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Corporate Boday Chapter 13

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Corporate Boday Chapter 133139 – 1.66Chapter 13ReliefAs she lay there in silence she heard someone coming down the stairs, and when she could see, she saw that it was her master with lotion in his hand. He hadn’t gone to bed after all. He said nothing just spread the white cream all over her sunburned skin. What was this, an act of kindness? Could it be he really cares after all? She didn’t ask, but rather just enjoyed the moment. He left as he came in, complete silence, not a word was spoken.Morning didn’t come early enough for Cindi with the pains in her legs and arms. Although with the sunburn covered in cream and not so painful, she was able to sleep somewhat. The sleep was not very restful though as she continually awoke with pains in her limbs. Her master again appeared first in the morning and took her down from the cross. He told her to go to his room freshen up and get some more sleep. She was going to need her strength for later. Cindi wasn’t worrying about later she just wanted to clean up and get some more sleep, something she had very little of since arriving at the lodge. As she went up the stairs she met all of the men coming down. The men couldn’t resist, they had to have a feel of this women that was theirs to play with. None of the men had this kind of experience before. Their home lives were very much different and they wanted to experience as much as they were allowed it seemed. She was fondled, pinched, spanked and kissed as she made her way up. The only thing that didn’t happen was she wasn’t fucked, she moved to fast for that. At the top of the stairs she had to call out to her master to point her to his room as there were several to choose from. Cindi went straight to the shower and just let the warm water run down her aching body. The water couldn’t be to hot as her sunburn was still there but she still relished it. She would have loved to stay longer but she needed the sleep. She lay down on the beautiful clean cotton sheets, something she hadn’t seen in ages and went straight to sleep.It was very early so the men took their time with breakfast discussing the past day’s events. They couldn’t believe their luck. They had the privilege of being a master to a slave that could be on the cover of Playboy. They didn’t realize that she was exactly that to their host. They talked about what they wanted to do with Cindi after they won her. The score was very close so any one of them could be the victor. The conversation finally came around to the plans for the day. They were told that the early afternoon was set aside for bird watching, like no other bird watching. It didn’t sound like much fun to the guys but knowing their host it would be different. Later on in the day they were going hunting one by one with Cindi as the prey. The paint ball guns would come out once again. Then if time permitted there maybe another surprise for them. The day sounded good so they were all content to spend the morning relaxing and getting to know each other. They were all strangers upon their arrival. Three of them were also strangers to this foreign land. After lunch the master went up to his bedroom and awoke the sleeping beauty. He couldn’t help but admire this beautiful body he owned for the month. He had had many slaves over the years but this one was special when it came to the female body, it was almost perfect. The recruiter had outdone himself when he convinced her to give her body and soul to the Corporation. Cindi finally came back to the land of the living, stirring under the covers. She was then pulled from the bed and told to pretty herself for the afternoon’s activities. Cindi hurried into the bathroom and did as she was commanded. She then walked down into the living room while all the men stared at her. She was a living goddess and the guest, were unable to take their eyes off her as she slowly descended the stairs. The host approached her as she stepped to the floor and roughly let her out to the deck, no tenderness here.The day was warm almost hot with the sun burning down from a cloudless sky. The light breeze made it very canlı bahis comfortable. Today gentlemen I am going to show you the beautiful birds that fly these skies. Cindi thought finally a day that she could enjoy but it wasn’t to be. She was led out to a small platform under a very large tree and told to stand there. Her wrists and elbows were then tied very tightly above her head. She couldn’t move them and it was very uncomfortable. Her knees and ankles were tied in the same manner. She was almost frozen still, standing like a Roman candle. Her master then invited all guests to come forward and bring the honey that was on the table. They were then instructed to pour the liquid honey all over Cindi’s naked body, below the neck and spread it everywhere. They didn’t have to be asked twice. The men loved rubbing Cindi’s perfect figure. Eventually Cindi was a like a golden statue. She glisten in the sun covered from her shoulders to her feet in golden honey. Then came the reason for the honey, birdseed a two-kilogram bag of it. The men were told to stick as much bird feed on Cindi’s body that it would hold. Her bosoms and cunt areas were to be particularly well covered. The only area free from the mixture was her head and neck. She was going to be the entertainment for the afternoon so he wanted to see her beautiful face. They were then told to put the short pieces of hose around her waist below her tits and around her legs below her cunt. This was for the birds to land on. Next came the ball gag that was placed in her mouth. She wasn’t going to scare the birds with any groans of pain. Lastly they were told to clamp the two water feeders to her nipples. When she was finished the host let down the cable from the tree above and hooked her arms to it. She was then lifted about five feet off the ground and left to hang. They could see the strain in her face as she rose above the ground. As she was lifted the master made it know to her that if she made any noise or moved in anyway she would be given a whipping when she was lowered. The master then turned to the men and said, men there is the most beautiful bird feeder you will ever see. They had to agree.Cindi had no idea how long she was going to be there or what it would feel like to be pecked by the birds. She wouldn’t have long to wait. The men retreated back to the deck to enjoy a beer and a game of poker as they watched the action. It came quickly. She didn’t really know much about birds but the blue jays and cardinals were not hard to spot. They, along with many other species of birds started to peck away at the birdseed; Cindi was relieved, as there was very little pain associated with it. The birds just took the seeds out of the honey touching her lightly. In very short order there were birds all around her and a couple drinking the water. The men were rather amazed at the sight. The birds were not pecking hard but her nipples with the clamps holding the water were starting to ache as they continually pecked away at this very sensitive area. Her cunt area was also attacked a lot due the excessive amount of birdseed around it. They came close to hitting her clit on several occasions but it neither excited nor hurt her. Cindi was finding it very difficult to remain still and on several occasions shook herself. It did not go unnoticed. As Cindi hung there something very unexpected happen chipmunks came down the cable to Cindi’s head and walked down onto her breast and started feeding off her. These things were not gentle as they stood on her body with their nails dung into Cindi’s skin. They had to support themselves. This was agony, Cindi tried to shake them off, a no-no but she couldn’t stand it. They not only hung on,. they moved all over her body drawing blood everywhere they walked. The birds had all left, scared away by the chipmunks and Cindi was now covered in rodents causing her to moan in pain behind the gag. She continued to swing, doing her best to get them off her. The men just sat there enjoying their beer and cards. After about a half a hour with the food all gone the chipmunks left. bahis siteleri Cindi was just left hanging there with dried and running blood all over her. She was in tears when her master finally lowered her to the ground and untied her. He then led her over to a whipping post and tied her to it. He was just about to begin the lashing he promised when the men almost in unison yelled for him to stop. She had suffered enough they said let her go. The master relented and sent her off to the bath. He told her to clean up and use the antiseptic cream in the bathroom cabinet, as she would be needed later.As Cindi left the host asked the men how many blue jays and cardinals fed from Cindi’s body. They were to write the answer down and give it to him. They didn’t realize that this was part of the competition. It would only be a guess for all of them. They weren’t watching the birds it was Cindi who was the centre of attention.He further announced that the paint ball competition would be postponed. A new game would take its place tonight. The surprise would also be put off to another day. There was not enough time. There were no complaints, everything the men experienced was a surprise.Cindi went straight to the bath and cleaned off the honey and remaining birdseed. She recovered quickly sitting in a warm bath tending to her wounds. After about an hour her master came to the bedroom door and told her to pretty herself for supper, as she would be joining the guests at the table. The lodge had all the beauty supplies that any women would ever need, so she made use of them, prior to going down for supper. Cindi was grateful that the men had come to her aid, so made a greater effort to look as beautiful as she could. It took a little longer than normal but the result was rather breath taking. The men couldn’t take their eyes off her as she came down the stairs. She truly was a goddess much more then just a centre fold. Cindi was placed at the head of the table sitting slightly higher so the men could see more of her perfect figure.She was a distraction for the men through out the meal. They found it very difficult to eat with enormous hard-ons. They didn’t know it, but it was part of the night’s competition. It was the first time that the men were allowed to socialize with this beautiful creature. Cindi really enjoyed herself for the first time since arriving. They asked her all kinds of questions that she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer, but the conversation still continued. After dinner the host led everyone into the living room for an after dinner drink. Cindi felt like she was back home again with dinner and drinks. The socializing continued for about an hour with everyone getting a little loaded including Cindi. It was about eight a clock when the master announced the new game to the crowd. The point of the game was for each man to produce as much cum, in weight, in the next two hours as they could. Cindi would suck or enable each man to go off as many times as they could in the two hours. Their cum would be put in individual bowls to be weighted at the end of the evening. Cindi would be free to roam the room and extract as much cum out of each man as she could in anyway they requested. They would have to keep their cum, Cindi couldn’t swallow it, she could only milk them. Slave Cindi loved giving blowjobs so looked forward to the fun.The first contestant instructed her to suck his cock right where he was sitting on the couch. Cindi went down on him and sucked as fast as she could and as hard as she could to get the guy to empty his load as quickly as possible, time was “cum”. It worked; it only took a couple of minutes before he started to come. Cindi grabbed his bowl and milked his cock dry. It was a good start. She didn’t have time to rest as another man was in her ass before she could move, pumping as quickly as he could almost pushing Cindi’s face back into the cock she just emptied. He let out a yelp and pumped his load into the bowl sitting on Cindi’s back. Cindi found that as much as she enjoyed the sucking and fucking she missed the tasty cum. She güvenilir bahis was only getting a small taste of each load that came in her mouth. The next two men couldn’t wait any longer one stuck her in the ass and the other in her cunt with the first contestant in her mouth and the one she just finished wanting a hand job, he wasn’t finished yet. She tried to please them all. She could only roll with the thrust so to speak and let them catch their own semen. As the evening progressed Cindi remained cum free as each ounce of cum was important and had to be saved. Cindi found that there was one more disadvantage to this contest she was not getting off, only the men had that pleasure and they were doing it many times. The master was just sitting back watching the activities drinking his beer. He thought to himself that this would be a very quiet night. These guys will die as soon as they hit the bed. They were going to be completely zapped. Cindi on the other hand would still be charged but he would look after that when the time came.The two hours went by more slowly then Cindi had imagined as she loved her job but she was getting no relief and watching the men blow their loads over and over made it even worse. Finally after being fucked in every hole she had, time and time again, the game came to an end. The cum was weighed and the winner declared. Then the question came up, what to do with the cum? Cindi was volunteered, with one of the men suggesting that Cindi swallow it. The master agreed and one by one the men came forward and poured their bowl of extract down her throat. She swallowed as quickly as she could but much of it made its way down her neck and onto her glorious bosoms. She was getting very full and kept loosing more and more down her neck eventually she was covered in the white cream. That wasn’t to be, the men cleaned every ounce off her, depositing it in her mouth. Cindi finally lay back on the floor licking the last drip off her lips. She was done but not relieved. The last event on the agenda was Cindi, who would fuck herself with a peeled banana before everyone went to bed. Her cunt was dieing to be filled. Her master gave her the first banana and told her to go to it. She couldn’t fuck herself fast enough she needed the relief. She began to feel herself coming, as she had been at her peak all night but the banana broke as she pushed and rubbed to hard. Part of it was stuck up her cunt but she started with a new one she had to orgasm now. She was moaning and groaning and yelling as she neared relief, the banana and her clit massaging were doing the job until it also broke. She grabbed the next one from her master and continued, she had to go off, cunt full of bananas or not. She had both hands going when finally she exploded yelling, shaking and rolling all over the floor her orgasms came in waves. It went on for a couple of minutes. The men had never seen such an intense orgasm. She was almost out of control with her body shaking and shaking, at least it seemed that way. Cindi finally came back down and just laid on the floor in front of the amazed men even her master didn’t expect this. It was obvious she needed this for some time. Her master noted her reaction, as he would want to see this again. Cindi remained on the floor completely exhausted. After her master came out of shock he ordered her to remove all the bananas from her cunt and eat them, which she did without hesitation. The men gave her a big hand and slowly went off to bed. They too were exhausted they never had so many orgasms in such a short time.The master laid Cindi on the large table and tied her down. He then stuck an electric dildo in her hole and locked it there It’s timer was then turned on. She was told she would reach her peak again and again all night but not go off, the timer would make sure of that. The master was going to get her back up to her horny self again and as soon as possible, he really enjoyed the show. Cindi knew that dildos were not enough for her they were just the beginning for her orgasms but tonight a beginning that would have no end. Her master knew her well. Again she was left alone, uncomfortable and in the dark, at least this time she was not hanging from a tree or on the ground. The fireplace provided the only light once again.

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