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Night out…

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Night out…One night, me and my friend dress up like real sluts, mini skirts, no panties, high heels, see through blouse, see through bra and we go to a local pub. We hear they have a backroom where orgies take place…and we want to participate! First we drink some alcohol at the bar, a lot of guys checking us out…We go to the little girls room and when we come out we see another door at the end of a long hallway. There is a screen hanging above the door and a sexy male guard stands in front, only dressed in a black bowtie and a tight black boxershort. We are too curious and decide to go and have a look. As we approach it is clear to see on the screen what is going on behind the door. Thermographic images reveal about 20 people fucking, sucking, licking each tuzla eve gelen escort other in every thinkable position. We get so wet by just looking at the screen, we ask the guard to let us in. He says he needs to check how hot we are, before he can let us inside the backroom. He has us stand up against the wall, spread our arms and legs and starts touching my friend, beginning with her breasts. Then works his way down to her waist and ass, lifts up her skirt and lets his fingers slide into her wet cunt. My friend moans, he pulls his fingers out and sucks them and says, you’re horny enough, you can go inside the room, I will take care of your friend now. My friend enters the room and I am alone in the hallway. He lifts up my skirts, tuzla otele gelen escort pulls down his pants and slides in his dick into my very wet cunt. He starts to ride me and I push back my ass so he can go as deep as possible, after a few minutes he squirts his cumload deep into my vagina. It oozes out and runs down my legs as I enter the room…All I can see is people fucking each other in every possible way. In the middle there is a gynaelogical chair in the spotlight, mirrors on the ceiling. They guide me to the chair and I am strapped up, lying there helpless, but so horny…A cumslut comes to lick out my pussy and after that a mistress comes to me, she carries a briefcase. She puts down the briefcase and opens it. Inside tuzla sınırsız escort I see about 10 different sizes of dildo´s, from small to huge…she starts with the smallest one and pushes it into my cunt. I can see everything in the mirror above me. The mistress changes from small to medium to large and extra large size dildo´s and when she takes out the last one she says, when this fits she is ready for Tony. Although it hurts a little, the dilo fits and Tony comes up to the chair with an erection of at least 25cm and 6cm diameter. He slowly pushes his dick into my cunt and I am going crazy…it hurts and feels so good at the same time, he starts to fuck me a little harder, pushing his huge dick in and out of me. I can feel an orgasm building up and as he starts to ride my cunt wilder and wilder I cum in total extasy and have multiple orgasms as he squirts a big load of warm cum into me…After that all the guys in the room fuck me and give me another load of their cum. I never felt so good as I did that night. Some fantasy story? Will put it on our to do list 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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