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CON EL DESCONOCIDOThere was once a boy named Ian lived in a remote town where did nothing. He longed to have her first time, love and conquer the world.Each passing day makes me very difficult to know if someday my love. Evenings will make me eternal. There used to believe in love until I met Alex an attractive and handsome boy.I met a very rainy night, that day tried to end my life. I had problems with myself. I feared my family. At school everyone hated me for different reasons.I knew if anyone would know fleeing my home. So one Friday out of school, I was not home. Take the first bus and get off at the last stop. There was no one. It was raining hard, there was no wind and lightning but a good stream of water that overflowed the clouds. Cold water.I covered with water under an abandoned house. I hid in the porch. People went running with their umbrellas. Running water at full speed.He was cold, hungry. I knew it was stupid and out. He had chosen a drier day. But there was nothing to do. It was done.I snuggled into a corner. I embrace to keep warm. Soon I began to feel my eyelids heavy. It was like holding a huge heavy metal doors. And could not. So I had to give. I closed my eyes.I heard a voice in his sleep. It was a totally manly tone. Titiritiar sounded.-friend-. Said.I woke up somewhat abrupt. I shook hands when kaynarca escort they pulled me so that it will enter the house. He had broken it safe and managed to open the door. And in total darkness inside me he threw a couch. He could not see but hear it. He lay down beside me. And I whisper:There’s really cold – stalk their hand against my neck, his frozen hands me beautiful bristled nape of the need to conserve heat.I take my face in his hands and took his. He planted a kiss. A long, hot kiss. A kiss from a man. I felt his mustache nibble my lips. His hands touched me as having tentacles and could not keep still.I began to undress her with despair. He took away mine. We were naked. Our bodies collided. His kisses made me want to rip his mouth. His tongue danced with mine. Fleeting kiss my neck. And his hands playing with my buttocks. The hair on his chest was something wet. My hands down and touch his cock. It was long and slightly thick. He stood over me. I raise my legs and put them on his shoulders. Spend your penis felt my anus. Every time there I was contracted to go through me. I clung to his neck and he pushed his penis against my dimple. But this is out of hand and did not enter. Asia and the take aim at my anus. His penis spit much pre-cum. It was super lubricated so pushed. He felt that his orhanlı escort penis was opposed not want to hurt me. So let go of all their strength. He walked halfway. I felt like the folds of my anus opened while his penis would have to pass me. His kisses were fiery. He is biting my lips and pulled them. I felt full. After a few seconds he began a swinging. Slow and precise. In and out of me. I respaba my neck with his chin. His hands played with my cock that was wet with pre-cum.His thrusts were becoming deeper and deeper. It sounded like his pelvis bumped into my buttocks. The bag and let go all at once. My year strangling his penis. Anal walls clung to him not to leave. His wild lunges rosaba made me shiver when my prostate. He stood like an a****l and I was moaning and harder.Clap clap sounded his testicles when crashing against my buttocks. He began to masturbate. I felt my body around. And soon I was harder and harder penis was jumping inside my hitting my prostate making me feel enormous pleasure. His hands masturbated me and penetrated me. I was in heaven Gay. His cock and spat jets incho semen inside me. Hot cum out of his cock was jumping every time. His thrusts were stronger. His hand was strangling my penis and my orgasm came. Spit jets of cum on her chest.He came out of me. He knelt between my tepeören escort legs and started to swallow my piece of meat. I felt my penis was in her anjinas. We got him out and again and again swallowing my sperm.And then he went to share with me. I felt a salty and sticky taste in your mouth but I refused to kiss him.I embrace and cover us with clothes. It had not cold. I felt hot. I felt liberated. Find my clothes and take my cel. We were lying on an old sofa. The he tangled his fingers in my hair. I passed my hand over his chin. We talked for a long time. I told her my life, did not judge me, listen to me, to little comments. I felt good with him, appeared to have known all my life. Then he told me about his life. Not wearing a hard life, he lived happily attending college, his mom loves him, had brothers, had good health. That’s what I thought:how would it be?. Would it be handsome? Why he slept with a stranger? Why me?So I could not hold and shine with my cel. When I saw him I was happy I had a tender smile, white teeth derechuecos very beautiful, bushy eyebrows and beautiful big eyes dark brown. A full chin. Simply graceful and perfect.He smiled to me, his eyes narrowed marking a crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes. Kiss my hand. And he released- Shit … Your face !! I think I’m in love!-.We laugh and we were up all night. Making jokes and jokes. His manner was amazing, definitely my type. The next day he took me to lunch and then to my house …Until now it was a great opportunity but have left that rainy night that I met the love of my life Alex …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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