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Our Night

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I sit at home waiting for you to get off work. I have candles lit and food is in the kitchen. The aroma of vanilla fills the house. I’m sitting at the table playing with my long hair when you walk through the doors completely exhausted form work. I jump up and greet you with a hug and kiss. I’m so glad you’re home. We sit down at the table and wind down over salad and spaghetti. I have dessert ready. Brownies are nice and warm on dessert plates waiting in the oven. I feed you a few bites of brownie while inviting you to, first, the bathroom where I have a hot bubble bath drawn in the Jacuzzi tub and, second, for a massage in the bedroom afterward.

I lean over the table to softly kiss you as I grab your hand to lead you to the bathroom. Once we’re standing up at the table, I take my warm hands and slide them half into your pants so you’ll feel my fingertips caressingly teasing you stomach as I lead you into the bathroom. Step by step down the hall, your anticipation grows as I unbutton my shirt from in front of you only to let it fall to the hardwood floors and expose firm, perky breasts that are just begging for your touch. As you’re watching this, you instinctively take off your own shirt and undo your belt and the top of your pants.

As I open the bathroom door I undo the button on my skirt and ask for your assistance with the zipper. As you place your left hand on my hip for leverage, you undo my skirt with your right allowing your fingertips to follow my zipper down to the beginning curves of my ass. You tug on my skirt as I wiggle my way out of it, shaking my hips from side to side. The moment my skirt hits the floor, you turn me to face you with you wearing your jeans and me wearing a light purple see through thong with butterflies on it. You are taken aback and lazily run your eyes, followed by your fingertips, down the front of my body down to the edge of my panties sending a chill down my spine.

I lean toward you for a gentle kiss and whisper “I love you baby” as I start to pull your jeans down exposing a growing erection. I take your hand for balance as one of my feet escapes the chill of our tile floor to find solace in the bubbling waters of a hot bubble bath. Once I have my balance, I slide the rest of my body into the water and offer a hand up to help you into the tub behind me. Once you’re in the tub, I lean backward and allow you to wrap your arms around me. When my head reaches your shoulder I intertwine my legs with yours and allow my hands to wonder up and down your thighs. Your hands are fixed between my stomach and breasts.

The tension of your day starts to melt like the candles we have lit in the window showcasing a beautiful moon and starlit sky. I continue stroking your body while we relax there in the tub. I turn to face you in the tub as you sit up and pull me near you. We wash each other with a warm soapy poof. I lean in to give you a kiss as my fingers are fixated on your chest. You wrap your arms around me and play with the top of my ass as we’re kissing. I stretch my legs around you and I pull my body so that my soapy nipples glide against your chest, exciting you. I trickle my fingertips down your torso onto bahis firmaları your rock hard erection. The soapy, oily, warm water is a great environment for my hands to start pleasuring you.

I start at the base with my left hand and move up your love shaft to the tip and my right hand follows at a slow paced interval. I can feel your cock growing harder as I start pumping you faster and harder. As a tease, I guide the head of your mancock just far enough inside of me to give it a good squeeze. You almost explode at the tightness of my grip. I gently pull your shoulder and bring you onto your knees and draw the poof up the cleavage of your ass, you slowly moan and I know you enjoying my touch. I rinse you off as you slowly lean over the edge of the Jacuzzi I spread your cheeks a part and draw a line from your scrotum to your back with my tongue I hear you gasp, I continue my tongue up your back and I nip at your earlobe before suggesting we jump into the shower to rinse off. You’re taken aback as the water cascades over my curves. As you step into the shower with me I kiss you quickly and tell you to take your time as I get the rest of your massage preparations in order. You walk into our bedroom as I am lighting the last candle. Romantic yet relaxing sounds are playing softly in the background. I have you lie face down on the bed. I take the warm oil from its bottle and dribble a few drops down your spine. I climb on top of you and straddle your body. I place both of my hands at the base of your spine, moving my thumbs in small circles. I move my thumbs inch by inch up your body to your neck and shoulders. I go back down your spine and allow my thumbs to flare out your spine as to the beginning of your love handles. I apply a bit of pressure as you start to moan slightly.

I then take some more oil and start rubbing your feet. I’m rubbing circles around your ankles slowly inching my way up your calves. I knead your calves helping you relax a bit form your long day at work. I reach in with my face and nibble your ass cheek. That forced a moan, of pain and pleasure as you can’t wait for what’s coming next. I spread your legs a little bit and massage the backs of your thighs teasingly inching my way inward toward your package. I dribble some more warm oil on your ass, and rub it into your cheeks. You’re moaning with anticipation as I allow my fingers to trace the crack of your ass form your spine, past your awaiting anxious bud all the way to your boys. I caress your balls as my tongue traces my path and applies pressure to your bud. You’re wiggling with excitement and you swivel your hips backward to meet my tongue. I apply a few more drops of oil to my fingertips.

I nibble your ass cheeks as I apply slight pressure to your tight bud with my oily fingers. I manage to slide in one finger as you draw a deep breath. I allow you to adjust to my one finger as I start moving it slowly in and out. I pull it out and your ass puckers. I lift an eyebrow, I love watching your ass accept my affection as I reinsert it only this time with another finger. I’m frisky with my fingers moving quickly with playful motions. I tell you to rollover onto your back so kaçak iddaa you can watch this with me. You prop yourself up comfortably on soft pillows. I apply some oil to your hands. You start pumping yourself and grab my breast and tweak my nipple as you beg me to take you now with my girlcock.

I have it in the drawer beside the bed. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to beg for me to penetrate you with My Member, but I’m not finished yet prepping your beautiful ass I allow you to continue playing with my breasts as I push three fingers deep into your waiting ass till my thumb is rubbing under your balls. I hold them there for just a moment before I begin to pump them in and out, you are moaning like a, bitch in heat, you start to grab for your cock and I smack your hand away lightly telling you to just enjoy this. I look deep in your eyes as I slowly push my pinky in your widening ass I give it two good deep pumps before I shove my thumb in forcibly after just one thrust, my knuckles slide past your muscle and it tightens around my wrist. You gasp in surprise at how forward and dirty I’m being, I truly can’t believe it myself. Just watching your ass eat my whole hand is making pussy drip; I can’t stand it any longer I must fuck you.

I get up from the bed and I slide my legs into the harness and grab my oil and place a few drops onto my girlcock. I start pumping up and down smearing the oil the entire 8 inch length of my girlcock. Each time I pump myself I get excited when my harness rubs against my clit. My pussy is soaking wet. I take my girlcock to your puckered little hole. I tell you to relax as I start to slide my head in. You’re gasping, and bite your lip as I push hard just once. I’m in. The force I used pushing inside you radiated to my clit. I love it. So I start to swivel my hips growing wetter with each movement I’m making inside you. I start moving in and out becoming more and more forceful. I command you to pump your cock in unison with me. I can feel my orgasm building as juices start to trickle down my inner thighs. I scream out that I’m about to cum. I go faster and harder as my juices saturate my lower body. This extra power I am using feels really good to you as you can’t hide your precum pearls.

I slow down my pace a little bit but use more force. As I’m ramming my girlcock father and further into you and you’re pumping away faster and faster I bend down and flick my tongue across one of your nipples and tweak the other with my fingertips. I start sucking in rhythm with your pumping and my slamming and you can’t take it any more and explode all over my tits. I slowly keep pushing as the waves radiate through your entire body. I ease myself out of you and collapse on the bed next to you. We lie there softly caressing each other’s bodies. I reach down and pull my breast to my mouth and lick the last of your man juice off my tit. I unfasten my harness and allow it to fall onto the floor beside us. You tell me to get comfortable on my back. I scoot back a little and spread my legs wide. I’m lying there before you caressing my breasts paying close attention to my nipples as you lift up one of my legs. You kiss your kaçak bahis way from my feet all the way up my inner thigh.

You can smell my aroma as you near my sopping wet pussy. You place one hand on the very top and trace my lips with your other while your eyes casually take this all in. You separate my lips to see my gushing little hole. You stick two fingers inside to feel my warmth. My muscles clamp down on them enjoying every instant of this invasion. My clit starts to grow. You look up at me and ask if I’m enjoying this. I moan out between heavy paced breaths Yes baby keep going. You then move your face down. You rub your hairy chin down my pussy giving it a tickle of excitement. Your bottom lip is so soft against my huge engorged clit. I moan aloud. Your warm wet tongue meets my begging clit. As you latch on and start to suck it and flicker your tongue my juices drench your face. You decide to pull your fingers out of my pussy and start playing with my ass bud. As you’re sucking away at my clit and my body is pulsating you slowly slip in a finger and start to wiggle it around, I cum instantly sending my body into convulsions.

Watching my body so helplessly reacting to your commanding touch is turning you on as you have nearly reach full erection again. My pussy is begging to be fucked. You can taste it. So you lift my legs to my chest and quickly insert all of your manhood as I gasp and my muscles tighten around it with convulsion like contractions. You start going faster and faster and you pull one of my hands away form my nipples and rub it into my clit. I moan out as a flood of juices escape my pussy and run down my ass. You slow your pace and start fingering my ass again. Then you pull out of my drenched pussy and quickly tongue it and then separate my ass cheeks with your thumbs and wiggle your tongue in a bit, I gyrate my hips toward you. Your tongue traces up my body and you grab your manhood and run the head up and down my cunt getting it nice and slippery. You place your head at my bud with one hand and grab my love handles with the other. Slowly using your hips you thrust your head into my ass. I make a face and noises of pain and pleasure as you allow me to adjust to your manhood inside my ass.

You casually rub my clit with your now free hand. You slide a few fingers in shaking them on my G Spot then you go back to my clit. You tell me to relax that it’ll only hurt for a second. Your cock is completely drenched by my cunt juices as you push yourself all the way in. This is a whole new level of pleasure for me as my ass grips your cock like there’s no tomorrow. You watch my tits bounce with each thrust. You exclaim that you’re about to cum. This turns me on and makes me reach a magnificent orgasm and I tell you to keep going baby keep going. You blow your load deep inside my bowels and collapse on top of me after you slide your cock from my ass.

We lie there panting together covered in oil and pussy juice and reek of sex. After a while I tell you it’s a good thing we never drained the tub. Once we rest a bit, we go back to the bath and relax. We’re able to say so much to each other with out saying a word. We start to drain the bath and go to rinse off in the shower. We go back to our bed and strip the bedding. Instead of remaking the bed we just grab a couple of blankets and curl up naked to fall asleep holding one another.

Love ~n~ Kisses

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