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Sparticus… A mother’s demise

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Sparticus… A mother’s demiseSPARTICUS … A mother’s demiseChapter 1Monday evening‘Yes Dominus’ Helen laughed as she responding to her son’s request to switch off the light before she took her seat next to him on the couch.‘Hurry up slave… it’s about to start’ the teen grinningly quipped backAs it has been for the past six weeks both mother and son sat down on a Monday night before the television to watch the latest episode of Spartacus. Helen’s husband had to leave for work each day at 6am as it was a two hour commute each way, so he was always in bed by 10pm. Lisa, her youngest daughter had no interest in the series… or TV in general… all she cared for was her pony that she tended too every day after school and at weekends. Carolyn, her eldest, spent most of her time social networking and very rarely ventured from her bedroom.Alan found it a little embarrassing at first when the sex scenes came on, but as the series progressed he became more comfortable watching with his mother next to him, owing to the frequency of bare breasts, pussies and cocks and the use of expletives throughout the programme. Gathering up and bundling his bathrobe over his lap did little to conceal his arousal at watching the nubile women in various states of dress and undress.Helen was not particularly interested in the gladiatorial side of the series but she also found the sex scenes quite titillating. She pushed aside the harsh reality of being a slave of those times and often fantasized herself in the position of being body slave to a master who took her whenever he so pleased and in what manner that that he was in the mood for…regardless of her wishes. The jaded housewife often used to transport herself into scenes being depicted on the small screen and although she was not particularly sexually inactive with her husband, she did find the need for more release than the two or three times a month that her husband offered. So she masturbated. It seemed to be much more than usual these past few weeks. The fantasies that occupied her mind during her early morning masturbation sessions took the form of being taken involuntarily and offered to others as sexual favors since the start of the series.‘Want a drink… I am making myself one’ the mother of three offered when the program was interrupted by a commercial break.‘Some hot chocolate would be nice… oh…with marshmallows’‘Anything else Dominus… I am only here to serve’… again there was laughter in Helen’s voice.‘Quiet slave…and do as I command’ the wide grin etched across the 15yearold’s face.Alan pressed the pause button on the remote whilst waiting for his mother to return and adjusted his semi erect penis to a more comfortable position beneath his robe. If he were alone he most certainly would have pulled it out and jerked off at the sex scene just shown before the commercial. The friendly banter between him and his mother did not help his predicament. It was not only times like this that thoughts about his mum in a sexual way had entered his mind… ever since he started to jerk his cock his mother’s tits had played a part in his fantasies.The aroused youth quickly removed his hand which was ‘adjusting’ his erection under his robe, when his mother returned with the drinks.The unsuspecting mother leaned forward to place the tray on the small table in front of the couch…the flash of white flesh immediately drawing the excited boy’s eyes to gaze upon the gaping dressing gown and the objects of so many of his fantasies.Unaware that her robe had parted showing a clear view of her swinging breasts, Helen removed each mug and carefully placed them on the coasters, which offered an unintentional lengthy unbridled display. Just as she was rising from the bent position her eyes noticed where her son’s stare was focused. Momentarily lost in the sensuality of the moment and her breasts being seen by someone other than her husband Helen held the pose far longer than a decent woman, never mind a mother, should have held. It was not until her son raised his eyes to meet hers that the reality struck home and she slowly stood upright and took her place on the sofa.Alan pressed play on the remote control.As mother and son slowly drank their drinks, their minds were not fully focused on the TV. The blushing woman was confused about her reaction to her son to looking down her robe and nightie. She felt embarrassed at the thought that her son had no doubt seen her pendulous breasts and engorged nipples… but along with her discomfiture she felt aroused… fully aware of her aching nipples and pulsating pussy. Alan of course felt no such turmoil. It was every teen’s dream… seeing a woman’s bare tits gently swaying and within easy reach if only he had the nerve. No doubt that when alone in his bedroom tonight there would be no such inhibition as he stroked his hard cock developing the latest scenario that had just occurred.Lost in their own thoughts whilst staring at the flickering images and sipping their hot drinks, they did not speak until half way through the next commercial break.Finally Alan plucked up the courage and with a tremble to his voice spoke the words that he had finally chosen from the many that he had been formulating in his mind for the last fifteen minutes, jogging Helen out of her thoughts‘Slave or Domina?’ ‘What?’ Helen turned her head slightly to look at her son‘Are you slave or Domina’ his voice slightly more assertive but still with a hint of nervousness ‘if you were there… in ancient Rome… slave or mistress?’Slightly taken aback, there was a long pause whilst she ran the question through her mind. She knew she fantasized about being slave but should she even be discussing such personal thoughts with her 15 year old son? ‘Mistress would be safer but might be fun to be slave now and then.’ Rather nervously the mature mother decided that there is no real harm in answering the teen. ‘What about you… Do you prefer to be a Gladiator or Dominus’? Helen could not explain why her heart suddenly started beating so hard and butterflies formed in her tummy.‘Definitely Dominus’ the grinning teen retorted.‘Interesting… I thought you might prefer to be a gladiator… but then again, I can understand why it might be more ‘fun’ being a master’. It was Helen’s turn to sport a wry smile as she recalled a scene from the last period where the Dominus was taking a slave girl doggy style as his wife urged him on. Mind you she was a little surprised when the Dominus instructed the rather muscular slave to ‘stick cock in ass’ as he approached orgasm. She knew that homosexuality was not as ‘taboo’ in those times. When the program restarted they stopped talking and looked at the TV but once again neither fully concentrating on the show. Alan’s mind in particular strayed every time a bare breasted woman appeared on screen… comparing their tits to those he had just seen in the flesh. What he did notice that his mother’s nipples were certainly larger than those being seen on the small screen.The excited teen kept his hands over his cock which was forming a very noticeable tent under the bathrobe he wore. He wondered what would buca escort happen if his mother saw his erect cock would she grasp it and relieve him… nice thought he smiled at himself. The aroused youth continually glanced over to his mother and much to his delight her gown was starting to gape at her chest. It had not gone unnoticed by Helen that her son was trying to conceal an erection…and by all accounts one to certainly rival that of her husbands. The sexually fueled female also started to compare those cocks being so openly displayed by those on the screen to that of her what her son’s might look like should it be so openly displayed. She wondered if life was simpler then… no hang ups when it came to sex.The ‘soccer mom’ noticed that her son was taking sneaky glances at her which only fueled her pulsating pussy, so she deliberately started to covertly twist her shoulders in an effort to make her robe ‘yawn’ slightly, teasing both her son and herself. The mischievous mother also moved her legs so that the housecoat slipped exposing more and more of her thighs.Not realizing that his playful mother was deliberately manipulating her fluffy flannel robe, the commercial break came too soon thinking that his mother would notice her robe and readjust it when the TV was not distracting her. However it did give him the opportunity for the conversation they had to develop further. ‘So… given a choice you would prefer to be a slave?’‘Well…as long as I wasn’t beaten too much’ Helen laughed knowing that her son would not have let her earlier admission go unquestioned. The robe had parted sufficiently to allow her son to gaze upon the nightie she wore. The aroused mother blushed at the thought of how she knew that flimsy nightie would not have prevented the youth from seeing her hanging breasts and that at that very precise moment she wished it did not conceal her tits that she was particularly proud of. She blushed once again at the very thought of flashing her body to her fifteen year old son and the reaction it caused in her throbbing pussy.‘But you like to be fucked and used like a common slave?’The surprised mother raised her eyes at hearing her son use such words. Funny that about every other word was a profanity on the show and it did not bother her… perhaps it was just that she had never heard her son use such language. She was about to admonish him when she realized the absurdity of doing so.‘Maybe… and you shouldn’t be asking your mum these things’ there was a smile upon her face especially since she noticed where the youngster’s eyes were looking.‘So you like being submissive?’ the teen was not about to give up.‘Never thought about it… but maybe… now hush…it’s about to start’ the mortified mother lied slightly for she had often thought about being submissive to the right man and she could not believe she had told her son something so private and personal. And yet her whole body continue to react.Alan could no longer concentrate on the show as he was totally absorbed in what his mother had said. His brain questioned all possibilities to whether she was really a submissive or just toying with him. As most boys of his age when it came to reasoning about girls he abandoned his brain and decided to let his aroused cock do the thinking.‘Remove your dressing gown… slave’ unsure and looking straight at the TV screen there was a hint of nervousness to his voice and he was certainly expecting to be slapped and told to get to bed with the threat of his dad being informed to what he had just said.Helen stopped listening to the sound coming from the TV. Did she hear correctly? She rewound the last ten seconds in her mind. There was no mistake… her son had just called her a slave and told her to disrobe. She had to be sure. The playful banter had taken a more serious turn.‘Dominus?’ there was a questioning tone to her voice as she looked at her son who had responded by turning to face his mother.‘Remove your dressing gown…’ the words barely audible and sounding even more unsure than before. Alan was expecting full retribution for his audacity.There was no slave in his request this time and yet the sentence was one of command rather than request. Helen just stared directly at her son’s face. She could feel her nipples ache and her pussy pulsate and if it were not her son she would not hesitate to slip off her gown… but it was her son. ‘Yes Dominus’ two words that slipped from her lips when every voice in her head was screaming at her to end the charade.In the dim light of the flickering TV set the bewildered mother untied the white toweling belt and slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall around her waist as she sat next to her speechless son.The scenes being played on the TV were ignored as the sound continued to play in the back ground.Alan swallowed…amazed at his mother removing the robe at his request. He stared at the engorged nipples as they tried to bore their way through the thin silky nightie. Her tits obviously void of a restraining bra looked larger than he had imagined. Perhaps she might … nothing to lose.‘Remove your nightie… let me see your tits… slave…’ He added the last word just in case she was just playing a game with him and he could laugh it off if she stopped playing.It was Helen’s turn to gulp. She tried to reason with herself. Stop now… but the truth was… she didn’t want to stop. She wanted to see how far her son would push her. Would he want her to stand before him naked? She still had her panties on under her nightie, so she still could stop playing the game before she showed him her pussy… if such a young boy wanted to see an old pussy. But this was not any young boy…this was her own son…Helen took another gulp before wondering if she should expose her breasts. She was quite proud of her body. She did work out and often drew an admiring glance from people. Her breasts did sag slightly but at her age…Swallowing once again and ignoring the consequences and rationale of obeying her son, the embarrassed but excited mother raised her left hand and pinched the thin right shoulder strap sliding it down her arm. Wriggling her arm and shoulder she was able to lift her arm through it. Helen could not look at her son but knew his eyes would be wide open staring at her fully exposed right breast. Her nipple never looked so big before… nor did she recall it ever ache so much.Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement… her son had opened his own gown and exposed his hard penis. She let out an audible gasp at the size of it…‘The other one slut… let me see both tits’ Alan’s voice was husky with excitement.The compliant mature woman of forty four did as her son demanded and repeated the same procedure as last time until both breasts were on full display. She could not believe she was sitting there showing both her breasts with her nighty fallen about her waist, as her shameless son openly stroked his erect cock before her as if it were the most natural thing for a son to do before his mother.‘Raise your nightie…show me your cunt’Helen never liked that word in the past but hearing it being escort buca referred to her own pussy send a shock wave through her body.‘I… I have panties on’ the mortified lady could not lift her eyes from the embarrassment…nor from his gorgeous cock. ‘Slaves don’t wear panties… in fact they were never worn until the nineteenth century… so don’t wear them again’The shocked woman looked up at her son. She was going to say something… but it was only a game… a role play for the night. Tomorrow both would be full of guilt and remorse and probably too embarrassed to face each other…but… ‘Yes Dominus’ she raised the hem of her nightie to just below her crotch. The time to stop the role play was now. Smile at her son and say enough… get to bed… instead she raised the hem until her white panties were visible …her arousal easily noticeable by the dark damp patch around the crotch.Before the lustful mature could slip her thumbs into her waistband, she let out a loud gasp as her shoulder length mousy brown hair was grabbed and her head forcefully pulled down to the erect phallus that was before her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and as soon as the cock head touched her parted lips, the first shot of thick cream hit her throat. Instinctively she closed her mouth over the knob and swallowed pulse after pulse of warm cum that ejaculated into her mouth.Helen was well accustomed to giving blow jobs in her teens but since her marriage they were just a distant memory. She had gone down on her husband at times but he always wanted to finish off in her pussy. She loved giving head in her youth and would often go on a one night stand just so she could suck a hard cock and taste its warm juice. The teenage slut was not always choosy in selecting her date, for it was not their looks that she was interested in. She always hoped that they would force her head down so that she had no choice but to take the cock down her throat; unfortunately most guys were just happy that she would even go down on them and probably scared that she would stop sucking if they tried to be more forceful. There was no such fear shown in her son’s action.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alan lay back on the couch. He had released his mother’s head during the final few throes of his orgasm. He was sure at the very lest he would be grounded for life. And yet his mother did not lift her mouth from his cock but lightly sucked on it which although fully spent remained semi rigid… as if she was gently coaxing the last remnants of his spunk from his sensitive cock. Her right hand was tenderly massaging a pair of balls which were proportionate in size to his large penis.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tuesday morningHelen was dreading that morning. How could she face him after what happened last night? How could she bare her breasts to her son and was even prepared to show him her pussy before he un-expectantly pushed her head down to take his penis in her mouth. She didn’t even hesitate to swallow every drop of his ejaculate and what made it worse… she enjoyed every moment of it. After her son rose from the couch without saying a word she remained seated. There was remorse… but overpowering that guilt was the sweet taste of cum that lingered in her mouth and the desperate urge to finger her throbbing clit until it gave her the relief she craved for.After her husband had left for work she lay in her bed thinking of the events that occurred the night before and once again although riddled with guilt she found her hands once again relieving the pent up passion in her body. Unbeknown to the masturbating mother, her son was also relieving himself of yet another load of spunk at the very same time.Now… in the cold light of day…how could she face him? The worried mother cradled her cup of coffee… her heart thumping as she heard footsteps approach the kitchen. She could not look up to the advancing youth… what words could she say that justified her sinful behavior.‘Last night… was … was great…’ Her son’s voice was shaky, also unsure of the reception he would be getting.Helen looked at her son and knew the words she should have said … but instead she lowered her eyes to look at the cup she held in her palms and in a voice that could barely be heard whispered…‘It was… Dominus’ the immoral mother pulled in her tummy and held her breath knowing she had said the wrong words…and yet why did her vaginal muscles tighten and feel her clit throb.Alan was taken by surprise at his mother’s reply and felt that all his fears that raged through his mind during the sleepless night were unfounded. sleep did not come easy as he was either worrying about the consequences of forcing his mother’s head down onto his cock, or his fist was beating out yet another orgasm. Three times he had masturbated…with each fantasy progressing deeper into his depraved world of i****t and dominance. It had been less than forty minutes since he had spurted his latest seed into a pair of his elder sister’s panties which was his current ‘cum sock’.Encouraged by the bombshell words his mother spoke Alan chose his words carefully… words that would tip the scales one way or the other.‘I…I gave you an order which still has to be obeyed’ The bewildered woman looked at her son’s face for the first time since she had sucked him to orgasm last night with a quizzical expression.‘Show… show me your cunt’ There… he had said it and was waiting for the tirade of words of derision‘Alan???’The flummoxed 44 year old was saved by the sound of her youngest c***d approaching the kitchen.Alan leaned forward and whispered in the shocked woman’s ear.‘Slaves don’t wear panties. When I get home from school tonight you shall lift your skirt… depending on what I see will determine whether this ends today …or not’++++++++++++++++++++Alan found it difficult not to drift into thoughts of last night… and what his mother would decide when he got home that afternoon. Of course it could go horribly wrong and his mother would come to her senses and shatter his hopes with all sorts of punishments … but his youthful exuberance dismissed them as he slipped into daydreams of actually realizing a fantasy and having sex with his mother… of making her his very own sex slave.By the time the bell had rang bringing his school day to an end he had imagined every scenario possible that might await him on his return home. Possibilities varied from his mother agreeing to become his sexual plaything… to him being cast from the family home as a pervert. The lustful youth had worked on argumentative reasoning should things not go his way… reasons that to a boy of his tender age sounded pretty valid so he felt confident as he strode home.Lost in his thoughts on his mother’s reaction to his parting words that morning …imagining her lifting up her skirt and showing her pussy, he was interrupted by his older sister calling his name. Three years older than him, Carolyn usually did not acknowledged his existence and never ever spoke to him in public where she may be seen by her peers.Carolyn made it no secret that she did not like her brother… buca escort bayan not for anything specifically that he had done… just that he was her pest of a younger sibling. The good looking girl was not used to talking to her brother in a pleasing manner and it showed with the expression on her face, but, she needed a favor this time. The attractive girl used those good looks to get what she wanted, although she knew they would not work on her brother, not that Carolyn would want the creep to even look at her in a sexual way.+++++++‘Ok…let me get this right. If I go to this wedding with that geek they will let you share a house with her older sister and her cronies when you go away to university?’ There was a hint of cynicism in Alan’s voice‘Well yah… that’s what I have been saying’ Carolyn immediately cursed under her breath for sounding so patronizing‘So what’s in it for me?’‘What… you will be doing me a favor… Stacy’s parents have bought her this house in York and it has three bedrooms so I want to have one of them… well Stacy asked me to ask you to go with her sister and I know if you do she will let me stay in the house’‘And I owe you a favor because???’‘Please Alan… just this once’The teenage boy knew he had the upper hand over his sister for a change and thought for a while as she continued to plead with him.‘I expect this Cathy to give me a blow job …and it has to be before I go on the wedding.’‘What…I can’t ask her to do that…’‘Fine… good luck with finding a place in York to stay’ ++++++++++++++++++++ Tuesday EveningWhen Alan walked through the front door, rather than just shout out he was home and go straight to his bedroom he waltzed into the kitchen where his mother was seated at the kitchen table. He could not wait to find out whether his mother was wearing panties or not, and knew he only had thirty minutes before his younger sister came home. He also knew that Carolyn, mad with him for not doing her the favor had raced on ahead of him and would not come out of her room before she was called to come down to dinner.Helen was visibly shaking when her son enter the kitchen…she had half hoped that Alan would have been too embarrassed to continue with the charade. Perhaps he had come into the kitchen to end it himself… maybe to apologize, hug her and that would be the end of the matter. That was what she was hoping and the decision that she had made need never be revealed to her son. Helen McIntyre looked directly at her son, unsure of what to say or do. She was waiting for her son to either end it or command her to lift up her skirt.Alan that broke the silence with a well-rehearsed speech that he had formulated in his mind to give him every possibility of a favorable response.‘You are my mother and always will be. I will try and be a good son and I want our relationship to remain exactly as it was before last night… before…well you know’ Alan paused to let what he had said sink in…and to gauge his mother’s reactionHelen looked at her son and let out a sigh thinking that all her worries and concerns that she had throughout the day were unnecessary… the decision whether to or not to expose what lay beneath her skirt was not required. She knew what they did was wrong…immoral… but she could not dismiss how exciting it was and brought to life the fantasy of being a submissive that she had silently longed for. The thought of being someone’s submissive had often crossed her mind and had even thought about joining an online Dom/sub group… and here she was face to face with someone who was offering what she desired. If only it was not her son….They were the words that she had wanted to hear and she felt a great weight lift off her shoulders and yet at the same time a huge pang of disappointment.Helen was about to speak but Alan brought his index finger up to his mouth indicating that she should remain silent.‘I want us to remain exactly as we were except for one thing…Stand up‘The puzzled 44 year old gave her son a strange questioning look before doing as he asked. He walked up to her turned her to fully face him and then took a couple of steps back.‘Lift up your skirt…and show me your cunt. ’The stunned woman stared at the teen before her… slowly shaking her head not believing her ears. She had wrongly presumed his words were words of putting last night’s performance behind them. Did he not just say that things were going to return to how they were?‘Mum… it is your choice… it will end here and we forget last night…or… we start a parallel life. As I said, the majority of the time you will treat me as you have always done… but… alongside that there is another path, one where your body belongs to me.’The perplexed mom stood there trying to take in what her son was saying.The gambling teen had put all his eggs in the one basket… but felt confident as any boy of his age who was thinking with what lay between his legs.‘You have had all day to decide and I will accept what path you have chosen depending on whether I see a pair of panties or your bare cunt … LIFT UP YOUR SKIRT…’Helen could feel her stomach churning as her hands grasped the hem of her skirt. Shutting her eyes she slowly started to raise her skirt until her hands were level with her breasts knowing that everything below her waist was on view. She swallowed hard as her whole body shook. It seemed an eternity waiting for her son to respond.‘From now on when we are alone I am your master and you will call me Dominus. Is that understood?’The submissive woman opened her eyes but could not look at her son’s face and spoke softly‘Yes Dominus’The wide eyed teen gazed upon the hairy pussy that was being displayed in all its glory. The glistening inner labia slightly hanging between the puffy lips…‘Turn around and show me your ass’Such was her day of indecision the condition of her pubic hair did not enter her head… and now that seemed insignificant since she was about to show her son her backside. Ignoring that her eldest daughter was in the house and that at any time her youngest could come bursting in on them. The embarrassment was beyond belief as the submissive mother did as she was told.She readjusted the hold on her skirt to allow the back to be raised and her bottom be seen by her new ‘owner’. Her whole body reacted at the very thought of being owned. She stood in silence knowing her son was looking at something she should not be showing him. Helen jumped at the touch of hands on her shoulder pushing her forward until she found herself bent over the kitchen table with her skirt thrown up over her back. For some inexplicable reason she reached behind her and pulled her bum cheeks apart showing her son had an unrestricted view of her puckered asshole and wet pussy.The unsuspecting woman, unsure at first, then quickly realizing what was happening she let out a loud shriek of objection as she felt her son penetrate her aroused pussy with his hard cock… his hands grasping her wrists pinning her down across the table. ‘Shut up slut… your cunt belongs to me…’ The nervousness had all but disappeared in his voice.The prostrate woman silently accepting the path she had chosen; glanced up at the clock hoping that her son would be finished before Lisa came home and prayed that her eldest stayed in her room. But for the moment she closed her eyes enjoying being taken by a phallus considerably larger than her husbands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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