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They say first time’s not the best – I beg to

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They say first time’s not the best – I beg toMy first time having sex was anything but boring – as a youngster I discovered that I was a phenomenal liar and that meant that I was very creative. This helped me develop an unexpected skills when it came to projecting ideas, I could make her believe anything – as though she was right there her self.I met her at a bar, talked to her, found her attractive and after a while completely forgot about her – a year later I was out of school, preparing for college and I get a text from her. “Hi, guess who ?”This went on for a while and we decided to meet up – I went over to her apartment block and we talked for hours. The space between us was over flowing with sexual tension and until then the most I had done with a girl was to get her to suck me off.All I kept thinking while I talked to her was ‘ I really want to fuck her, I want to fuck her until she just cant handle any more deep thrusts – enough to make her walk with difficulty for days to come’After weeks of flirting ,she finally yielded on a Friday night on the way to a party.”We could just go later, we could find something else to occupy out time” she said,I didn’t pick up on it immediately but when I did I immediately found a quite spot and parked the car.”Lets go to the back she said”And we did, my heart was racing and I just knew she’d figure it out. She’s going to find out that I lied to her about being with women before about everything.We started kissing and started taking off each other’s clothes. She literally ripped off my briefs and took a firm hold of my cock. I immediately responded to the action and it just swelled up to the point where it hurt.Then it hit me, I’m going to cum immediately and that just couldn’t happen. I needed a way to drag this along – so I deviated from what she had planned and went on to şişli escort bury my face in her cunt.She had waxed it all and she was smooth, soft, warm and dripping. The smell was intoxicating, unique and addictive. I wanted more, I forced her legs up and apart and coaxed my of it out with my tongue. She loved it and grasped my hair so hard it felt like she’d rip off my scalp.I was throbbing so hard, I could feel blood pulsating through every one of my cock’s veins. I was on cloud nine and her moans just served to motivate me even more.I wanted to eat her out till the end of time, I couldn’t get enough of her, I could never grow fed up of this act – my fingers were now working in unison with my tongue.She was dripping profusely, tits as firm as I had ever felt a woman’s tits be, toes curled and forcing my head against her cunt bring her closer to the epitome of this high.As she neared her climax I worked vigorously, I worked my self deeper into her and felt her response almost violently. Her nails dug into my back and head, she creamed my name and finally just gushed, almost bathing me in her nectar.I couldn’t help but start to jack my self off after she had squirted all over my cock.She saw what I was doing and almost u*********sly – as though she was driven by instinct – enveloped me around her lips.She forced me against the car door, one hand on the shaft, the other fondling my testicles, gagging on my cock – it was exhilarating and addictive.I felt electricity course through my nerves and held her by her hair moving her to a rhythm quickly increasing pace. Her grasp on my balls tightened and she was beating me off with just ferocity and I was afraid she’d hurt me – all the while sucking on my tip keeping with a rhythm.She kept at it until I felt myself tensing with out control – I was going to mecidiyeköy escort cum and I was going to cum hard. I felt my load accumulating, pin and needles on the tip of my cock, heart beating so fast , vision almost blurry and she knew it. And suddenly I felt an eruption of ecstasy, resonating from my cock – encouraged by her lips – to every nerve ending of my body.It came like I had never before, again and again my muscles convulsed and pumped it out all over her face ,her tits and into her mouth. I looked at her as I lay there half paralyzed as she swallowed by cum, licked what ever she could off my cock and body. She sucked me clean with such enthusiasm that I was getting excited all over again.”I hope you’re not done – I’ll want more before long” she whispered.I grinned – trembling still – fuck she was good. She lit a cigarette and relaxed a little. I took the moment to collect my thoughts – I didn’t have a condom what was I going to do.I was too lost in thought to realize that she had started to finger her self and the moment I glanced at her I forgot what I was thinking about.She was gorgeous – elegant – never had I met a woman with a body so proportionate – she had the perfect tits and the cutest ass I’d ever seen.She lips were swollen and glistened in the street lights penetrating into the car.She was working on her self while looking at me, I was working on my shaft while I looked at her, pulsating every second, growing harder and larger – no girl had ever made me develop such a raging erection. I moved closer to her and cupped her from behind. She hung onto my with one hand around my neck and utilized her other hand to grasp my cock. She rubbed my cock along her clit and just as I paused because I remembered I didn’t have a rubber on me – she thrust her self onto me. I slid esenyurt escort in but she was so tight it felt like I would rip something of hers or mine. It felt unreal, I could feel her structure flexing around my cock as I thrust my self against her. Again and again until she was lost in it. “Faster and harder ” she said and I obeyed.I was fucking her so hard and fast that my muscles were screaming in pain – crams setting in but I didn’t care. It felt too good to stop – I wanted to fuck her, inseminate her only to do it all over again.I felt her cunt tighten around my cock, her nails now piercing my back drawing blood – it stung and only made me fuck her harder – again and again I pushed my self in . She arced her back as she drew closer to her climax- felt her orgasm begin and conquer her body – she wasn’t in control – I felt her cunt ripple with spasms and cum. She was dripping onto the seats and with out any warning I felt my body flex.I felt the muscles in my lower body thrust my cock into her and halt while my cum forced itself through my shaft. I couldn’t think, only feel – it was unlike any other – I was aware of every nerve ending on my penis exploding with pleasure. I felt ripple after ripple of ecstasy as I filled her up and we collapsed. Breathing heavily, perspiring uncontrollably, her legs around my hips she was gently kissing my shoulder while she let her hands run over my sides. I lay there over her, quickly recovering and relaxing. I could feel my cum dripping out of her and as I lifted my self off her she wiped off the cum with her fingers and licked them clean.I turned her over as though I was about to fuck her doggy style only to start finger fucking her cunt – she loved it and her cunt showed it – my hand was covered in the her fluid and made a wet flapping noise.She reached over and held her cheeks apart inviting me to push my self into her once more. I just kept going and then slowed down. I wanted to leave her wanting for more, so I pulled out my fingers and gently eased out of the potential situation. She turned around – “we aren’t finished””For now” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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