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Pleasuring Myself In The Tube

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It’s late evening. I have just been at my laptop and reading some stories. It aroused me as always and as always one of my hands had slipped into my panties and my fingers had found my moist pussy there and while reading I very gently and slowly had been moving my fingers up and down my slit I did not make myself cum. I finally shut down my laptop. I went into my bathroom and started filling my tube with warm water. I stripped naked and lay into the tube.

Ahh. It feels so good. The warm water comforts my skin. I’m still aroused and I know what I need. I close my eyes and my mind starts working. I love so much having erotic fantasies. My hands slowly go to by firm 85B breasts. My fingers circle my breasts; I caress the undersides and sides. Ahhh, my skin is so sensitive there. Slowly, ohh so slowly my fingers move.

My mind starts my favourite masturbation fantasy. I’m a young shy, personal maid of a mature, strict lady. She really likes me, but she is a very strict person. She is not fat at all, but she has a voluptuous body, with good curves at the right places. She has big, soft breasts, that are already sagging but they look very sexy. I’m ordered to wash her tonight. So we are both naked casino siteleri in the tube….

God, I’m so hot. Still hot from my arousing reading session and now even hotter from my fantasy going through my mind.

My fingertips softly touch the surroundings of my nipples. My sensitive nipples are erect all ready. I moan slightly and rub my nipples between two fingers now; all very gently and very slow. I love to enjoy it a long time. Hmmm, my hands feel so good on my body, in the warm water. I need more now.

One of my hands starts a gentle massage of my left breast, never forgetting to caress my nipples and its sensitive surroundings from time to time. My hand now plays with my curled, brown pubes. The hair feels so soft. I crawl myself gently. I love playing with my pubic hair; I love my big, dark bush.

I bite my lips now gently. My left hand is still pleasuring my tits, but changed to my right breast now. My legs are spread open, to give place to my own hand. Slowly my fingers glide along the inside of my thighs. My skin is so soft there. I even can’t fully control my hips now. My pussy needs my hand, my fingers now.

I have my nipple between my fingers and play with canlı casino it. It’s so hard and it feels so good. The fingers of my other hand follow the lines of my cunt lips and slowly circle my pussy. It’s beautiful to feel the difference of water and the wetness of my pussy. Up and down I move my hand at my slit. I go all the way from my anus – I gently touch it each time – to my clit. I have a small clit but it’s fully aroused and erect now and I let out a deep moan, when I play with it a bit longer. My crotch presses more against my hand now. I insert one finger into my cunt. God it feels fantastic. The warm wet surrounding. I love masturbating in the tube. I start fingerfucking myself; soon I feel the urge to use a second finger. Usually I use two fingers – sometimes even more. But right now it’s time for two fingers. In and out of my sooo wet cunny. I lead down my other hand now, too. I need my fingers at my clit.

YES! YES! That’s exactly it. Two fingers fucking in and out of my pussy and the fingers of my other hand playing so gently, so soft with my clit. I moan constantly now. It’s hard to still concentrate on my fantasy now. My mind is too busy with the coming orgasm. I feel as kaçak casino it builds up. Faster and faster I move my fingers. I press them deep into my pussy, move them inside of me and then it’s coming.

YES, it’s coming. I feel it. I feel it in all my body. I moan loudly. My clit is between two fingers, softly touched and three fingers are pressed hard into my cunt now. I cum!!!!! God, what a feeling. God, how good is masturbation. I love it. The relaxation afterwards…..hmmm, sooooo gooood!!

That moment the door to the bathroom opens. Marion is home; my beautiful, sexy girlfriend Marion. She smiles at me. Immediately she knows what I have been doing. “You have been the naughty girl, I love,” She smiles and kisses me. Our tongues meet for a short time. I smile back and reach my finger to her face. Even though it’s been in the water, it’s still visible that it’s been in my pussy and she smells it. She loves the smell of my pussyjuice.

“What about stepping into the tube? I can wash you a bit!,” I suggest and I’m aroused again. My favourite fantasy is still in my mind —and acting out with Marion….hmmmm

Hope all you female readers out there can enjoy pleasuring yourself as I can. I think masturbation and a good erotic fantasy is the best key for a great sex-life! So always enjoy yourself, it’s good for your body and good for your mind – and good for your partner!

Feedback, Comments and Votings very, very welcome!!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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