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Monogamy is not for Me

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Monogamy is not for MePART I:I am a 5’5″ 115lbs real estate agent, 39 years old, my husband Bob is 45 and we have a daughter Bella who just turned 20. She started her college a few months ago, which left me pretty lonely. My husband knew how I felt and one evening suggested me to see a plastic surgeon and have a makeover. I was a bit surprised but then the idea grew up on me and few days later told him, I’d like to take his offer.He set me up with Dr. Julie. I went to see her, as I waited at the reception, I was very impressed with her clinic. In the examination room she told me to undress and took a few x-rays and many pictures. She suggested to tighten my breasts to 34-C, tummy tuck my waist to 25″ tighten my bum into 36″ perfect heart shape and trimming my thighs a bit. She also suggested to trim my vagina lips to make them look like a teenage pussy. I was blushing ear to ear listening to her, but she was very professional and said you have a beautiful body there is nothing wrong with improving your looks.I started to feel comfortable, she smilingly asked what kind of Hormone and Testosterone level, I would like to achieve. I knew these are related to a woman’s sexual health but was unsure what she meant by levels. Dr. Julie explained that she suggests level 2, if a woman likes to have sex once or twice a week with her husband only. Level 3 if the lady likes to feel more sexual with an occasional hookup and level 4 if besides her husband the lady also likes to be with a steady lover once to twice week. I blushed and said I don’t think Bob will like level 3 or 4. She replied forget about Bob, it’s your life, if you like to feel a spark no harm is done as long as you keep your husband happy. Besides, Bob has told me to ensure you get what you want and don’t worry about the price.Suddenly, my heart beat increased as I thought about all those naughty thoughts, I get when I watch my daughter going out on dates. For confirmation I checked, you think, it will be ok with Bob if I have a lover on the side. She giggled, listen sweetie, men know the kind of work I do, and believe me they have this fantasy of their wife having a sexual affair. It’s your choice if you would like to be with another man, I’d say sure, we only live once. Trust me Bob will like you to have explore and have some fun. I thought for a while and said, “Dr. Julie I envy my daughter, she is just 20 and with her 3rd boyfriend already, she even has a one night stand with a complete stranger, occasionally”. Dr. Julie giggled and winked at me, excellent choice Nina, and just so that you know I am myself at level 4, so I highly recommend this level to you. I looked her in surprise, “You too”, she giggled, “I like to feel sexy and alive Nina”, I asked how did it all started, Dr Julie said, “Well I was in New York for a conference, I was having a drink at the hotel bar and a guy sat with me, we chatted a bit, he asked for a dance, I went along, he ordered more drinks, we took another round of the dance floor, wine and being alone with a handsome man, I was enjoying the dance and how his hands were feeling me, giggles… he asked me into his room for a night cap, I agreed, you know I hadn’t planned anything, let’s say I was in the right place at the right time, the lusty feeling in my groin sucked up all my brain cells and those silly marriage wows and suddenly I were riding the elevator to his room”. OMG… it sounds to be very spontaneous, I said as we both giggled.”Dr. Julie, how was the sex,”, I asked her with a smile, she giggled and said, “Oh have I not mentioned the sex yet? Nina…this guy rocked my world. I had never experienced an orgasm that wasn’t self-inflicted, never had a man eat my pussy, and never had anal sex. My thighs quivered so much from this man that I thought I might never walk again.” I blushed, Dr. Julie giggled, “Nina trust me, sex with a stranger can be incredibly intense and erotic, you know when the man you just met is practically ripping your panties from your body because he NEEDS your pussy.”, my face reddened as I giggled and said, Dr. Julie you still see him?, “oh no, I have a lover who I try to see twice a week, and of course I pick up a new man once a while during conferences”, she answered with a big smile. I looked at her in admiration and asked, what do you say to your husband?, “Just that I have some work with a guy on learning new and latest trends”, we both giggled and I nodded my head.In the evening, my husband and I were drinking wine, when he asked about my meeting with Dr. Julie. It was very informative and she recommended some makeover changes to my body. Bob chuckled; she is good I hear, I hope she recommended some sexual craving treatments. Dr. Julie did, I giggled and I have taken her personal recommendation again. Bob gave me a knowing smile and I said, Dr. Julie told me after the treatment on herself, she had to find a lover to satisfy her cravings. Bob chuckled you mean she has an affair outside her marriage. I giggled back, “you never know my dear husband, a woman has needs too. A woman needs to feel wanted and desired by someone besides their husbands; they also need sex, Mmm you know some kinky sex. And that’s where a lover comes in. A relationship solely based on sex.”. My husband looked at me for a moment, then with a wicked smiled said, “Nina we have been exclusive for over 20 years, I think it’s time to check what’s more available to have fun”, I giggled as the ice was broken between us.This was an ten week process, after four weeks all the surgeries were complete during which she highly recommended anal canal treatment to fully enjoy anal sex, I looked at her shyly, she said, “Nina if you’d like to pick men of your choice, this is something very normal these days, and once your vaginal veins are adjusted, you will have mind blowing orgasms, you will love it”, of course I took that option. Dr. Julie suggested I enroll into pole dancing and lap dancing classes to boast my confidence. I followed her advise and she put me on Hormone and Testosterone treatment. During this time, I didn’t had sex as Bob wanted to wait for the treatment to complete. The girls in lap dancing and pole dancing classes were younger then me but I enjoyed being with them and soon we were all friends. All these young girls were into laser hair treatment and they pulled me also with them. I liked it because, I became very smooth and hairless.After 10 weeks my treatments were complete, Dr. Julie asked me to stand in from of the mirror and I was in awe, I looked like a real sexy MILF, my boobs were tight my nipples stood out and my hips so delicious. My pussy felt tight and very young looking and my bum… OMG. I thanked Dr. Julie who told me another 10 days before the Hormone and Testosterone treatment will kick in. “You will feel very aroused and sexy afterwards Nina, start looking for a good date”. I blushed and thanked her profoundly.Next day I was at a showing when another realtor came with his clients. John stood over 6’2″ and a fit body, his hands were big and he was wearing big size shoes, something I like in men. We watched each other and immediately felt a connection. The meeting was short but I had smiles on my face. I came home and Bob immediately saw I was happy, he started to inquire about the reason, but I blushed like a young girl. He smiled Nina, my sexy wife did a man turned you on? I blushed and nodded my head. “It’s ok my sexy woman, if you like someone go for it”. I was a bit taken back but smiled and nodded my head.I kept on thinking about John, many times thought to call him but then did not. Thursday evening I was talking with my husband, and he said Jeremy our landscaping guy will be coming on Saturday afternoon to take care of the back lawn. Would you mind checking his work as I have to attend my weekly meeting. I said sure I will hunny, it’s been a while since I have seen him. Bob said his wife has a c***d so he was busy. And then Bob whispered, I think he is a little frustrated, why? I asked, you know Nina his wife just had a baby, I blushed well, of course she has gone through c***d birth. Bob chuckled perhaps you can offer him a beer after he is done, I smiled and said or maybe two beers, if you promise to came late, my husband chuckled, “I will be late my naughty wife,” and walked away.Jeremy is tall and muscular but younger than me, yet still, I could not help myself thinking about him. My husband left at around lunch time. I was thinking about how to seduce Jeremy and thought better call him to set the mood. I called his cell, “Hi Jeremy, its Nina, what time you are thinking of dropping by?” he said in an hour or so, I said, “let’s do in an hour and a half, I have to do some shopping and get some beer, it’s such a beautiful warm day”. Jeremy chuckled, Bob and you planning a good time. I giggled, “Oh no, Bob is away on his meeting, so I’ll be on my own and alone…” Jeremy said, “too bad, alone, a beautiful lady like you”, I giggled, “Jeremy you think I am beautiful”, he was taken a back, and just chuckled, I said, “Bob tells me you guys have a baby?” he replied, “yes we have, but it’s too much work, my wife is tired all the time”, I giggled, “oh Jeremy you must be feeling ignored, perhaps you’d like to drink some beer with me”, Jeremy replied in a gentle bursa escort voice, “I think, I’ll take up on your offer”, feeling a sensation, in my best sexy voice I said “See you soon Jeremy, I hope you can stay for some time” and cut off the line.I bought Belgian Duvel 8.5% beer bottles and came back. I selected a short figure hugging dress and heels and waited for Jeremy. He showed up exactly after 1.5 hours. I walk out, he looked so handsome, his eyes opened up as he saw me. We shook hands and I took him to our backyard walking in front of him, I could feel his eyes on my behind, enjoying the attention I kept on walking. I told him how I wanted to have the bushes and trees trimmed. He smiled and said he’d e done in 2 hours. I giggled and touched his arm with my manicured nails, and said, “I will bring the beer then”, and sexily walked back.I had two hours, I was feeling that tingling sensation, I was thinking hard, I came to my closet and watched my clothes after some time I saw the sexy present from my husband a few years ago, a white silk kimono, so short that it barely reached my thighs. Only a single button closed it in the front across my flat stomach, it showed more than it covered. On a thought I put it nicely on the bed. I started dreaming about Jeremy, very erotic dreams. Suddenly, I noticed 2 hours had almost passed. I took 3 beer cans in my hands and with confidence and a slutty smile walked to our backyard.Jeremy was wrapping up his work, shirtless just in shorts, his wide back was shining in his sweet, his big butt and strong thighs made me shiver with excitement. He turned around and smiled at me, I offered him a can and opened one for myself, while he showed me all the work he had done. He finished the beer soon, I gave him another can as we talked a bit about his life, how hectic it had become and how he felt ignored by his wife. I quietly listened smilingly, giving him views of my cleavage and legs. Then I looked at my cell and said Jeremy, Bob will be back after 9 and its just 4 now would you like more beer? Jeremy looked in my eyes deeply, beer was making him bold, and replied, “Sure Mrs. Nina, I told my wife I will be meeting my buddies after work”, I giggled sexily and said, “Jeremy, please call me Nina, I like to feel young and sexy, if you know what I mean,” Jeremy thought for a moment then replied, “Nina, you look beautiful in this dress, I am sure you are a very sexy young looking woman, underneath this dress”, I giggled and with a naughty smile asked, “Jeremy, would you like me to change into more revealing clothes when I bring the beer”, Jeremy chuckled, “less will look better on you Nina”, I inched closer to him, touching my lips slightly to his wonderful warm lips and whispered, “I think I know exactly what to wear for you” and walked away seductively leaving him wondering.Inside the house I went to the bedroom and wore a hot pink pushup bra that pushed my tits up and out, creating a deep cleavage. Then I selected a matching hot pink bikini panty. I put on the sexy white silk kimono, when I moved, the kimono swayed and displayed a clear view of my tightly sung panties. I put on hot pink fishnet stockings that ended just below the kimono and white strap heels on my feet.Suddenly, I received a text from my husband, “I’ll be back by 7:00 pm, sweetie”, a smile came on my face, I made a selfie and texted him back. He texted, “Wow, you kept my present very safe”, I texted back, “I hope you don’t mind sharing the present with Jeremy”, he texted, “Absolutely not, sweetie, have fun” I giggled and texted come after 9 darling. He texted back, “sure, and be a good girl”. I quickly put some cans in an icebox and walked out.Jeremy saw me coming and watched me as if I were the sexiest creature he had ever seen. “Wow Nina, you’re gorgeous!” he said with a big smile, “truly sexy.” and handed me few flowers picked up from my yard. I thanked him for the flowers and offered him another beer as I opened one more for myself. Then, I slowly turned around and walked into a path of bushes on the side, carefully setting one foot in front of the other, giving my hips a nice sway in the high heels displaying the view of my pink panties. Staring at my lush ass, he followed. I stood in the corner with a seductive smile as Jeremy looked at the fantastic view of my amble breasts that were pushed together to make a cleavage that was almost making him drool. His licked his lips and said, “Nina, you are an extremely sexy woman”, I smiled coyly and said, “Jeremy. Thank you for taking care of my lawn,” giving him a radiating smile from my ruby-red lips. I could see a bulge forming in his shorts as I eyed him there and gave him a smile. He moved closer to me, my heart beat increased, I could smell his body, I touched his wide chest slightly with my fingers. He came even closer and touched my arm, I felt a tingle of electricity shoot up my arm tingling my nipples and my pussy before it radiated down to my toes. My nipples tightened against my bra, I was feeling very aroused and gave him an encouraging smile. His face was touching mine, his breath on my face brought on an involuntary shiver. I gave him a slutty smile, a smile that told him I was ready for him. He was a bit unsure; I leaned into him and kissed his lips, his hands slipped down my body. I felt his cock jump as he ran his hands over the soft, smooth skin of my ass. We kissed like young love birds for some time. Then he turned me around grabbing me from behind he started to kiss my neck, his hands moved over my breasts, I moaned softly YESS oh yes.I could feel something poking into my ass. He shifted and I knew exactly what it was. I moaned a little at the rush of heat through my body. He kissed my neck, my shoulders, and my ears while his hands slid up my body to massage my breasts. I moaned loudly and couldn’t stop myself from grinding my lovely ass into his crotch… Oh Jeremy oh my gawd. We did this for a few minutes before he turned me around. He kissed me deeply then pulled back, looking at me with a smile on his lips.We were both married, and here we were looking outside our marriage, and it seemed to be happening. “Do you really want this?” I eked out. He stared at me, his eyes contemplative. Then he said, “I can’t think of anything I want more, Nina.” I blushed a little as he opened the button of my silky kimono, I raised my arms and let the kimono fell on the grass, his hands moved on my back and he un-clasped my bra, “Nina your boobs, they are so full and sexy”, I giggled, “thank you”, he grabbed my head with both hands and pressed his mouth to mine. He greedily opened his mouth and stuck his tongue inside my mouth, telling me he wants me, he needs me. I pressed my bare breasts into his chest, slightly swaying in his arms, we kissed with sexual hunger.After some time, I whispered into his ears, “Jeremy, what do he want me to do?”, without hesitation he replied, “Suck my cock…”. Oh god how much, I wanted to worship his cock with my lips and tongue and make love to it with my mouth. I slid down his body, kissing my way down his chest, stomach and then finally I undid his zipper with my teeth as I unbuttoned his shorts. I slid his shorts off in a whisper and his boxers off just as quickly. I just stared for a moment at his cock. My mouth watering at the sight of his throbbing, rock-hard cock, 7″ thick cock.I kissed the head softly and then ran my tongue all around the tip. I heard him gasp and then moan as my tongue ran up and down his cock. His fingers began to run through my hair as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked it ever so gently. I felt him pushing my head down and I allowed him to do so.I went all the way down on him until my lips were on the base of his cock. I could feel the head of his cock pulsating in the back of my throat and I moaned. I knew he could feel the vibration of my voice on his cock and I moaned again, knowing how much pleasure this was bringing him. I slowly sucked my way to the top of his cock and then went all the way back down on him. Over and over again I did this. Tasting his precum that had started to flow freely and loving the taste, wanting more, needing more.Jeremy stopped me, I looked at him and knew he was ready to take me. I stood up, he turned me around and pushed me to a tree, “hold the tree slutty Nina, hold it tight” I followed his instructions, his hands groped my delicious ass cheeks and then he slid down my panty as I raised my cute ass and positioned myself in a bending position holding the tree, “Oh, Jeremy. Oh god. Please… I want you. Want to feel you inside me,” I begged, mindless with desire. Jeremy, kicked my legs to spread them apart then took hold of my hips, and thrust deep inside of me in one smooth stroke. I couldn’t help but let out a little scream at the intensity of the pleasure. He raised my hips a little higher so he’d have a deeper angle. I could feel the lingering stickiness from my own juices as his cock continued stroking in and out. His work-roughened hands strongly on my hips, forcing them back to meet his thrusts. He fucked my pussy from behind for some time, when I murmured, “a bit harder Jeremy, I want you to fuck my pussy harder baby”.Jeremy plunged into me faster and harder, his balls hitting my thighs, bursa escort bayan until with a scream, I dove over the edge into a delicious orgasm, my back arched and my pussy clenched around his gorgeous cock. Suddenly, I felt him lose it just in time to open my eyes and with an exultant yell, his body tensed moments before I felt his hot cum explode deep inside my quivering pussy. I cried out and writhed against the tree, spent I collapsed onto the tree. I felt weight on my back, Jeremy had collapsed on me. Sometime later his cock slipped out of my pussy as I turned and kissed his lips, “Thank you Jeremy this was soo good”, he chuckled, “I think we have time for one more round”, I smiled blushingly and said, “let me get a blanket” and walked inside. Inside, I quickly washed my pussy and took a thick blanket outside. I barely came around him… When Jeremy reached over and roughly pulled me to his hungry lips… Kissing me hard and deep… Our tongues tasting… Probing… Sucking loudly… As if we had been apart forever. I returned his kisses, as I ran my fingers through his hair and over his hard body, and wrapped one of my stocking-clad legs around his muscular thigh to pull him closer against my eager body to feel him growing hard again. I started to feel the wetness forming again between my thighs… his mouth drifted lower targeting its mark… And expertly,. Jeremy started sucking and licking my nipples. By now I was once again fully aroused and put my arms round his neck, Jeremy looked at me in lust, and moved his hands over the cheeks of my cute behind. I murmured, “Oh Oh omg Jeremy….”.Soon we were lying on the thick blanket. Jeremy put his tongue at the very top of my thigh I squirmed. And then he was tasting my soft slippery flesh. He looked more closely at my engorged labia, at my shiny pink inner flesh and at my clitoris. I put both hands on his head and gently guided him back to my open wetness. He delicately pulled my lips apart, pushed his face and penetrated my sweet pussy with his tongue. He licked the whole length of pussy and then he began to lap gently at my clitoris.I raised my hips, I moaned, not able to control my own body. Jeremy licked, sucked and fucked my pussy with his tongue. I wrapped my legs around his neck, pushing my pussy further into his mouth. “Oh, eat my pussy”, I yelled, to my own surprise. “You know what I like, Jeremy. Mmm, that feels so good, lover.” The more I spoke the more excited Jeremy became, licking and sucking harder. My body shuddered in ecstasy as I came once more, spraying cum on his face. “Oh, Jeremy, please baby please fuck me”, I yelled.“I’ll fuck you hard.” Jeremy whispered with a smile. “I’ll fuck you and make you beg for more.” I was lost, I wanted his cock, I spread my legs invitingly, “Give me that cock, fuck my pussy.”, I hissed at him with lust in my eyes.“I’m going to fuck you, Nina. But not your pussy and I’m going to take your ass, that’s the deal baby.”, I watched him in shock, “No no not my ass Jeremy, please not there”, Jeremy chuckled, “You want my cock in you or not?”, I stood for a moment, he started to stand up, “no please don’t leave me like this,” I watched him with pleading eyes. He looked straight into my eyes, not saying anything, I remembered what Dr. Julie had said, anal sex is the new way to make love, she had also performed a procedure to make anal sex equally pleasurable. I moaned at the thought of having my first anal experience, lowering my eyes, I nodded my head.“Jeremy, you can fuck me in the my ass!” I managed to say in a loud whisper. A big smile came on his face as he dropped down on the blanket. “Turn around my slutty Nina, ” he said, I turned around pushing my sexy ass towards him. I almost passed out when I felt his mouth on my cute bum. His tongue crossed my ass and moved to my sopping wet pussy, and then back to my ass again. I could barely control myself as his tongue went back and forth, lapping my asshole one second, my pussy the next. I thrust my buttocks out as far as possible. I was feeling an un controllable sensation.“Oh Jeremy, now, you can fuck my ass please fuck me now.” I hissed, trying hard not to beg.Slowly, Jeremy stood, his hands massaging my ass checks. He dipped his finger in my hot, swollen pussy, and wiped my juices across my ass. He positioned himself behind and I felt the tip of his cock brush against my asshole. Slowly, he pushed his cock into my ass. I pushed backward, impaling myself on his hardness. It felt so good! so natural with Jeremy!Jeremy’s seven inches were all the way in my ass. I had this burning sensation, he slowly alternated pushing in and pulling out all the way. My fingers found my pussy. I fingered my pussy and played with my clit as I started to press backwards on Jeremy’s hard cock. “Fuck my ass, Jeremy, oh please, fuck my ass. Your cock feels sooo good. I need you in my ass”. Jeremy started to build speed and then he spanked my sexy ass a few times, for some reason I liked it and turning my head watch into his eyes, “You like it Nina, don’t you?”, I blushed a little and squeezed my anal lips around his cock, Jeremy chuckled, “I guess you like to get spanked” and he spanked my luscious ass cheeks more harder this time. The feeling of his hands hitting my bum, the pain and warmth rising, the pleasure I felt took me past the edge.”Oh god, I’m cumming!”, I moaned loudly as I came over my own hand and Jeremy started to pound me harder and faster till he came in my ass, filling my bum with his juices. “Oh Nina, oh baby.” Was all Jeremy could say. Exhausted we fell against each other on the blanket.After a while his cell phone rang, it was his wife calling, he did not answered, I felt extremely guilty. Jeremy said we should do this more often, I kept quiet, thinking what I had done, he has a wife and a c***d. Then I stood up and took my clothes in my hand and said, “Jeremy this was one time sex, please go back to your wife, in a few days she will be ready to have sex” and walked inside.I had tears in my eyes thinking about his wife and c***d. Jeremy tried to call me and text me but I did not answered him. Bob understood how I felt and decided to hire a different lawn care taker. After some days, my guilty feeling started to fade away.I went on a showing of one of the realtor, Kathy, she was sitting alone and her face brightened up as I walked in. We started to chat, Kathy is divorced 5’9″ with a killer body, and knows how to dress for success. Soon our topic turned to men, and she talked about John, she said, “Nina, John knows what a woman wants, and he is really good…”, I giggled, “Kathy have you slept with him?”, she smiled back, “Of course, I have Nina, and what an experience, I couldn’t stop on seeing him for 6 months”, I licked my lips and said that’s quite a time with him, she blushed a little her cheeks turning red as she said, “Nina, John is very well endowed 8.5″ and thick and he has a very good stamina and he takes his time…” I giggled, “OMG, he must be an a****l in bed”, Kathy’s face turned red, “John is a wild a****l in bed and likes to experiment in sexual adventures”, I looked at her questioningly, and she said in a low voice, “You know all the taboo things, some S&M and anal sex and like that”, I watched her with a giggle and said, “Really Kathy, please tell me more…”, she watched me, “but you are a married woman”, I blushed slightly and pleaded her with my puppy eyes, Kathy watched me playfully then said, “One day John handcuffed me and then put nipple clamps over my nipples, Oh Nina it was so erotic, he played with me for some time then said he wants to fuck me anally, I shook my head and he started to spank me, omg Nina John can really spank, so I gave up and he took me anally”. We continued to talk a bit, then I left thinking about John and feeling very aroused.I had Jeremy spanked me the other day, and for some reason I know I had liked it and then anal sex with him. I couldn’t keep my mind off. In the evening, I was with my husband drinking wine when, I asked him would he like to spank me a little, his eyes popped up and he asked me to lay in his lap. raising my skirt and lowering my panty, Bob spanked me gently, I asked him a bit harder, still careful, he hit me hard. I didn’t stop him and he continued for what seems like a long time, suddenly I shivered and I came, he was surprised… “perhaps we should do it more often”, Bob said. I moaned back, “yes honey please more often and get some other things also”. Two days later a big package arrived via Purolator service. In the evening Bob showed me ankle, wrist and leg restraints, clamps, paddle, flogger, and cane. I stood watching them for a few moments, then gave him a hug and a long kiss. That night Bob tied me up and used the paddle and flogger on my silly ass, again that night I had an orgasm.Over the weekend, I went to an open house for a client. I met another realtor Ashley, a brunette Ashley is like Kathy a bit more sexy looking, though. It was close to 4 and she was getting ready to close the showing. We sat around the kitchen counter and started to chat and soon she was talking about her affairs, she said her experience with John was the best. My eyes opened up as she told me her affair with John lasted over 6 months. She noticed my interest escort bursa and explained in a very graphic detail some of her sexual experiences with John. For some reason I started to feel aroused, My pussy began to itch, I just casually touched myself, hoping she wouldn’t notice me. My pussy had grown wet and I needed to play with it. Suddenly Ashley stood up and said I’ll take away the open house sign. I walked with her and helped her to get the signs in her car. She told me the owners were away and if I like we could share a beer. I accepted her offer as we came inside and she bolted the door. We sat down on the couch and drank beer. “So how was sex with John”, I blushing asked. She giggled, “Nina, you know I can mention you to him, John is looking for another girl these days”. I was dumb fold and my face reddened, she gave me that knowing look which only a woman can give, “You have such a hot body, I am sure John will like to ravage you”, she said sexily, “John finds a completely shaven cunt, very beautiful and inviting”. She said in a low voice.I watched her and whispered, “I had a complete laser hair removal” she giggled, “You’re such a married slut” then continued “Nina if you are open minded to, if you can let your tongue slip into his butt hole, he’ll go crazy after you”. She whispered back to me. “Oh Ashley, would you please let John know I can be very good at it”, I told her with a naughty smile. She looked at me and said, “Nina, I will certainly recommend you to him, I promise…”. I asked her how did it ended, she blushed a little then said, “John is a very sexual man, he wanted to cane my bum to welts, try weed, piss play, and was talking about 3-some. I just became afraid of him..” I smiled hearing these things, John had all those dirty thoughts which I had been hiding for years. Suddenly, I wanted to start an affair with John and my brain was thinking in full speed. As if she had read my mind Ashley said, “I can see you like sexual adventures…”, I giggled and replied, “YESS actually I prefer men who are into it”, she smiled to me and said, “I have to tell you one thing about his rod!!!”, I looked at her, she said, “Nina, his rod is pretty big and thick, but also at his base he has a kind of knot, it’s not very big but its much wider then his rod head”, I looked at her in surprise, “you mean , like a doggy cock”, she nodded her head, “I have never taken him inside and none of the other women have either”, I stood for a moment, the slowly said, “I’d like to try it”, she watched me then said, “Expect John to call you in 2/3 days, I will not tell him you are interested rather tell him you will be a good catch, for anal sex, perhaps S&M, piss play and even a 3-some with his buddy”, I giggled and winked “I like to try all these things…” and thanked her profoundly, and we called the evening off.A few days later, I was at the office when a call was transferred to me, it was John, I was surprised yet very happy, he was checking about a listing for which his client was interested. We chatted a bit one thing led to another, I told him I liked mountains, he asked me to join him on a hike to cypress mountain over the weekend. I was speechless, then said I have to check with my husband and will let him know, he was clearly disappointed but replied sure Nina, its just a friendly walk we can exchange some ideas.I talked with Bob, and he was full of smiles and encouraged me to take a walk with John. I giggled a bit and then agreed, Bob said we should get a nice hiking outfit for you and we went to the mall. Bob selected a lululemon black tight shorts and a pink and white blouse. I was like what do I wear under these, and he took me to Victoria’s secret and suggested silk thong and a seamless pushup bra. I faked annoyance but agreed and lastly we bought running shoes in pink and black.Next day, I waited for a call from John around noon I was starting to feel disappointed when his call came in, I told him I will join him in the walk, he was very happy and we talked for a while, we also exchanged our cell phone numbers. Bob took me for walks in the new outfit for next 2 days. The outfit hung my new body nicely, I could feel men eyeing me and loved the feeling. Friday, John texted me if it was ok to start early around 8:00 am as it takes about 3 hours to climb the black summit. I texted back, I will see him at 8:00 am at the parking lot. Bob told me to make John a bit excited but not let him cross the line, “Nina play a bit difficult, he is a player”, I nodded my head with a smile and said don’t worry darling a woman knows how to seduce a man. That night I asked Bob to give me a good spanking, he did, next I asked to try the cane, he was very careful but I wanted at least a welt on my lovely ass cheeks. After some time Bob hit me hard, I let out a cry as the cane made a thin red line across my ass cheeks and I started to cum in waves.Next day, I watched my behind a clear red line was visible across my cheeks, I dressed in my sexy hiking outfit and packed my backpack with some snacks, water bottles and two cans of large ice cold beer. Bob winked at my choice as I drove to the cypress parking lot. John was waiting for me outside his truck. As I came out with my backpack he was stunned, I sexily put the bag pack over my shoulders and said Hi, he was speechless and after a moment said Hi. We started the walk.Being with him was beautiful as we walked we met many couples and exchanged greetings. I was still wearing my wedding band. Slowly, we climbed and finally reached the summit. The views were beautiful. We stood for a while when John suggested we take rest on the side. We walked around and soon we were alone in a patch of beautiful grass and rocks. I sat down and offered him beer and some snacks, he was very happy and we enjoyed beer and snacks just talking. Water and beer, I was feeling the pressure, I said to him, John nature is calling me, he chuckled go ahead no one is here. I looked around but there were no trees just some bushes, a smile came on my face, I walked behind the bushes then arching my back I slid fingers around the sides of my shorts and slid down the shorts. I could feel his eyes penetrating the bushes and glued to my sexy 36″ bum, could he see the reddish welt on my ass cheeks, I hoped he would, I slowly slid down the thong panty and pee’d there in open. Afterwards, I fixed my clothes and walked back. John had a strange smile on his face, I giggled and sat beside him. After a while he walked to the same spot. He opened and slid down his shorts and his underwear to his knees, OMG… his big butt looked so strong and his thighs very muscular. As he sprayed his piss and turned a little to give me a glimpse of his cock…. he was very well endowed for sure. I blushed slightly and made a mental note.Soon we walked down, chatting our hands touching our arms innocently on the way. There was definitely sexual tension between us. We saw a girl with 2 boys and I made a remark, she seems to get along with them pretty well, John said in a hush vice, “Do some women like it?”, I giggled and replied, “I know I wouldn’t mind having sex with my husband’s best friend”. John chuckled, “What if it were your lover on the side?”, I giggled and said “Maybe…”. We said goodbye and I drove home thinking about him. Bob was eager to know how things went between us, I told him the full story, he smiled and said better send him a thank you note. I wrote, “Thanks John for the wonderful hike, I really liked the views you showed me today”. Immediately, his text came back, “You’re welcome Nina, I enjoyed the views you shared with me!!!”. I blushed and knew what he was referring to.Monday, I received another call from John, he asked me join him for lunch the following day. I coyly said John, I am a married woman, he insisted and finally I agreed. We met at Milestone, the lunch was great, he was full of compliments and made me blush when he mentioned my sexy bum, I complimented how strong his legs and thighs were, he chuckled and whispered “I can work out for hours, if you know what I mean…”, my face reddened and I lowered my eyes as I slightly bit my lower lip. “I am a married woman John, “, I said coyly, John touched my hand and said, “Nina, you don’t appear to be a monogamous woman”, I looked at him in surprise, he smiled and said, “it’s really hard to meet other monogamy-averse people, I am sure we will click very well in a non-monogamous relationship…”, I watched in his eyes, he took my hand in his big hands and my heart started to melt under his gaze. I said, “what makes you think, we will click in a non-monogamous relationship?”, he smiled and said, “You have a very sexy body and an adventurous soul, just like me”, I narrowed my eye lids a bit and he continued, “I think when a woman is not afraid to slid her bottoms and pee in open, it tells me she has sexual desires wanting to come out”.I watched him for a moment then said, ” John, its true I want to feel free and yes I have a very healthy sexual appetite but if I am going to have a relationship outside my marriage, I like to with someone who becomes my regular lover”, John pressed my small hands in his big hands strongly, “I’d like to be your that regular lover, if you are not opposed to experiments”. I giggled and blushing said, “You just made a remark, I have an adventurous soul!”. We chatted a bit more, we had a good time. In the parking lot, I gave a small kiss on his lips, I was feeling good about him, and hoping his next move will be sexier.

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