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Schooldays growing up.

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Schooldays growing up.When I started secondary school it was a new experience and an all boys school. Discipline seemed quite severe with punishment dished out for the daftest of things by the all male teachers. As I started so did a new maths teacher who took our maths set. He was quite keen on slippering and within a few weeks we knew when a slippering would take place as you could see a stiff cock bulging in his trousers. We had to learn 10 items about geometry and was tested about it the next lesson. I ended up getting one almighty thwack across my arse, which hurt like mad. He would step back take a run and thwack the plimsoll would hit at speed. Being our first year the maximum would be two strokes. As the years progressed the number would increase to a maximum of six, but what he forgot to tell us was that he had another way to apply them as we entered our 5th form. I noticed that he planned his sessions with whoever he felt he wanted to use. On one occasion we had been out in the cold in football strip and maltepe escort he was also taking us for PE that year. On returning to the changing rooms he told us we were all going in the showers. He had opened all the windows that sat above the dressing room and shower area and it felt like minus 6C in there. Into the showers we went and he stood and watched us all. By now we were all growing pubic hair and developing. When he told us to come out he checked us all to make sure we were clean. Two days later he found an excuse to punish a lad called Clarke. Clarke was fairly well endowed with a bum that many a gay male would just love. That lesson was started with the usual threats of we had to all do better.Clarke was to be picked out by him because he thought he could do better. He was told to spread himself over the table at the front of the class and his blazer was lifted up to reveal his pert backside. The teacher had an enormous erection visible in his trousers. Clarke was told not to move from that position escort maltepe or he would get more than the four he was to get. Four really hard thwacks hit his arse and he flinched with each one. His trousers were a tight fit so almost as bare skin. We were all very frightened of him as we knew anyone of us could be next. A few weeks passed and I saw in my maths book the dreaded “See Me”. That usually meant punishment. I tried to ignore it but he decided some people were ignoring the words and they would be dealt with. I went to see him and was told to report to him at room 8 at 4 o’clock. I went there and there was no sign of him. At 5 pm I decided to go to the teachers staff room to see if he was there. No! So I decided to go home in a panic. The following day he was looking for me at the start of the day, asking where was I at 4pm. I said that I went to room 8 and he immediately told me he said room 4 which was on the lower floor. He then said that I was to report to the gym at 4pm that day with a pair maltepe escort bayan of shorts. All I could think about all day was what was going to happen. My mates all said don’t worry as he can be seen or heard in the gym. So 4pm came and I reported as ordered. He was about 10 minutes late and lrt me into the changing rooms. There he told me to get undressed and put on the shorts. This I did when he called me into the gym. He had opened the large stock room at the back where big pieces of equipment were kept. There was a sloping “horse type thing” set in the centre. I was told to bend over it and not to move. Then my shorts were pulled down and I was basically naked. I was told I was to receive 6 strokes and not to move. He instructed me not to clench my buttocks as it would hurt more. Then the first stroke hit my bare arse and I knew then what Clarke had suffered. Thwack another and then another until all six were administered. I was told to stand and face him and for some reason I started to get and erection. I was told to get “That” under control and go and get dressed and go home. It was obvious that he had had great pleasure punishing me and somehow I also had enjoyed it although it hurt like mad. That was probably the start of my interest in BDSM.

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