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iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 3

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iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 3iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 3 – iSecretsSam loves hanging out with Carly, but she feels slightly awkward around her, she makes her feel so strange. She finds out she’s not the only one who feels this way when she goes over to Carly’s house. BTW-I still don’t own iCarly, and my chinchilla is forever awesome*SAM*I was on the couch watching some show about a guy and magic hamster, eating ribs covered in Carly’s favourite yellow blanket. She was probably talking with Freddie about how she made such a huge mistake, and must’ve gone completely insane. I sank into the couch and my chest was hurting, thinking about how she doesn’t want me.While I was starting to feel more uncomfortable than I’ve ever felt before, Spencer walked into the apartment again.”Hey Sam, any reason you’re naked on my couch?” he asked calmly without batting even an eyelid to my nudity as if it was an everyday occurrence. Which it wasn’t.This pain was making me feel moody. I was heartbroken that Carly would leave me there after what we had just gone through together.”I’m thinking about joining a nudist colony,” I replied with attitude, wanting to hurt something… or someone.”Oh, maybe you could do that… Somewhere else,” he said to me still calm as a whistle.My feelings exploded and I stand, pacing, “HOW DO PEOPLE FEEL THIS WAY? WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO? WHY WOULD ANYONE BE WITH ANYBODY IF IT’S GOING TO END IN THIS GOD AWFUL PAIN?” I pulled my hair as I hyperventilated, not giving a single crap about the look Spencer may have been giving me at that moment.”Did you have a ten minute relationship and break up while I was gone or something?” he chuckled after a few beats of me trying to calm down.I thought out loud again, not paying attention to Spencer, or the fact that he was clearly checking me out, “Why would she do that to me, lead me on like that? It’s obvious she doesn’t like me but why’d she do that? Now I’m gonna remember it every time I see her, and I won’t be able to pretend anymore. I won’t be able to put on a front.””You’d need to talk to Carly to know for sure,” Spencer spoke reassuringly, figuring out the truth of the matter.I forgot he was there. I felt really embarrassed knowing that he knew about Carly, or me liking girls in general now that I thought about it. I got dressed as he smirked and went to his bedroom.“Sit a while,” Spencer said as he sat on the chair next to the couch.“Really?” I asked. Did he really want to talk about feelings when I’m in my current state of undress?There are two things I don’t like to do, and they are talk about my feelings and spend an enormous of time without a stitch of clothing on with somebody who I do not want to see me in such a state. And here Spencer is trying to get me to do just that.“Yes really. Trust me,” he adds while indicating to the spot where I was just sitting.Against my better judgement I sit down and start to listen to him, not really caring my nudeness and the fact that he is still checking me out. I know what he’s thinking too, he would like to have himself a piece of this. And I would have let him some time ago, because there was a time when I actually did have a crush on him, but that was so long ago now I almost forgot about it.“You like Carly, right?”“Yeah. She’s my best friend,” I replied.“And the two of you just decided to take your clothes off tonight?”“Well…” I said, not sure what I was going to say. “Well… We just didn’t decide to do it, it just kinda happened.”“Good,” he said, studying me. “You seem nervous Sam, why?”“Because I’m naked,” I say bluntly.“Oh,” Spencer said as if almost realising his mistake. “If it’ll make you feel better I’ll get naked too.”And before I say a word of protest he leaps to his feet and tears his clothes off. Leaving them in a pile on the floor.He then comes and sits by me, “See, nothing to it.”“Well, you’re not the one who shouldn’t have been nude in the first place.”“You were with Carly, you can be nude with her if you want,” he said, giving his consent for whatever relationship Carly and I will have after today.“Yeah… Well…” I tried to think of something to say that could make this any more comfortable, bahis siteleri but Spencer said something quite uncomfortable.“Is it because you used to have a crush on me?” he asked.HOW DID HE KNOW THAT?!“What?” I managed to say.“I’ve read it in Carly’s diary. Accidently, of course,” Spencer said as he saw the look on my face.“Oh,” I said mainly to myself, knowing that the truth was out.“That’s okay,” Spencer said when he placed an arm on the back of the sofa, behind my head. “I’m actually kinda flattered.”“I can see that,” I mention as I catch a glimpse of her hardening cock.“Oh,” Spencer said as he looked back at his cock. “Sorry about that.”“Don’t be,” I said as he motioned to cove himself up.“Why not?” Spencer then returned his arm to the back of the couch.“I’ve never seen one before. In real life, that is.”I look down at his member and took it all in. It must have been 8 inches when fully erect, which I could see it was close to being so.Then, without knowing why I was doing this, my hand clasp round his tool. I then started to move my hand up and down his cock, hoping that I was doing it right.“Sam. You don’t have to do this,” Spencer said to me.“I know,” I replied still transfixed on his cock. “But I want to know.”“Okay,” Spencer replied almost immediately.He then relaxed back as I started to pleasure him.“Oh god, Sam… That feels so good…” He said as my hand built up a steady rhythm.As I started to speed up I waited in anticipation about what was to come. Surely I know what is going to happened, I’ve seen pictures and videos of this such thing, so I know that soon he will spurt his cum from his cock.“Sam. You’re so good at this…” Spencer said as he placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his naked body.“What about when you cum?” I ask.“What about it?” he replied, I am by now almost on top of him, his hands exploring my chest.“Won’t Carly notice your sum stains when she returns?”“Shit, yeah,” Spencer said as he sat up and let go of my tits, while I carried on gently tugging on his cock. “What are we going to do?”“I could swallow,” I said, mentioning the first thing to come into my head.“No,” Spencer said with a worried look on his face, and still a stiff cock in my hands. “Carly would taste it when you two kiss.”He’s got a point there.“Well, do you have any ideas?” I ask him.“A few spring to mind. But you might not like them.”“Say them, because we won’t do this again after I let go,” I warned him, letting him know that this was just a one off never to be repeated occurrence.“Well, there’s always sex-”“No way,” I shut him down. “I’m saving my pussy for Carly.”“I could cum into a piece of clothing?” he offered.“Do you really want that?” I ask.“No,” re responded.“Any other ideas?” I ask, feeling him getting close.“Ass.”“You’re an ass,” I retort.“No, not that. And thanks for the vote of confidence. But I was talking about me cumming in your ass.”“Wouldn’t Carly know if she goes down there that I’ve got cum in or around that area?”“I could wear a condom?” Spencer offered.“So you wanna fuck my ass just so I can save my cherry for Carly?”“Yes.”“Okay.”“Really?”“Really,” I confirm. “Just be quick, Carly can come back at any moment.” I disengage from his cock and watch as he heads towards his bedroom for his condoms. “And some lube. I don’t want to be sore!”“Okay,” Spencer called back.I can’t believe it! I am just about to allow Spencer Shay to fuck my ass so he can cum into a condom so that Carly doesn’t see any stains from his ejaculation as a result of my masturbating him. Am I crazy? (Don’t answer that.) Am I dreaming? Sure there was once when I actually did have a crush on Spencer, but I had let go of those ch*ldish fantasies as my feelings for Carly developed into what they are now.Whatever they are now.Spencer rushed back into the room with a wrapped condom in one hand and a bottle of what would be lube in the other.“Okay,” he said, admiring my body as I stand up. Showing him my goods. “Let’s do this.”“How do you want me?” I ask, nerves showing in my voice.“Erm… how about…” he said as he looked around the room for a suitable place.“Haven’t got time, remember.”“Over canlı bahis the back of the couch,” Spencer quickly replies.Good.“Good,” I say as I make my way.I lean over the back of the couch, facing the television as Spencer ogles my naked form. That’s okay, whatever helps him.He fumbles with the condom and opens the wrapper quite quickly considering he too was a bottle of nerves. I then hear him trying to put it on himself, and failing at least twice.“Are you okay there?”“Yeah, totally fine,” he answers as he eventually manages to get it onto his cock. “I just have to apply the lube.”I hear him as he opens the bottle and squeezes a little out onto his hands. Then he touches my ass entrance. I am a little shocked by this by this sudden new touch.“That’s okay, it’s just to help you as well as me. I even apply a little to myself,” He said reassuringly.“Okay,” I say looking back at him and watching him do just that.When he and I are fully lubed up he places his hands on my ass cheeks, massaging them. I can’t help but to smile at his touch, I wanted this for so long now, but I imagine it’s Carly now, not him, that about to fuck me. It works as I feel my pussy getting wetter as Spence play with my cheeks. He inches himself closer as my eyes lock on to the head of his erect cock as it nears his goal.“Here I go,” Spencer says to me when I feel his cock make contact with my hole.“Fuck, yeah,” I respond with a mixture of anticipation, excitement, nervousness and worry (that we’re going to get caught) as my first anal partner gently pushes himself into me.I couldn’t believe it, he was in me. Well, his cock was, and that is what mattered. Spencer pushed himself a little further into me then back out of me. Not completely though, just enough to excite me. And I was pretty much excite already. He held my hips as he started pushing himself back into me, guessing that he didn’t want to press me up against the couch. Which was nice of him. He got further into me than last time before he started on the backwards motion again.“Fuck, you’re tight” he said when he started the third push in.“That’s a good thing?” I asked.“It’s the best fucking thing,” Spencer replied. “I like it tight.”“Good,” I said before backing myself onto him, earning a pleasurable moan as thanks.He returned to fucking me and my apparently tight hole (of course it’s tight, he’s the first to enter it) as I fantasised about Carly’s naked body and the things I wanted to do to her. With her. I imagined Spencer was her and his cock, which felt fantastic, was a strap-on Carly was wearing and getting a nice rhythm as she fucked my ass. I met Spencer’s thrust with thrusts of my own, knowing that this would excite him more, showing him that I care he would get off as much as he cared about getting off.His speed increased, as did his moans and groans and the occasion “Fuck” came spurting out of his mouth.“Oh god Sam, I can’t believe you’re so fucking awesome,” he said, mostly to egg himself on than anything.“Then why don’t you say that to my face,” I replied, snarkily.“Okay,” he responded before quickly pulling himself completely out of me, turning me around so that we were facing each other, lifting me up so that he could re-insert himself into my ass then actually re-inserting himself into me. “You’re so fucking awesome,” he repeated as she started fucking me again.I wrapped my legs around his waist as he rested me on the back of the couch, my hands were helping me by steadying the couch and preventing any tipping over of said couch. Spencer quickly resumed his former speed as I felt the start of a orgasm building within me. And I didn’t know you could get an orgasm from anal sex.I do know.He must have sensed it to as he was soon going fast, probably the fasted he could ever go with a woman. He even grabbed my breasts and started playing with them, exciting both me and him in the process.“Fuck. Spencer. Fuck me more,” I said, unable to control my own mouth.“You’re a good fuck Sam,” Spencer replied. “I can see why Carly like you.”The mention of her name was enough for me to picture her face on his body, her breasts on his chest and her strap-on güvenilir bahis (if she had one of course, and if she didn’t I would buy her one) in my ass. And it was with that fantasy, and his hands on my tits, that I climaxed and moaned an orgasm that tore through my young body. My eyes closed, my head went back and I almost lost control as I called out his s*ster’s name.This must have been good enough to him as a few thrust later and he pulled me in tightly to him and he held on to me in the tightest hug he ever hugged me with. I could feel his cock erupting into me, only to be stopped by the protection her wore. He stayed in me until he rode out his own orgasm, keeping my chest tightly up against his own, as I hugged him back.“Fuck,” we both said, almost in unison, as we held each other.“Yeah, so that happened,” I said when we parted.“Yeah,” he said, the sheen of a budding sweat present on his forehead.He then pulled himself out of me as he played with my breasts one last time.“You know, that’s the last time you get to play with them,” I said.He then bent down and took a nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it, his other hands staying on my other breast. He then licked and kissed my breasts before switching to the other mound.“Just wanted to know what I’ll be missing,” Spencer said once he stopped what he was doing on my chest and took the condom off his spent cock.“And?” I asked, curious to know.“Carly’s going to be a lucky girl,” he said as he walked over to his clothes and picked them up.“I’m the lucky one, to know that she likes me,” I said as I watch him walk towards his bedroom, but not before giving me a kiss on the lips.“Thanks, I really needed that.”“Really?” I responded. “What happened to that gamer chick you were dating?”“She didn’t want anal. I like anal,” Spencer’s response was direct and to the point. “You were awesome,” he called from inside his room.“I know,” I replied before I walked around and sat back down onto the couch again.I look around, realising that this time I am no longer an anal virgin (my proper virginity still intact) and I liked it. I can’t wait for Carly to get back so she and I can do things. I even put a shirt back on as I fantasise about what Spencer can do with his cock. My hands slip between my legs and I enjoy the image of his cock in my ass.Then Carly walks back in and sees me like this. Not that I don’t mind, I rather like her watching me pleasure myself.She was smiling, and I smiled back. Like I said, that girl could always make me smile. I stand up and walk over to her. I was about to tell her all of the things I just thought of when she kissed me. It was deep and tender, and our tongues were intertwined as she put her hands on my hips. Slowly she ran a hand under my shirt and over my boobs. She didn’t say it, but she didn’t need to. Everything was okay. I returned the favour and ran my hand over her smooth skin and knew somehow, this feeling was worth anything I might feel later.”Guys,” Spencer shouted from his room. “Can you do that… somewhere else, you’re really loud!”We both laugh; not only Spencer knew about us but he was okay with it.“I gave Freddie a blow-job,” Carly blurted out.“Why?” I asked.“Don’t know. It just kinda felt right, if you know what I mean,” she said, hope that I wouldn’t hate her in her voice.“Yes I do,” I said. Carly then came closer for a kiss, but I held her at bay. “I have something to say too,” I add, hoping that she wouldn’t hate me for what I am about to confess.“What’s that? It surely can’t me worse than giving a blow-job, can it?”I took a deep breath. “Spencer performed anal sex on me.”“What?!”“He saw me naked. He got himself naked. I started tugging on his…”“Cock. Sam, you can say cock.”I was tugging on his cock… and it all went from there.” I confessed to her in a hope that she wouldn’t be mad with me, or with Spencer. “He wore protection, I made sure of that.”Carly kissed me passionately on the lips and pulled me in close, her hands on my ass. “He likes what I like. Next time make sure I’m there,” she whispers in my ear.“I love you Carly.”Did I just blurt that out?I must have gone as white as a ghost as the next thing I remember is Carly laughing and saying, “Why didn’t you just jerk him off into the condom without having to go anal?”She then took my shirt off and placed a hand between my legs.“Oh yeah, didn’t think of that.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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