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First time oily massage with another man

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First time oily massage with another manRecently my wife was going away for 10 days and I thought this was my chance to do what I’d been wanting: get together with other men to play naked, masturbate and explore.I am an extremely avid masturbator and I love edging my cock when the wife is out. But I really wanted to get naked with a guy, massage his naked body and stroke his cock and finger him till he came.I found a guy on Craigs who seemed Ok. He was a bit younger and was working on the road at the time, a repair guy of sorts.We met for coffee and both agreed to go directly to my home for a hot tub and naked massage.I was nervous when we arrived home and invited him in. I quickly popped 1/2 a viagra cause I didn’t want to appear limp. He immediately took his clothes off and izmir escort i did too.We went out in the hot tub –two naked guys. I couldn’t help but gaze at his cock. It was cut like mine but thinner and longer. Also he was hairy–unlike me cause I shave my sac and cock regularly.I noticed his cock growing as we talked, even though that is difficulty in a hot tub. I think he was aroused at what was coming next. We finished up in the tub and dried off –then went into a bedroom where I had set up a massage bed., with towels and oils.He climbed up face down and I proceeded to oil him up liberally, working his feet, legs, back neck and eventually his bum.It was so erotic to be massaging another man’s ass. I was getting turned on and found it really quite easy to slide my finger inside izmir escort bayan his ass.I asked first and he nodded yes.I had never done that to a man. It was so sexy to be fingering his lubed ass.He moaned with pleasure.I was really want thought to see and feel his cock.Eventually he rolled over revealing his half hard penis. I oiled him up all over working down to where I really wanted to be: his cock and balls.I got him hard quickly, cupping his balls and squeezing them while I stroked him.I alternated this with more ass fingering and then he said i could climb on top of him.I was so happy he asked.I mounted his oily body and started rubbing my cock and balls against his.He kept his eyes closed all along but really was enjoying this as much as I was. I grabbed his escort izmir cock and started rubbing it together with mine. i think that is called frottage.I never expected to be doing this but it just seemed so right. I loved rubbing out stiff cocks together.It was so arousing to feel my cock and his together and our now oily balls squishing and sliding. I coul’d hold back and against my will i jelled and loudly squirted my load on his stomach.I wanted to go on and was disappointed to cum that soon. He didn’t cum, but i knew I had to keep on stroking him till he did, in all fairness.His cock was super hard and he loved being stroked. I did him for about another 10 minutes before he moaned and said “here comes”…and he squirted all over his stomach. With one hand i rubbed his cum all over his stomach and squeezed the final drops out of his cock.We smiled and agreed that was fun, showered and wham bam he was on his way.We communicated by email once after but didn’t do it again…Maybe i should?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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