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Lisa’s Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys

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Lisa’s Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys1.I was an athletic girl and loved running sports and gymnastics during P.E. at school. The sweat and hard breathing made me feel alive. I was always up for a game of tag-your-it, we actually called it “tagyourit.” I loved being chased around. I loved wearing flowing dresses in the summer. I hated pants so much that I would only wear them if it was cold. At that time, I also hated panties too. I would get into trouble when my mom found out I had no panties on. Once she had my daddy spank my bare butt, and you might think that this is what started the whole thing for me, but, no. It hurt like hell. To this day, I hate being spanked. No, I think my love of physical activities is what started me on my path. I was at school when I began to bleed the first time and I freaked out. My mom, a nurse took me home and explained everything. I was relieved, but had no idea what she meant about how I would have new interests and desires and new sensations. Whatever. Then I found one of my father’s nasty magazines and learned about sex. I ogled the pictures and read the reader’s letters describing their sex experiences. I began to ‘touch my privates’ and mimic the things in the magazine, but I know now that I had no real understanding of what I was doing. About this point my dad began traveling regularly to Alaska for his oil company, so mom hired a baby sitter, Gwen. She was able to drive and seemed so much more mature then I was; she’d had her driver’s license a whole year already! She was beautiful and she was also physically inclined. I was small, but fast and we would play hide and seek and other games that inevitably ended with her crushing my small frame with her more developed body. I was a strawberry blonde, about 65 pounds and four feet tall. She was third generation Mexican and white and was a tall, beautifully formed, maturing, and young woman. One night my mom was on a long shift and Gwen was watching me at our house and I heard that heavy breathing I associated with sports, but this was different. I looked at the clock, it was only a half hour after I had gone to bed and Gwen’s breathing and occasional moan had woken me. I went to the guest room and peeked through a cracked door to see Gwen, naked except for her soft-pink bra. She was on her knees, watching herself in a wall mirror. She was sweating a little as she held her bra down and away from her left breast so her hand could squeeze her nipple. Her other hand was clamped around her privates. She was rubbing herself and moaning while she also watched herself in the mirror. She had was fixated on herself and didn’t see me peeking though the cracked open door. She pumped up and down with her body and then all of a sudden her head shot back and she let out a muffled wail and breathed hard. Her face was a pain-like grimace and when she did open her mouth her body convulsed and she opened her eyes a bit. She dropped her head forward, now breathing hard through her mouth and moaning while her hips shook like minor earthquakes, over and over again. Then she saw me in the mirror. She quickly reached over manisa escort and swung the door wide, revealing me with my mouth open watching her. She breathed heavily a few more times and then, after I didn’t run off, she smiled.“I’m sorry I woke you Lisa. Are you ok,” Gwen asked still gyrating her hips a bit. “Ummm, yeah, I am fine. Are you ok?” I replied with my mouth still open. I was u*********sly holding the front of my bed shirt down over my thighs with both hands. Gwen’s smile widened and she said, “I feel great, are you sure that you are ok? What got you out of bed?”I looked at her squatting like I had seen in daddy’s magazine and was pretty sure I knew what she was doing. I had mimicked many of the positions of the models in the magazines and Gwen was in one of those now. Gwen asked again, “Honey, I am sorry I woke you, is there anything I can do for you?”“Huh, ah, no. I am fine.”“Ok, then wait a moment and I will come tuck you in,” she said. Then Gwen shut the door on me.A wave of disappointment swept over me. I had no idea what it meant or why I was disappointed. I turned in stunned silence and began to walk to my bedroom. Gwen opened the guest room door and pranced through the hallway playfully. I turned and saw her, smiling wide, hair slightly out of place, brown eyes gleaming, and saw that she now wore her tight soft-pink panties that matched the bra, and a tight pink tank-top. She reached me as I rounded the corner to my room and gently urged me forward with her open hand on my mid-back. I climbed into bed and pulled the sheet up (it was spring and blankets were long-gone).Gwen glowed in the darkness and sat on my bed looking down at me. “I am sorry I scared you. Everything is ok. Are you ok? Do you know what you saw?”I looked up at her twinkling eyes, upturned with a smile and said, “Yes, I think so.” “And you believe me when I say that everything is ok right?”“Yes, I do.”“Ok, let me see your smile,” Gwen commanded.I Smiled up at her.“That’s better. Now you get some rest, your mom is going to be home in a few hours and you will need your rest tomorrow. Good night Lisa, and good dreams.”Gwen began to shift herself to get up, and I held her right hand. It was moist. I looked up at her, my face well lit by the hall light, and said, “Show me how to do what you were doing…please.”Gwen paused. She looked at me and leaned in and kissed my forehead. Then, she sat up and said, “I really can’t do that honey. I am not supposed to.”“Please, I saw what you were doing, and I want to learn how to do it correctly.” Gwen looked away and then back at me and said, I’m not supposed to do that stuff with you. You are too young.”“Why? I already saw you doing it. You know what you are doing, someone must have shown you…show me. I will never tell.Gwen considered it for a moment and then stood and went toward the door. She faced the door and said, “I am sorry you caught me. I cannot do that stuff with you. Go to sleep now Lisa.” Gwen stepped through the door and left me in darkness.I was pouting and I had never been frustrated in such a way before. My privates were warm and I maraş escort was more moist than ever. I sat up and pulled my shirt away from my hips and began to touch myself. I opened my little lips and probed myself. I began to question how this could actually feel good. Minutes passed and then I heard Gwen’s footsteps toward my door. I fell back against my pillow as I heard Gwen pause outside my door and listen into my room. “Please show me,” I pleaded into the darkness.Gwen’s shadow under the door shifted and the door handle turned. Gwen switched off the hallway light, leaving only the downstairs living room lights to illuminate her in the doorway. Her hair gleamed in the low light and I could see her 5’3” frame as she paused. She looked to her left and then pulled her tank top over her head and dropped it as she entered my room. She came to my bedside and sat where she had only minutes before, but this time her thigh and butt pressed through the thin cotton sheet against mine. Gwen leaned over me, twisting, with her arms next to my shoulders. She was barely visible, but her eyes met mine and now there was a different look. I thought at the time she looked hungry, and had no idea how correct I was. One hand pressed into the bed next to my head as the other pulled the cotton sheet to my thighs. Her hand grazed my thighs as she went upward and pushed my long Wonder Woman night-shirt up over my budding nipples. The same hand gently grazed an then less gently squeezed each nipple.I began to say ‘owe’, but her hand pounced on my mouth and held it closed as she went ‘Shhhhh’ with her lips in a quiet and sensual way. Her hand resumed caressing my nipples and then squeezing them. She increased the pressure slightly each time until I squirmed a little and then she smiled. At that point her hand traced lazy ‘z’s across my ribs, my stomach and over each hip until she reached my crotch. I was bald and hairless. Maybe a little fuzz, but that is all. I was warm and she raised her eyebrows when she found me to be wet all around my crotch. I held her gaze as she leaned into me and put her mouth against my ear and exhaled, blowing warm air into my ear. At the same time she placed her warm pink bra and breasts against my small frame and rested some of her body weight on me. Her hand then gently urged my legs to open more fully. I complied with her voiceless command. She exhaled again in my ear and as she did, her hand touched me in a previously undiscovered and extremely sensitive area – I later learned it was my clitoris. My head shot back and into the pillow. I was thrilled and scared and embarrassed all at once. I felt something I’d never felt before. It was an itch, but not quite. It was a tickle, but not quite. It was a poke, and then a swirl around and then a press, and then the same all over again…for almost a full minute.I breathed hard and Gwen pushed her tongue into my ear, making loud licking sounds and a really loud sucking noise. She kept repeating her hand movements on my privates and then sat up far enough to both see me and allow me to breath without her bodyweight on me. mardin escort She looked down at me and knew where I was going. Then it happened. I thought I was being broken, or that I was having a heart attack or something.Looking back, Gwen’s surprise wasn’t because I was cumming on her hand, it was because I was cumming so soon. I’d needed all of about two or three minutes to explode. Gwen looked at me and my eyes locked with hers. I began to open my mouth to express my fear and concern, but she smiled and said, “Just let it happen, trust me.” She masturbated me and made me explode on her slender fingers. My own hands shot up and stopped, midair, above my shoulders, until…BAM! The first wave of orgasmic convulsions shot through my body and took me to ecstasy. Then another larger wave shot through my body and forced my body to arch into Gwen’s small teen-age hand, driving my crotch into her while she stopped being gentle and pressed into my clit firmly, but not hard.I didn’t realize it at the time but I must have cum steady for almost a full minute.My arched back held me off the bed until Gwen ran her fingers, first down to my butt-hole and then back upward and over my stomach to my erect little nipples where they made circles similar to what she had just been doing to the “outty” portion of my privates. I opened my eyes, feeling a little embarrassed, somewhat confused, but also feeling a much stronger sense of warm wonderment as my privates pulsed and released over and over, each pulse becoming weaker as I relaxed.Gwen looked at me and her expression changed from hunger, to curiosity and she asked, “How did you like that?”I went to speak and had to clear my throat. I stammered, “I, uh, really, uhm. That was…Uhm I dunno what to say…”Gwen smiled and quickly ran her finger over my ‘outty’ again and said, “you dummy, I just fucked you with my fingers and made you cum on my hand. See, look at how shiny it is…wanna taste it?”I was still dumbstruck and didn’t answer. Gwen acted before I could protest and wiped her index finger, the magical finger that had taken me new places across her own mouth. Then she smiled at me again and rubbed my wet hole, probing into me as she did, and before I knew it she wiped her finger over my lips and into my open mouth. I was shocked at the tangy, tart nature of the flavor. Gwen said, “How do you like your pussy-cum? I think you taste better than I do…” The the wheels immediately turned and her other hand left from the bed to disappear into her tight pink panties. Gwen swung her head to the right as she apparently rubbed herself just like she’d rubbed me and then pulled her hand form herself. She brought up two glistening fingers and held them over me. Then she leaned toward me and sucked her index finger clean. Even closer to my face she said, “Well, different, not really better, but different. You try me now,” and then Gwen motioned for me to open wide and receive her finger.This was the first conscious sexual thing that I remember doing by my choice. Gwen placed her finger gently on my tongue and with her mouth gestured for me to close it around her. I did and her tartness and warm slickness coated my tongue. I tasted Gwen’s pussy all over her finger. Gwen said, “I bet that is different isn’t it? I doubt you’ve ever tasted that before…Tell me if you are alright now… with this.”I looked up at her and said, “I think I love it.”

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