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Me and my wife

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Me and my wifeOne of mine and my wife’s favorite things to do to get in the mood and enjoy a good night of lovemaking is to sit in our hot tub and thentransition into a full body massage. Let me clarify, I love to massage my wife. It’s her favorite and most relaxing thing in the world, and it’s great foreplay too. Over our 3 years of marriage, I have found that it pleases her greatly, and it gets us both hot in the process. It’s the buildup that is enjoyable and always ends with some hot sex usually right there on the table or the floor in front of the fireplace.Our evening starts with us climbing in the hot tub and easing into some passionate kissing. We love to hold each other and begin French kissing, and, of course, our hands are all over each other in the process. Our kissing gets us going because it doesn’t take long, and her hand is gently teasing my cock, bringing it quickly to full attention. She always knows the right spot as she rubs in a circular motion around my shaft and head, and gently up and down as she strokes me. I am rock hard by now, and she is always attentive to my reaction, watching me put my head back and moan lightly with every stroke. My left hand now has made its way to my wife’s pussy where I slowly rub her clit and around her entrance, and ever so slowly ease a finger or two into her. I can feel her getting so wet with a slick feel on my fingers, even being in the water. She tells me how good it feels, and to keep going. In and out just a little at a time, gently but making sure each time to come back to her clit, focusing on her favorite spot as well. Short round circular motions matching in rhythm what she is doing on my cock. We both can feel each other getting closer to cumming, but we know there is more awaiting after our tub time so we slowly ease off. We continue to tease and kiss though, allowing ourselves to get each other so hot we need to stop, or we will have to finish right there on the side of the Jacuzzi. Often we have.We then stand up and dry off quickly. My wife puts on her bathrobe and walks to the massage table to lie down. I, on the other hand, have a raging hard on still that is desiring my wife’s pussy. This slow pace helps to keep us in a buildup mode, and soon I relax and get back to the teasing nature of our evening. I put on my bathrobe as well as turn on some light acoustic music on my iPad; then I grab the massage canlı bahis oil to use on my wife. I love her body, and it gets me hard just running my hands over her, massaging every area of her skin top to bottom, especially when I get to her naked pussy and clitoris. She lays on her stomach with the towel covering her lower half, and I start on her shoulders and neck, working in the oil onto her arms and back also. I am no massage ther****t, but I do my best to give her pleasure in this area, pushing and kneading hard into her muscles. After a few minutes, I slowly work my way down to her ass and legs, and remove the towel. I’m so turned on by this point, my cock straining from the teasing as I work my way around her legs and feet with the oil, and lightly spread her legs more and more as I go. I now have a view of her legs spread as I watch the oil from my hands running between the folds of her lips, and onto the towel she lays on. I stare at her laying there enjoying the rub down, and I continue to run my hands over her ass and down in between her thighs, brushing over her mound and past her pussy. I know she is enjoying it as she tells me how good it feels, and to keep going. Her encouragement has my cock throbbing and pulsing, about to explode. I reach down occasionally as I go, and take my shaft in my hand stroking it to relieve the tension that is building. I am rubbing her as I masturbate myself slightly, hoping at any minute she will reach out and take my cock in her hand. I continue to massage her now fully around her spread open legs, giving all attention to her clit. Her ass is raised slightly in the air now as I inserted 1, then 2 fingers in her. I thrust into her wet pussy gently but with some force, and taking turns pulling and pushing my fingers in and out, running smooth circular motions around her clit over and over again as she starts to softly moan with excitement. As I stand there over the table, she is completely relaxed now, soaking pussy, and me bringing her closer to orgasm with every stroke. My wife then reaches out for my cock, and I feel the most intense rush come over me. It’s as if every nerve ending in my body came to life at the same time. Her left hand now begins to pull and stroke my rock hard shaft up and down as I lightly moan in response. I am so hard my skin is about to burst. My wife rolls slightly onto her side as I keep massaging bahis siteleri her clit, she pulls me up to her and takes my cock into her waiting mouth. She licks the sides down to my balls, and begins to bob up and down in motion, licking the head perfectly on my pleasure spot.“Yeah, right there,” I said. “That feels so good, keep doing that, yeah.”As she is pleasuring me I return the favor. I roll her on her back now and lean over her into a variance of a 69 position. I am standing on the floor, my wife on her back on the massage table, and I begin running my tongue around the folds of her vagina, giving all detail of attention to her clit with my tongue.“Ah, that feels so good,” as she lets out a faint and joyful appreciation of our experience.She and I are both stroking and pleasuring each other with our tongues, my cock in her hand and mouth, her pussy being lavished by each of my tongue strokes. I grab our little toy, as I continue licking her, I wet the tip of the cock shaped vibrator in her wetness and gently insert the tip into her pussy. Slowly I push it in back and forth, in and out as I continue licking her and stroking her clit with my tongue. I know she is feeling immense pleasure, as am I. She is now feverishly licking my cock as she stokes with her hand up and down and licks the tip at each pass.I look up and can’t help but appreciate how great her pussy is. I love bringing joy to her body as we make love. I look down as she is continuing to take me deep into her mouth, as I get closer to cumming with each thrust. Watching her pleasure me just about brings me to orgasm, yet alone the work she is performing on my cock.She pulls me out and says softly, “Why don’t you get in me!”I was more than ready to do just that. I pull her up to a sitting position on the table and begin to wet the tip of my cock and play around the edge of her pussy. I massage her clit with the tip, back and forth. She then grabs me as I tell her, “Take me and play with yourself. Use me to massage your clit before I push it in.” My wife takes my shaft and begins rubbing it almost roughly now into her wet pussy, grinding my tip into her clit back and forth and in circles. This goes on for 20- 30 seconds, and eventually I can’t stand it any longer. I begin pushing into her pussy with all my weight going forward. I am standing on the floor, her on the massage table with her legs spread güvenilir bahis wide around me as I begin slowly and methodically pumping into her. She is leaned back supporting herself, and I grab her ass under me and begin to push into her hard with enough leverage now. We kiss each other as I continue with each stroke.After a couple minutes here, I said, “Come down and stand here with me so I can get in you from behind.”She gets off the table, turns away from me and hoists her right leg over the table, exposing her beautiful pussy to me, ready and waiting for me to enter her. I apply a little more lube as I ease my hardness into her, lightly, then all the way in. She is hunched over now with her ass high in the air to me as I begin steadily pushing to and fro with authority. She is now lightly moaning under her breath, “Ah, ah” are escaping in slow pants. I reach around her in motion of my thrusts and take her breasts in my hands. I begin to squeeze her tits softly as I thrust into her from behind, rubbing her nipples in rhythm of our pushing. They are rock hard in my fingers as I pinch them lightly between my thumb and index fingers. We are both writhing now to each others motion in pure sexual enjoyment.My wife reaches down on the table and takes her vibrator in her hand. It’s small and very easy to use, and as she turns it on and begins to rub it over her clit, she pleasures herself with me inside of her from behind. It is now vibrating quickly back and forth touching her clit right on her button, as well as my balls and the shaft of my cock as it goes in and out of my wife’s pussy in every motion of each push. Each time I go in the vibrator rubs me and about has me there in an instant. I pull my hands from her breasts and nipples now, and give more thrusts quickly as my pace and pressure increases.We both say it at the same time almost, “I’m just about there, ah, keep going. I’m about to cum.”I thrust hard and fast 2-3 more times, and she begins to shake feverishly against my cock. Her voice now loudly calling out in complete climax. We both orgasm together loudly as I cum inside of her in full thrusts. I am still moaning, she louder than me now, and it’s as if she can’t stop cumming. I slow down and eventually stop pumping to hold her tight around her waist, as she subsides down from the high.I pull out of her gently, my hardness soon begins to subside, as she lays down next to me out of breath from our session. We kiss and hold each other as our massage comes to an end for the evening.We always look forward to our plans for more massage nights and pleasure times in our hot tub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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