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How i use Deborah and her daughters

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How i use Deborah and her daughtersMy first story so please be gentle on me. All pictures were given to me by Deborah.I was walking my d** one evening when I seen a sexy girl taking out the trash. I stopped and watched her as her young ass swayed in her little shorts. I told myself I need to walk this way more often. About that time I heard a female voice yell out hurry up sis mom wants us to help clean up for when dad gets home Monday. I thought mmmm 3 women alone all weekend. The one taking out the trash was now heading back into the house and she was walking fast and that ass was driving me nuts.I looked down at my German Shepard and said boy do you want to have some pussy? He looked at me like he knew what I was saying and wagged his tail. I headed home to wait for it to get a little darker. I started gathering things I was going to need to tie those 3 up. I also found an old ski mask so I can hide my face. I put the rope, duct tape, belt, and cloths pens in my back pack.I waited until 8:30 and I said champ come on lets go get some pussy. He came running up and we headed back to your house. I snuck up to the backdoor and looked in. I saw what looked like the mom and the daughter that took the trash out sitting on a couch. I looked some more and seen the legs of the other daughter on the floor. I watched for awhile making sure there was no one else in the house.I reached down to the door knob and twisted and it was unlocked. I looked at Champ and said heal. I pushed the door open and watched to see if any of you heard me enter. Lucky the T.V was loud so I was able to get in and shut and lock the door. I pulled the ski mask down and told Champ to guard. He ran into the living room growling and showing his teeth. The daughter on the floor jumped up and got on the couch with you. I walked up behind you and put a rope around your neck and said shut up or I will have him attack.I tied your hands behind your back then did the same to the girls. I walked around the couch and took my knife out and I cut your night shirt off and noticed your nipples were hard. The girls were crying so I said stop it as I jerked your shorts and panties off. The youngest was sobbing and being loud so I took your panties and shoved them into her mouth. I then cut the oldest night shirt off and all she had on were her panties. I ripped them off her and asked you what is your names? You said I am Deborah that’s my youngest Brianna and this is Danielle. I shoved Danielle’s panties into your mouth. I noticed you opened up and stuck your tongue out. I Thought you whore you want her panties in your mouth.I removed Brianna’s panties and shoved them into Danielle’s mouth.I told you all if you kick or fight I will have my d** attack and asked if you understood. You all nodded yes so I said good. I backed away and said open your legs sluts. You opened yours fast and wide. The girls looked at you and you motioned for them to do the same. They opened up and I was looking at 3 very sexy pussies. I grabbed Brianna and put her on the floor on her back. I moved down to her pussy and started rubbing her. Her pussy got wet and she moaned a little. I looked up at you and I could see the lust in your eyes.I got a finger inside her tight pussy and moved it around. I pushed it in deeper but didn’t find no resistance. I looked at you and said mom your baby girl isn’t pure. I removed my finger and put bursa escort it under your nose and said doesn’t your daughter smell good? I heard you sniff hard and I laughed thinking mom is a nasty slut. I moved back to her and made her get on her hands and knees.I unzipped my pants and took my dick out and removed the panties from her mouth and told her if you yell I will cut you do you understand? She said yes I slapped her and said you address me as sir, she said yes sir. I moved my dick to her mouth and said suck. She moved forward and took my dick. She reached up and I said no hands. Then I looked over and seen Champ wagging his tail so I said Champ kiss. He walked up behind her and started licking her. I watched as she opened her legs wider for him. I felt her moan on my dick and I said champ mount. He jumped up and started to fuck but was missing. I told her reach back and guide him in. She did as I said and never took my dick out of her mouth.Champ was starting to fuck her hard and she stopped sucking so I grabbed her hair and shoved my dick into her throat. She gagged as I held her tight. I released her hair and she backed off with tears in her eyes and I said don’t stop or I will do it again. I noticed Champ was fucking her hard so I moved so I could see and I seen his knot growing and going into her pussy.I grabbed Danielle and removed the panties and told her to get under her sister. She looked at you and you nodded and she got under her. I moved her head down below her pussy and told her to catch the d** cum. I could tell she didn’t want his cum dripping on her so I knelt down and whispered if you move your face again I will I will scar your pretty face. She looked at me and said yes sir. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy. I could tell she was fighting herself about getting excited. I could see her pussy getting wet and her hips started moving. I heard a moan and looked up to her face and I could see it was wet from her sisters pussy and d** cum.I looked at you and could tell you were excited and very wet. You were opening and closing your legs trying to get off. I grabbed your hair removed the panties and pulled you down on your hands and knees. I put your face next to Brianna’s face and said kiss her. You both moved in for the kiss and I thought your daughter is as nasty as you are. While you kissed her I grabbed the belt and started whipping your ass. It started to get red and I could see the belt marks but you just started kissing her harder. I started to swing harder and you pushed your ass higher. I said spread that ass for me and you reached back and opened it for me.Suddenly Brianna was pulled away and we both looked up to see champ trying to get off her back but his knot was to big and he was dragging her. I went around and grabbed him and said stay. I thought I need something to make him stay on her. I looked at you and said get up and come here. You walked over and I said straddle her back and put that slut cunt in champs face. He started licking you and you moaned loud and started cumming. We heard a loud gasp and noticed champ had unknotted and his dick was hanging down. I moved and looked at Danielle on the floor and her face was covered in d** cum as it dripped from her sisters pussy. I told her to suck champ as he licks your moms pussy. She didn’t hesitate she moved her mouth to him and started sucking. I asked who bursa escort bayan is next to be fucked by champ? You said me please sir but Danielle said no me. I have got his cum on my face and I sucked him to keep him ready.I said you are right let me pull champ away from your moms pussy. As I moved champ I told Danielle to go let mom lick the cum off your face. You moaned loud and started licking all the cum off her. I said mom go sit down and watch. I had Danielle get on her knees and told champ mount. He got on her back and was trying to get in. I told Brianna to put his dick in your sister. She reached out and guided him into her sisters pussy.I looked at you and noticed you were rubbing your pussy. I said stop and you said I am so horny. I looked at Brianna and said go lick your moms pussy. She didn’t say anything but dropped down on her knees and spread your knees wide and started eating you. You yelled OMG baby girl you are going to make mommy cum please don’t stop.We heard Danielle scream I am cumming. She fell forward and as she did she pulled off champ. I told you to get down there and fuck him. As you were getting on your knees I whispered to Brianna to put champ in your ass. She gave me a wicked grin and nodded. You had your ass up and I said champ mount. When he got up I looked at Brianna and she grabbed his dick and put it against your ass. You yelled that’s my ass and she said yes mom I know.You screamed as Champs dick entered your ass. Brianna slaps your ass and says shut up mom and take it. I move in front of you and shove my dick into your mouth as Champ pushes again and slides deeper into you. Danielle slides under you and starts licking your cunt. Brianna says sir what can do. I say eat Danielle out and make sure you get her ass wet. As she moves around to eat her sister I say get my phone out of my pants and unlock the back door first.As Brianna returns with my phone she hands it to me and gets down to use her sister. I call a friend of mine and say hey I got three sluts here that will wear me out get your sons and your d**s and come over. I give him the address and hung up. I say there will be enough dick for all you sluts. I looked down at you and said I will save his youngest virgin son for you. I felt you moan on my dick as I said that.Champ is fucking your ass hard and Danielle says mom you are dripping wet and taste good. I tell her wait until he cums and you eat it from your moms ass. She moans and sucks your clit into her mouth. I pull out of your mouth and look at Brianna eating her sister with her ass up. I move over behind her and shove my dick into her wet pussy. Brianna moans and says yes fuck me sir make me your whore. You hear this and start cumming all over Danielle’s face. Danielle moans and say yes mom cum all over me and she stats cumming on Brianna’s face. I feel Brianna clamp down on my dick and know she is cumming.I see Champ stop fucking your ass and I know he is filling it with his cum. I move over to him to keep him from dismounting you. His knot is lodged deep in you. As it starts to go down his cum is seeping out and Danielle is licking it all up. I release Champ and he pulls out and your ass is gaping open. I say look girls moms ass is wide open. They move to look and Brianna says wow mom you are open wide. Danielle moves down and starts licking your ass and cleaning up the cum that is dripping out.I escort bursa say Deborah its time for you to be a piss slut. I grab you and pull you into the shower and force you down on your knees. The girls followed us and watched as I started pissing on you. I said open your mouth cunt and drink my piss. You open it and I piss straight into it. Brianna says I have to go pee. I say well step up and use this dumb cunt for your toilet. She steps up and grabs your hair and says drink my piss slut as she starts pissing on your face. I look at Danielle and say who would you like to be your mom or sister? She looks at me and says mom. I shove her to her knees and start pissing on her.My phone rings and I answer it and I hear hey we are here. I say come in through the gate the back door is open. I hear him say where are you? I say in the master bath. Steve walks in followed by his three sons and 2 d**s. He says wow you do have three nasty whores don’t you? I say yep any of you need to piss? Tony his oldest son at s*******n says I do and removes his pants. Bill and Gary start to remove their pants and say can we piss on them also? I tell the boys sure but wait just a second, Brianna get down there and let Bill use you as his piss slut. She smiles and gets down in front of him. I tell Gary to piss on you as he is the youngest and a virgin.The boys are having fun using my sluts and seeing who can hit your mouths the most. I tell Steve that you are going to be the whore to take Gary’s virginity. Steve says Gary do you want to fuck that old whore? He looks back and says yes I bet she knows a lot about fucking. I grab you by your piss soaked hair and drag you to your bed. I tell Steve to help me tie this cunt up so we can all use her. I go to get my rope and Steve yells this dumb whore has everything we need.I come back in and see you have ball gags, blindfolds, and leather straps. I laugh and say well she is a nasty slut isn’t she. We put the gag in and blindfold on. Then start strapping you down with your arms and legs pulled wide apart. Steve looks at your cunt and says I hope Gary can touch the sides of that old used twat. I laugh and say lets find out Gary get up there and fuck this whore. He gets up on you and starts moving but cant hit your cunt. I say Brianna come put his dick into your moms old used cunt. She giggles as she takes his dick and puts at your big hole. He shoves it in and starts fucking you fast. I lean down by your ear and say how does that virgin dick feel. You moan as he cums in you for his first time.Brianna says I want fucked so bad. I look at Steve and said take this whore and use her anyway you want. He grabs her and throws her on the bed next to you and says whore I am going to fuck your baby girl in all of her slut holes. He takes her legs and bends them back over his shoulders and enters her with one push. She takes his 9″ dick and moans I am so full fuck me hard. Steve starts driving her hard and fast. You can feel the bed bounce as he uses her for his cum dump.Danielle walks in with Tony and says to Tony make me your slut. He puts her on the other side of the bed face down and starts spanking her hard. You can hear the slaps and her cry’s for him to hurt her and use her. Tony grabs her and raises her ass up and says I am going to tear that ass up. He moves up and puts his dick into her ass. She screams and cry’s so he asks her if she wants him to stop. I look at him and say It doesn’t matter what she wants fuck that ass. She yells yes fuck my ass and he shoves his dick all the way in.If there is enough positive feedback i will continue the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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