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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt.2

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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt.2″Hey, Mom, WHY are your panties so wet?” I sat there not really digesting what the boys were saying to me, and then it dawned on me that my legs were not close together,r and that the short skirt I was wearing, was showing them my pale blue panties and I remembered that I ad been leaking at least 2 loads of cum since I left Vegas. I snapped out of my fog, and closed my legs, and stared at the boys standing there. “Why are you looking at your Mother’s panties anyway?” I asked of Jake. he seemed flustered as to my question. “I AM your Mother, and you should not be looking at my panties” It was about then that Jake got a smile on his face and extended a hand for me to get off the couch, “C’mon Mom, lets get you cleaned up after your trip” He took my hand and led me to my bedroom I had thought that he would just leave me by my door, but he came into my bedroom with me and sat me down on the bed. “I know you’re tired from your flight and everything you had done before leaving Vegas, so allow me to take care of you okay?” With that said, he proceeded to unbutton my blouse, and drew it off my arms, then he unzipped my skirt, and eased it off my butt, I was about to tell him I could get the rest when he dropped to his knees and started to remove my shoes, when he was done with the shoes, he just stared at my oh so wet panties, canlı bahis and how transparent they had become. Then without saying anything, he rose up and leaned over me to unfasten my bra, and as he slipped it off I could hear a sharp intake of breath, as I looked down at my breasts, I could see hickies and bruises on my tits that I had not seen before. “DAMN, MOM” was all he said, then he again went to his knees and grabbed my panties at the waist and slowly pulled them down, exposing my smooth shaved pussy and the cum that had spread over my crotch. He just stared at the sticky mess that was my pussy and then looked at the gusset of my panties and touched a finger to the goo accumulated there and brought his finger to his lips and tasted my discharge. He then went glassy eyed and gently pushed me back on my bed until I was lying with my feet off the side of the bed. That was when I felt him slowly part my legs and stared intently as the lips of my pussy slowly opened and I could feel a trickle of juice run out.He raised my legs up and as my knees hit my breasts I could feel a new dollop of cum drain out of me and while I expected to feel it slither across my asshole, I didn’t, instead I felt Jake place his tongue next to my asshole and slurp that cum up and then he proceeded to just suck and lick my hole dry then when he could bahis siteleri find no more cum he attacked my clit and I went off like gangbusters and I screamed “AIIEEEEAA” as my orgasm cascaded over me another wave of cum slithered out and it was promptly gobbled up by my son.As I laid there coming down off of that wonderful orgasm, I was thinking about what a wonderful son I have to take care of me in such a nice way. I had my eyes closed and was just basking in the afterglow when I felt a finger touching my pussy and then when the finger lifted I felt a cock. MY SON’S COCK! I started to protest but as soon as that cock slid into me I was too far gone to care who it was attached to so I just laid back and enjoyed it.He was slow stroking me and I was climbing that mountain again to reach the summit when he leaned down and took my right nipple into his mouth and I screamed as my orgasm tore through me, I swear the lights all went very bright, and then just exploded, like in the movies. Gawd it was fantastic. As I slowly came back to earth and the sensations slowly subsided I realized that in the midst of my orgasm Jake had cum also. As we laid there our breaths returned to normal I looked up into my son’s eyes and I said “I LOVE YOU” I had figured that it was shower time now but Jake had other ideas and rather than allowing me to get up güvenilir bahis he just slid down my body and proceeded to slurp and suckle at my oozing hole.I tried to tell him he didn’t have to do that, but it fell on deaf ears. and as the excitement built, I could hear him sucking my pussy, and I was climbing again, when there was a sharp knock on my door and a plaintive cry “Mom?”I pushed Jake away, and looked around for my robe. I hoarsely told Jake to be quiet and go to my closet and hide. When I opened the door there was my 12 year old daughter. She had showered and dressed. “Mom, are you alright? I thought I heard you cry out.” I just told her I had stubbed my toe, and I was alright, and was about to take a shower. I noticed her staring past me at something on the floor, and when I looked to see where she was looking I saw my very wet, cum-filled panties lying on the floor. Before I could say anything she rushed past me and snatched them up off the floor and at first she just stared at them, then she too touched the cum and brought her finger to her lips. “Can I help you with your shower, Mom?” I was in a quandary, I had my naked son in my closet, I have my daughter holding my wet cum-filled panties in her hand, and I just couldn’t move. Finally she spoke and brought me out of my fogged brain and she took me by the arm and led me to the shower and as she untied and dropped my robe she inhaled sharply as she saw my hickied breasts, and also saw the bruises I was sporting on my ass and thighs. “Looks like you had a great time in Vegas, Mom.” (more to come)

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