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Camping by our favourite lake

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Camping by our favourite lakeWe have always been a nature loving family. I remember the years as a k** when we went off with heavy back packs into the mountains for a few days of hiking and tenting in the wild. A mixed experience as a k** but now almost 10 years later as an adult, it was something I really looked forward to. This time it was only me and mom that would do the trip I had done once before although I couldn’t really sort out the memories from the different hiking trips.”It is the one with the basecamp by the small lake between the three mountains”, she had explained to me. We were to set up a basecamp there and do a few over-the-day drips in the area.It was a hot summer day when we set of the 9 mile/15 km uphill towards the spot. With 15 kg back pack you got quite an exercise but both me and mom where in good shape and had done this before so even though a cumbersome task, it was mostly enjoyable, filled with lots of hours to catch up and talk about old memories from now and then. I was about 19 at the time and mom was 45. I had for the last few years been occupied with my youth years and been skipping moms and the families attempts to get me on such a trip.I had never reflected on either mom or dad’s physical shape, but I realized mom with her long and slender body holding a high posture although carrying the heavy back pack, was in great shape as she led the way over the hills. Probably most women in her age would not have done it as easy.We raised our tent only 30 meters from a small lake surrounded by low dense forest with many higher mountains around.”Great, we are the only ones here. Our secret place is still ours alone.”, mom had called happily as we arrived. I recognized being here many years ago with the whole family.As the sun was setting and we had eaten our dinner from the storm kitchen it was still a fairly warm evening. Sometimes it could get cold even though it was summer this high up. I am so sweaty from this day. Do you remember how you and your sister used to be bathing her as maniacs?””Yes, absolutely, you and dad thought we would morph into fishes.””I was going to try to wash myself of in the lake, hopefully it is not too cold.””I totally forgot swim shorts, so have fun.””Who needs bathing gear here, there is no one watching. We have always been skinny dipping here.””I am not 10 anymore mom.””Yeah sure, you are a prude man now , I figure. I am having a dip in the water anyway.”She brought the very small hiking towel and a new pair of underwear and walked down by the lake. I was sweaty to from the long day in the sun, but hygiene on a hiking trip was not always a primary need I though. When mom started removing her hiking skirt and her shirt I realized I starred at her. Older women had never been anything I sought for, least of all mom, but when she unhooked her bra and underwear before hurrying down the water I realized she had quite a body, at least from behind. Her butt was well shaped and her waist was slim.”Oiiiiiiihhh, that was sooo refreshing. You should jump in. I will close my eyes, promise.”I hesitated but somehow decided to join her and walked down to the shore and quickly undressed. The water was cold but I anyway made the process short to not show myself nude longer than necessary. We swam around for a while before she came up from the water to wash herself. I just stopped, standing on the sea bottom as I watched her naked appearance. I know mom had quite large breast and they looked amazing now, all wet with her brown nipples standing out from the cold water. She squatted down with her right side against me and started to wash herself up quickly with a soap she had in her hand. I kept starring and actually felt it tickle in my crotch. She looked beautiful with her round hips and naked back as she washed herself intimately.”Honey, you shouldn’t be looking at me that way. After all, I am your mother.” she said softly as she looked my way. I realized I had wandered off into filthy thoughts. She held her arms before her chest to cover herself up, which squeezed her tits together, making her look even sexier with her dark pubic triangle below.”I am sorry, I didn’t mean to. “Sorry mom, I just realized how good you look. I don’t know any friends mom that would have made today’s hike with such ease.” I think my honesty surprised both of us.”Thank you so much honey, that was a nice compliant. But shouldn’t you get up and wash yourself before you catch a cold? I was freezing but felt embarrassed to have to show my half way erection. “I can’t get up now, I have a , you know, condition.” She laughed.”Are you that under stimulated that your old mother gives you a hard on? It is okay honey, I have seen your penis before. Here you go.” She threw the soap to me and I caught it by reflex. Reluctantly I got up on the shore and started cleaning myself. By now my erection was not even half way, only making my dick look very long and thick. Hard it measures 21 cm, so I am well equipped.”See, that is noting to be embarrassed about. I see you have your fathers genes.””Mooom, what did we say about staring.””Sorry, I am just so glad to be with you honey. I have really looked forward to this trip.She rinsed of the soap by quickly dipping çanakkale escort herself once again and I followed shortly after. We were both eager to return to the tent and dive down our sleeping bags. After such a day with many kilometers and alot to carry, sleeping sounded like a very good thing. When she had wiped herself dry and skipped into her underwear she quickly hurried back to the tent with me just a minute later. When I entered the tent she was already tucked in in her bag. Before falling asleep I thought of her voluptuous body.Our bathing session the previous day had set something in motion. I felt I know had trouble not thinking of her naked body and that I actually looked forward to the evening. I could obviously not read her mind, but she seemed unaffected by it and anything else would have been strange, at the end of the day she would still be my mother and I knew that any i****tuous thoughts were just so wrong. We made a shorter hike up to viewpoint only a few kilometers walk from our camping site. It felt easy with no heavy gear on our backs. On the way downLater after dinner when the sun was setting I was really looking forward to taking a swim again.”Up for a dip in the lake, mom?””Not so negative today I hear. I’d love to.”We both undressed and hurried down together. It felt natural being naked together. Like something primitive that showed who we really were. When we came up after spending some time in the refreshing water I quickly applied the soap to. We faced each other as we applied soap to our bodies. I realized I once again was looking at mom’s pendulous breast and her bush. When I looked up in her eyes she was looking at me smiling. I blushed and apologized. She asked me if I could wash her back. I didn’t hesitate. Standing naked behind my mother, caressing her shoulders and back was too much for me and my penis now stood fully erect. I didn’t care anymore and actually looked forward to showing my proud fellow to mom.”Come, let’s rinse off and go back to the tent.” she commanded when I was done with her back. She didn’t comment on my hard-on even though I know she took notice. The air was still fairly warm and the fire place provided additional heat, so when we had dried ourselves off it was not cold anymore. Our clothing was in our tent since we had just run down to the lake without bothering to prepare change so we headed in. We were both silent.”Are you nervous honey, something bothering you?””No, I am fine, I love being with you here mom.””Would you lie down for me?” she asked. In a tent you were pretty much always lying down if not squatting deep.”What you mean, I am butt naked.””I just want to look at you. You have grown so much since I last saw you.”A bit reluctantly I lay down. My boner had temporary seized and I no longer didn’t feel that exposed.She caressed my hair and my arms, explored my chest like she had found something long lost. She was sitting on her knees leaning over me in the narrow space of the tent making her lovely breasts hanging out almost in front of me.”Are you attracted to me.” she asked looking me in the eyes.”Mom, don’t ask me such questions, but I think you are drop dead gorgeous. ” She glanced at my reappeared hard on as she kept stroking my chest and stomach.”I figured so. Maybe it was wrong showing myself naked to my son, a young man full of hormones. But I still thought of you as that little boy running around, causing yourself trouble. But here you are in your full glory like the real man you are.” I couldn’t come up with anything to say and just lay there, enjoying the touch of her soft hands as she kept feeling my hips, upper thighs and my legs. Even though she did not touch it but everything else, I felt like I could come from a puff of air. Maybe she stood on the edge of a knife, not knowing what side to go to. The side of all common sense, or the side of sinful i****t. I was sure where I wanted to go, nothing mattered any more. I so desperately wanted her to touch me, and to touch her soft body and to make love to her. I reached out and touched her arm, the one that was caressing me. I followed her arm to her shoulder, feeling her soft and cool skin. She didn’t object as I grabbed her breast in my hand. It felt heavy and I couldn’t take all of it in my trembling hand. Mom exhaled heavy, letting out a big sigh.”Oh John.””It is so fine and soft mom.”When she first stroked my balls with her hand and dragged her fingers over my hard shaft it felt like nothing I ever felt. She used both hands, grabbing my balls with one hand while jerking my cock with the other. Precum had already dripped out and my head was all wet from it. She looked focused as she rhythmically moved her hand up and down. None of us said anything, all that was heard where our increased breathing and the sound of her hand meeting my penis. Apparently this turned her on to, I detected sense of hunger in her. The orgasm was most awaited it only took a few minutes for me to reach climax.”Mom, I am coming very soon. It feels so good. Don’t stop.”She didn’t stop and instead grabbed harder and jerked me faster.”Oh baby, please come for me.” she watched as my sperm pumped out in long strings over my ısparta escort chest. My cock, balls and ass contracted as I had my hardest orgasm ever.”Jesus baby, that is a big load. You needed that, didn’t you.””Oh mom, I love you, that was the best thing I ever felt.” I tried to sit up to embrace her but she commanded me to lay still.”Let me clean you up.” mom said, and I saw her lick her finger, getting the taste of me in her mouth, maybe accidental, how could I know. There are no excess of tissue or paper on a hiking trip so mom took her sleeping t-shirt to whip her hand and my chest clean from cum. When she was done I was hard again.”Boy are you persistent. I thought I took care of you just now.” mom said jiggling.”Can I touch you mommy?””I think we should be satisfied now. We have a long week ahead and I don’t want to think I am your lover. This was a one-time thing John. We have to keep it to ourselves.”My erection was so hard it could crack stone. I felt so disappointed, but like the spoiled k** screaming for more cookies and of course I knew it was the right thing.We didn’t say much until we both lay in our sleeping bags ready for another nights good sleep.When I up the weather conditions had changed and the rain was pouring down outside. Mom was already awake and looked at me.”Morning sleepy head, looks like we will have a slow start today.” I felt like I could live with some rest but pretended to sound disappointed.”Oh, that’s a pity. What’s the forecast you think?””Hard to say, but I believe it can go on for quite some time.”Being in a tent a day with a person you desperately want to fuck could be quite a challenge. Mom who was dressed in some gray armless cotton t-shirt and only underwear, looked so cute and sexy when she crawled around in the tent looking for the right equipment for making the days first meal. She seemed to be in a good mood and chattered on about this and that. I just laid in my sleeping bag with my mind on completely different things while talking. We had breakfast and some instant coffee cooked in the side tent.Mom pulled out some body lotion from her vanity set and just as she was to start applying it to her legs I saw my chance.”Please let me do it for you mom. “”Well, okay then.” mom replied, giving me something of a stern smile.I worked the lotion into her feet and legs. Mom obviously liked it alot and I continued with her hands and arms. She didn’t say anything as she suddenly removed her top and sat with her back against me. I poured some more lotion in my hand rubbed on into her neck and back smelling the scent of her long hair. She purred, enjoying my soft touch and I reached around and worked her upper chest and down over her swelling breasts.”Squeeze my nipples.” she whispered and I started rolling her hard nipples between my fingers. She reached back and felt my hard on through my boxers.”Oh baby, you are so fine.” She then turned around and gave me the most erotic look I had ever seen her do.”Take it out, I want to see it again.” when I removed my boxers she also removed her underwear, not letting my eyes go a second while undressing. Her dark pubic triangle appeared.”You are so sexy.” I cried out.”I want to see when you to jerk your cock for me. Come here.”. She laid down and had me sitting between her parted legs. I started stroking my cock and reached for moms stomach.”I will do the same thing.” she whispered. I could not believe my eyes when she started rubbing her pussy with her hand in front of me. We masturbated together for a while, I loved hearing her moan from pleasuring herself.”Oh John, when you come, please come on me. I want to feel your warmth on me.” and that sentence was all I needed to get the orgasm that emptied my load on her stomach and pussy.”It feels so nice and hot.” She again tasted some of it with her finger,”Taste good to. Will you clean me up this time? You come so much honey,”I took the same poor t-shirt as the day before and wiped her belly and pubic hair. She laid their on her back with her hair spread out in a circle.”Mom, you are so beautiful.””You to honey, I love you so much.”I bent forward and started kissing her belly. I explored her body with my mouth, kissing and sucking on her sensitive breast. She accepted my kiss when it met her lips and we kissed passionately for a long time, letting each other’s tongues circle each other.”Have you ever licked a woman?” she asked after a while.”No mommy, but I want to learn.” She didn’t respond by carefully pushed my head against her intimate parts. I felt the smell of her as I reached her thick bush of pubic hair. My tongue licked her outer lips and I heard the sound of her pleasure. When I kissed and licked her swollen clitoris for a while she increased her breathing, and I know she was close to climax. She pressed my head hard against her wet pussy as I gave her an orgasm. When she had calmed down we kissed again and swithced positions so I was again on my back and she sat between my legs holding my hard and sticky cock. She licked it clean from my old cumming before she parted her lips and started sucking. It wasn’t her first time, that I understood as I enjoyed this fantastic introduction to oral sex. She sivas escort took a great part of me down her throat and used her hands when doing her magic. Luckily I endured a while due to my recent orgasm, but just as I felt it coming again she stopped and wandered up, kissing my belly and nipples. I loved to kiss her, not knowing an old woman could kiss so soft and erotic as my mom. She came up ever further and slowly dragged her heavy breast over my chest and face. They dangled down over me and I took the opportunity to play more with her soft mammaries. Her long nipples tasted good and I nursed them like I was a baby again knowing they were sensitive and gave her pleasure. Backing down again, she mounted me and directed my hard dick into her wet and warm pussy. When she sat down on it and accepted its full length she let out a load moan. With her hands on my chest she slowly started to move her hips up and down following her sexual lust and fucking her son like nothing else mattered. The rain poured outside as she road me and I couldn’t endure such pleasure for a long time. “Mom, I am coming soon.””Oh yeah, me to, just hang on a second. You can come inside me.” She increased the force and I pressed up into her making ha load smacking sound together with her moaning. When I filled her vagina with my hot cum she screamed out her orgasm.”Ooooh Goooood, Oooooh, Aaaaah, I am cuuumming.”. Afterwards I just lay on my side with my leg pulled up over her midsection. We fell asleep for a while and when I woke up she was preparing lunch to us. I heard that the rain had stopped and felt that the sun was warming up the tent again. She gave me a smile when she saw I was awake. I sat up and gave her a kiss that she welcomed shortly before leaning back.”Hey there mr. eager. One has to eat to, right?” I had my mind on other things but accepted my mom’s plans. As always she had cooked me lovely food, and for being on a hiking trip she managed to perform well as always.We became new found lovers on the remaining days. No one would ever know what happen up in the mountains that summer. It was our secret. After what had already happened that rainy morning, neither me and especially not mom held back due to moral standards. We explored our bodies and had sex many times a day. I fucked her from behind outside with her hands resting against a birch tree overlooking a valley. She greeted my morning boners by giving me before breakfast blowjobs. There was no need wiping any cum since she happily swallowed my big loads of semen or let me cum inside her warm pussy. I loved lying next to her and to such on her titties while she played with my ever standing cock. I understood she liked to be dirty when she asked me to sit on her face and fuck her mouth. Letting my long cock press far down her throat until tears flooded her eyes and she gasped for air.”Mom, you are so dirty. How come did I never know about this?””You are my son and how could I let you know that? Now you are both my son and my lover. And I like my lovers to be hard on me, to use my body as they want. That gives me pleasure. Do you want to give mommy more pleasure?””I will do anything you ask.””I want to feel in my ass honey. Will you do that for me, fuck the sense out of my ass?”, she said while looking at me with her tearful eyes as she slowly jerked my wet cock.”Oh, yeah, please let me try it.””First you must be gentle, then you may be hard. Since we don’t have any real lube we may take some of the olive oil.””Here it is.” I responded eagerly as I quickly fetched the small bottle from our mini kitchen area.She poured some in her hand and massaged it onto my cock. Then she put some down her ass before she lifted her legs high while lying there on her back.”Now press gently and give me some time to adapt to the size of it. You are even bigger than your fathers,”The pressure was enormous compared to a vagina and I couldn’t figure how it would fit there but with small pushes I was finally inside her with my glans.”Wow, you are truly a big boy. Now gently push deeper and deeper into me.”As I followed her command and pressed deeper and deeper for each push mom breathed harder, almost with a growling tone. The feeling in my cock was amazing, the combination of how turned on I was by the whole thing and the tightness did the thing. She held her feet with her feet up in the air as I fucked her with long strokes.”That is sooo good, fuck your dirty mom. Fuck mommy hard now. I want to feel you deep up my ass.””Oooh mommy, your ass feels so tight.””Don’t come yet, I want to have you from behind to.” I let her flip over to stand on all fours. Once again I pushed in, now it was easier and I started pounding her harder and harder as I listened to her load screams with her rubbing her mature pussy.”I am going to come, keep fucking my ass honey. Yeeees, yeeees, oooooh, aaaaaah.” Her whole body started shaking and I watched her come as I also felt my own orgasm coming. It was like she sensed it.”Please come in my face, come in my dirty face.” She turned around and grabbed my cock and started jerking it just before her face. When my load came she opened her mouth and welcomed it. Half of it came in her face and the rest she managed to swallow. She took some time to suck me clean as my hard-on slowly faded away.”I hope I don’t scare you honey, but this is who I am.”, I was not scared, but very shocked, thrilled and surprised over all of it.”I can’t get enough of it, it is just fantastic, all of it.”

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