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Strangers in my bed

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Strangers in my bedWell this whole story started when my company called me in to discuss a project opportunity that they needed me to oversee. It was a great opportunity, but it meant that I’d have to spend 6 months out of town. They told me they would pay for me to go home every other weekend, but would need for me to be back on Monday mornings. I discussed it with Cindy, and although I could tell she wasn’t very excited about it she gracefully told me she could handle things at home and that I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. All went well for the first four months, I would come home every other weekend and all Cindy wanted to do was fuck like a a****l in heat to make up for the time spent away. We skyped and had phone sex at night during the week, but it just isn’t the same when it’s over long periods of time. She was busting her fine little Asian ass taking care of the k**s, house and working full time. The whole time she never complained or even mentioned that I should’ve never taken on this project. As the work week began I was looking forward to the weekend and getting home to see the family, then Monday afternoon I was told I needed to stay the weekend due to an accelerated schedule. I was really feeling bad for Cindy, because she had made arrangements for the k**s to be gone on Saturday night so we could have the night to ourselves. I knew I needed to plan something to satisfy her need of cock, and although we had quit the swinging lifestyle when we decided to start a family, I still had a ton of friends that I could get a hold of to help me set up a surprise. I made some calls and got my friend Tim to set up a few guys for Saturday night and put the plan into action. I wanted to make sure I could pull this off before I called Cindy since I didn’t want to make any promises that I couldn’t keep. I called Cindy and broke the news to her. While she didn’t yell or get shitty, I could tell she was really disappointed. She told me she needed my cock so bad that her pussy was throbbing whenever she would think about me coming home. I told her since she has been so good about this thing that I had a surprise for her Saturday night to take care of her cock craving. She was really nervous about having other men in the house without me there, since we never had swing sessions alone. I told her I would call her Saturday afternoon to set the plan in action.During the week, I called our friends Tim and Diane, who were previous swing partners with us, and made sure they had some cock lined up for Saturday. I told them I wanted three guys that Cindy had never encountered before so she wouldn’t spot them prior to the surprise. I was having Tim and Diane take Cindy out for drinks and dinner and escort her home for the surprise. I told them they could join in if they wanted to as well, but it was up to them. They said they were all good to go for Saturday and they would make sure it all went off without a hitch. On Friday afternoon the lead contractor came to my office and said that due to the weather forecast they would not be working the upcoming weekend and that if I could still get a flight I could go home. I was ecstatic about it, and as I was dialing the phone to call Cindy and to cancel the surprise, I stopped. I decided I would try to get home to watch the whole thing take place instead. I called and got a flight home, which would put me home while they were out for dinner. I called Tim and let him know that I would be there, but not to tell Cindy. I didn’t want her to have any reason to not go through with it.Just before boarding the plane, I called Cindy to give her instructions. I told her to set up the laptop and webcam in the bedroom and to use the HD cam with the 10’ cable. I explained that I would be watching and listening to the whole thing via my computer. I told her to dress very slutty and to leave the blindfold on the bed. She was getting nervous, and I told her that she would not know who was fucking her holes and it would be alright. I told her that Tim and Diane would pick her up and take her out for dinner and drinks, and then would escort her back to the house to keep an eye on things. This made her feel a bit better since they were trusted friends. She said she trusted me, and she loved me and that while nervous and a little scared about going through with it, her pussy was aching for some attention. I told her that I wanted to see and hear everything over the webcam so I could enjoy the show. She showered and shaved her pussy, put lotion all over her body and got herself dressed like a really classy slut. She made videos for me and sent them to my phone so I could see what she looked like. She had on a black garder and thigh highs with a white opened back dress which came down to her upper thighs. Black panties, and no bra. Her fake 36C tits looked amazing in that dress. Her nipples are always semi erect and you could see them perfectly poking their way out of that white dress. She set up the computer and web cam and made sure it was working properly and that it would record to the hard drive. The cam had a 10’ cable so that it could be hand held for close ups while she was being fucked. Soon she sent me a text that Tim and canlı bahis Diane were there to pick her up. They took her to a really nice restaurant and lounge for some food and drinks. Cindy slammed her first 2 jack and cokes, then slowly sipped another 3 before dinner was over. She was quite tipsy and was getting pretty wound up. She tried to talk Tim and Diane into just going back to their place for some play time, but while very tempted they stuck to the plan. Little did Cindy know the three guys whom were going to fuck her were at the lounge getting their first eye full of the little Asian slut that’s my wife. Tim said from their reactions across the room, Cindy was meat on a platter when she got home. I landed and grabbed a rental from the airport and was in the area before they got back to the house. I waited down the street at my local tavern having a few drinks waiting on Tim to text me. They arrived back at the house and took Cindy inside and up to our room and Cindy helped them get the computer and camera running correctly. Tim texted me that it was up, so while at my table in the tavern I turned on my laptop and began to watch the set up. They took Cindy and sat her on the bed. They put a blindfold on her and told her under no circumstances was she allowed to take it off until they removed it from her when the guys were done. The guys followed them at a distance from the lounge and were waiting in our driveway for Tim to come down and get him. I left the tavern to head home and left the laptop on in the front seat of my car so I could watch. Tim went down to get the guys and Cindy sat on the bed with Diane. Diane was asking her how she felt about getting gangbanged and Cindy was visibly trembling on the bed explaining that she was really nervous and a little scared to just be taken by strangers. Diane slid her hand between Cindy’s legs and found her panties were soaked through just waiting for this to start. Cindy explained that although her heart and mind were scared, that her pussy was swollen, wet and engorged with the anticipation. I pulled in the drive as Tim was getting ready to escort the guys in. I got out and met them, and all three were very respectful and thanked me for the opportunity to do this with my wife. All three were in their mid twenty’s and very fit and muscular. Two of them were black, and the other guy was white. All seemed to have very large bulges in their pants and appeared to be slightly erect just getting ready to walk in the house. They started to introduce themselves by name, but I stopped them. I told them that I didn’t want to know their names, and after tonight was over that I expected no contact from them unless I had Tim contact them another time. All said that was no problem and we all walked into the house. While Tim took them upstairs to Cindy, I told him I was going to watch the start from the webcam in case Cindy was making sure I was watching since she thought I was at work. I said once she was caught up in the moment I would creep into the room and watch with them. As the guys entered the room Cindy jumped a little, I could tell she was very nervous. She asked if I was there over the camera, and I told her I was, and that I was fine with this and she should relax and have fun with them. The guys started very slow with her by laying her back on the bed and slowly caressing and feeling her body from head to toe. Cindy moaned lightly as 6 hands touched her body. They slowly peeled her dress down and as they stood her up it dropped to the floor. They pulled her panties down as well, just leaving her garder clipped to her stockings on, then removed her stiletto heels as well. Cindy began to run her hands up their shirts and lightly touching their cocks through their pants. They dropped her to her knees in front of them and stripped naked then guided her hands to their cocks. Their cocks were huge! All of them were at least 10 inches long and very thick. Cindy commented on how big they felt in her hands, then slowly grabbed one of the black guys and popped his purple head into her lips. He moaned as she began to suck on his hard cock then would switch between all of them in turn. It was erotic to know she had no idea what color or whose cock she was sucking on. Soon the guys got quite excited and yearned for more. They stood Cindy up and layed her on her back on the bed. Two moved to either side of her head so she could continue sucking while the third dropped his mouth onto Cindy’s soaking pussy mound and began to eat her out. She began to breathe heavy and moan approaching an orgasm, then he would stop. They kept asking her permission to fuck her, but she kept saying that if they made her cum with their mouths she would suck and swallow all of them. She said she was too scared to let them penetrate her. The guys just took turns eating her and bringing her to the brink then stopping. She began to beg loudly for them to just let her cum, but they told her not until they could fuck her. Finally Cindy had them stop and she called out to me on the camera. Dave she said, tell them to eat me till I cum please. I said Cindy let go and just let them fuck you, she said she was scared and that she felt bahis siteleri she was betraying me. I told her I was fine and to have fun with them. She kept shaking her head from side to side saying no…no…no! Finally I told the guys to hold her and stick a cock in her swollen pussy. Two of the guys at her head each pinned an arm to the bed and the third grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide open. She struggled against them, telling them to stop, but never saying the safe word once. Finally the black man between her legs, had the other two hold her legs open with one hand and keeping her arms pinned with their other. He grabbed her by the waist and held her torso still as he pushed his black cock inch by inch into my wife’s dripping wet cunt. Finally he stroked her slow a few times to let her get use to the size then just slammed it home into her. She screamed out for him to stop, but he just began thrusting into her, moaning about how good her pussy felt stretched around his cock. Finally Cindy screamed out she was cumming and her whole body tightened and flexed around his cock. She moaned out loudly in ecstasy. When her trembling stopped, the guys switched and the white guy entered her. She told them she wasn’t a whore and to stop this now. They told her that her husband had given his slut wife to us for the night and she was to let them pleasure themselves with her body. They just kept pounding at her pussy taking turns enjoying every inch of her. She finally stopped fighting and began to beg them for more. They rolled her face down ass up on the bed and inserted a butt plug in her ass to help it stretch. Cindy rarely let me take her in the ass, and I was surprised she let them put that in her. They began to fuck her doggie style while she took cocks in her mouth on the other end. One of the black guys getting his dick sucked told the guy fucking her from behind to hold her up right. He reached around and grabbed her tits and pulled her back up against his chest as he was fucking her. The black guy stood up on the bed and stuffed his cock down her throat and let out a huge roar and he shot his seed into Cindy’s mouth. Cindy tried to swallow but it was too much and she gagged on his cock and spit most of it up. It ran down her chin then onto her tits and down her hard stomach. I could see it all as they passed the web cam around to get all the views. She coughed a couple of times and dropped back onto the bed dog style. She said she wanted them all to cum in her mouth or on her tits. The other black guy took over her pussy and said that wasn’t the plan. He pushed her face down flat onto the bed, with just a pillow under her hips and he layed down on top of her and began to fuck her with force. She was moaning loudly and told him she was going to cum and not to stop. She jerked against him with waves of orgasm and her pussy clenched his cock tight. He said he was going to cum inside her, and Cindy told him NO!, but he groaned and slammed his cock deep in her uterus and dumped his juice inside of her. She yelled she could feel it pumping inside of her and to pull out, but he left it in. She said she could get pregnant, but he told her that wasn’t his problem. As he withdrew from her, cum boiled out of her and onto her inner thighs and the white guy pulled her on top of him and he shoved his cock into her soaked meat sleeve. He grabbed her hips and ground his cock into her as deep as it would go. She begged him to please not cum in her again, but his response was that you’re probably already knocked up so it won’t make a difference. She orgasmed again as he blew his nuts deep into her again. They all 4 collapsed onto the bed and Cindy rolled to her back and began to dip her finger into her pussy and pull wads of cum out of her and put it in her mouth. Diane got up and walked to the bed. She got her face between Cindy’s legs and began to eat the cum out of her well used pussy. Cindy was moaning loudly as Diane ate her, and I used the opportunity to sneak up to the bedroom to watch the next round live. I sat down on the love seat next to Tim and Diane motioned him over to Cindy. She said she wanted him to fuck her used pussy while the other guys were getting hard again. Tim spent no time getting his clothes off and had a raging hard on which he quickly pushed into my wife. Everyone could hear the sloppy noises coming out of Cindy as Tim slammed into her. The other 3 quickly got hard watching Tim fuck Cindy and were soon shutting her up by sticking their dicks in her mouth again. My cock was about to burst out of my pants as Diane came over and knelt between my legs and pulled my pants off. She began sucking my hard cock with a fury then soon slid onto my cock reverse cowgirl so she could continue to watch her husband bang my wife. Just as Tim pulled his cock from Cindy and shot ropes of cum up her belly, tits and onto her face, seconds later I unleashed my own load inside his wife. The cum just kept boiling out of me and was soon foaming out of Diane and onto the couch. Diane slid off of me and the three of us sat naked watching as the guys took over on Cindy again. The pried the butt plug out of her and one of the black guys dipped his güvenilir bahis cock in her lubed pussy before slowly inching it into her asshole. Cindy cried out it hurt, but that she wanted him in her ass so he continued until he was fully in her butthole. As he stroked her ass she began to enjoy it more and more and was soon begging him to slam her with force. He pulled free and rolled over onto his back and Cindy was reverse cowgirl on top of him. She lowered her ass onto his cock again and began to ride him while sucking the other two cocks. The white guy pulled away from her face and got between her legs. She asked him what he was doing and said she couldn’t take both of them. He ignored her cries and pushed his cock into her pussy so all three holes were filled. Cindy screeched at the top of her lungs and her body went limp as they kept pounding at her. The black guy yelled he was cumming up her asshole and pushed his length all the way into her. You could see his cock pulsing and he shot ropes of cum up my wife’s asshole. Cindy moaned loudly and came with him as her fragile little body shook against him. The white dude in her pussy rolled over with Cindy so they were face to face on the bed with him on his back. The other black dude crept up behind her and Cindy told him to ass fuck her like his friend. He chuckled and said he had other plans, then forced his massive cock into her pussy along with the white dudes. Cindy screamed out she could not take their two cocks in her pussy without ripping open, but they stretched her to her maximum and began to inch both their cocks deeper into her. Cindy’s body tensed hard as they began to slowly double fuck her worn cunt. She began to cum in waves one after another. She was trebling and having body shaking spasms as her body was tortured by man meat. They completely rolled over so Cindy was face up between them and they continued to force themselves into her. You could see her pussy helplessly tightening around both members which continually sent her into body shaking orgasms over and over again. You could see the outline of cock in her stomach rise and fall as the guys penetrated her, pushing against her vaginal walls over filling and stretching her. The guys were working that pussy with fury as they held her in place helplessly taking their massive organs until both of them broke loose inside of Cindy making a thunderous howl as they pushed ball deep into her. You could see the cocks pulsing inside of her as her belly was stretched by their engorged cum filled cocks. Cindy screamed out with them as her body broke loose with the most intense orgasm I’d ever witnessed, then she just went limp between them passing out temporarily. The guys removed themselves from Cindy and all proclaimed that she had had enough. Clearly she was completely done as she layed on the bed covered in cum and their combined juices ran out of her destroyed and swollen pussy. Diane told the guys to go wait for them in the guest bedroom and work on getting hard again. She said she needed some of that cock as soon as they got Cindy cleaned up and into bed. Tim prepared a nice hot soapy bath in the Jacuzzi tub and both of them helped Cindy into it and removed her blindfold. They washed her completely and while Diane was drying off her tattered body, Tim changed the sheets and bed spread so she could sleep. They put her down to sleep and all Cindy could do was mumble about me. They told her to rest and not to worry what I thought of her. Tim and Diane joined us in the guest room and told me to let her fall asleep before I went in and layed next to her. Once Diane began on the guys in the guest room I crept in to find my wife sound asleep and snuggled under the covers. I crawled in next to her and fell asleep hearing the sex continue in the other room with Diane. Cindy awoke in the early morning to find me snuggled up next to her. She woke me up and began to apologize for her behavior and she was too ashamed to look at me. She said it got completely out of control and then wondered how I got home. I told her it was fine and not to be ashamed of enjoying her sexuality. I explained I was there the whole time and enjoyed watching her and that I was proud how well she handled guys almost half her age. Cindy rolled on top of me and I slid myself into her. She was still full of cum and her pussy was so loose it was just a sloppy mess. I blew my nut immediately inside of her, but had so much pent up energy from the night before she suck me clean back to full erection in minutes. She rode me again slowly until we both orgasmed together. I heard commotion from the other room and went to check on Tim and Diane. I slowly opened the door to find Tim asleep in a chair and Diane on her side trying quietly to take all 3 cocks one more time. The room smelled of sex, and I told her when she was done the guys needed to leave. When they were done, they dressed and Tim and I walked them out and thanked them for being so courteous to us. They laughed and thanked us for the opportunity to have so much fun all night. We let Tim and Diane use our bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed and we all went out to breakfast for some much need nourishment. To this day Cindy has no idea who fucked her that night, and has never asked. I edited the footage from the camera to block their faces and we watch that night from time to time before fucking each other silly. – The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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