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Tess’ Piano Lesson

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Tess’ Piano LessonTeaching piano in my home was really only an idea to keep me from going crazy on the weekends! the money was nice, but not the important part. And, as expected, my students were mostly 10 year old girls who’s parent felt they needed more music in their lives. The girls were not really motivated to learn and rarely practiced effectively during the week. So, come the weekend and the visit to my home for 45 minutes, it was really just time for me to endure this torture I brought upon myself.I had decided that I would stop doing the lessons, that I would take on no more new students, but someone found the old add or she saved it or something, and I was surprised when Tess called about the private lessons in my home. First we shared a laugh at our shared name and I decided that it was fate, I had to take on one more student and besides, a young woman barely into her 20s had to be more motivated than a ten year old girl forced to be here. So, one more student it was.The first meeting sent my heart (and other parts) a flutter. Tess rang the bell and when I opened the door, my knees went weak. She was standing there wearing a short dress that showed off long legs that despite her reason for being there, were suddenly wrapped around my shoulders in my imagination. I was intoxicated by her perfume, her long blonde hair that smelled of amber and gardenia. As I sat next to her on the narrow bench, my mind wandered instead of staying focused on her fingering. Damn! That word sets me off again, even as I recall that first lesson. I was very much aware of her bare thigh touching the denim of my jeans and I vowed to be wearing a dress for a next lesson too. the lesson was over way too fast, but it lasted in my mind for the entire week.Alone with myself, in my bed I could see Tess slipping the dress over her head, no panties, no bra…just her, sitting on the bench at the piano and playing. As she practiced her fingering, I practiced my own, sliding up and down through my wetness, imagining the goddess naked at my piano. As the week progressed, so did my fantasy. I was eating her, she was tasting me, the morning of her next lesson, Tess was even fucking me with my own vibrator.I carefully chose the dress for the lesson, a light, cotton sun dress that was more suited for the summer time than the winter piano lesson about to take place, but I we weren’t going outside. I felt my pussy soak herself when the doorbell rang at precisely at 10:00. And then my knees went weak as I opened the door. There she stood, only this time, Tess was the one wearing jeans. I felt the butterflies in my tummy tumbled disappointedly as I let her in and led her to the shiny black piano. I may have taken some extra time this week to shine the instrument in hopes of impressing my new student, but I’m not really sure Tess noticed. Even in jeans, being this close to Tess, feeling the skin of her forearm against mine as we moved through the fingering exercises, the scent of her perfume and shampoo and body wash, the sound of her concentration-induced breathing, was enough to keep me wet through the entire lesson. I hug good-bye at the end and more promises to keep practicing. I retreated to my bedroom…I had just 30 minutes before my next student arrived. Which was about 25 minutes more than I need before my orgasm raced through my body. My toes curling, my heels digging into the bed as my fingers flew across my clit.I tried my best to focused on the rest of the lessons that weekend, but the little girls did nothing to keep my attention away from my fantasies of naked piano lessons. This week, the piano became more than just a musical instrument in my mind as Tess slid up onto the top of the grand piano, her legs opened, her dress up around her waist so that her bare ass slide across the ebony surface. I licked my lips as I imagined her perfect shaved pussy exposed to my hungry lips, my tongue sliding through her, her hand falling onto the keyboard and the tinkling keys as she flutters through an orgasm brought about by my lips and tongue.For the next few weeks it was the same thing. She would arrive for her lesson, I would live the rest of the week flustered and wanting. And then this weekend, yesterday, Tess surprised me. Today I have canceled all other students and “closed” shop. I have samsun escort only one student now. Well, when I say one, I mean one entourage.Tess showed up yesterday on time as usual. This time, she was wearing that same little dress she wore the first time we met. But, she also had a friend with her. “I hope you don’t mind, I had to bring my boyfriend along. This is John.” I was instantly disappointed. I had imagined all along that Tess was gay, at least bi, but certainly single. That she was available to me if ever I found a way to cross the line, to change fantasy into reality. But now, as I shook his hand, John change my fantasy. My knees were not shaking, my heart was not fluttering. I didn’t even feel wet.But Tess’ surprises were just beginning. “Tessa, I wanted to kind of show off my progress today. I hope you don’t mind. I wanted John to see what I have been doing every weekend. He gets so jealous sometimes and this way, he can see what we have been doing and stop being so silly. Is that okay? “Of course it is okay, Tess. Please, John, have a seat over here.I directed him to the couch across the room and he instantly plopped himself down. John was not ugly and certainly I could imagine why Tess was with him. He was tall, dark – his body was ripped in the right places. I could almost see his abs through his tight t-shirt. I could certainly feel the testosterone coming off of him. Under other circumstances, he would be the object of my fantasies. I turned back to the piano as Tess started her fingering exercise, warming up for the “show.” I stood behind her and just watched, leaning closer every now and then. I was aware that she was wearing different perfume today. As I leaned over her, I caught myself glancing down the top of her dress. Oh god. Tess never seems to wear a bra and in this dress, she certainly should be, but she is not. And her large breasts are in display. despite the presence of her boyfriend behind us, I feel myself tingling again. I am already picturing the fantasy forming in my head and John is a part of it, watching his girlfriend and her piano teacher losing themselves against the side of the piano. Moans filling the air. I feel my own breasts pressing against Tess’ shoulder as I lean forward and help re-direct her fingers.When she turns to look at me, smiling, I have this idea that she is about to kiss me. I forget the John is there. If she had, it would have happened. Is she had pressed her lips to mine in that perfect moment, I would have been hers. I would have melted to her, my body becoming a puddle at her feet. But instead, she turned back to the piano. The moment slipped away as suddenly as it had appeared.I stood up and announced that she was ready. I opened the song book to the piece we had been practicing for two weeks and told her to impress away. I looked over at John to see if he was paying attention. Instead, his head was down as he played with his phone. I frowned, but turned my attention back to my student and as she began. She missed a few notes, but she was improving. Her skill and talent was certainly beginning to show. When she finished, we both turned to look at John, his head still down. I looked back at her and told her how well she did and that I was impressed with her performance. She stood from the bench and I thought she was going to go over to John, but instead, she reached for me. We hugged and she thanked me for everything. Then, looking over at John, while still holding me, “I swear, we could be naked and making out on this piano and he STILL wouldn’t pay attention to my piano lessons!”John just smirked.Both of us stared in his direction for a moment. The words from Tess’ mouth hanging in the air. I turned my face back to look at her, her arms still around my waist. Her face was still turned away, but the light shining on her profile sent those butterflies dancing in my tummy again. I felt myself leaning forward, toward her. She sensed my movement and turned her face to look at me. Her eyes fluttered, looking down, then back up into my eyes. Oh my god! I couldn’t think. I knew what was about to happen. I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to, and there was no way I wanted it to stop.Tess pushed her lips against mine. My mouth slipped open with a gasp. her tongue slid across şanlıurfa escort my lips, I felt my legs giving out. Her strong grip held me up as my eyes fluttered closed. The kiss was over….I blinked and looked up at her. She was already looking towards her boyfriend, still lost in his phone.Tess took my hand and pulled me tot the side of the piano. She leaned back against the satin finish and spun me around. My back to her, Tess lifted my hair unclasped the top of my dress. With a small shake of my shoulders, the dress pooled at my feet. I kicked the dress free as she spun me back around, now just in my panties standing against the girl of my lustful dreams these last many weeks. He lips were like fire against mine this time.Her tongue plunging into my mouth, my own tongue twisting with hers. I felt my weight falling against her as she leaned back, pulling me with her. Her hands slide across the bare skin of my back and down to my ass. She pushed her hands into my panties, pushing them down my thighs. Her hands gripped my ass and pulled me tighter to her. I broke the kiss with a gasp and felt her lips press to my throat. My eyes fluttered open.Tess was wrong. Making out with me certainly got John’s attention. His phone still in his hands, but his eyes up, watching us. His mouth hung open and I realized mine was too as his girlfriend nibbled on my neck. My hands went up into Tess’ hair. The soft curls twisting into my fingers as I tugged her head back. My eyes locked onto John’s until the last moment before my mouth was pressed to the bare skin of Tess’ neck. My teeth grazed across her shoulder and then along her collarbone. My lips sucked at her neck. My teeth bit down. I sucked harder. With her boyfriend just a few feet away from us, I was marking Tess as mine.I let go of her hair with one hand and felt her body as my hand slide along her side. I lifted the skirt of her dress. My hand slipping between us. In this moment, I discovered, this was not as serendipitous as I thought. Tess was not wearing panties and the palm of my hand was resting against her smooth mound. I moaned into her neck and then back up to her lips. My eyes opened, her eyes opened as we kissed, as my fingers slipped inside her for the first time.I twisted ny finger inside her as my tongue matched the movements inside her mouth, Tess tasted as delicious as she did in my dreams and I was losing myself even as I knew her boyfriend was watching. Tess moaned into my kiss and found the strength to push us apart for a moment. Her breath was coming in rapid bursts as she reached back behind her neck and found the clasp to her own dress. It slipped to the floor to reveal her naked bandy…I sighed and licked my lips as I looked from her head to her pretty perfect toes. She slipped her sandals off as she kicked the dress away under the piano. It was at this point that I recalled my fantasy and as I felt my juices flooding into my panties I reached for Tess’ waist. Ready to help her up onto the piano when I felt more hands on me. Tess smiled as looked past me “Well…I guess I was wrong…you ARE paying attention.”I felt John press against my panties, his cock was so fucking huge against me. It had been a long time since i had a man inside me and suddenly, I wanted it. I wanted Tess, I wanted her man, I wanted them both….I felt his lips against the back of my neck, his teeth bite into me…I shuddered and Tess leaned forward to capture my moan into her mouth, pressing her hungry lips back to mine.My panties, stuck just below my ass were now being pushed or pulled down…I’m not sure who was undressing me and I didn’t care, I just want to be naked with these two amazing beautiful people. And soon I was, standing in bare feet between John and Tess, her tongue in my mouth, his teeth biting the flesh of my neck, his cock sliding up and down between the cheeks of my ass, her wetness slippery between my fingers as I fucked her against the piano….Breathlessly, Tess leaned up, grabbed my hand and her eyes asked the question….I pulled her along, leading the way, leaving our clothes where they lie as John followed us. Tess and I collapsed together on the bed as John pulled his shirt up and over his head…with one eye on him as he popped his jeans open, I made out with siirt escort Tess, her hair falling back on my pillows, her breath rushing into my lungs. I slide my leg between hers and pressed my thigh against her wet swollen mound as my own pussy found the muscle of her leg. John’s cock was magnificent and when he let the b**st out, I stopped…I gasped and stared as he stepped toward the bed.Tess giggled as she watched my reaction, but then she reached for him, her tiny hand wrapping around the massive shaft…she pull shim up onto the bed and he crawled up to us….her hand slid up my back and her fingers tangled into my hair. She pushed my head forward and I opened my mouth as the soft head of John’s cock slid into my mouth. I moaned around him as he pushed on, stretching me.Tess held him, guiding her boyfriend into her piano teacher’s mouth as our pusses ground against each other.Tess worked her hand out of my hair as John replaced it. She wiggled herself out from under me, but slid down. She kissed my shoulder, and then paused as her lips closed around my nipple. She sucked at my breast and let her tongue taste me, teasing my already hard nipple into a state of arousal I could not recall. She slipped lower as I felt the heat of John’s cock pushing against the back of my throat. I was gagging just a bit and he pulled back, but still fucking my mouth as I felt the heat of Tess’ breath against me. Her tongue slid out and up through my wet slit, tasting me for the first time. Her tongue touched my clit and I felt my breath rush out of me and around John’s hard shaft.I moaned again as her fingers pushed up into me, her tongue circling my clit and then reaching up to tickle my ass. Her tongue finding every stray drop of my juices. John reached down and I felt his strong hands sliding over my back and then my ass. His wide fingers moved between the cheeks and I felt a single finger teasing my ass…he pushed inside just as Tess plunged tow fingers into my pussy…his cock popped from my mouth as I cried out….I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I wanted more….I wanted to taste Tess, I wanted John to be inside me, I wanted to guide John into Tess, I wanted to be owned by both of them…but I forgot the time….I was brought back to reality when we all heard the doorbell!My next student was here!!!! I gasped and rolled out of bed telling John and Tess to wait….I grabbed a new dress and threw it on wondering how much sex was clinging to me as I rushed to answer the door. But, my student was not alone. Her mom was with her. She smiled and shook my hand and in that moment, I could tell that she knew. The there elf us walked into the piano room and settled her daughter onto the bench to begin practicing ghee scales and fingering. Sasha then took my hand and led me out of the room. Her eyes glanced down at the dress kicked under the piano and the other lying on the floor nearby and confirmed her theoryI was mortified until Sasha introduced her self more complexity…Not just Sasha….Sasha Grey. I nearly fainted having not recognized her, but I melted when she suggested that her daughter would be fine as she walked up the stairs with me right behind her. John was behind Tess when we walked in, his cock shiny wet every time he pulled out of her pussy….Sasha licked her lips before saying “I’m just in time for the party favors!”John pulled his cock from his girlfriend as Sasha, fully dressed leaned over the bed and took his massive cock into her mouth like the prated vet she is. She was tasting Tess as she sucked his cock deep into her throat. I should have led them there, I should have gone back downstairs to make sure my student was okay, but….instead….I moved to the side and gently pushed John away…my tongue slipped through the wetness of Tess from behind, tasting her pussy and her ass and then back to her clit. My tongue moved back to her ass and I held on as my tongue explored the tiny hole of her ass. Tess moaned ingot he pillow beneath her head as I ate her ass and John fucked Sasha’s mouth. The room was filled with moans and whimpers of delight, both Sasha and myself forgetting about her daughter downstairs.John mumbled something and I thought he was going to cum in Sasha’s mouth but instead he was pulling away from her…she moaned with frustration but took the opportunity to get undressed…I felt the giant head of John’s cock pressing against my pussy….I braced myself and spread my knees further apart…I held my breath, my tongue still inside Tess’ ass..I was about to be fucked for the first time in years…..

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