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The birthday party

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The birthday partyIt was a favour to Sally that started it all, she asked me to drop off Dan’s birthday present. Sally would be at work. So she gave me the key to the flat, the present and a card, and of course instructions for what to do. And I did follow the instructions as far as I could, but fate intervened, more of that later.At about six pm I met Sally, and went on to the flat. I let myself in with the key and had a look about, in fact I had a good nosey. Dan is quite a hunk and It was quite exciting to wander round his empty flat, I even opened a couple of drawers and had an imaginary conversation with the bed. ” Dan Are you naked in there, I’m in the mood for a right hard fuck” that sort of thing, very silly and vulgar and not really me at all. ” Dan my pussy needs a good fucking, why don’t you rip my clothes off and take me right here on the floor”. Of course Dan was Sally’s girlfriend and was off limits but we all have our little fantasies. Right! Back to business. I emptied the bag onto the floor in the living room and started on my chores, First I took the card and pinned it to the door of the bedroom, ‘Hello Sexi’ it said, ‘your present in in the bedroom, I hope you and your b*o’s enjoy it.’ Then I looked at the pressie, it was a playstation. I left it beside the couch and took the extension cable into the bedroom to figure out how to connect it, Damn I thought Sue had set me up with this because she couldn’t ever figure technology out. Ah well I thought, and looked around for a plug socket to put it in, I spied one behind the couch and wriggled over the back and hanging half upside down I pushed the plug into the wall and flicked the switch to the on position. From there on things took a very different turn to what I expected, I was stuck, something had caught the waistband of my dress, The hook for the curtain tiebacks was tangled with the material of my dress, as I tried to get out of my predicament I was able to get back nearer to upright but my dress was somewhat left behind so that although I was now lying across the back of the couch with only my head and shoulders stuck my dress was up over my head and my behind was bare to the world and I was feeling the breeze through the sheer lace knickers.What was I to do, I couldn’t shout for help as no one would hear and anyway I had a dress over my head which was stuffed between the couch and the wall. I started to think things through, Dan would be in soon and he would rescue me. Of course he would see my behind but that was all, and it was a nice behind, I smiled at the thought, and let my mind drift through the scenario, Dan arrives and I am found behind the couch with my beautiful arse on show in istanbul escort bayan it’s quite lovely lingerie, one thing leads to another and I end up in bed with Dan doing things I can only dream about. The thought warms me and I feel quite happy as I drift off to sleep dreaming about soft caresses and hard fucking in Dan’s strong arms. I am dreaming about being taken from behind, my cheeks spread and a hard cock working rhythmically in and out in time to my heavy breathing, and building orgasm. Then a shudder goes through me, I am waking up and someone is fucking me doggy style over the couch. I guess all my fantasizing has put me in such a horny mood that I am not too shocked, I try to waken up and gather my thoughts, I am still d****d over the back of the couch with my dress pulled up and presumably my lace knickers round my knees, and someone is gently rhythmically and quite expertly fucking my exposed pussy. It’s Dan I realise, but why, then I remember the note, ‘ have fun playing with the present in the bedroom’ he must think I am a hooker or some slutty friend of Sally’s that she has arranged for him. I can’t say anything because he will recognise my Dublin accent and know it is me so I keep quiet and think.What can I do. Well I say think but it’s not easy with Dan fucking away at my raised pussy and I am lost in an approaching orgasm, one that doesn’t arrive as the pace quickens and then turns to a few hard thrusts accompanied by a gasp from behind. As I wonder what is going to happen next the cock pulls out and I feel a sharp stinging ( but somewhat pleasant) slap on my arse and hear a voice say “that was magic I wish she was mine” To my shock it wasn’t Dan’s voice, I had just been fucked by a total stranger, Dan’s voice cut in next, deep and sexy he said, ” OK go and clean up, Jim your up next and don’t take as long I want my go before I loose the urge” This is worse Now Jim is having a go, I know him and he really isn’t much probably hasn’t been ridden for years, overweight and a bit geeky, at least he won’t last long. Anyway now that I had had the first cock there was no way out, not without letting these men know who I was and that it was all a mistake. I waited for Jim to enter me, desperately hoping for that orgasm that I was denied when the first cock came before I did. I felt movement behind me and then,, Sweet heavens a massive cock slid it’s way into me, straight in no messing about, I don’t know how big but let me tell you it made my eyes water. Jim paused for a moment and then started to pound away, not subtle and no build up just hard driving fucking banging my head of the wall and shaking the whole room. wow this was intense I quickly orgasmed, but forced not to vocalise so that I would not be recognised I let out a few stifled shrieks which probably did it for Jim as he gave a couple of extra hard thrusts and pulled out, by heavens my pussy almost shut with a bang and it felt very empty without that outsized cock in it. Again Dan spoke and it seemed that someone else was having their shot, but they didn’t enter, I felt a hand caress my ass as the couch shook, I figured this perv was rubbing my ass while masturbating, the single hand grasped my left ass cheek and forced it to the side to expose my intimate area, the wanking increased in speedand I felt the hot cum land on my lower back. It quickly started to run down my thighs before the guy took a cloth and wiped it up.”Right you guys you’ve had your fun now leave me with my present” I heard shufling and the sound of doors and realised that I was alone with Dan, the man I had fantasized about, I was naked, d****d over the back of the couch, bare arsed and I had been fucked repeatedly ( I left out some of it ) Also, I now realised, I was no longer caught, what ever I was snagged on the hard banging from Jim had forced me free. No way was I leaving now, I had sat through the warm up act I was staying for the main performance, and better than that, no one knew It was me, guilt free sex, I smiled and snuggled down comfy and smiling to enjoy the man of my fantasies, and I wasn’t expecting him to disappoint.Straining to hear, I heard drawers open, a chair being moved and it seemed like ages before anything happened. I heard the chair again and realised that Dan was sitting behind me, with my ass at his head level, then I got a surprise I wasn’t expecting, a cold wet cloth landed on my back and he gently started to clean my private area. nice touch I thought as the soft cloth eased around all my bits and I heard it drop in the basin, the hands continued to hold my cheeks apart and I felt a gentle blowing of warm air on my lips. a tingle ran up my spine and I gave a little involuntary shake, at that a tongue moved from bottom to top up my split and then started to circle, the hands held my cheeks wide apart as the tongue worked it’s way up and down and circled my bud, I started to build an orgasm but every time I started to gyrate against his tongue he moved it away and nibbled on one of my pussy lips. Back to my clit the tongue went circling as the hot breath blew on my bare skin. I started to rotate my hips in time to the movement when I felt a finger come up and replace the tongue while the tongue moved up my lips across my perineum and plunged into my anus, deep in, it started working in and out and circling, I was shocked, real shocked, was this a thing, it was new to me, Dan was sticking his tongue in my ass, if It didn’t feel so damn good I would have run for it. But it did feel good, the finger circling my clit and the tongue in my ass I quickly built to an orgasm, a roaring, earth shattering never to be repeated orgasm, I panted and shook trying to regain my breath and some composure I was brought to attention when something cold landed on my butthole, followed by a finger, Dan was rubbing oil into my anus, massaging the now quivering ring with first one and then two fingers, circling and then probing I started to feel my arousal levels building back up, two fingers probed and massaged my ass while another pushed in and out of my pussy. This was all new but in a good way, the two fingers paused deep in my anus and the hand at my pussy pulled away, was this it I wondered when I felt a blunt pressure against my anus, hard and slightly painful the tip of his penis was pushing against my ass, I realised I was about to be assfucked, I felt a bit apprehensive. How sore would it be, would I scream, would … My thoughts were cut short as the cock sort of popped through into my ass, not far, maybe a couple of inches and paused, It was sore, pleasurable and a bit shocking all at the same time. I felt my ass stretching around Dan’s cock as he kept it very still, a hand rubbed up and down my back and another slipped up and cupped my breast, my pulse pumped through my veins and my breathing was deep and quick. Alert to any sensation I felt Dan slowly move his cock back until it was about to exit, then he pushed back in a bit further this time, and without pausing again he started to slowly move his cock in and out slightly further each time, sometimes the pain became a bit much and sensing it he took a few shallower gentler thrusts. Building in speed and depth until I felt his pubic bone connect with the base of my spine and from here on he was thrusting the full length of his cock as quick as he could into my ass, assfucking me for the first time with such skill that I soon started to loose control in a massive anal orgasm ” Yes Yes Yes” I screamed ” fuck me , fuck me , fuck me harder”. oops I realised as soon as I had said it that my distinctive Irish accent was instantly recognisable, Dan paused thought for a moment and then started again, harder and faster, turned on all the more to know who he was fucking, we came at about the same time, him first I think but he kept going until I climaxed with my first and to date best anal orgasm. I’m mow lying in his arms on the bed, his cum is leaking out my ass as he hugs me and breaths deeply. His breath on my neck, his arms around me and the feeling of his pulse fill me with joy, I drift off to sleep knowing that tomorrow will bring new adventures.

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