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From Virtual to Physical Pt. 01

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We met online…both of us happily married and committed but yearning for hot passionate sex. Not wanting to be physically unfaithful, we both figured it was a safe option. Sexting, emails, voice messaging, sexy photos, video chats…it got hotter and hotter for months…back and forth…the secret forbidden fruit constantly invading every corner of our minds. It raged out of control for months the tension building to the point of explosion over and over again. But it was even more than that. An actual relationship. A total love affair.

The connection was open and honest, we talked about everything, our likes and dislikes, our wildest fantasies, things we would never even say out loud, let alone actually tell another person. It is like nothing else we had ever experienced in our lives. It has been nearly a year and still going strong, and it is to the point that we both just can’t take not being physically together any more.

I received the letter at my office this morning via courier, and tucked inside was the key to the condo you rented for the weekend with the address, a handwritten note, and a red rose petal. You knew my family was out of town, and it was finally our one chance for this opportunity. I needed to have you worse than I needed to breathe. It was like a dream.

I got dressed in my blue jeans and white button down shirt. Underneath it, I wore the white cotton tanks that drive you crazy. I’m not a girlie girl, but that’s partially what turns you on so much.

I’m bisexual and while I love to be fucked, I also love to be the one doing to the fucking. Something about being inside the body of another person is just so incredibly hot; male or female.

You are all man though, rough hands, muscular body, mechanically inclined, analytical, brilliant bahis firmaları and incredibly sexy. Yet the thought of me fucking you drives you absolutely insane something you never even considered with anyone else. It’s for this reason that I’m going to wear my strap on cock under my jeans inside my boxer briefs instead of the lace matching bra and panties I originally thought to wear.

That being said, after having faithfully been with my wife for over 15 years, the thought of having your cock inside me is more exciting than words can adequately express and the burning hunger I feel to have you fuck me is completely overwhelming. I don’t know which of the two I could possibly want more or even first. I promise I will have both before the night is over.

I was about to pack an overnight bag with some clothes and toiletries when I realized it was an effort in futility. I laughed. There isn’t a shot I’m gonna need any clothes at all. I grabbed my toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, some perfume and tossed a handful of condoms and a tube of lube into the bag. I grabbed a bra and panties and that was a wrap. There …Done.

I quickly jumped into the shower, shaving every part of my body, washing every inch of myself and then washed and conditioned my hair. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel and dried off fast.

I threw on some very light makeup just a little mascara, blush and some lipstick to accentuate one of your favorite parts. I pulled on my leather jacket, grabbed my small bag, keys and wallet and I was out the door. On my way to you. My entire body electrified at the prospect of finally touching you and having you touch me after all of this time.

Driving there the images of our clothes being strewn across the floor in a tattered pile, as we roll over kaçak iddaa every wall, chair, sofa, table countertop, bed, shower and square inch of floor flashes through my mind. I’m instantly wet at the thought.

The phone rings, it’s you. Just hearing your voice makes my body react. I tell you I am on my way, and you say perfect and tell me to let myself in.

When I arrive the place is gorgeous. Your truck is parked out in front. I think about the number of times we have had virtual sex every which way in and on that vehicle and I smile. The outside light is on but as I open the door, I see only the faint light of candles breaking the darkened inside.

I step in and there you are, right inside the door, right in front of me. We can barely contain ourselves. We don’t even speak. Instantly you grab me, push me back against the door hard, slamming it closed. Our hands are all over each other, kissing each other more passionately than I have ever kissed or been kissed by anyone before.

You pull me out of my leather jacket, tossing it to the floor. You press your body hard against mine. You grab my shirt and pull it apart hard, buttons go flying into the air. You smile up at me when you feel the cotton tank and realize I’m not wearing a bra. Just how you wanted it. See…I can follow the rules…sometimes. You push your hips against me and feel my hard cock. You moan audibly.

I grab your t-shirt and pull it over your head. You start grabbing at my jeans trying to get them off now. You yank the zipper down. I grab your t-shirt and pull it over your head and arms. I grab the button on your jeans and yank down the zipper. You slide my jeans and boxers down and I kick them off. You kiss my neck, then my nipples and suck them through the tank. You feel both of my breasts kaçak bahis and you squeeze them hard in your hands. You grab the tank with both hands on my chest. You pull hard…literally ripping it off my body, exposing my breasts to you. I moan and suck my already hard nipples against your tongue and swirl around them, then suck them and the back into your mouth without the fabric blocking. Pinning me up against the door you grab my hands and pull them over my head holding with them there with one hand as you kiss and taste my skin, looking intensely each other’s eyes. You slide your hand down my side and over my belly and wrap your strong hand around my cock. You jerk it then pull it hard to the side. You force your fingers under the strap on and slide two of them directly into my wet pussy. You get them soaked. Needing to see it in the flesh you quickly bring my wet fingers to my lips. You lean back to watch as u rub it on my lips and push them inside my mouth, slowly seductively pumping them in and out the warm wet hole.

I grab you and pull you to the floor right inside the front door. I push you down on your stomach and feel the carpet under one hand as I grab your jeans and underwear in my hand hard and peel them down exposing your ass. It makes me moan. I grab your ass cheeks in my hand and cover your entire body with mine, kissing your neck, your shoulders and down your back. I pull your jeans and underwear off completely with your help, lifting your hips and instantly wrapping my fingers tight around your cock. The feeling of your cock in my hands finally is amazing and feeling your ass right here in front me nearly takes my breath away. I have got to touch it. I push your legs apart with my own. I push hard against your crack and slowly push your cheeks apart, dragging three fingers down hard over your asshole, touching it in person for the very first time. It send a jolt of lighting coursing through your entire body. You gasp hard then moan even harder.

To be continued…

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