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the seduction of christine

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the seduction of christinemy wife christine is a real head turner having men admiring her at 5ft6 natural blonde firm tits and a nice shaped arse for a 26yr weve been maried for 5yrs so sexaul experience were limited having only been with few parteners .she told me about some of them and the things they would do to her at times both shocked me and exited me there was her past lover john he was well hung sporting a good 10 inches who after awhile could get his hole cock into her he was very gentle an taught her how to become a good cock sucker taking the entire cock down her throat and managed to fuck her arse deep on day whilst having sex his mate walked in on them she said she was in shock as john asked him to come have some fun with her she refused at first and tried to escape but they just laughted and soon she was sucking tommy as john fucked her pussie they swapped many times in the three hours fucking her analy dp her with both cocks in her pussie then her arse she said they were ****ing her but a feeling of lust came over her and she enjoyed the hard fucking they gave her after they finished they just left they never seen each other again her telling me her sexaul stories got me exitedand i started having erotic thoughts of having a three some but she kept saying that is only a fantazy for us any way nothing was said for a couple of years then whilst watching a porn moviei asked her if she wanted to try some of the things we were watching and she said yes but was worried what could come out of it we decidedwe would try a four some only if we are in the same room together i agreed so we placed adds in local sex shops looking for another couple but our first call was a single male we decided to meet him and invited him to our motel room the next day for a three some that night christine prepared her self shaving all the pubic hair from her pussie saying that it would feel much better for us we arrived at our motel and it wasnt long till dave was at the door i opened it and let him in christine was on the bed waiting wearing a little black mini dress canlı bahis and of the shoulder top after a bit of small talk dave wasted no time sliding between her legs to her wet pussie pulling her g string to one side and started licking her clit sliding one two three fingers deep in to her they stripped each other naked and it was then we both saw the size of his cock it was nine inches but very thick i wasnt sure she could take it all so i decided to sit back and watch they got into a 69 and for the first time i realised my wife was about to be fucked by a total strangerhe was very good at licking pussie having her orgasam several times i could see the juice running down her legs and arse at one stage he managed to slide three fingers deep in her pussie and two in her arse with ease that shocked me as we needed lots of foreplay for me to do that she was busy sucking his cock taking it all the way down her throat dave worked her into a frenzy finger fucking both holes before spinning her on to her back raising her legs hight in the air slowly guilding his cock to her entrance of her very wet pussie sliding slowly in till he was half way making her scream out dave worked it all the way staying deep in her before giving her another orgasam he fucked her like that for about twenty minutes pounding her very hard they swapped positions with her sitting on top she guided his cock to her pussie then sank all the way down holding her self open for him to get in deeper i was only three feet away watching amazed at the two of them fucken each other before me they fucked for four hours even taking it in her arse lost count how many times she orgasamed but she was bright red from the hard fucking they finished and he thanked us for letting him please her then left i got on the bed with her she had cum dripping out of her pussie and arse and also thanked me for watching her fuck i slid my cock into her soaking pussie and fucked her hard filling her with my cum before we fell asleep a few days later we got a call from another single male we were in a lets fuck mode bahis siteleri so we invited him to our motel roomhe was much younger only twenty this time we all stripped naked sams cock was only seven inches but had a curve and thick she went straight to him sucking him deep down her throat it didnt take long for him to cum she eagerly licked every drop i was busy licking her wet pussie and arse we swapped positions and he entered her with one thrust slamming her deep she cum hard on his cock making her squeel in between sucking me when all of a sudden he slammed it in her arse we werent expecting that but he kept on fucken her hard whilst fingering her pussie we changed positions with her sitting on my cock she was sucking sam then he got behind us and spread her arse cheeks giving him full access then slid his cock all the way in giving her a violent orgasam we fucked for hours giving her two cocks in her pussie many times till we were exausted again a few days later we get a call also from a single male and started to wonder were all the couples are we had sex with two men in three days and wanted a woman to join us she was so keen for more cock we agreed to meet him he lived out of town and invited us over we arrived and got comftable with each other before going out side to the spa we stripped naked and rob our host commented how beautiful christine was making her blush we got in the spa and started to feel her up when three of robs mates arrived they stood around the spa staring at my wife we were a bit embarrested but rob tried to calm the situation asking if we ever considerd a gang bang we were both shocked as this was not on our agender but it exited her as the men were quite good looking with great bodys very fit football types rob hoped out of the spa saying if we didnt want to go ahead with it it was ok the men would leave they walked to the house leaving us to talk it over we did and christine was keen but a little worried they returned with rob giving us a glass of wine hoping back in the spa then rubbing her breasts making her nipples güvenilir bahis hard asking if we made a decision yet as the men stood next to the spa wearing only there boxers we asked if they would be respectfull not pusshy or violent they all said they were gentlemen out for a fun night with freinds i could see she was toying with the thought of a gang bang then asked how big there cocks were with that they stepped back dropping there boxers her jaw dropped and her hand on my cock squeesed so hard i thought she would rip it of we are looking at three rather large cocks and she agrees only with my permission i agree and we head back to the house its not long and shes got ten hands touching every inch of her bodyi swear she had a orgasam malcom was the first to slide his cock in to her fucking her slowly mark put his cock in her mouth until she eagerly sucked all of him malcom was pounding her hard mick and rob were getting a great hand job malcom blew her first load of cum for the night rob wasted no time quickly filling her pussie fucking her slowly making her beg he rolled on to his back getting her to sit on him she straddled his cock before sinking allthe way down mick was now fucking her mouth pushing it down her throat mark was now fingering her arse sliding two fingers deep in her tony was busy rubbing his cock over her tits i was watching my wife been ravaged by four men and loving it mark insisted i fuck her arse first wasteing no time i slid balls deep in her rob was pounding her pussie hard and i could feel our cocks rubbing together i blew my load deep in her pulling out tony replaced me slamming her hard giving her a trembeling orgasam mick got her to straddle him backwoods slipping in first her arse then her pussie telling malcom to fuck her also in the pussie she was in heaven two cocks fucking her pussie then tony becond malcom to move to one side then slid his cock in her arse she was screaming yelling out in between sucking cocks this went on for the rest of the night my wife became such a little slut been totaly fucked by four strangers and me and i love watching her like that we are still to find a couple we can both enjoy or a single girl till then we wont be looking for single men we both enjoyed the fun we had and still love each other very much

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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