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hot datehot times II’m home sitting in front of my computer working on estimates completely absorbed in the moment.Quietly you enter the house and sneak into the kitchen…..grabbing a clean tea towel you silently come up behind me and slowly and gently cover my eyes from behind, tying the ends of the Towel together…..turning in my chair I stand up, you lead me blindfolded to the bedroom…… you lay me down in anticipation on the bed, you still haven’t said a word or anything to give away, your intention…… I can sense some hot vibes….feel myself getting wetYou leave me alone in the bedroom, and I start to panic……. wondering if it’s you or have you been cheeky and play a hot game with me??????You eventually return breathing on me…… touching me…… You are tying my arms down whilst you are naked……. Your balls brush over my face and lips……. I resist a bit but not really……I can feel you are semi hard as your cock keeps brushing past my lips and over my face…….I feel you growing harder……. both of my arms are spread apart…..tied to the bedhead….. I can’t stop you or touch you….. my tongue flicks out to touch your cock….feeling canlı bahis your pre-cum….ever so carefully you remove yourself from the bed…… what feels like minutes …..you eventually wedge yourself between my legs……again you go…. still playing……. time takes for ever… I struggle not being able to see, I can’t hear anything the scent of you lingers in the air…….. I push my knees together to force a reaction…..The inside of my leg feels your moist skin and I begin to relax again and my excitement builds…………where are you?????????I now have only visual pictures in my head of how I look, what you are doing and what I hope will be your moist tongue taking in the scent of my pussy through the lace knickers…. I can hear some slapping, almost sounds like you are wanking your cock, what else are you doing, it drives me crazy, anticipation of you doing things to me or ….do anything…. suddenly I hear you movingYou rip my G off, leaving my pussy exposed….. the scent of sex is strong and anticipation is building……I feel my legs been pushed apart, one leg at a time you tie them down aswell stretched far apart, leaving bahis siteleri my pussylips open and exposed….I wonder if you will fuck me with your hard cock and finger me until I climax…..but once again, there is nothing, time is standing still, I don’t know where you are I cant feel you, I cant hear you… it drives me insaneand then I can hear you again walking back into the room, I can feel you getting closer, next minute I feel your hands and tongue on my pussy, pulling my lips slightly apart licking the inside of my labia, flicking my clit with your tongue and then OHHH fuck yes, you push two fingers inside me and squeeze your thumb on my clit, you hook your fingers inside my pussy so you almost touch your thumb through my pussy as you start to fingerfuck me… OMG I am soooo wet and it doesn’t take long before I can hear myself screaming, FUCK ME, please fuck me, I can feel this massive orgasm building and without warning I am squirting and cuming like I have never done before, OH Fuck Yessss, now I can feel him taking out his fingers and he puts them over my mouth, I start to lick his fingers clean, as he changes his position and moves his cock güvenilir bahis closer, I am trying to swallow his cock and lick over his head,hmmm something doesn’t feel right, also a different smell, what is going on???I can feel him standing up his legs beside me, I am asking what are you doing, who is this, as I can feel and hear him wanking his cock, no answer it is such a horny feeling listening to a man wanking his cock and drives me wilde….I hear a slight moan and then feel the splatters of creamy cumm over my face boobs and pussy…OMG this is so hot, I am cuming againhe steps of me and its quiet again. I hear him walking away….I am struggling and want to be freed, I am still tied up and covered it warm runny cumm.I can hear him coming again and he unties me, feet first, arms, left then right and he gives me a big kiss before I remove my blindfold, he has got a small towel there to tidy myself up,I get up and he grabs me from behind and pushes his hard cock up my pussy from behind, what the fuck, as he fucks me like an a****l I hear a car driving away from our driveway,he fucks me and pushes his cock inside me until I cum again, then even harder for a few more minutes before he unloads his massive load all over my butt and backWOW that was hot, I am fucked I still don’t know what happened earlier or if someone else was here, it is his secrete, But Oh fuck it was so horny

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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