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Cruise fun

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Cruise funIt started innocently enough.My wife and I were on a cruise. We were down at the pool sunning ourselves and enjoying a couple of island style drinks.I first noticed the teen while he was checking her out. She was adjusting the top on her swimsuit and he couldn’t keep his eyes of her big tits. Truth be told, not many men can. My wife has large soft breasts that look good in any clothing, and look even better out. As I watched him, he kept trying to get a better vantage point. He’d move chairs, stand up, sit down ,bend over, hide behind sunglasses, walk by….anything to get a peek at her massive jugs.She’d been in for a quick dip and the cold pool water clung to the fabric of her top, her nipples thick and hard underneath. The shadow created by the hot sun made them stand out, and I was having trouble concentrating myself.I watched him as he finally settled in, a spot he chose because he could actually see some cleavage. His hand kept adjusting his junk, and I could tell he was getting a hard on inside his shorts. I remember being that age, when a strong breeze would stiffen your cock.He didn’t seem interested in girls his age, of which there were plenty. I’d been enjoying the sights, tight asses parading by, little firm tits straining at bikini tops. No, he only had eyes for her, and I smiled at his good taste. I saw him a few more times that day, passing by in buffet restaurant, near the shops and once I saw him run up stairs in the atrium so he could look down at her tits from the balcony.I’m pretty sure he had no idea I was on to him.Later that night, there was a pirate themed deck party. My wife was dressed the part in a clingy short skirt and a bustiér that made her tits burst out the top. She could easily have gotten the part of a whore in one of those Caribbean pirate films.I saw him sneak up behind us, trying to get close. She’d had a few drinks by then, and was feeling frisky. She let me stand behind her and I was grinding against her ass, my arms around her waist, sometimes moving up to caress under her breasts. I leaned down and kissed her neck and she turned and slipped me the tongue. I was going to get quite the fucking later, but I wanted to put a little show on for my young voyeur.As the music played, I danced with her, she was jumping and swaying, her melons bouncing and jiggling. Quite a few guys looked her ordu escort way, and my little friend was closer each time I looked. I told her I was going to go get some more drinks, and left her dancing to the up tempo music on deck. As I returned, I saw that the crowd had thickened and people were dancing in a crush. As I got closer, I saw he was right behind her, pushed up against her by the large number of people on the dance floor. I could tell he was rubbing his erect cock against her in time to the music, taking advantage of the crush of bodies to get away without seeming forward.I shimmied through he crowd with the drinks, handed one to her and took her hand. I pulled her over to the side where it was quieter.“I think they k** was trying to dry hump me!”, she said. “I’m sure I could feel his prink against my ass!”“As if that bothered you!” I laughed. “You love the rise you get out of men!”“Don’t be a pervert!” she said, smiling. “I’m old enough to be his mother.”“And that’s what I keep telling you honey. You’re a milf. There’s not a guy on this boat who hasn’t looked you and imaging banging that pussy and watching those big tits sway.” She grabbed me and kissed me hard; she always loved it when I talked to her like that.We went back to the room, and she was hot. Obviously, she’d gotten turned on by the teen dick she’s been rubbed with, and I kept telling her how hard she made the boys by the pool as I was fucking her. She must have loved the idea; she came three times while I was banging her doggy style. Eventually, she fell asleep. I wasn’t tired, but I was thirsty. I hadn’t had nearly as much alcohol as her, and I slipped out of the cabin. I walked up two decks to the all night self serve soda stand.As I poured myself a large Coke over ice, I heard a voice.“Mister, your wife is really hot!”It was my young friend. I smiled, and said, “Yes, she is. Thanks for noticing. But she’s a lot older than you. I’m betting she’s your mom’s age.”“Hell mister, if my mom looked like that, I’d never leave my cabin!”I laughed, and said, “Well here I am. She’s passed out in bed, and I left. I am heading back though. Too bad we don’t have a window you could peek through.”“Oh man, that would be awesome!” He said. “I’d look for hours if I could see her sleeping!”I smiled, looked him right in the eye, and said, “Come with me.”He didn’t mersin escort hesitate, and immediately followed me back to my cabin.“Listen”, I said as I stopped outside the cabin door. “What’s your name?”“Drew”“OK, Drew. A few rules before I let you in. No talking. No touching. And no taking selfies!”He laughed. “I don’t even have my phone!”“Alright, I’ll go in and make sure she’s asleep. Then I’ll come back and let you in.”He nodded nervously.I carded the lock, crept in and closed the door quietly. The bedside light was on, and I could see the slow rise and fall of the sheet as my wife slept. A soft snore confirmed my suspicions, she was asleep and the rum she’d had would keep her that way.I went back to the door and opened it softly. I beckoned him in and he stood inside the door, unsure what to do next. “Sit over there”, I whispered, pointing to the couch. He’d have a perfect view from there, and he would be in shadow if she woke up.He did as he was told, and I walked over to the bed. I gave it a nudge with my knee, and her tits swayed under the sheet, but she didn’t wake up. I slowly reached up and took the covers in both hands. I looked back at Drew, and smiled. “Here we go!”, I said in a hushed voice. He just nodded and swallowed, his gaze locked on my wife. I could almost hear his heart pounding from across the room.I was pretty aroused too; here I was about to expose my drunk, sleeping, naked wife to a complete stranger, and a young one at that. This is just the sort of thing I would have loved when I was his age, I thought.I had to look at him while a pulled the white sheet down. His eyes grew to saucer size when her big tits appeared. I kept pulling, and soon her entire body was exposed. She lay there, spread-eagled; one leg tucked up at the knee, her dark trimmed pubic hair above her soft cleft. I could actually hear him breathing from across the room. I walked over and sat next to him. “What do you think?” I asked.“Fuck, mister. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Even prettier that models, or those girls in porn!”My wife slept on. “Want a closer look?”I asked. He nodded, but didn’t move.“You’ll have to stand up and walk over, Drew.”He did as he was told, a telltale bulge in his shorts. I smiled and watched as he crept closer.“I wonder what she’d think if she knew you were here?”, I wondered malatya escort aloud. He didn’t say anything but just stood beside the bed, drinking in my wife’s gorgeousness from scant inched away.“I’ll bet you’ll jerk off to this thought later”, I said, smiling. “I already did”, he admitted. “After I saw her at the pool I went back to my room and rubbed one out.”I laughed softly. “Want to touch her?” I asked.He nodded. “Ok”, I said. “Kneel beside the bed. Slowly reach out and touch her tits. She never wakes up when I do that.”I thought he was going to faint. He slowly slid to a kneeling position and his hand was shaking as he reached out.“Lift it “, I said. “Feel how heavy that tit is.”He did and his face turned red. I thought he was going to come in his pants. He reached out his second hand and caressed her other breast. “There’s so soft, yet heavy!” he said. “I can’t believe they can be both at the same time!”“Tweak her nipples next”, I instructed. He did, and a soft moan escaped his lips.“My cock has never been this hard!” he whispered. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”I smiled and said, “It gets better, check out her pussy!”I reached over, slid my hand under her knee and pulled her legs apart. I bent the left leg and put a pillow under it. Her pussy lips parted, and you could see how wet she was.“Oh man,”, he said. “Is that all pussy juice?” he asked.“No, I fucked her earlier. What you see is my creampie.”He let out a low whistle. “I’d do anything to fuck her!”, he said.“Not tonight, buddy. But why don’t you whip that hammer out and give it a few yanks?”I didn’t have to tell him twice. I an instant his pants were around his ankles and her was furiously beating his meat.I dropped my shorts and joined him. I went to the opposite side of the bed and pointed at her chest.“Shall we do some painting?”, I asked, and pointed my dick at her tits.“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed, and stood opposite me. His hand was a blur as he jacked his young cock.He grunted, and thick ropes of young man come splashed across her triple Ds. The sight of another man’s come on my wife’s perfect white tits pushed me over the edge, and my load joined his. I watched as cum slid own into the valley between her massive jugs.“Mister,” he said as I let him out of the cabin a few minutes later, ”This has been the best night of my life!”.“Until tomorrow, Drew!” I said, and smiled. “We’ll see about getting you some pussy tomorrow.” He grinned and ran off. I closed the door and went back to wipe our cum off my wife before she woke up.I had plans for her, plans she’d never know and never approve of if she did.To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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