one guy fuck you?” I said yes. I clarifiedthat the only things I didn’t want to try was the shitand piss stuff.We talked there for over 2 hours and finally I buildup my nerve to ask if he would be willing to show mehow to keep jacking off for the next orgasm. He saidthat he could do that. Then just out of the blue (andmy dick being so hard) I said “would you fuck me too?”He said “if you like, yes.” He went on to ask otherquestions about what I would and would not do. Heasked if I would mind if he had a few friends over towatch him jack me off and fuck me. I said it was okwith me because I thought it was hot. He went on toexplain what might happen and would those things be okwith me. I agreed it would be ok. He explained inorder to get me to the next orgasm I would need to berestrained so that I could not stop him. I agreedthere also. We set a date for the next Saturday nightat his house at 7:30 pm. He explained that it might bean all night affair and that I would cum many times. Iwanted to do it right then in my mind but knew I mustwait. Bruce picked up the tab and we went on our way.That next week was the longest week that I can everremember. I stayed hard just thinking about what wasto come. I tried really hard not to jack off too muchthat week because I wanted to save it for the weekend.I was thinking back on everything I had told him wouldbe ok to do to me. Part of me was frightened but stillit made me so hard just thinking about it.At last Saturday night was here and time to go. I wasboth hesitant yet still anticipating this meeting. Iarrived at Bruce’s house at 7:30 pm sharp. He answeredthe door with a warm smile and I felt welcome. He hada beautiful home. We sat on the sofa for awhile and Ifelt comfortable until he stood up and said “Wellshall we get started?” My heart started poundingbecause I knew the real pounding was about to begin.Bruce led me downstairs to a special room he hasthere. The room was very large and there were allkinds of sex toys hanging on the four walls. Therewere paddles, rubber dicks, clamps, chains and manythings I had no idea what were even used for. Therewere two tables in the middle of the room with thingshanging from the ceiling. I was amazed but almostterrified at the sights. The main thing I noticed wasthat there was no one else there. I asked him “did younot invite friends over?” He said that they might showup later. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be alone withhim and no one else there, yet if there were others itmight be worse. I was seriously considering backingout at this point. Bruce must have sensed that becausehe said “Are you ok?” I said yes. He said “everythingis going to be fine you are just nervous and that’sunderstandable.” I felt somewhat better. He said”here, lets get you undressed.” Bruce began taking myclothes off for me and was very gentle about it. AfterI was fully nude he gave me a hug. He said “why don’tyou look around and I’m going to go change.””I’ll be right back.”Bruce left the room so I began to examine some of thetoys there on the walls. I hadn’t a clue what so muchof it was even for. Bruce was gone about 15 minuteswhen I heard him talking. All I could hear was “Yeah,he’s here.” and “He’s 19” I tried to listen butcouldn’t hear the rest. He must have made a phonecall. When he came back in he looked just like one ofhis pictures from the web page. He was dressed inleather pants. He was wearing this leather strap thingon his chest and a leather captain’s hat. His bootswere black and there was metal spikes on everything.He walked over to me and led me to one of the tablesthere. He told me to lean forward over it and I did. Iwas thinking he was going to fuck me and I wouldn’teven get to cum. He said “I’m not going to restrainyou yet” He told me to spread my legs wide. I felt hisfinger go inside my hole for just a minute then backout. He said “you are really tight” I wasn’t sure whatto say. Then I felt something sliding in me but itwasn’t a finger. Then I felt something strangehappening. He said “Just take it slow” I looked up andseen the enema bag. I knew then what he was doing.After about 10 minutes it stopped. He said “now holdit all in.” I felt him pull the hose out. “This isjust a little bigger” he said. I felt something goingin me again and it was bigger. Feeling the waterinside me I couldn’t tell what this was. Surely hewasn’t going to fuck me now? I could feel my holestretching open further. He said “Ok almost there.” Ifelt like it was getting bigger and bigger sakarya escort in me tothe point of almost hurting then it stopped. It feltlike he had shoved something up my ass too far and nowit was in me yet I still felt something there. I saidwhat was that? He told me it was a but plug to holdthe water in. I felt like I had to go to the bathroomso I told him but he said not yet.Bruce walked me around the room showing me what thingson the wall were used for. The whole time I felt likeI was going to explode inside. I said “I really haveto go to the bathroom” Bruce said “you can in a fewminutes” It seemed like forever. There were clocks onthe wall also and it had been 15 minutes. Another 5minutes past and I was begging him please let me go tothe bathroom. Finally he did. He led me through thesame door he had gone through earlier to another roomthen the bathroom. This bathroom had black walls and ablack toilet seat like a public restroom. He told beto squat over the toilet and he would pull it out.When he started pulling it out it hurt then it wasgone and water came gushing out of me. He told me tosit there and he would be back for me. It sounded likehe locked the door from the outside but I wasn’t sure.The water came out but I felt like a girl on herperiod. My stomach was cramping and sex was the verylast thing on my mind. Then water would start comingout again. I was in no hurry for him to come backafter me. Finally it stopped and I got into the showerand bathed. Just as I got out Bruce showed back up todry me off. I felt better by then.As Bruce led me back into the sex room or “thedungeon” as he calls it, there was another man there.He was dressed much like Bruce but much more roughlooking. I looked at the clock and it was 9:25 pm.Bruce told me to get onto the table on my back. He putmy legs in the air and cuffed each ankle from a chainhanging down. He moved my body down the table to wheremy ass was almost over the edge. He then put my armsover my head and locked cuffs on my wrists. I wasgetting scared. A hard on for me was impossible rightnow. Bruce looked over me and the restraints bindingmy hands and ankles. With my legs up in the air spreadwide and my ass off the edge of the table, I knew myboy hole had to be on display. The other man waswatching too and commented on my not having any underarm hair. He also commented “what a smooth pussy.” Itold them I just can’t grow it there. Bruce movedaround and lifted the head of the table up someallowing my eyes to see my dick and the clock on thewall.Now came the blindfold. I remember telling Bruce itwould be ok but I didn’t want it now. As he wascovering my eyes I felt my dick starting to be sucked.I was scared but still my dick got rock hard from thesucking. Then it stopped. Bruce asked if I was ok andI replied yes. I’m thinking “what have I gotten myselfinto” when I heard a buzzing sound. Then I felt itaround my cock. It was an electric razor shaving mypubes off. My entire body is smooth naturally exceptfor there and my head. I suppose that wasn’t enough.When he had finished my dick was still hard. I couldfeel warm wet towels washing around it. Then it began.I felt something like lube on my dick. Then it wasstarting to be stroked very slowly. This went on forjust a few minutes. Then the other guy took off theblindfold so I could now see what was happening to me.Bruce was doing what he said he would. He was jackingmy dick but going so slow it was almost torture. Icould now see the clock. The strokes were so slow Itimed them. He never stopped but was so slow that thesecond hand on the clock proved only 4 long slowstrokes per minute. It was 10:05 pm and this had beengoing on maybe 5 minutes. I couldn’t take it. I said”Please speed up.. you are killing me” Bruce said “allgood in time.” Every time he added more lube just madeit feel better and he kept the same pace. I keptlooking to be sure 4 strokes per minute. I was almostin agony when 2 more guys came walking in. They bothlooked to be in their late 20’s. Both were wearingjeans and not dressed like the other guy and Bruce.They all said their hello’s but the stroking did notchange.I could feel my balls starting to ache from not beingable to cum. The feeling was so good though at times Iwas almost lost in it. The clock then said 11:02pm.This had been going on for over an hour. I have nevermade it that long. They were all standing watching me.I heard Bruce say “Ben, show him your dick” The tallerguy in jeans walked up to my face and unzipped hispants. I could see him wrestling to get his dick outthen I could see why. It was huge. This dick should bein movies. He stood there with that fat long dickhanging and asked me if I wanted to suck it. Icouldn’t reach it bound. Ben lifted it onto the tablewhere I could turn my head to it. My tongue couldbarely lick the head of it. What a tease! He juststood there with his hands on his hips asking why Iwasn’t sucking it. I felt something coming on likenothing I have ever felt before. I looked back toBruce stroking my dick and he knew what was happening.I was about to cum like I never had.The feeling kept getting stronger and stronger likejust before you cum but this lasted so long. Ihonestly thought I was going to pass out from it. Thenit came. I started shooting uncontrollably spurt afterspurt for what seemed an eternity. I had never evendreamed I could cum that hard. The entire orgasm hadto last more 2 minutes. I also didn’t know I couldhave that much cum in me. It covered my chest and acouple shots hit my face. As soon as it stopped I feltso used up and worn out. All of them were watching itbut is was so good that it didn’t matter to me. I wasso weak after that. I looked at the clock and it was11:45pm.My cum was also all over Bruce’s hand. He kept onstroking me. I said “Wow that was hot man” Brucereplied “yes it was.” I said “Ok can I rest for a few?That was a massive cum.” Bruce increased his speed onmy cock and said “No this is what you wanted right?”It felt like torture now. With every stroke my bodyjumped all over. I couldn’t take it. I said “Well Ithought it was.” Then Bruce put both hands on my dickstroking the shaft and using the palm of his otherhand on the head. I screamed out “no please! I can’ttake it!” And I couldn’t. Every muscle in my body washaving spasms. Bruce said nothing while he kept on. Iwas begging him to please stop but he would not. Hesaid “you have had your fun at my expense now I willhave fun at yours” and kept on stroking me. I told himI would do anything he wanted if he would stop. Brucemoved from the bottom of the table closer to my facebut still did not stop. He said “it might be over foryou but the fun has just begun for us.” I could feelmy dick going soft but that made no difference to him.He continued on. Every nerve in my body felt like itwas in my dick. It was so intense that my body jerkingwas starting to hurt by the cramps.Just then the other man who was dressed like Bruce wassuddenly at the end of the table rubbing his hard dickaround my ass hole. It was then that I started cryingand begging Bruce to please stop stroking me and letme out. Bruce said “it’s only midnight and the fun isnow about to begin.” When he said the word begin Icould feel this mans dick entering me. He startedslowly but I was in agony and did not want it. Still Ifelt it go deeper inside my hole. I cried out again”Please no don’t do this to me!” Still my cock wasstroked jerking my whole body and the dick was forceddeeper into my ass as it began to fuck me. Slow atfirst, then in and out that dick was going inside meall the way. The man began speeding up his pace. I waswishing I had never left home.Bruce still milking my dick and now getting my assfucked Ben asked Bruce if he could move the wristcuffs down some so that he could fuck my mouth. Brucesaid “sure yeah man go for it” and he did. I now foundmy self still bound getting fucked along with the dicktorture and was about to be face fucked too. Ben justpulled me over far enough to get his dick in my mouthpart way; No where near all the way but enough to suckabout a third of it. I started sucking it hard tryingto get my mind off of my dick and ass. It worked! Benscock is so huge I suppose it got me started again. Icould feel my dick getting hard again. adapazarı escort When I got to afull erection sucking Ben’s dick, Bruce stoppedstroking me. Now I wanted him to but he wouldn’t. Hesaid that I needed a rest. My ass was still being usedlike it was a pussy. I could see him now reallygetting into it and felt he was close. I wanted to seehis face when he came inside me because now I wasstarting to enjoy it. There was a dick in my mouth andone in my ass and the cock torture had stopped. I washappy.Ben pulled his dick out of my mouth and told hisfriend Mark to take his place. Mark already had hisjeans off I suppose hoping to fuck me. Mark walkedover and I thought Ben had a nice dick but this guywas even bigger. About the time I could feel the guyin my ass about to cum Mark gets on the table tostraddle my mouth forced his dick in all the way tohis bush. All I could see was dick and blond bush. Icouldn’t breathe. He started pumping my mouth hard.The only time I could breathe was when it was about tocome back in. It felt like my jaws were about to lockopen and my mouth would rip into my face. It was liketrying to swallow someones arm. Suddenly I feltsomeone grab my dick with lube and start jacking slowagain. The dick in my ass had slowed down. I wasn’tsure what was going on. I took Marks cock in my mouthlike I was a pussy for him to fuck. I had no chioce.Mark didn’t force my mouth open, his thick meat did.He started making groaning noises like getting close.Then I felt my ass starting to be pounded even harderthan before. I was sucking with all I could. My asswas being plowed really hard now. I felt the pace pickup on my dick and it felt good. I could feel Marksdick swelling up in my mouth and throat as if he wasgetting close. I could feel the pumping in my holegetting faster and Bruce stroking me fast this time Iwas close too. We were all in a sexual ecstasy moaningand feeling so good. I heard Mark “I’m goanna blow.”Then he forced his dick in my mouth all the way toshoot. The minute I tasted it I started shootingfelling my hole clinching around the dick inside me.That brought the guy fucking me over the edge too. Wecame like 1 2 3. It was almost unreal.Mark fell over forward with his dick sill in my mouthjust to rest. I could feel the guy pulling out of myass. Still my cock was being stroked after I had cum asecond time. It was starting to make me shake and Markdid know that I couldn’t breathe. I needed to say stopbut that is hard to do with a mouth full of thickdick. Then I felt something trying to get into my ass.With my legs tied in the air ass spread and just hadbeen fucked hard could it be Ben? Better yet what isit? I couldn’t see with Marks dick still in my mouthand still oozing cum. Then again I felt it pushinghard against my hole. Still I was being jacked off andsending my body into trimmers. All at once I felt likethe very bottom of that but plug had went inside me. Itried to scream but couldn’t. Then I felt it sink inall at once. I was losing my breath and Marks dick inmy mouth I started trying to breathe. Mark pulled hisdick out and got off the table. Then I could see aboutthe same time it went in me again. It was Ben. He hadmanaged to force his horse dick in me and it hurt likehell. My mouth was so sore from being stretched aroundMarks huge dick. It had to have been as thick as abeer can. Ben started pumping in me and I couldn’tbelieve the feeling. My body was shaking all over fromthe jacking still going on. Ben told Bruce to take arest. I was like “Thank You” yet still I didn’t wantto be fucked.When Bruce walked away, my dick got a rest but my assdidn’t. Ben having such easy access to my hole startedplowing hard. There was nothing I could do but takeit. Just after cumming is no time to be fucked yet forthem that is when it’s more fun. Knowing that mypleasure is gone and “now I don’t want to” is whatgets them started. Ben said “Tell me how much you likethis big dick up your ass.” I said “I like it” I justwanted it to be over. Any other time it might be adream. Ben said “convince me you like it.” He grabbedmy nuts and started squeezing them hard. His long deepstrokes that my ass had to take were getting faster. Iscreamed in pain “I love it.” Ben started pounding myhole so hard. He was breathing really hard. He waslike a wolf or an a****l of some kind. My dick wassoft and I just was hoping it would be over soon. Bentook both of his hands around my nuts to squeeze themlike a pancake. “One last chance bitch.. Tell me” hesaid. I was scared to death. I yelled out “Fuck mypussy please with that big dick” He started to squeezemy nuts and said “That is no pussy. It’s a boy cunt.”I cried out again in pain “I love your big dick in myboycunt” He told me that was better and to keeptalking. I didn’t know what to say. His hands startedto crush my balls so I talked.”Please fuck me harder””Your dick is so big””I’ll do anything please fuck me””Use my boycunt”Anything I could think to say and I knew he wasgetting close. To my surprise though I came. It justcame out and no one was touching my dick. It just shotoff and I wasn’t even hard. I could feel my hole againclinching around Ben’s dick. I felt him swellinginside of me and as he started shooting he crushed mynuts hard sending me into a scream. My scream made himcum loads. I could feel every blast going in me..Bruce walked over and said “good job boy” Ben pulledhis dick out of me. Mark and Bruce were looking at myhole to see what it looked like after that. I askedBruce if I could go home now. He said no way that itwas only 3:00 am and I had at least six more hours togo. He took my dick in his hand again and began tostroke it. The feeling was far too intense for me towithstand now. That did not matter to anyone elsethere the jacking would continue. I was begging him toplease stop. It was then that the unthinkablehappened. Marks monster dick was hard again already.He began to rub it across my cum dripping hole. Hewants to fuck! “Man there is no way” I said. “Thatthing will rip me apart.” Mark raised his eyebrows andsaid “yeah it might.. but I gotta fuck that sweetass.”I could feel Mark trying to get that baseball bat dickto go in my hole. I could tell it wasn’t working. Allat once I could feel my hole opening up like a fistwas being stuck in it. I screamed out in pain. Markkept pushing all at once until it was in all the way.The pain was so bad I couldn’t see anything for aminute. I couldn’t believe that thing was in me and itwent in all at once. I was still trying to catch mybreath when the forceful pounding began. This man hadno mercy. He was drilling my hole relentlessly and Iwas screaming with every stroke. My muscles were alltwitching from my cock still being stroked. It made myasshole tighten up around his fat rod, which he justenjoyed that much more. His long deep strokes werepicking up speed and I knew I was never going to bethe same after this. I could see cum leaking from mysoft dick when Mark went into an explosion inside ofme. I could feel the cum being forced into me shotafter shot. I felt so full of cum and knew that Ireally had to be. When Mark finally pulled out it feltlike my hole was still open. Ben said “Damn look atthat.” I didn’t know what he meant. All I knew was thejacking was still going on and I started begging Bruceto stop but he would not.Bruce told Ben to hand him the black wood paddle fromthe wall. Bruce said “Ok if I stop, your ass gets ituntil you are ready to be jacked some more.” I toldhim that was fine. I was thinking anything to make itstop. The jacking stopped and Bruce put the blindfoldback over my eyes. I suppose it was so that I wouldnot know when the next blow would strike. “Whack” wentthe paddle right across both sides of my ass. His aimcould not have been any better. Then silence. I couldhear nothing for maybe 20 seconds. Then “Whack” againgetting both sides of my ass. I could feel my dickstarting to get a semi erection. What was this about?Then “whack” once again. By now my ass was reallystarting to sting. The strikes continued withsometimes 20 seconds between and sometimes none. I hadtaken maybe 15 blows when I started screaming out inpain asking him to stop. He continued on as if I hadsaid nothing. I screamed out again “Ok ok I’ve hadenough.” Still sakarya escort bayan nothing was said and five more blowscontinued on before he would stop.Immediately he began jacking my dick again and coveredit in lubricant. I could feel what felt like Brucechanging hands sometimes but I wasn’t sure. It wasafter Ben spoke up to me saying “let’s see anotherload” that I realized they all had been taking turnsat me. I could feel myself building up to cum yetagain. The thought of them taking turns brought meclose faster. I felt my body start to tighten up. ThenI could feel someone’s finger rubbing around my lips.I thought it was Bruce but just then I felt somethingsliding into my ass again. It was opening my hole backup fast as the object sunk deep inside. Yes it was adick but now I wasn’t sure who’s it was. Ben continuedto jack my cock until I was right at the edge to shootand they knew it. At that moment the dick waswithdrawn from my ass so fast it sent me into a cumshooting spin. I just kept shooting cum everywhere.Bens rate of stroking my dick did not change. When mydick was just about to stop shooting I could feel thedick forcing its way back inside me. It began to pumpin and out of me fast and hard. Ben would not stopjacking my cock. My whole body was jumping from thecock torment. Still he stroked on.Mark pulled the blind fold from my eyes so I could seewhat was happening. Ben was really working my dick. Itwas like every nerve in my body ended there and he hadcontrol of them. Bruce was pounding away at my ass. Icould see the clock. It was 4:10 am. I started\begging again “please stop.. Please.” I was now intears from the intense feeling of my dick. Beingfucked too when I didn’t want it was just insult toinjury. I cried out “Please man I can’t take it.”Nothing changed. I was to take it regardless. Ihonestly thought I was going to faint. This time Itried to fake it as if I had. It changed nothing. Thejacking continued and the fucking remained steady andhard. I could only fake it for maybe 20 or 30 seconds,as my treatment was so intense I couldn’t remainstill. The more I tried to get lose from the cuffs themore Bruce seemed to enjoy fucking me.It was almost 5:00 am and the dick torture had made mymuscles sore all over but yet was still in session. Icould feel Bruce getting closer to cumming. Ben hadlet Mark take over jacking my dick. I just couldn’tget hard anymore but that didn’t matter. They seemedto enjoy it more when I didn’t. Bruce started makingthis wild noise like a caveman or something. I couldfeel his cock swelling in me. About that time in camehis dick for the kill and the cum began to gush fromhis cock. I could feel it in me. He must have cumenough to fill a glass or so it felt like it. He justheld it in for a few minutes. I told him that I feltlike I had to piss. He said “fine, then piss.” Oh no,there was no way. I asked if I could please go to thebathroom. I was told to just piss right there. I askedMark if he would please stop jacking my dick so Icould piss. His answer was no.I felt my dick starting to become hard from having topiss. Bruce finally pulled his dick out of me and tookover jacking my dick. As soon as he did there was Markagain trying to shove that huge bone of his back in meagain. I pleaded “Please not again.. Please I’mbegging.” I felt the head going in. Then the shaftbegan to slide in deep. This was the biggest dick Ihad ever seen. I couldn’t believe he ever got in in methe first time. I couldn’t believe he was going tostretch me open again with it. Bruce was stroking mycock and seen it was getting hard. It was almost 5:30am and I didn’t know how many times I had came but Iknew I couldn’t do it again. Bruce slowed down thejacking to what he had done before, about 4 strokesper minute. This time Mark did the same thing slowingdown fucking me. I tried so hard to break free of therestraints. I would have run for it. Still the slowfucking and jacking continued past 8:00am.I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Mark had beenfucking me for almost 3 hours and I couldn’t cumanymore. Bruce said “somebody’s going to be sore for afew days.” Mark spoke up looking at me and said “WellI know my dick will be sore but not half as sore asyour ass is going to be when I’m finished with it.” Icould feel him speeding up. Fucking me harder andfaster. Bruce followed and began to jack my cockfaster. As Mark would speed up so did Bruce until Markwas really plowing into me with no mercy. Bruce keptplenty of lube on my dick but was jacking it so hardnow I thought he was about to pull it off. Markstarted groaning and I could tell he was gettingclose. Suddenly I felt myself feeling like I was goingto cum again too. Mark then shoved that huge dick allthe way in me and held it there. I started feeling thebuild up to blow. It took forever and was thestrongest one yet. Then something wild happened. Atexactly the same time we both started to shoot. Everyblast I felt shooting in me I could feel my dick shootone out. He moved in and out a few more times plantingabout 7 good shots of man juice in me. I couldn’tbelieve I had came again and wondered how much cum wasin me now.We both were breathing heavy and sweating as hewithdrew from my ass. Bruce continued jacking my cock.I could feel that awful feeling coming on again. Itdidn’t seem fair that every time one of them came theygot to stop. Every time I came the torture began. Isuppose be careful about what you ask for. Mark andBen both decided to head out leaving me there withjust Bruce. The other guy whose name I never knew musthave left hours ago. The jacking continued past 9:30amwith just Bruce. I began to cry sobbing and pleadingwith him to stop. He would not. About that time thedoor opened and it was the guy from the night before.I heard Bruce say “Hey.. Back for more?”. The guy said”Hell yeah.. But wasn’t sure if you guys were still atit” By now I’m crying so hard I can’t even talk. Thiswas the hardest thing I had ever been through in mylife. Surely it will stop now. I was crying so that Icouldn’t see when the guy had walked over to me. Ionly knew it when I felt his cock going in me again.I screamed out “Please.. Oh Please.. Let me go.””I swear I can’t take anymore””Please let me go home””Please” “Please”I could feel the mans dick sliding deeper into my assas Bruce continued to jack my dick against my will. Iwas sobbing so much it was now hard to breathe at all.I was coughing allot too. I heard the guy tellingBruce what a good piece of pussy I was. He told Brucethat he could tell this morning that my ass must havebeen put to the test. Bruce laughed and asked “How’sthat?” The guy said “well last night he was reallytight.” “Jeez who opened him up like this?” Bruce said”we all did but Mark plowed him twice.. Last time wasover 3 hours.” The guy said “Damn!.. Well thatexplains it.” “It’s hanging open almost now.. But I’llfuck it anyway.” He moved his hand over to my dick.Bruce let it go. This guy began to fuck me really hardand was jacking my dick. I knew there was no way Icould even get hard again so why didn’t they juststop?Bruce grabbed my nuts in his hand and gave them a hardsqueeze. I cried out in pain. It’s 10:00 am and I’mstill being used. This guy was fucking my brains outand jacking my sore dick while Bruce was working mynuts. I never got hard but here I went again. Istarted shooting cum with no warning. The jacking andfucking continued on for maybe 20 minutes or so. Thenthis guy pulled out and shot his first shot all overme. It was a huge load and went everywhere. Then hewent back into my hole to finish shooting. Everythingcame to a stop and the guy pulled out. Bruce got arather large but plug from the shelf on the wall andshoved it into my hole. I could feel my ass slam shutaround the bottom of it. Bruce then walked around tomy head and bent down kissing me on the lips. Then thekiss got very deep and long. I could feel therestraints being unlocked from my wrists. Then helowered my ankles and unlocked them as well. He toldme I was free to go or I could sleep there if I wantedto. I just said no thanks and went back to myapartment. The minute I got there I went to thebathroom. This was to be the hardest task yet. Icouldn’t get that huge but plug out and I knew I wasfull of cum. My ass had relaxed and now trying to pullit out really hurt. After trying for over 30 minutes Igot it out and the next 30 minutes I spent getting allthat cum out. I was sore for about 4 days all over. Idid call him after about a week and thank him. Hewants to meet again. We’ll see.

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