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Educating John Ch. 02

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Thanks to all the encouraging comments submitted by various readers. That was my first attempt at erotic writing and I’m relieved it was accepted.

Here is part 2 which I hope will you will enjoy. More to follow in due course.


The next morning, John’s first thoughts were of what had gone on the night before and he wondered what Val’s reaction would be when he got down for breakfast. He was very apprehensive and almost dreaded seeing Val again in case she regretted what she had done. However he was relieved when she greeted him with a cheery smile and put his breakfast before him. As he was eating, she went about her work in the kitchen and made no mention of what had happened the previous evening.

She was soberly dressed in jeans and a tight sweater, which emphasised her breasts and nipples and John was not slow in casting his eyes appreciatively over them. She was well aware of his lustful glances and moved around with her back erect and her shoulders back more than usual so as to emphasise her generous bosom. John tried to picture her without the tee shirt and soon had the stirrings of an erection, which he tried to hide as he got up from the table. His discomfort wasn’t lost on Val and she smiled inwardly as they exchanged goodbyes

Val spent the morning thinking about John and the thrill he obviously got from seeing her breasts. She had to admit that she had got quite a thrill too, exposing herself to him, and although she was a mature, experienced woman, she spent the day in a state of sexual excitement, more in keeping with a teenager.

As she went about her daily routine, she was thinking about the evening ahead and how best to introduce him to the next step into the pleasures of sex. The day passed slowly for both of them and Val kept herself busy trying to make the day pass more quickly. She kept telling herself that she was being stupid getting all worked up over an eighteen-year-old boy, but she kept on recalling the sight of his bulge and couldn’t help wondering about the size of his cock. Her thoughts made her quite moist between her legs and she was beginning to feel very lustful towards him.

Mid afternoon, she went upstairs to get ready. She had a long soak in a warm bath, then dried herself and walked naked into her bedroom. She stood before the mirror and admired her lovely body, stroking her shaven pussy and fondling her breasts. She pondered on how John would react if he could see her completely naked like this. She was dying to see his cock and she fully intended to get it out that evening. She decided to wear similar clothes to the previous day except she chose a mini-skirt and thinner, semi-transparent blouse, which would give him a more tantalising view of her breasts.

When she was dressed she sat down before the dressing table mirror to see the effect she intended him to see. Her breasts were clearly outlined beneath the thin top, and her hard nipples made very prominent impressions against the flimsy material.

She sat back and opened her legs. Her short skirt did little to hide the view up between her legs and her brief panties barely covered her pussy. If she sat opposite to John, she would be able to give him ‘accidental’ glimpses of her crotch and she was becoming quite aroused at the thought. There was no doubt in her mind that she would be getting her tits out for him again and she was already quite moist in anticipation.

At school, John was unable to concentrate for thinking about the events of the previous evening and in particular, the unexpected display Val had given him of her breasts. He wondered if it would only be a ‘one off’ display or if she would let him see them again that night. Time dragged but at long last his day came to an end and as soon as the finishing bell went, he rushed home.

Val answered his knock and when John saw her, he was delighted and excited to see how sexily she was dressed. Her breasts were very apparent beneath her flimsy top and he feasted his eyes unashamedly on her prominent nipples, which seemed to harden even more under his stare. He let his gaze wander down her body to her legs, which were generously displayed. He admired what he could see of her lovely smooth thighs, plump and fleshy without being fat, nicely tanned and very shapely. Her appearance gave him hope that perhaps she would repeat the previous night’s pleasure again that evening.

As soon as she shut the door, she gave him a hug and a nice quick kiss on the mouth. It was quite unlike the kiss she had given him the previous day and the feel of her soft lips on his was a new and exciting experience for him. She led him into the kitchen where their meals were ready and as they ate, he couldn’t resist staring openly at her body.

The meal over, they went into the lounge. John was tingling with hopeful excitement as Val poured two glasses of wine, once again giving him a lingering view of her deep cleavage as she bent to offer him his glass.

She went and sat down facing him and as she crossed her legs, her skirt güvenilir bahis rode up so that John had an uninterrupted view high up her smooth thighs. She noticed him glancing from her thighs to her breasts and back again and she smiled inwardly as she saw that his cock was already getting hard inside his trousers. From time to time she uncrossed her legs, opening them briefly so that he was treated to tantalising glimpses of her panty-covered crotch.

“Well, John, what sort of a day did you have at school today?”

“Not very good I’m afraid Val. I kept getting into trouble for not concentrating.”

“Oh, and why couldn’t you concentrate?”

“I’m afraid I kept thinking about other things.”

She threw him a knowing smile. “And what other things would you be thinking about I wonder.”

John blushed and fidgeted uncomfortably. “I … I kept thinking about last night.”

Val showed no remorse. She knew exactly what he had been thinking of but was going to make him tell her.

“And what about last night?” she asked with apparent innocence.

John blushed even deeper and shuffled about in his seat. “Oh you know … ” his voice trailed off in embarrassment.

“No, I don’t know John, how would I? You’ll have to tell me.”

“I was thinking about how … how you took your top off and showed me your … your … you know….” John was now scarlet with embarrassment.

“Oh you mean when I showed you my breasts… don’t be frightened to say it and there’s no need to be so embarrassed … it was no big deal.”

“Oh it was for me Val … it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Yes, I could see that you enjoyed looking at them. I’m glad that you found them so attractive and I was so flattered that I thought I might let you have another look tonight. But if it’s going to affect your concentration at school, perhaps I shouldn’t.”

John was devastated and looked crestfallen. Then he looked up at her and said pleadingly, “Oh Val, if I promise not to let it interfere with my studies any more, will you please let me see them again … oh please Val … please.”

“You are a very naughty boy John, wanting to see my breasts again. I really shouldn’t let you, but if I do, will you promise me sincerely that from now on you will concentrate hard at school?”

“Oh yes I promise … I promise.”

“Alright then, I believe you. I’ll get them out for you but if you ever break your promise, I’ll never forgive you and I’ll never let you see them again.”

She sat forward and slowly unfastened the buttons of her blouse. When she reached the last button, she slowly and tantalisingly pulled her blouse open then she proudly thrust out her bare breasts for his enjoyment.

He gazed at them again, taking in every detail as she stroked them and teased her nipples until they were firm and erect, jutting out like pencil erasers. Then the implication of her last words struck him “I’ll never let you see them again”. That could only mean one thing … that she was prepared to let him see them more often so long as he kept his promise. He made a silent vow to study like crazy.

“Oh Val, thank you … thank you … oh they really are so beautiful.” … thank you … oh thank you.”

“Oh I don’t know about being beautiful. They are beginning to sag a lot more now and they aren’t as firm or as high as they were. Tell me truthfully now … do you really like them or are you just being kind?”

“Yes of course I like them … I love them … they are the most exciting things I’ve ever seen”

“Well you can come over here and have a closer look if you like.”

John jumped up, his bulge now very prominent as he went across to where Val was sitting and knelt in front of her. He was now only a few inches away from them and the sight sent his mind reeling.

“Here you are … have a good look … goodness knows, you’ve waited long enough to see them.” Val cupped them and held them up for his inspection. She bounced them up and down and thumbed her nipples to keep them hard.

“Oh they are magnificent Val … I’m speechless. They’re so big and they look so smooth and soft.”

“Yes John, they are very smooth and incredibly soft. Would you like to touch them? You can if you like. Why don’t you feel them for yourself and see how smooth and soft they are?”

John was still very shy and Val could see his nervousness as he hesitated to make a move. So taking his hands in hers, she held them up and leaned further forward so that her breasts rested gently and softly in his upturned palms.

“Here they are John, don’t be shy. Feel them, play with them and enjoy them. Don’t they feel nice and smooth and soft? This is a moment you will never forget … the very first time you played with a woman’s breasts.”

John was in heaven – he couldn’t believe he wasn’t dreaming. He never took his eyes off those wonderful treasures as he squeezed them, pulled them apart and then released them. He loved to watch them swing freely and slap together each türkçe bahis time he let them go. He cupped them, lifting them up and feeling their weight, then took hold of her firm nipples and gently twisted them between his fingers and thumbs, as he had seen her do, pulling and pinching them.

Val loved the feel of his young inexperienced hands and saw that he now had a really strong erection. From the size of his bulge, she could see that for a boy of his age, he was very well endowed. Val sat up straight as John continued to play with her lovely tits, holding them only a few inches from his face and gazing intently at her nipples.

He looked up into Val’s eyes and said “Val, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can…what is it?”

“Your breasts are so beautiful and soft ….can … can I kiss them please?”

“Yes John, of course you can. You can do anything you want with them.”

He took one breast in both hands, gripping it firmly making the nipple stand out hard then pursing his lips he placed a tender kiss on the tip. He went to the other breast and did the same thing. Then taking one breast in each hand, he lifted them up, kissed them all over and buried his face between them, rubbing the soft flesh against his cheeks.

The first contact of his lips against her nipples was like an electric shock to Val. It had been a long time since anyone else had played with her breasts and as she revelled in the renewed experience she found herself becoming quite aroused.

Val gently pushed his head away. “Oh John, it’s a long time since anyone kissed my breasts and it feels so nice. Would you like to suck my nipples?” she whispered, lifting up her tits and holding them towards him.

John took the nipples in turn between his lips and sucked on them. Oh, they felt and tasted wonderful.

“That’s right John. Suck them harder. Ooohh yes that feels so good.”

John released her nipples and opening his mouth wide, he sucked in as much as he could of her huge breast. He went from one to the other as if trying to swallow them whole, cramming as much tit flesh into his mouth as he could and teasing the nipple with his tongue. He had waited a long time for this moment and he wanted to enjoy it to the full. For the next ten minutes, she let him continue sucking and licking, enjoying the feel of his inexperienced hands fondling her tit flesh and his lips sucking her sensitive nipples.

John couldn’t get enough of them. He kissed the soft flesh, sucked her firm nipples and rubbed his face over and between them, burying his face firmly into her deep soft cleavage. Val was now becoming very damp between her legs and began to melt into the pleasure he was giving her. She hadn’t expected to become so aroused at such an early stage and decided she could wait no longer to see his cock.

“Are you enjoying yourself John? Do you like playing with my breasts? I know it’s your first time but I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic.”

“Oh Val, I’m having a wonderful time. I love them … they feel and taste so good. I wish this could go on forever.”

“Good – I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, but don’t you think the fun is rather one-sided? Don’t you I think I should have a little fun too?”

John looked up at her in surprise “What do you mean Val?”

“Well I’ll tell you … you had never seen or played with a woman’s breasts before, so I’ve let you play with mine. Well I’ve never seen an eighteen- year-old boy’s penis before, and I want to see yours. I can see you are very excited. Playing with my breasts is causing that big bulge in your trousers, so I think I deserve to see it. That’s only fair isn’t it?”

John gasped with surprise. He had never thought about such a possibility and he didn’t know what to say. Why on earth should a mature woman like Val want to see his cock?

“I – I – I suppose so Val.” He stammered with embarrassment, hardly able to look her in the eye.

“Don’t be so embarrassed John. Have you never shown a girl your cock before?”

“N – n – no, never.”

“Well there has to be a first time for everything and when you’ve shown it to me once, I’m sure you will want to show it to me again, but first let’s make ourselves comfortable.”

Val got up and raised John to his feet, guiding him across to the sofa. She sat down and pulled him down beside her.

“Now John, are you going to get it out for me or do you want me to do it for you?”

John nervously and clumsily started to unfasten his belt then slid down his zip. Raising his hips, he slipped his trousers down to his ankles and kicked them off. His cock was now making a huge tent in his shorts and Val stared at it in eager anticipation.

“Oh Val, do you really want to see it?”

“Yes I do. You’re doing very well so far John, but I want you to get it right out for me. Come on … don’t be shy … I want to see it.”

John inserted his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and when he pulled them off, his cock sprang straight up, proud and rigid. güvenilir bahis siteleri

Val stared at it in silence for a few moments, gazing at it in admiration and drinking in its beauty. As she had predicted it was big … in fact for an eighteen year-old boy, it was enormous. It was at least nine inches long with a girth to match. It was rigid and straight with a prominent blue vein running down the full length and she was pleased to see that he was uncircumcised. His foreskin was long and fleshy and completely covered the head of his cock even in its fully erect state.

John sat back, his eyes closed, his cock standing straight up, very shy and feeling acutely embarrassed. Val sat silently staring at his impressive member but her silence made him nervous and apprehensive. Was something the matter? Was she disappointed at what she saw? His curiosity got the better of him.

“What’s the matter Val … you’ve gone very quiet … is everything alright?”

“Yes John, everything is perfect. I think you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen I’m just speechless with delight. I just want to have a good look at it before I touch it. Oh my God John, it’s so big. You don’t know what a lucky boy you are.”

John gave a sigh of relief and opened his eyes.

Unable to resist any longer, she reached for his cock and gripping it firmly, she slowly peeled his foreskin back gradually exposing the swollen purple head. She continued to pull back and when the head was fully exposed, she could see that a clear sticky fluid was already oozing from the eye. She worked her hand up and down the rigid shaft, watching with delight as his generous loose foreskin covered and exposed the bulbous head.

They say that the native women in Africa play with their babies’ genitals to sooth them when they are upset and Val seemed to have the same effect on John. His embarrassment gradually faded and he began to relax and enjoy the feel of her hands as they gently fondled his rigid member. As he opened his eyes to watch her, she looked up at him and smiled.

“There now John … that wasn’t so bad was it? Do you like to feel me playing with your cock? Just relax and enjoy it.”

She gripped the shaft firmly and pulled his foreskin right back fully exposing the head again and she noted that the pre-cum was now oozing more freely from the eye. She could tell by the way his cock was pulsating that he would not be able to hold on much longer and as she was eager to see him come, she started working his foreskin rhythmically up and down the rigid shaft.

John had never had anyone else touch his cock before and the feel of her cool fingers was sensational. His cock had never been so hard and he could already feel the sperm starting to well up deep within his balls. Never had he felt such intense sexual arousal and he knew he could not hold back his climax for much longer. He was in his seventh heaven playing with Val’s gorgeous tits as she lovingly and gently masturbated him.

But being so young and inexperienced, it wasn’t long before the wonderful sensation of her expert fingers started the familiar pleasant sensation deep in his loins. He had masturbated many times before and loved the feeling, but nothing had ever compared with this. Before he could control himself and before he could say a word, he felt his sperm start its unstoppable journey from his swollen balls.

Val had been prepared for such a rapid reaction and with the first eruption, she held back his foreskin and gazed at the swollen head as jet after jet of creamy cum sprayed from the eye. It covered her hands and shot up over her tits, running down and dripping off her nipples.

Once again, John was deeply embarrassed and couldn’t apologise enough.

“Oh I’m sorry Val. I didn’t mean that to happen but it came so quickly that I really couldn’t help it. I’m so sorry. Oh please don’t be cross with me.”

“Don’t be silly John and you don’t have to apologise. Of course I’m not cross with you … it’s the most natural thing in the world. I knew that would happen and I wanted to make you come … I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.”

“But I’ve made such a mess all over you.”

“Look John, you mustn’t worry … it will easily clean up. I enjoyed playing with your cock and making you come. I want to play with it again in a little while and see if I can make you come again. Shall I let you into a little secret – I enjoyed feeling you play with my breasts and I want you to play with them again later while I make you come again. Now let me get cleaned up and bring in some more drinks.”

John went over and sat on the sofa, still naked from the waist down as Val went into the kitchen to return shortly with two glasses. Her blouse was still open all the way down the front and she made no pretence of covering herself up. John watched her every move and never took his eyes off her gorgeous bosom.

She bent to put the drinks down in front of him then wiped his still rigid cock with a tissue. He couldn’t resist reaching up and feeling her hanging tits again. Then she stood up, took off her blouse, had a swig of her drink and sat beside him. She leaned back and putting her hands behind her head, and causing her lovely tits to lift seductively.

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