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handi man 2

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handi man 2Fred stopped wanking his cock and played with his erect nipples,teasing them with hi finger tips,pulling them stretching them to there limits,making them very sensative.This made his cock so sensative and longing to be stroked,but he resisted.He noticed the lady was staring at his swollen gland ad then he saw why,there was pre cum dripping out on to his legs.Making them all sticky.Her fingers were all over her clit,but she still had her knickers on,Fred asked her to remove them but she refused.Her breathing was starting to get shorter and more desperate,Fred went back to playing with his balls as she liked that.She moaned out loud as she noticed what he was doing urging him to stand up so she could see them hang between his legs.He stood and cupped his balls and rolled them in his hands,his cock stood proud out in front,twitching avcilar escort as he pulled his balls about.Her fingers were working hard in her knickers and Fred could smell her sex across the room.Fred told her he could feel his spunk rising in his cock.She said she wanted to see his cock shoot its cum.Would he stroke his cock long and hard for her.Fred asked “will you cum as well”she said ” i am not sure i have never had an orgasm ad i am a little frighten what will happen or may be nothing will happen at all””well the only way to find out is keep playing”was Freds reply”oh i have no intention of stopping” she saidFred went back to pulling his foreskin back as far as it would go and then showing her his large glissoning knob.”please wank it hard and fast for me,i want to see it spurt your spunk out”This got şirinevler escort Fred so excited,he pulled his cock as hard a she could,letting her see how his knob got so wet with his lubrication.Asking her if she could smell his sex,cupping his balls in his other hand,thrusting his hips forward in her direction.He started to pull his nipples,pulling them until they became like little bullets.His hand was working hard on his cock.she asked if he would allow her to taste his cum when he came””oh yes no problem”He put his concentration in to gripping his cock, hard around his knob,while his other hand rubbed his bum cheeks.His hand was working its magic on his cock and his excitement was rising.He could see her fingers opening her lips wide inside her knickers getting a slight glimpse of her clit and seeing taksim escort the sex juices on it.Freds hips were now working hard pushing his cock out towards her,he could feel his cum rising up his cock.He told her “i am close to cumming””good she said let me see you shoot,please”Fred was so close.Then she done it,she showed him a glimpse of her pussy,it was so hairy,thick long and strawberry blonde.This was to much for Fred and he shoot his load,there was so much of it.Long streams of thick cream coloured spunk.He shouted out with pleasure,feeling his knees buckling slightly.She sat there and smiled as he shot his load,some on her carpet,but most of it in his hand.He asked her if she wanted to taste it.”oh yes i do”so he offered his spunk filled hand to her.She leant forward and licked it all up.letting it all slip down her throat.”it taste so nice,i would love to be able to taste more lol””well you will have to wait for me to recover” said Fred”ok” she saidwith this to Freds dissapointment she pulled her hand out of her knickers,and said she would carry on when Fred recovered his erection.TO BE CONTINUED

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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