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Irene enraged (and aroused) english version – stor

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Irene enraged (and aroused) english version – storThis week when I met Irene for a short after work session, she wasn’t really into it from the beginning. Something had happened at work. Is it a running joke or is it real: as a typical (?) woman Irene had to talk about it.At first I thought ‘shit, I want to f*ck and not listen to your problems’. But then it turned out to be not that bad. In fact it was quite amusing…Irene does have some sexual relations around her job, that is known ever since. But neither me nor any of my buddies work in the same firm, so none of us knows precisely, what’s going on there. I have been in the company for a visit two times, once when they had a public relations ‘open doors’ day. And on another day, when I had some business to do with one of their construction men.So I do at least have some clue about the buildings and facilities and of course have paid a short visit to her as I was curious about her working area.O.k., this knowledge helped running a small movie inside my thoughts, when she was talking.Irene has told me and some friends of her stallions group, that there are 3 truckers of external expedition companies who do hump her most very time when they come in to deliver or receive goods and material. I guess they are from the eastern countries, probably Poland, Russia or Ukrainia. Their names are unknown to me, so I’ll just neme them driver1, driver2 and driver3..So, what has happened?Irene is working as a secretary and partly does the handling of transport papers for external expedition firms. Her office has sort of a counter with an almost tit-high (pardon, just came to my mind.. real: about 4,5 feet high) counter where she can stamp the papers, give out canlı bahis declarations and so on. This counter is sort of a window between her office and the floor, so if the window is closed, no office documents or whatever are in reach of the people on the public floor.This day, one of her ‘special’ truckers had come into her office – though not officially wanted – for a visit. She was working on that counter where 5 other truckers where standing in line on the opposite site. It’s always a rush when the trucks come in ’cause it’s real wasted time for the guys to wait for the papers. ‘Time is money’ is exactly what is in their heads and some are late from traffic jam and others are on a tight schedule as they have to board a ferry in the nearby harbor, which wouldn’t wait for them. And missing the ferry results in 6 to 12 hours waiting time, depending on the destination (Lithuania,Poland and other north eastzern countries)O.k., back to the story: Irene just waved special1 hello and pointed him to have a seat. He took a seat, but pulled it over to the side of her counter. No time for smalltalk anyways, as Irene had to manage the cases and had to concentrate on that.Driver1 was a bit grumpy that he didn’t get the usual welcome kiss and then he did, what made Irene almost explode. Bound to keep being polite and professional to the truckers she couldn’t kick special1 into his balls as she wanted. Special1 had slid his hands under her skirt and pulled down her panties. The unknowing on the public floor hadn’t noticed it. Maybe (my phantasy) her face blushed a bit from pure anger and maybe some humiliation.Driver11 had her pants down, but now they were above the floor around her ankles, Irene still bahis siteleri standing right within. He tried to pull open her legs, but without success. Irene was flaming but then she stepped out of the pants as she thought, it would give a strange impression if one of her coworkers would come into her office and see her standing there with pants down.Driver1 grabbed the panties and made some rude and provocating gestures to Irene as if sniffing or licking her pants. Then he stowed them away. Irene calmed down a bit and concentrated on her work. In the meantime she had ‘satisfied’ one trucker, but another 2 had just dropped in, what meant about 5 cases with 5 to 10 minutes each. Just no time to kick driver1 in the next minutes.To show her disagreement, Irene ignored driver1 even more.Driver1 then started to pull up the hem of her skirt above her ass cheeks and started to grab her ass and put one of his legs between her legs, so that Irene couldn’t close her thighs to block the way for his hands spidering her cunt.At least at this point (again my guess) Irene’s face did show some visible sort of reaction, getting blushed, getting sweaty, whatever.Driver1 couldn’t do much more, but he started to finger her cunt in slow motions and not to forget, he knew the spots where to trigger her sex and arousal.Irene didn’t tell about this, maybe she would even reject the thought, but sure as hell driver1 had her cunt juices flowing within minutes. And sure as hell too, Irene had a very hard time to not orgasm in front of the crowd.Driver1 played that cruel game for some more minutes and then stood up with ‘I’ll get me a coffee’ and left the office. Some time later he returned and took his seat again. güvenilir bahis He started fingering Irene again and (my guess and what I know about Irene) he found her cunt still soaking wet. And (another guess) he didn’t have to pull her legs apart this time as she granted him access and opened her legs a bit wider than usual.As Irene tells the story, she has told him to wait until she had ‘satisfied’ all waiting truckers and had time for him.As I think, she hasn’t given him too hard a fight and after all not kicked his balls. She needed them in good condition.Her story had gotten me curious and aroused and the devil riding me a bit to give her some small humiliation. I insisted on knowing, what happened after that. And Irene admitted, that driver1 had fucked her half an hour later in the backseat cabin of his truck.So what to learn out of this: where is the logic? What was she mad about? Being defenseless in that situation? But why getting wet? AND why getting laid after all?Only the last question is something, I can answer quite straight: When Irene is aroused beyond her point of no return, she needs dicks in her cunt. No lamenting ‘but this – but that’. Just a woman in need.And why had she started to talk about it after all?First; as she is a woman, she has to talk.Second: Maybe she wanted a bit more politeness and respect from driver1 or she has enjoyed being in that aroused and helpless state. I think, it’s the latter.PS: To second my guessing about her motivation to tell about: She was wet as a bitch when she had ended the talking without me even having touched her at all.PS2: A friend asked, why Irene didn’t fuck driver1 right there in the firm after closing the counter. The simple and completely non erotic answer: She takes her job serious and doesn’t accept anything to interfere with that. So the one and only way for the drivers is to fuck her outside of the companies grounds, usually in their trucks.

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