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Sg My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

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Sg My Affair with My Hot Young MaidYes people, we recorded ourselves oh yeah.) .another thing, I still care deeply for the person so any decision on the story-telling and any media will take into consideration the security of our identity and such. Not that I don’t trust our little community here, but can’t be too careful.To start, let me describe a bit about her from the beginning. Me and my wife were looking for another maid after sending our last one back due to her extreme ‘psychological’ issues, so we asked a family friend who lives in Surabaya to look for one. There were some issues in the beginning as the one we got was u******ed. I can’t quite remember whether only maids aged 19 or 20 was allowed in, but the one we got was a year younger than was allowed, so there were extra paperwork and fees if we wanted to continue. Initially I was hesitant with the extra hassle, but since my wife said we might have to wait longer for another if we rejected this one, I relented. Anyway the day came that they (My new maid plus another for another relative) arrived so we (Me and family) went to my in-laws’ house to pick her up.Sitting around, talking with the in-laws, my wife nudged me, pointed and whispered “That’s our new maid.”I looked at the person she was pointing to and wow, I know many will not believe me but this girl was very attractive to me. Sweet and very young-looking, she was about 5′ tall, had long straight black hair (Almost down to her waist), very slender and dainty and gentle. Personally I prefer my women with a bit of meat on them but this girl scored in the looks department. After three maids prior (Two hags and one not-so-bad), I thanked my lucky stars. At this time, I just thought of looking and no touch, since this girl would be my maid, a family friend at that so definitely out of bounds (Or so I thought hehehe)Anyway (At this point people, I am still contemplating about putting her picture here. What if someone recognizes her? Of course I will exclude her face, but her clothes, the background? Argghhh the dilemma of choice.) The first few months went by smoothly. She was great with the k**s, very hard-working, very meticulous and never raised her voice or asked questions. We in return treated her very well, bought her stuff, a hand phone (Cheap one initially), let her go out on weekends (Which she very seldom did) and pretty much treated her like one of the family. For my part, I didn’t try anything at all, though I did honestly consider putting in a spy cam, which I didn’t since I am not -that- perverted. (Yet?!?). That is until one day, during arguments with my wife, she would accuse me of having another affair (Those’re another varied, complicated stories all of their own), this time with the maid! I was WTF!?! One of my pet peeves was being accused of something I did not, nor intend to do, so after perhaps the third time she brought this up, I decided if I was going to be accused of something, let it be worth it *!Devil!*.So one day, I decided to take the day off, and it was a school holiday so my c***dren were at home too. I was adamant that I would make my move today! I remember getting quite nervous as not only was this girl my maid, she’s quite the religious type, quiet and young! Plus she is a close family friend!!! In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have attempted this again. She could scream, she could run out and alert the neighbors, she could run to her room and call my in-laws. The scenarios running through my head were all nasty, but somehow I just steeled myself and forged ahead. I called her to come up (I was upstairs) in pretext of asking her to do some work, and up she came, followed by my lovely k**s. *groan*I pointed to a spot and asked her to clean that up, and when she turned to get the cleaning stuff, I ordered my k**s to go down first and play as kakak had work to do. That left me all alone with her upstairs. I could sense she was uncomfortable, but somehow my old wolf sense told me to continue, so there we were, just looking at each other. Her, probably puzzled to what was going on and me wondering what to do if she screamed next.—I was at a loss actually on how to continue without scaring the dear girl, but when she finally turned again to go down and get the cleaning stuff, I blurted and asked her “How long have you kept your hair da?” (Let’s call her da for the rest of this story; not her real name)She replied she hadn’t had her hair cut since she was small, just regular trimmings. I then braved myself further and asked if I could touch her hair, to my surprise she said okay, and then turned around, took of her hairband so that her long black gorgeous hair was loose on her back. I stood close beside her (Not touching yet, still worried) and stroked my hand through her lovely hair. Damn, so soft and luxurious, and I came closer and smelled her hair. So sweet and fragrant.Next I put my hand on her shoulder and asked “Da, can I hug you?”To which she quickly turned around. Oh shit, I thought, she’s gonna scream!!!She looked at me like concerned and asked “Why abang? Do you and kakak have problems?” which kinda surprised me that she herself was not freaking out.I was at a loss for words here for a moment, then I just answered not really, just normal stuff, then sensing my chance, asked her again if I could hug her. She said nothing, just nodded her head so I pulled her to somewhere we couldn’t be seen from downstairs in case the k**s came looking and gave her a big hug. She was such a small, petite thing and hugging her felt so good. I felt her arms come up and held me by my sides, then shortly I felt something hard between her and me. Uh-oh, I was having an erection which wasn’t a surprise as I was hugging this pretty little innocent girl with the sweetest smelling hair. I just hope she wouldn’t get scared as I knew she must be feeling that too.She broke off the hug first, saying she was worried that the k**s would see us but I asked for a few more moments to hug her, which she obliged. I couldn’t feel her chest as she was quite petite especially in that area, and I imagined her chest would be a complete flatland, which I am okay with. I didn’t try to roam anywhere as I knew I was pushing my luck even now, so it was just a big, close hug and stroking her back. I broke off the hug and gave her a light peck on the forehead, and then asked if I could kiss her on the cheeks, which she again nodded yes. Pecking her lightly on adıyaman escort the cheeks, I tried to move to her lips, which she quickly moved away and I just let her go, but not before giving her another kiss on the forehead. Most of the time we were silent, as we were both understandably nervous and also worried about the little one downstairs. I asked her to go down and I stayed upstairs to finish my work (No, really some office work. :p) .and that was it for the day, until later that night.—Later that night, when the k**s and missus had gone up to bed, I as usual stayed downstairs to watch some tv. I had noticed da going in and out of her room, sometimes to the toilet, then to the kitchen. In all honesty I was very apprehensive about what I did earlier to her that day, so I wanted to give her some time and room and prayed that she hadn’t belatedly freaked out and called or complained to anyone. I knew she had a boyfriend back home, so many thoughts still running through my mind all day.Suddenly she came out of her again and signaled for me to come to her. Ah shit, I thought, she gonna report me? Blackmail me? I went to her and asked why?I could see now she was like trembling, then she said “Abang, please hug me.”Wow wow wow. I hugged her real close and asked “What’s wrong da?”“Nothing”, she said, “Just scared.”So I continued hugging her, knowing that this innocent little pretty thing is mine to have. Abang big bad wolf is here, nothing to be scared about, I thought hehehe.I pulled her to the tv room, then asked her to sit by me and watch some tv. She complied and sat next to me while I laid down, us holding hands. After a few moments I asked her to lie down by me which again she did without question. I turned to her and took her face into my hand, then gently kissed her on the cheeks. She then kissed me on my cheeks (Woohoo!).I then put my hand on her flat tummy and just stroked there, watching her reaction. She didn’t say or do anything, just her breathing gradually became shorter and shorter so I moved my hand towards her breast. I was quite confident she wouldn’t scream or anything now, so I just conditioned myself to find not much at her chest area. Flat boobs are sexy what? As long as they’re not saggy, wrinkled or with ugly nipples. I reached her modest hills and just stroked them gently, asking her if that was okay. She didn’t react, eyes were shut, just enjoying the experience, I guess. I had no idea what her sexual experience was, though I did mention she was the quiet, religious type. I moved closer to kiss her on the lips. I got just one second perhaps on those yummy lips before she moved her face away hrmph!That’s okay baby, plenty of time, I thought though I was also privately cursing. I moved my attention to her tiny chest, telling her beforehand to stop me if she was angry (Heh heh), then moved my hands under her t-shirt, squeezing, groping gently until I got to her nipples, which were easy to find as they were quite hard. After about a minute of this, I sat up and pulled her t-shirt up to expose her breast.I looked at her and said “I will take this off okay?” referring to her bra, to which she looked at me with oh so sexy innocent look and nodded.I moved my hand under her body to unclasp her bra, she arched her back to make it easier for me and in a sec the bra was loose. Now for the grand unveiling of those young teen (Legal!) Breasts. Wow, I thought they would be completely flat, but even though she was lying down, her breasts were quite nicely sized and firm too! (I will show you guys the pics later). The first time I had a nice surprise of boobs expected to be tiny but turned out much bigger and nicer! (As opposed to finding smaller boobs that were just enhanced by wonder bra or those that just fell flat when they were out of their previously supportive cups).I just couldn’t take my eyes of the beautiful young buds, but instinct took over and I bent to kiss, lick the breasts. Da was silent previously, just shutting her eyes but after her breasts were attacked ravenously like this, she was soon writhing and silently gasping, and I still hadn’t touched those light brown perfectly formed nipples yet. Not daring to spend too much time exposed downstairs like this, I then sucked one then another sweet nipples of her, to which she was now holding my head firmly, guiding me to pleasure her young boobies. I don’t know how long we spent doing this, perhaps 5 minutes or slightly more, but with the ever-present danger from above, it felt like a lifetime! I also lightly started caressing her crotch, but I was taking this slow as not to risk frightening her, so just touched her lightly there. She also had on a pair of thin slacks so kinda hard to feel anything. Never mind, I could see I could take my time. Next I took her hand and guided her to my stiff erection, which was easily accessible from the kain sarung I wore. She was hesitant just a bit, before taking the full hardness in her hand and squeezing randomly, no sign of the up-down stroking motion that even a novice would know. Aha! Kerasnya (So hard) abang. Then sat up a bit so she could see the little me. She was looking at it curiously, like the first time one sees a hard dick (Or so I hope hehe). I let her play, explore little me while I continued sucking those yummy boobs. So there we were, my young maid with her t-shirt up to her neck, exposing her firm, small breasts, and me with my kain to my ankles, exposing my hardness. I usually wouldn’t show her mine until she showed hers, but this time I made an exception. The hook was in and I just had to reel her in slowly but surely.All good things must come to an end. Usually the missus doesn’t come down once she’s asleep, but I wasn’t going to take that chance. I can usually hear the bedroom door open but not worth the risk getting caught, so early in the story. So I asked da to go back to her room. She was rather unwilling, but reluctantly followed me to her door. Her bra was still open so my hands automatically were groping there, then I bent to kiss her on the lips, and again she moved her face. I asked her why? Then I know, she replied that she didn’t know how to. Hehehe so cute, so fresh. I said it is okay, abang will teach you okay? She smiled cheekily and nodded. I gave her breasts quick last kisses then asked her to go in her room. I then spent the next 30 minutes recollecting every last detail of that afyonkarahisar escort hot encounter.—Where was I? Anyway, the next day was largely un-eventful, with work and daily stuff to attend to, but my mind was constantly thinking about my sweet young pretty maid (Though I wasn’t thinking her as my maid anymore, nor even just an opportunity, but over the period of time she was with the family, I was really attracted to her kind and attentive self). Needless to say, I was quite looking forward to the evening.Soon 9.15 came and it was time for the k**s’ bedtime, the missus took them upstairs and went to bed herself. I waited till about 10.30, satisfied that everyone upstairs were sound asleep, as always.I went to da’s room, quietly turned the doorknob and luck! It opened with a bit of a creak but opened nonetheless. You see, previously I knew she slept with her door locked as I could hear the door being locked from inside, you know the push-to-lock type, right? Anyway, just to make sure the coast was clear, I silently went upstairs to check if the missus was really asleep. Satisfied, I went back down again and went silently inside da’s room, and in the gloom I could see her lying silently.I sat next to her and placed my hand on her arm, asking “Da, are you sleeping?”She turned, then sat up facing me, smiled that mischievous smile she has and hugged me real tight. I hugged her back before giving her a kiss on the lips. She again moved her face, not allowing me to dfk her. Rats! I forgot about that. Never mind for now. So just pecks on the cheek between us, then I moved down to kiss her neck and ears. She gave a gasp at this (I later found out she was really, really sensitive there, the neck and ears, which I used to great effect hehe). I then whispered to her that I wanted to take her top off, to which she nodded. I proceeded to take off her t-shirt, then her bra, revealing again those young mounds of yumminess, all for mine to enjoy. I bent down to kiss her breasts, left then right and all over between them, then when I sensed she was really enjoying this, I quickly sucked on her nipples, making her gasp a bit too loudly under the circumstances . She was pushing my head hard to her chest with both arms now, I’m guessing as waves of unfamiliar, pleasurable sensations were rushing through this young, naive body. This went on for some time, just me kissing and sucking her nubile breasts and pointy, light brown nipples, giving her a real good introduction to what will inevitably follow.Da was all flustered now, even in the dim light I could sense she was red and sweating, heart racing. I took her hand and directed it to my rock-hard penis, which she squeezed for a little while before shyly asking if she could see it. Oh my lord, to have this gem ask that question was just so unreal. I stood up and let my sarong fall to the ground, giving her a close look at the raging hard-on I had. She took her hand and squeezed it, stroked it, shaft, balls, all just making me dizzy just watching her do all this with that inquisitive look on her face.“Kerasnya abang, tak macam adik punya.”I almost laughed at this, her comparing mine with my infant son’s.I let her explore for a few minutes before asking her to kiss it, to which she made a face and said, “Geli la bang, kan tempat kencing tu?”Ah another rats moment! I just said to her that it is a normal thing to do between two lovers. Eventually I sold her to the idea, but it was just some kisses to the head before she stopped and continued exploring my hard-on. Ah well, that’s okay, fortunately I like the chase and this girl was definitely worth waiting for. So I didn’t pursue the matter and I just stood there with my erection in her hands. During this time I was just asking her questions about her life back home and found out that she had never done anything beyond, just holding hands and sometimes a few pecks to the cheeks, and even then only with her current boyfriend. Just gives me the tingles hearing this. I stood her up and started kissing, sucking her breasts and nipples again, periodically kissing and licking her neck, sending her shaking and quivering in my arms.I slowly started squeezing her lovely bum, okay sized but understandably not very well endowed. She let me play here, squeezing, m*****ing her cute butt. Only when I switched my attention to the front, i.e her crotch, did she hold my hand, saying gently to me that she was still a virgin. Okay, not a problem. I hugged her close, and even though there would be no kiss to the lips, let alone dfk, no blowjob, and no fingering, I was having quite a good time with da, just some good old fashioned hugging and light roaming. Plenty of time for us to discover one another, I knew. Okay what made the encounter much less enjoyable was the fact that I had to break off every 5-7 minutes or so to check that no one was awake nor going down to check my whereabouts. Imagine that, excusing myself every so often, walk out of the room, walk upstairs, check that coast is clear, walk downstairs and to her room then try to get the moment back again. Absolutely un-romantic for my part, but I will rather be safe than sorry at that time.We stopped at I have no idea what time, but I walked out a very happy man nonetheless. Just to save the trouble, the next night was almost identical, except I had the bright idea of asking her whether I could come back home later the next morning to see her. I would drive to work as usual but just stick around, call in sick at work then sneak back home (Wife’s at work but nosey neighbours?). She agreed! Now I could lay down my plans to finally have my way with her without any distractions. Can’t wait!—The next morning, I did the usual routine i.e breakfast, kissed wife goodbye, send k**s to school but instead of driving off to work, I just hung about at a mamak shop nearby, waiting. Da told me last night that my youngest k** (The only one left at home) usually takes his nap at about 9-9.30 a.m so I have to wait until then to come back. My mind was going through all the things I would be teaching da later yum yum. Firstly teaching her to kiss. Kiss 101. At precisely 9.15 I headed back home, parked in a distant nook of my taman and walked to the back of my house, knowing that would be the best way of coming in unseen by the neighbours. I unlocked the back gate and opened the back window to unlock the deadbolt balıkesir escort of the backdoor (Don’t any of you come breaking in my house now!). Walking in from the kitchen, I saw da lying on the tv room floor, holding my c***d. She saw me and signaled me to be quiet, then pointing to my c***d, which I took to her saying that my c***d wasn’t sound asleep yet. So I quietly walked upstairs to my room, signaling her to come up once everything was settled downstairs.I had a quick shower (Just making sure I covered all the bases) then fiddled around with my laptop, yeah you guys know why, webcam recording!!! Hehe yeah I know I am so bad.(Anyway) after about almost 10 minutes, there was a knock at the door and there was my sweet da, with a shy smile on her pretty face.“Adik is asleep abang”, she said.I got up from the bed and pulled her gently to me and hugged her close. Mmmmm she smells just a hint of baby talc, but dang was she smelling so delicious. Just her fresh body next to mine.I sat her down next to me on the bed, then told her I wanted to kiss her on the lips, saying I was geram (Mad) about her lips. Da repeated that she didn’t know how to kiss, so I just said that I will teach her. I held her face gently with both my hands, then kissed her several times on both her cheeks before slowly planting my lips on her lips. Expectedly, she kept her lips closed but didn’t pull away, so I just continued kissing those sweet lips of her, then whispered to her that she should part her lips slightly, to which she did, and I continued, kissing each individual lips, then both lips, then gently sucking each lip. Slowly I noticed da was following what I did, and she was doing good.This went on for about 5 minutes before I moved on to the next stage, inserting my tongue. Da stopped here, and laughed nervously but I pulled her back in, whispering that I wanted her to stick her tongue out. She did, eyes closed and I playfully flicked my tongue at the tip of her tongue several times, then sucked it purposefully before attacking those lips of her again. I asked da to use her tongue like I did, and soon we were two lovers hot at sword play, and da was a real good student, I could see she was going to be another successful graduate of my class.As I mentioned earlier, I like to take my time, so I was all about concentrating on teaching her how to kiss up to this point, meaning I wasn’t going to distract her (Yet) by touching her other parts, but when I sensed da was getting the hang of the kissing part, I moved my hands to her breasts, squeezing them gently, which da let out soft moan after soft moan. I broke our hug now, to lift just the bottom part of her t-shirt, to signal I wanted to take it off. I didn’t say anything, just indicated that, to which da lifted up her arms as if to give me permission. I pulled her t-shirt up, took it off and saw she had on a singlet beneath, in addition to her bra. Hehe such an innocent girl. I took off the singlet then bent down to kiss her still covered breasts. She started pulling my head closer to her chest, moaning softly. I cannot tahan anymore, with the sweet aroma of her body and her soft moans, I took off her bra and sucked hard on her young hard nipples.She was moaning loudly now, with the window open just above us, I was hoping the neighbours weren’t listening in. She was really mashing my head against her breasts, willing me to pleasure her more. I laid her down on the bed, then broke off just for a moment to take off her pants. At this, she stopped me, holding on to my hands to stop me from un-fastening her pants.“I am a virgin abang”, she said.I said I knew, that I wouldn’t do anything to harm her, that she should trust me. I have always treated her well, and never forced myself on her so I guess she did trust me, and helped me to take off her pants. She was wearing this plain white panties, cute but not-so sexy. Never mind. As before, I had to guide her hand to my raging erection, but this time she was more eager, and I gave her sweet time to explore, m***** me there. I pushed her head slightly and asked her to kiss me there, which she complied but just kisses again, and a few licks. God she’s killing me with her naivety.She came up to kiss me, I laid us both down then resumed, enjoying the fruits of my kiss 101 lessons just now, moving downwards to suck on those tender breasts and just generally enjoying her moans and writhing of pleasure. She almost jumped up when I slid my hands across her pussy (From outside her panties) but didn’t pull my hands away so I continued playing with her pussy, which was very warm at touch and I could feel wasn’t bushy (Which I prefer). Soon she was real wet down there and I thought of taking this to the next level, but thought better of it. It was almost noon, the missus will be back home and I don’t need the rush. Virgins need to be properly enjoyed first, and I knew this one wasn’t going anywhere. So we just continued as is, just french-kissing like love-crazy teenagers (Okay I will be the first to admit I am no teenager, not by a long-shot). Da was getting really good at this, with her teacher an acknowledged master hehe.Just slightly sloppy yet restrained, da with her yummy lips and naughty tongue was a born great kisser. Her breasts I must guess were maxed with pleasure by now, and her pussy sopping wet. I slipped my hands a few times under her panties, not so much to m***** her pussy, but to target her cute pert ass (But that’s another story. ;)) .after what seemed like an eternity of bliss and pleasure, we stopped and I escorted her to the bathroom to wash up and then helped her put her clothes back on, after which she helped me wear mine. The exciting thing was, while she was helping me put on my boxers, she held my still stiff dick and kissed it a few times before just slightly taking the tip into her tiny mouth. Dang this girl is really killing me with this teasing!I told her the next lesson would be that, pointing to my dick and her mouth. She laughed naughtily and gave my poor throbbing birdie a firm squeeze, which was quite painful! Looking at the pain in my face, she gave a little scream and apologized, asking if I hurt her. I said yes, you can’t treat it like that. To which she kneeled down again gently stroked my birdie and kissing it, again taking it slightly into her mouth (No tongue action). I just laughed and said next time be more gentle, to which she nodded and gave me a tight hug. We walked downstairs and before going out of the back door, I lifted her t-shirt (Singlet and all) and gave goodbye kisses and sucks to her breasts and nipples. Dang I love her breasts. I walked back to my car then went to melaka raya to find an outlet to release the horniness built up in myself. Can’t wait till tonight!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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