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Sam And Rosa And Others

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Sam And Rosa And OthersOn my last work trip to the country I was fortunate enough to be able to have my wife Lisa accompany me. It was a rare pleasure indeed. We always enjoy each other’s company, but these days it’s not often we get some time together by ourselves. While I had to go to work each day I had the luxury of starting at a reasonable hour, and getting back with Lisa relatively early in the afternoon. We were like two k**s in a lolly shop. Lisa was able to go shopping during the day without worrying about c***dren and housework. We were able to return our sex lives back to our pre-c***dren days. We could take away my morning glory in style. We were able to have a matinee in the late afternoon. And of course could take our time through the evenings and luxuriate in the foreplay and sex; naturally our performance with each other quickly improved; that’s the good thing about practice.We stayed in a very nice motel. Our room had a small balcony that overlooked a lovely garden with a sauna room tucked away in one corner, a swimming pool and spa. The balcony was a great spot to have a pre-dinner drink together in the evenings as the sun went down. It was on our third evening there that we decided that after dinner that evening we would try out the sauna, and then have a spa before bed. I made the appropriate arrangements with reception for the keys, assuring them we were not about to disturb the quietness of their establishment.Wrapped in those lovely soft fluffy big white towels that motels seem to have we made our way quietly downstairs in the darkness and let ourselves into the garden through which we accessed the sauna, spa and pool. I turned the light on in the sauna, and we put our towels down on the hot seats. We sat opposite each other on the top bench, using the wall as a back rest. Both of us relished the heat, not too hot or dry. We talked as lovers do, teasing each other as we exposed ourselves to the other’s view. My cock was half hard in anticipation of the night in front of us. Lisa sat with her legs apart, her slightly open shaved pussy clearly in view.We had been there only five minutes or so when the door of the sauna suddenly opened. To say Lisa and I both got a fright was an understatement. There was no way we could quickly and easily make ourselves modest in the intrusion; we were, after all, sitting on our towels. Into the sauna stepped a couple, each with a motel towel wrapped around them. Our consternation must have been instantly obvious to them. He quickly spoke to us, reassuring us that all was okay, asking us if we’d mind if he and his wife joined us in a sauna, introducing themselves as Sam and Rosa. What could we say? Now that they were there it seemed unreasonable to say no; particularly as they were being so nice about it. Lisa and I just looked at each other, and gave each other that hidden shrug displaying inevitability that close friends can manage to do. We later both agreed we were mentally kissing our plans goodbye.They both quickly shed their towels and, like us, put them on the bench to sit on. So now there were four of us nude in the semi public sauna of the motel. Lisa and I tried to display a little modesty with our new companions. I noticed she had brought her legs together so her pussy was no longer on display, though it was still obvious she was shaved. Similarly I had drawn my legs together hoping they hadn’t noticed my semi erectness.Our initial conversation was one of those pleasant get to know you affairs. Sam and Rosa were both originally from southern Italy, had lived for many years in Australia, and were travelling around looking for a possible holiday house, while having a holiday; like us, away from the family trying to have a second brief honeymoon. So we did have a little in common.Looking at them naked before us Sam was about my height, though more thick set, with the expected swarthy complexion, and a lot of body hair, naturally black. He was uncircumcised, and while his cock was comparable to mine in length, one had the impression of considerable thickness, though of course it was flaccid. Rosa had obviously had c***dren; her breasts looked like she had fed her babies given the length, thickness and size of her nipples. Her breasts were of pleasant medium size, not massive, but more than a handful. She was not in bad shape but one could guess her fitness came from housework rather than the gymnasium. Her skin was also a lovely olive colour.As they settled into the warmth with us they got themselves more comfortable. Sam lounged back on the bench, and Rosa now lay back using Sam’s legs as a pillow for her head, her body stretched out with her feet towards me. Lisa and I both gradually relaxed and resumed our former pose. Over Sam’s body again I could see Lisa’s slightly open shaved exposed pussy between her spread out legs. No doubt Sam could too when he turned his head to converse with her. But he made no comment or gave any overt sign of his visual perspectiveAs time drifted by the perspiration began to form on our bodies. Sam and Rosa admitted to us they had been sitting on their balcony having a drink when they had seen us go into the sauna. They guessed that because we had towels around us that we were in the nude underneath, and had found the idea titillating enough to decide to take the chance and join us; as long as we weren’t offended or off put by their apparent accidental intrusion; which of course by then we weren’t.Sitting there talking I noticed Sam’s hand had discreetly strayed to one of Rosa’s breasts. His fingers were absent mindedly stroking and teasing a nipple. It was very nice seeing her inadvertent natural response. The nipple hardened and elongated. She sighed and moved her legs. Sitting so close to her, facing each other, with our feet almost touching, her now spread legs gave me an excellent uninterrupted view of her pussy. While she had a dark thatch of thick pubic hair, the flesh of her sex was visible through it.I flicked my eyes at Lisa. Again we exchanged another of those communicating glances. I knew then she too was aware of the subtle change in circumstances amongst us in the sauna. One of her eyes flickered in a half wink. She too was apparently happy to see where the night would take us. When Sam was talking to her I now noticed Lisa would run a hand across her breasts and nipples, or run her fingers through her kaynarca escort sex. As before he gave no sign of noticing, even though to me on the other side of the sauna some physical response to her occasional self stimulus was obvious. Her nipples were hardening and her sex was more open than before.Rosa now and then casually and subtlety stroked a hand across her sex. It was nothing heavy, just a bit of gentle stimulus so that she too was a little bit more open to my casual gaze. My cock jolted slightly, some hardness travelling along the shaft; not that I was hard, but I now wasn’t flaccid either. Part of me hoped my interest wasn’t too obvious; but then part of me thought that my response might give them other ideas too.Lisa commented to me that she was getting too hot, and suggested we move to the spa. She asked Sam and Rosa if they cared to join us. As we stood up to leave I then noticed that Sam was sporting a half hard cock too. Interesting! The night air was bracing. We turned off the sauna heater and the light. In the moonlight we walked across the path and dropped our towels on the wall of the spa. I flicked the switch and the water jets burst into life. We all eased ourselves into the warm water, luxuriating in the bubbles and streams of water coursing over our bodies.Initially we were all seated opposite our respective partners. But after a few minutes Rosa and Sam took the initiative; she drifted in the streams of warm water towards me, and Sam moved closer to Lisa. I looked at Lisa across the top of the steaming bubbling water. She gave one of her imperceptible nods.As Rosa moved closer to where I was sitting she reached out and held onto my legs, presumably to control her movements in the currents. Her hands moved up my leg until she found a firmer anchor for herself, a fist wrapped around my half hard cock. She smiled at me across the bubbles as she gripped me. Onward she moved her body until she sat in my lap, her legs going around either side of my waist, her sex coming to rest on mine. My cock bobbed and jerked as I felt her pubic hair nestled against me. Rosa now put her hands around my neck in a hug, bringing her lips to mine in a warm passionate kiss. Her kiss was excellent, long and wet, with her tongue touching mine.At first I held her to me, my hands stroking up and down her back. As our mouths parted for much needed air I looked past Rosa at Lisa and Sam. They too were locked in an embrace, though of course Sam was over Lisa so that not much of her was visible to me.I returned my undivided attention to Rosa, sliding a hand between our bodies to fondle her breasts and nipples. Once again we began to deep kiss each other, the taste and touch of our mouths exciting us with its newness and freshness. My cock was growing harder. Rosa obviously felt it. She rubbed her hairy pussy over it, stimulating me. The moistness of her pussy was discernible in spite of the warm water of the spa; somehow she felt warmer and slicker.Sam and Lisa disturbed us as their bodies bumped against us. As we looked up at their touch they quietly wanted to know if we were having a good time. What a quaint little joke! Rosa and I were having such a good time exploring each other we had almost forgotten about them. Sam suggested to us we might like to copy him and Lisa, and get into some serious sex in the spa. Lisa knelt on the seat beside us and leant her body on the edging, resting on her arms, thrusting her backside in the air towards Sam standing behind her in the bubbles. He didn’t need a written invitation. He stepped forward between Lisa’s parted legs, gripped his hard and very thick cock in one hand, gliding it between her globular cheeks with the other. Lisa thrust herself back onto his tool. He grasped the sides of her arse in his hands and began to fuck her doggy style. An expression of unbridled lust and joy came over her face. Rosa climbed off me and knelt right beside Lisa. It looked wonderful to see two such lovely mature female bodies together. I reached between Rosa’s parted thighs, feeling for her pussy, gliding the knob of my hard pulsating cock into her with my hand. As soon as my cock was in place I held her just like Sam held Lisa, and eased gently forward into her, my cock sliding deep within the confines of her cunt. Rosa looked back at me over her shoulder, a smile of satisfaction and lust on her face. She waggled her arse, taking more of me deep inside her. Sam and I stood side by side in the bubbling water, thrusting in unison into our sexy hot wives. Sex like this under such surprising unexpected circumstances was truly erotic. I felt absolutely wonderful. I was lost to all else but the fuck of the woman beneath me, and the obvious joy of the woman beside her.The quiet but unmistakable click of the pool gate closing roused me with a shock out of my sexual reverie. Beside me Sam swore softly in Italian. A tall young man walked towards the four of us. In the moonlight I could see he was making depreciating peaceful gestures with his hands, as if apologising for disturbing us. Lisa and Rosa also became aware of his presence. The four of us broke apart, sinking down into the bubbling water of the spa, hiding our aroused nakedness from his view. Apologetically the young man explained that he and some friends were having a drink on the balcony of their suite, had observed our sexy encounter, and wondered perhaps if we’d like to join them for a drink and maybe some fun. Sam crossly told him we’d think about it. The young fellow again apologised, pointed out the balcony to us and assured us we’d be very welcome.After he left us we had a chat about his proposition. Rosa was pretty keen, but very much wanted Lisa along for company. Sam and I were not so sure. Eventually we agreed our spontaneous moment together in the spa was ruined, that we would go and check him and his friends out, have a drink and, if we weren’t happy, leave for one of our rooms to try and recapture our magic moment together. So we dried ourselves, wrapped our towels around us and made our way up to the young guy’s suite.It turned out there were three of them. As we introduced ourselves we were again swamped by their apologies. The three of them, two guys and one girl all in their mid twenties, were sales reps for the one company in the difficult job of breaking new territory. While we were in our towels the guys orhanlı escort just wore shorts, the girl shorts and a tee shirt. Mark, the guy who had disturbed us in the spa, was quite tall at somewhere around one hundred and ninety centimetres, slim and muscular, with dark hair and a ready smile. He was charmingly desperate to win over Rosa and Lisa as he quickly got them drinks. The other guy John seemed to have a typically positive salesman’s attitude; was not quiet as tall, but was strongly built, with light brown hair. The girl Lee had a nice set of boobs poking out the front of her tee shirt, firm sporty legs, and long blond hair with a fringe and pony tail.John put some light rock music on the radio and suggested we all get comfortable by getting rid of our towels. To make us feel more comfortable he and Mark quickly shed their shorts. Rosa and Lisa’s eyes both gleamed as they saw their hardware. John had a long uncircumcised prick dangling between his legs, easily longer than Sam and I. His friend Mark was even more impressively built. His cock was really long, somewhere around twenty centimetres at a guess, very thick, huge in fact, and circumcised. As I sat back in a lounge chair in the raw I enjoyed the spectacle of Lee shedding her clothes. I was curious to know if she was a genuine blond. She was! As her panties came off I saw she a lovely trimmed thatch of blond pubic hair. She was in great shape, with magnificent large firm boobs capped by pink nipples poking out of the centre of big round aureolae.Mark didn’t waste any time. He lay on his back on one side of the double bed, gripped his massive hardening prick in a hand, and asked the women which one would like to try it out first. Lisa and Rosa looked at Sam and I for a reaction. I shrugged, it was Lisa’s call; but I noticed Sam had nodded to Rosa. As she got up and moved to the bed she had a look of hungry happy anticipation on her face, her eyes gleaming. I wondered how she would handle the hugeness of the cock on offer.Mark went to move for Rosa but she simply pushed him back to his original position. She climbed onto the bed over him, straddling his body. Kneeling, with a leg on either side of his thighs, Rosa’s pussy opened up over the massive thick tool stretching thick and hard along his belly. She lowered her pussy onto his prick, to rub her sex slit up and down it considerable length. Mark lay there passively, obviously enjoying the sensation of Rosa’s pussy sliding over his cock.Sitting naked on the lounge with a drink in my hand I began to think that the night mightn’t go too badly after all. Lee squeezing her naked body into the gap between Sam and I confirmed my thought. I put my drink down and stroked her smooth thigh with my hand. Sam reached over and cupped a lovely breast in his hand, teasing the pink nipple. Lee put a leg over mine so that her legs were now parted, allowing my stroking hand to stray over her the mound of her sex. I stroked a finger along her slit, parting her labia, feeling the beginnings of her moisture on my finger tip. I looked at her face. She was avidly watching the scene on the bed.I watched with fascination as Rosa raised herself up over Mark, gripping his huge hard veined glistening prick in her hand, guiding the flanged purple swollen knob into the entrance of her parted sex. She placed her hands on his chest, then commenced the downward movement of her torso, her cunt somehow engulfing his prick until it was completely buried inside her. It was an incredible and fascinating achievement to observe, somehow very horny to watch. Rosa moved up and down on his pole, the shaft glistening with her wetness and clearly visible as she lifted herself upward over him. The scene on the bed was obviously too much for Lisa. She joined Mark and Rosa on the bed, straddling Mark’s chest with her back to Rosa, placing her shaved exposed pussy over his face, lowering herself onto his waiting mouth and tongue. I knew this was a position of dominance Lisa really enjoyed and, if Mark was any good, he would enjoy it too. Lisa began to slowly and erotically fuck her pussy across his face, using the bed head to balance and support herself with her hands. The sight of these well built big-breasted mature married women having themselves off with this guy was simply stunning.It surprised, and almost blew me away, to see Rosa reach around Lisa’s body to grasp her bobbing and swinging breasts with her hands. Lisa’s movements froze briefly, before she obviously mentally adjusted herself to this new sensation of the female touch. After a minute or two Lisa stopped her movement on Mark’s mouth, turned herself around to face Rosa, presenting a new aspect of her sex to Mark. From my position on the lounge I had a rear view of Rosa pistoning her cunt up and down on the massive prick inside her, still seeing it’s hard glistening shaft as she raised herself off him; and now the front view of Lisa’s open gash over Mark’s mouth and tongue could also be clearly seen.The two women began to fondle each other’s breasts, stroking their hands over each other’s belly, even dipping into the other’s gaping sex slit. It made my cock even harder just to watch them. It had the same effect on John. He bounced onto the bed sporting a monstrous hard prick. Like his mate he laid on his back, on the other half of the bed, his veined red prick lying stretched along his belly. While it wasn’t as big as Mark’s monster it was still pretty impressive in its dimensions. Lisa decided to take him up on his silent offer.She climbed off Mark to now straddle John’s belly. She rubbed her sex along the length of his shaft making it wet with her leaking lubrication. Like Rosa she soon raised herself up her knees, wrapped a hand around John’s shaft, and pushed its engorged dark red coloured head into the gape of her cunt, before sinking herself down on him, completely burying his cock deep within her. Placing both hands on his chest she too, like Rosa beside her, began to fuck herself on his prick.The sights on the bed had temporarily distracted me from Lee beside me, whose pussy I had been absent mindedly stroking. I noticed Sam, like me, had also been awed by the bed scene. I think my renewed and lustful interest in Lee woke him up; and made him think more about her breast, which he had been cupping in his hand. I looked at Lee’s face. She was lustfully watching tepeören escort the other four people, a tongue wetting her lips. I reached up and turned her face to me. Kissing her on the mouth, finding her tongue darting past my lips into my mouth. My fingers straying into her slit noted that she was open like a flower, with wet mucous covering her swelling labia. It was as if a light came on in her head; she had two hard throbbing cocks of her own to play with.Lee positioned Sam on the carpet on his back, knelt between his thighs, and began to suck his dark throbbing prick. I knelt behind her, looking briefly at her lovely upturned arse, admiring more the view of the puffy pink open wet flesh of her pussy pouting out at me from her well spread thighs. With one hand I guided my cock into the open wetness of her inviting pink pussy. My cock slid easily into her tight twat. In spite of my lust this fuck with her began slowly, only gradually building up in speed and intensity. Lee was bent over in front of me still sucking Sam’s cock.Movement amongst the bodies on the bed caught my eye. Rosa and Lisa had decided to change positions and swap partners. As Lisa is only a small person the thought of her comfortably taking on a cock the size of Mark’s filled me with awe. Rosa and Lisa now reclined on the bed beside each other on their backs. John knelt between Rosa’s wide spread thighs and placed his thick cock against the hairy open entrance of her love nest. His initial penetration seemed hard and fast as he speared his cock into Rosa with one thrust of his muscular arse. Rosa clasped him to her, wrapping her legs around his waist, locking her heels behind his back. Lisa’s legs were spread wide too, her shaved smooth ripe pink pussy gaping open waiting in anticipation of Mark’s massive organ. After its recent stimulation in Rosa’s cunt his cock now looked huge and swollen, thick veins running along the glistening wet shaft. Mark nestled the bulbous engorged flanged knob in the open wet folds of Lisa’s swollen labia. As he began his initial slow slide into her she raised her arse off the bed to accommodate him. Her cunt stretched open around his enormous and unfamiliar protrubence. Centimetres of his prick had slipped into her cunt. He seesawed in and out of her, using her lubrication to smooth his passage. More and more of his large cock was penetrating Lisa’s tight little cunt on each inwards thrust. As he began to pick up some speed and rhythm Lisa’s legs were thrust out wide on either side of her body, her feet on the bed allowing to lift her body up to receive his forward thrusts, to get into the swing of the fuck too.At least the temporary distraction had taken my mind briefly off the sensation of Lee’s tight cunt wrapped around my cock. I had originally thought, as I entered her, that the lust of the night might have overcome my staying power, detracting from the opportunity of showing this young lady a very good time. Lee lifted her mouth from Sam and suggested a change. As he and I moved around her I lay under her in the classical sixty-nine position. While I was well aware of Lee’s mouth fastening onto my throbbing cock, initially it was more interesting to see Sam’s thick cock part the pink flaps of her pussy as he took her from behind. I was fascinated as, just centimetres in front of my face, I watched her cunt stretch around the skin of his shaft as his length slid with apparent ease into her depths. As Sam’s cock sawed in and out of her pussy I fastened my mouth on her clitoris, sucking it, teasing it. The three of us really got heavily into our combined fuck, pumping, sucking, tonguing; letting our lust take control of the situation. I could feel the orgasm start to build up deep in my belly. Above my face Sam’s cock was pounding fiercely in Lee’s cunt. Her lips were spread by his thrusting shaft, her moisture clear and streaky on him, wet and glistening. Both of them began to cum. Lee was frantically rocking her body above me, heaving back at Sam, engulfing his cock to the balls as he fucked himself furiously into her. Her mouth gripped tightly on my cock, her suction pulling at the spunk welling up in me. I could feel the hot lava like flow begin its journey through my body. Lee and Sam were bucking their bodies together as they came. Above me his cock thrust in hard jabs into her, her cunt open around his shaft as she came, twitching and shuddering and shivering racking all of her body. The spunk jumped and spasmed and spurted from my cock into her mouth, which still sucked at me. We collapsed in a perspiring cum dripping tangle of bodies on the carpet.After a few minutes the sounds on the bed penetrated my brain, catching my attention. I stood up and walked over to the bed to perv on their action. The four of them were almost there. John and Rosa were locked in a tight embrace of passion. Rosa had her knees drawn up almost to her armpits, her arse turned up in the air, but smothered by John’s body, his cock driven in and out of her by his bucking backside. Lisa was still using her feet to lift her body up to each of Mark’s inward thrusts into her pussy. He had raised himself up on his hands over her so the only part of them touching each other was their sex organs. Both of them were looking at the juncture between their bodies, watching his mighty cock slide in and out of Lisa’s cunt. I moved along the bed to watch too. Lisa’s pussy was being stretched as by the thickness of his shaft as he pounded her. As his cock began its inward journey her outer membranes stretched tightly around the shaft. As he pulled out so the petals of her labia were drawn out along his shaft, her moisture allowing her puffy lips to slide along the skin of his meat. Lisa began to cum. She was wonderfully noisy as always; groaning, moaning, grunting, talking, and swearing. Mark began to let go too. With slow deliberate thrusts he pumped his spunk into Lisa’s upturned pussy.Rosa heaving her body around on the bed, John doing his best to hold onto her and keep his cock inside her as he fired his orgasm into her cunt.It took some time for everyone to cool off and return to normality. By mutual agreement we all decided to call it a night. Lee, Mark and John were moving on next day so it was unlikely we would see them again. On the other hand Sam and Rosa were, like us, booked into the motel for a two more nights. We agreed to meet for dinner together the next evening. Who knows said Rosa what might be on the menu.Lisa and I returned to our room, with the promise of the next night and the memories of the current night in our minds, and exhausted collapsed into bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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