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The Mayflies’ [B]

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The Mayflies’ [B]The Mayflies’ Her father, her pimp, her partner in life sat on the bed-end admiring her as she removed the now wet seated tracksuit, dried cum mixed with wet in rivulets from her sex and her gaping backside, her eyes shone in the light of the bedside lamp and her nipples stood proudly erect as she stood before him.“Well, did you achieve all the joy you wanted on the bucket list,” he asked, she smiled her thanks blew him a kiss and was soon in the shower.Next day they paid their bill and quietly slipped away in the mid morning sunlight, the taxi dropped them at the priory station and they caught the London train, her sitting on a sore arse. They travelled her head on his shoulder, tired and sore but happy they had achieved the first couple of items on the bucket lists.A week later the house sale had completed, the birds had gone and they were sorting items from the cupboards for charity shops, and the like. Her stretched and sore spots were nearly back to normal again and their thoughts had returned to the bucket list.He had been out in the aviary on the telephone for some time before tea, they sat again at the table enjoying the meal when the door-bell rang and he leapt up like a startled cat, it was a tall blond lady, about 35 or maybe 40, big of breast, shapely, tall oozing fitness and strength. He introduced her as` Trudy’ and then explained that he was going to collect a few payments from the chaps at the bird club for the birds he had sold.He hurriedly left them to themselves saying he would be late if he got home at all, Trudy, a raving lesbian of some standing at the local club, smiled at Jane who then knew instantly why the woman was there.He spent perhaps an hour at the club, and then wandered off to the local overnight motel with a good book, he had arranged for Trudy from the bird club, who he knew fancied Jane, to spend the whole night making gentle love to his beloved daughter. Jealousy vied with love and lust, for front place in his overworked mind his imagination working overtime, like a cuckold husband as he spent a disturbed night imagining what was happening to his lover, sleep was a long time coming.He was up early, dressed and breakfasted, champing at the bit by 8 the next morning, he walked home as slowly as he could, arriving just as Trudy was getting into her car, Jane and Trudy kissing goodbye lovingly on the step. Neither saw him.He smiled and waited for her to depart before approaching the happy home.“Hi sweetheart, had a good night?” he asked trying to keep his face from showing the many questions he had bottled in his head.She kissed him, smiled angelically, and said “wouldn’t you love to know?”, then moved away to cook his breakfast, it was not the answer he wanted by any means. He checked the lists, and to his relief found the relevant line; I wish to be used by a woman an experienced one as well, just once in gentle and complete lovemaking, it was marked …. DONE royallyHe was a relieved man as he went to eat, not wishing to tell her he had already breakfasted. Over the meal, she related the night`s experiences, saying that Trudy had set her at her ease quite quickly, they had watched the TV for a time together, then began to kiss, soon they were on the hearthrug naked and later in bed with some of the toys Trudy had brought with her. It had been a fantastic night though she did miss a real dick, the big strap on not flooding her at the end. She had told Trudy of the bucket list and had told her of the wish to be abused with no mercy and they had arranged another night together for that in a few weeks, Trudy saying it would be her absolute pleasure, even with him present, she hoped he wouldn’t mind!He had no objections at all and told her they would be `going away’ for a few days this coming weekend, but would not be drawn as to where, other than they would be flying there on Friday.The rest of the week soon passed, though to her it seemed forever. Just after Friday breakfast a taxi came and to the airport it efficiently took them, the rest of the journey seemed to her like a dream never having flown before and their destination, Dublin airport a busy and a fascinating spot ,what little she saw of it.He had a hire car waiting complete with chauffeur and in fine style they completed the journey, pausing at the gates of a huge estate so the driver could explain that this was her fairytale castle and she was queen of it for a whole week.The driver then helped her from the car and from the boot placed a crown on her head and a cloak round her shoulders. Helping her into the car again in a regal fashion and bowing to her as he closed the door.Her eyes sparkling, she kissed her benefactor as the motor swept up to the door of a small but perfectly formed castle, liveried staff laying a carpet to aid her to the great hall, and taking their single suitcase from the motor. The whole staff of about ten; from the chamber- maid to the cook and the gardener to the butler were assembled to greet her. The Butler in a lovely Irish brogue introduced each in turn highest to lowest. Then explained that she was queen for that coming week, they as staff would do” anything she or her husband desired, and he emphasised the `ANYTHING,’ with a sly smile.She noticed as she cast her eye that a couple of young footmen were fit and that driver looked to be an able young man as well.She thanked them and hoped that the duties would not be onerous, and that they would she hoped enjoy one another. They swept out led by the butler to inspect the royal bedchamber.Over the next few days, they had a holiday of a life time, it had cost him an arm and a leg, but oh how they enjoyed themselves, she only had to snap her fingers and it happened and it didn’t matter what she asked either, they had agreed to both stick to vanilla sex all week so both foot men shared her bed, as did the driver and the butler, one each per night. It was good sex but for her it was just sex, having a feeling of duty on the part of the men involved, basic, good, and in quantity but not the exceptional sex which she craved. Meanwhile he screwed the cook, both chambermaids and the housekeeper, just to `keep his hand in’ so to speak, like all men he was not about to miss an opportunity, especially as he knew it was him paying for the ‘holiday! ` The food was superb and by the fourth day they were “feeling the pace” so together they took a walk in the grounds to walk off the latest dinnertime gastronomic overkill. Rounding a bend in the rose garden they came on the gardener, and elderly, short, stocky Englishman, she stopped to thank him for the way he kept the gardens and he bowed low thanking her for taking the time to speak, remarking that “he hardly saw a soul in his line of work most of the guests, were preoccupied with the younger men in the house and tended to not leave the building.”She smiled and sat on a nearby seat motioning him to do the same. Her father realising her intention bowed in mock serfdom, excused himself saying he had a hot maid to attend too and she dismissed him with a flick of the wrist and the crisp command “be gone” they both laughed at her royal type command.She sat in the warm sun the `Queen for a week’ and her ancient gardener, his name was `John’ and of whom she enquired regally as to his status both in the household and martially.He answered that he was head gardener and had been married but his beloved Irish wife had died two years before, they had a conversation about losing people, and its implications, and she boldly asked if he missed the sex, to which he wistfully replied “everyday maam everyday” So she asked if şişli escort he was still capable and if he had been lucky with any of the female staff. To that he said “he tended to be overlooked out here, laughed that his age was against him and anyway there were younger men inside then added that he was still capable though.” She asked where he lived, and he pointed to the distant gatehouse, so she asked him to show her.They strolled the length of the roadway chatting of the holiday, her wish to be Queen for a day and her partner`s generous gesture of the whole week. He looked enquiringly at her realising there was more to this trip than just the usual sexual trysts but she enlightened him no further and realising it was his lucky day, he hastened her to the cottage.It was charming, a thatched, white, chocolate box single story Irish cottage, surrounded by flowers, neat and clean as a new pin. He led her inside, oak furnishings sparkling windows, china displayed in two cabinets, immaculate, right down to the ginger cat curled purring beside the hearth.She turned to him and kissed him, softly like the touch of a butterflies’ wing brushing his lips, he looked at her long and hard took her in his arms and then returned the kiss with a passion fuelled by two whole years of sexual wilderness. The cat scampering away in alarm as these crazy humans invaded her hearthrug.It was a once in a lifetime meeting of like minds, Like Adam and Eve or Romeo and Juliette eager to have the others body, neither needed to say a word each knowing instinctively the others needs. As they sank to their knees, her blouse and his shirt hit the floor together like leaves in autumn. His hands gnarled and rough, caressing her smooth soft skin gently but urgently as he slid her bra straps from her shoulders.The bra soon unclipped, he peeled the lacy cups from her fabulous breasts the blue item slid down from his hands to lodge around her skirt top unnoticed as he gazed at her stiff nipples and he began to kiss the revealed flesh. Her head tilted back in a low moan, her hands round his head as his lips kissed the exposed nipples, nibbling and licking at her as they slowly collapsed on their sides to lie on the hearthrug, his left arm trapped between her and the rug in a strong caress, his right began to explore, sliding over the smooth cloth of her skirt, her long soft legs and her hips while still kissing and nibbling at her top, his lips not losing contact with her skin even for a second.Her hands still wrapped tight round his head showing her approval of his actions by pulling him to her breasts.The side zip on the skirt came open at his touch, and she raised her hips to allow him easier removal of her remaining clothes, a red line was revealed where the skirt top had been, he began to kiss that with small kisses as if to speed the return of the normal skin colour. Kneeling now with both hands he slid the remaining bundle of clothing, skirt, tights, knickers and the loose bra from her long legs in a thick bundle like so many rags. Tossing them away in a gesture of devil may care indifference, his tongue tracing a wet track across her belly, down towards her sexual cleft.Her moans now loud and harsh telling of her joy as he caressed her hips on his way to his goal.This she knew was real sex, not sex as a duty by a man paid to sleep with her as the rest of the staff, but sex from a man who wanted her as her, as a deep seated need near to love itself, his tongue sliding into her cleft like a snake on oiled glass, seeking out her clit, probing her moist valley with an urgency that told of months of celibacy.The tongue did not stay over long, first his finger, then his tool probing her body, more as a welcome guest than an invader. The tool not overlong but oh so wide, spreading her lips in a most bizarre fashion the sensation making her arch her back to meet his every thrust, in a dance that increased its tempo from waltz to jive in but a few seconds. Her body engulfed in the moment, not in the frenzied thrusting of a paid lover but in the grip of passion from a grateful partner. He began to flood her body, no single spurt trickle, but a tsunami of passionate pumping, filling her, swelling her, and lifting her over the floodgate of climax in a way that equalled anything she had experienced before.They lay still conjoined for long moments, then the first wave over, naked still he helped her to her feet, and led her to his bed. They did not sleep much.Dawn broke next day and she rose, fearful that she would have been missed, till she suddenly realised she was Queen and it was up to her. Her partner knew she was with the gardener, it was enough. The Queen made tea. He awoke, as she placed his cup at the bedside, they kissed, it had been a night of passion the like she had never known before, She became sad suddenly reminded of her condition and that it was her that last night here, and that it could in reality never be repeated, nor would it be. Intuition told him something was unsaid, so he kissed her and asked why the cloud had passed over her face, worried perhaps that he had overstepped the mark, or that she was worried of being pregnant or some such.He said as much and she replied as she dressed that “this night had been the pinnacle of her sexual life so far, she would never forget him and though she knew she was sterile and it could not have happened, that if she had been impregnated it would have been the biggest compliment he could have given her.” She went on that she was going that she hated goodbyes, and that he would never meet her again but that she would not forget him as long as she lived.They kissed long and passionately then she left, her feet wet from the dewy garden and her face wet from the tears as she passed through his magnificently scented roses on her way back to her partner.After lunch, the staff assembled, hands were shaken and the driver taking their luggage such as it was.They emerged from the dream castle to find he had hired an air taxi to take them to the airport. It was the distraction she needed, another tick on the bucket list. Soon strapped in, the engine whirled and the rotor began its circuit, the castle receded as they rose up and turned away, suddenly the rose garden passed below them then the gatehouse came into full view, and through a mist of tears she could just make out a small figure and his cat, a hand raised, silently watching his Queen depart forever. That evening they returned to the little house, now rented from its new owner, it felt cold and unloved, and reality struck its icy finger as a feeling of anti-climax overwhelming them both.The two lists hung on the bedroom door; every time a task was completed they had marked it off and written the word done beside it, they now took the lists and sat to readHis said; 1/ to make my daughters list come true, fulfilling her wildest fantasies if I can, both sexual and practical for as long as she is able.He wrote beside that `partly done’2 /To humiliate and abuse Jane`s body in ways so far we have never come near in reality so far only in my wildest dreams. Again he wrote `partly done’Then he skipped to section 4 / I would like to visit Dover castle, as I have always wanted to go since being a young lad but the opportunity has never arisen. Beside which he wrote ` done marvellously’ Tears unashamedly ran as she picked up her list.BUCKET LISTMy first wish is to be Queen of a castle for a day, c***dish though that may seem I have wanted that since a little girl. I also wish to ride in a helicopter both things I have dreamed of over the years she mecidiyeköy escort wrote in large letters across it `Done with thanks’ putting a ring round sail a yacht and an arrow marked to doMore close to home and knowing our mutual joy in bdms and its friends, my sexual fantasy is to be used, abused humiliated and the like, by that she added `so far so good!’ This is the ultimate open door, our opportunity call it what you will, but marks bruises, and even physical damage will not be an issue soon will it. Yes I know you and I have experimented over the years but it only really scratched the surface of the dark fantasies we both have held for some time.I wish to be used by a women an experienced one as well just once gentle and complete lovemaking, just to say I had tried it, across that it soon said `well Done’My Deepest darkest fantasies though include lots of humiliation, and use of my body by anyone or anything you think fit, always after you had readied me and given me to them to use, studs of all colours, including, degraded and used like some toy while unable to stop their advances or their every fantasy, Across that passage she wrote `wonderfully done’ She then kissed him, dropping their lists to the table the page fluttered open to show the next section, She turned it back and pointed to it, it read; `And used by at least one single sadist of your choice and there must be some pain, though at first not the sort that marks heavily as I need to last the full course.`Then again in a hard session by a woman who would know just the buttons to press. You must watch that as I know you have always wanted to see a lesbian bdms act [I have checked your videos.] She quietly said as they gazed at the list that “it was getting to be that time” and he nodded before taking her to their bed.It was the Saturday morning following the return when at breakfast he suddenly handed her a newly arrived letter, it said simply YES and This Sunday 11 am, the single sheet was blank other than that and the postmark on the envelope was a local one.She looked quizzically at him and he shrugged knowingly, giving nothing away. He told her to get ready and they were off to do one of the items on the bucket list, she was to wear trainers, jeans and a tea shirt.Saturday was a long day, he took her out in a car borrowed from a friend and they had a fine day sailing at a local reservoir, each on one of those one day courses run by the local sail training club.She however had taken his advice and worn just what he had told her, no underclothes, just the three items he had suggested expecting it to be one of the sexual adventures!The odd splash of the water from the boat had soon made her tea shirt into a see through wet tea shirt, to her embarrassment and the joy of her young male instructor, a man of about 20 summers with roaming eyes and apparently three legs!On the way home that evening she berated her partner for his vaigue clothing instruction, and complaining she had had to give the instructor a blow job behind the boathouse at the end of the trip as the poor lad had been so turned on he could hardly walk never mind cycle home!“Tomorrow I will supervise your clothing then” he chuckled, as they slowed for the turn into their side road, “the young man I had instructing would have done that for me too if I had been that way inclined”….they both laughed and were soon were at their own door.They were soon indoors, and hardly had the kettle begun to sing the phone rang, he answered it with a brief “hallow” and she could make out little of a one sided conversation, he finished with the terse comment “ten minutes then” before replacing the receiver. He took his tea and went off to his shed, half an hour later returning to the now warm kitchen, she knew he had been on the phone, she had seen the in use light on the one indoors when she had tried to order a take away meal. Curious she asked who he had phoned, while dialling the local Chinese to order some food. He answered that it was only `old Magg`s’ and he was still sore at the way she had spoken to him last time they spoke”She said that “she hated that old man; he used to grope her when she had been his secretary and had a secret collection of sadistic dirty books in his desk and he would make crude remarks to her occasionally!”He did not reply and the moment passed as the voice on the phone said “warrayouwantin” in a Chinese accent.Breakfast next morning was taken in dressing gowns in a grey kitchen, rain lashing at the window, and she remarked that “it was lucky it had not been the day before as the sailing would have been a ruin.” He replied that “her shirt would indeed have been wet and no doubt she would not have got away with just a blow job” and they laughed together the worries of the world temporarily forgotten.She suddenly asked about the letter received yesterday and he glanced at the clock, “yeh you`d better get ready soon he suggested,” standing and collecting the plates and placing them in the sink.He took her to their room, eased the dressing gown from her shoulders, and surveyed her body with a smooth eye. She asked “why he was looking at her as hard as he was” and his reply took her by surprise when he said, “that after their visitor today she may not look so perfect and he wanted to remember her as she was now!”A tinge of fear ran through her and she knew he had arranged that she would suffer in some way just as she had asked on her list; she had enjoyed all he had arranged so far so she trusted him to her it was a delicious thrill surrendering herself to him and whoever he had arranged.He carefully showered and then dressed her in black knickers’, a basque, black trimmed with red, dark stockings, high heels, her long black dress with the sleeves to the wrist, leather cuffs and ankle restraints and finally a blindfold, loose round her neck. He glanced at the clock and as it was a quarter to 11 by then he led her to the cellar, It struck damp and cold, he smiled as he secured her wrists to an overhead pipe and kissed her saying that “your here so you can scream to your heart`s content without the neighbours even though they are a quarter of a mile away ever hearing” the doorbell shrilled and he quickly covered her eyes, “ ah your tormenter, are you ready” she silently nodded, and he left to answer the door.Jane could hear but not see, her arms separated and secure above her, her body clothed, her partner at the front door welcoming someone who she knew was coming to torment her by using her body painfully.She was nervy, excited, even turned on she had no idea who her tormentor would be, male, or female, sadist or lover, all she knew was that from her bucket list it could be a lesbian lady who would use her, or one of her partners sadists. Her ears strained for clues, but she could not discern the muffled voices through the two closed doors between her and the new entrant.She heard them move to the kitchen then silence, they were beyond her range.He had little free movement; high heels meant her legs ached quite quickly, her arms too becoming tired as she stood, waiting, and her mind wandered to what was to happen to her, time passed, she had no idea how long she hung there, she began to run over all sorts of thoughts as she waited, how long had she got left, from that her mind began to ponder the end she would choose for herself, should she go for the long swim she had always promised herself, just set off for America, and never arrive, plug herself into the mains perhaps, or stand in front of a train, though that was not fair on the poor driver. Then şişli escort bayan there was sex, perhaps impaling like the heroine in one of Alibodge`s stories, or whipped to death, vibrated out of her mind, or, or. The door opened and she sensed the presents of her beloved partner and his guest, she had not heard them approach. No words were spoken though she could smell the new person`s deodorant, it was a modern fragrance and it gave no clues as to the gender of the guest.There was a moment or two of silence, her taught mind desperate for knowledge, she broke the silence herself, “ go on do it whatever it is you want me for, do it, don’t just leave me wanting ….do something!”Her partner whispered, “Well you are eager, your tormenter would not be speaking to you as yet”; and that “he would do all the speaking necessary while he sat and watched her enjoy the pain.” she heard the deck chair being erected and a creak as it took his weight.A hand briefly touched her neck, gentle but strong, a hard Horney hand giving no clue as to its owners sex. Its caress soothing but at the same time oh so frightening.The cold metallic touch of the blade of a pair of garden shears slithering on her skin as it ran up her right sleeve, snap, snap went the blades as the things cut the materiel, then advanced further towards her neck, snap, snap, snap and she felt the cool air on her exposed right shoulder.Lips flitted across the exposed shoulder, still no clues as to their owner, the process repeated on the left, and the ruined dress, one of her favourites, falling from her shoulder, and hanging from the bust of the basque like seaweed from a pier at low tide.Jane`s head back now, the painful legs and wrists forgotten as the lips kissed at her neck from behind, cool breath on her skin, tongue licking under her ear, gentle fingers unbuttoning the remains of the black dress which soon dropped away laying in a soft pile around her feet.The hand roamed over her breasts, tucked safely into her basque, traced the contours of her body, slid over her hips caressing her butt cheeks cool hands, rough to the touch, workers hands. Her dark world a dizzy mix of thoughts and emotions loving the touch of her soon to be tormentor, fear of the pain she knew would soon follow, wondering who these hands belonged too….She imagined her partner lounging in his deck chair, watching; was he naked, his tool in his hand, loving the whole scenario, his eyes missing nothing, it was as much his fantasy as hers, was her tormentor naked, she still didn’t know if it was a male or female.The hands moved away, she hung for a moment like a semi clothed side of beef awaiting the butcher`s knife, knowing whatever happened she was powerless to stop it. Expectant now she was both surprised and shocked when the first blow landed. She had expected to be naked before any whipping started, but the lash of the single tail wrapping round her protected waist almost in a caress, she gasped at the unexpected rather than any pain the basque taking the sting from the lash. As she gathered her wits, the second blow landed, lower this time still on the edge of the all protecting garment, she was expecting the third stroke, she knew that the first couple were ranging shot`s, the third she knew would find flesh.She was not wrong, the lash cut across her flimsy lace knickers wrapping itself round her body from the right hip across her soft flesh in an embrace that stung like a million wasps, the tip wrapping itself round her left thigh and leaving a hot red line on the pale skin. She gave a small cry, and heard her partner call out “that was more like it,” he wanted her to scream she knew he would enjoy that, though he had no real desires to inflict pain on her himself he just loved the idea of another doing it for him.Spurred on the lash came again this time wrapping itself round her in the same direction but from the back, the tormenter had moved, but Jane now knew the whipper was both skilled and right handed, before she could react to its pain that awful lash struck again, her cry this time involuntary, louder and from the heart, she braced herself expectant of more blows but none arrived, the sound of breathing close to her back now, telling her of the closeness of whoever was inflicting her pain , the depth of breath telling her they were enjoying their work, the lines of the three strokes still stung hotly across her skin every inch of the contact a hot line. Those hands began to unlace the basque, slowly peeling her armour away, exposing her softer areas of flesh to his or her gaze, whoever was doing this to her was a real sadist she could feel the breath approaching her right nipple, the kiss when it came soft, gentle and causing her nipple to stiffen automatically, despite her innermost wishes that they would not become more of a target.Jane`s whole concentration now on the tormenters actions was only vaguely aware of her partner, latching himself to her other breast, the sting of the whips last marks temporarily forgotten as the pair suckled on her soft areola, like twins at feeding time the tongues lashed at her twin nipples stiffening and tenderising her breasts in a way she knew she would soon regret.At some given signal they stopped and she heard the chair creak under his weight again. She knew before the lash touched flesh where it would land, this time it was softer and much more gentle, not the harsh single tail, but a soft flogger, perhaps a soft cat o nine tails its caress downwards striking rapidly first the right then the left nipple, warming, stinging, even lovingly applied, fast falling alternate strokes not hard and harsh as she had expected, her breasts warming and even enjoying the attention now she was realizing it was not just pain.Her body began its automatic reaction building itself to the first climax; she could hear her audience beginning to make climatic sounds his breathing harsher now, the regular slapping of his foreskin as his hand did the business and the creak of the deckchair giving away his position and the state of his play. The whip too told of the nearing climax of whoever was wielding it, faster and faster the strokes rained down, alternately striking the nipples, the areola and the body of the breasts, a positive flurry of strikes , hardly a second between each as she twitched and swung on the chains holding her.The rain of blows stopped as suddenly as they had begun, through her own climax she could hear his groan and knew his familiar tool would be spraying his seed in an arc perhaps reaching his knees, whoever was holding the whip too had made an involuntary gasp, her first inkling that the tormenter could be a woman.The calloused hand began to gently caress her now used breast`s, almost apologetically they lifted the heavy tissue, now red and heated, and she felt the kiss once more sending a tingle through her whole being. “Trudy is that you?” she quietly asked, there was a moments silence, unknown to Jane the other two present exchanged looks, then by mutual nods agreed to reveal her identity to their victim.The blindfold was soon removed Jane blinking in the single bulb lighting of the large cellar, her eyes when they focused finding a smiling but still dressed Trudy the tools of her trade on the old sideboard and her partner naked lounging in a deck chair on the edge of the light pool. The two women kissed, perhaps a greeting, perhaps to affirm their agreement as to the sub and mistress scenario, it was a long kiss. “Your partner here,” Trudy jerking her thumb at the lounging man, “has requested I make you scream, that you are to be given pain in quantity, till you beg me to stop, and then some, how do you feel about that Jane my sweet?” “You must do whatever he has asked Trudy, it`s his game at the moment, and I want him to enjoy me in any way he wishes, if he wishes me to suffer for him so be it!”Trudy shrugged her shoulders, and simply said “OK”

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