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Third group meet up.

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Third group meet up.The very next day the group chat was active. All four of my friends and myself were eager to meet up as soon as we could. I would smile to myself reading their messages about how good the last meet up was. Even though I was painfully reminded about our activities each time I sat down, I found it extremely arousing reading how they all enjoyed using my body and asking how it felt to be fucked like that. Even after letting them know how painfull it was to start with, every one was pretty keen to try it. So it was decided, rather than just being wank buddies that we were all happy with it being fuck buddies. No pressure to do anything so if you didn’t want to be fucked in the arse, no one would hold any grudges the same with oral. If you do not want to suck cock then no one will care.The next meet up was organised quickly. Only a week to wait this time. Every time I thought about the meet up I would get too excited and would have to deal with it or my erection just would not go. I did not mind but it was starting to get in the way with work.My friends had started uploading pictures of themselves showing off their levels of excitement. I never expected there to be a point in my life where I would rush to my phone each time I recieved a notification to see if my friends had sent me any more pictures of their raging hard ons. Tom was the first to share a video. It was of him filming the end of an edging session from a point of view. I wanked to that multiple times. Seeing his cock erupt white made me remember him fucking my mouth and cumming over my face and I simply could not control myself. It was James who posted the unexpected. He shot a small video of a cock fucking pussy. Only after the video showed the cock pulling out and unloading over her pussy did the camera pan up to show it was James’ wife and him cumming after fucking. Needless to say we were all happy to see the video as for years we all fancied his wife as she was as hot as him. He did not post anything like that again, more the shame, but I certainly hard saved that to my phone.After we all managed to pass the days with sending each other pictures and videos of mostly us wanking, the day finally arrived for our third meet up. Once again, they all turned up to my house at the same time. I had already set up the chairs in my living room in a circle and this time I had prepared further. I’d put a bowl of condoms out (if any one wanted to actually use them) and had bottles of lube placed beside them. I also put out towles as in hind sight it was funny but at the time, trying not to make too much mess trying to get to my shower while have not only cum in my eyes but dripping off my face and from/out my arse was not at all easy.Everyone took a seat except Cooper. It was only after we had all casually taken off our clothes did we notice he had disappeared. “He said something about a surprise on the way over. Maybe he gone to get it ready.” Said bursa escort James as I stared at his cock while he idly played with it.Just as I was about to stand up and lend James a hand Cooper appeared at the top of the stairs wearing only a pink tutu and white suspenders and stockings. We all burst into heavy laughter as he playfully sauntered down the stairs. His thick erect cock bouncing in view under his tutu as he did so. “What the hell?” Tom managed to say between bouts of laughter. “Well, I’ve been thinking about our last meet up and thought it could be my turn. Look, I’ve even been getting ready to try and take Gary.” With that said Cooper spun round and bent over to show off his large butt plug resting inside his stretched hole.Cooper, even though dressed as a sub sissy, took control of the beginning of the night. “First of all, let’s get those dicks hard.” He said as he positioned us facing him in a semi circle and as he lowered himself onto his knees.He instructed us to keep our hands behind our backs to ‘give him unobstructed access to our cum hoses’. We all happily obliged and all stood watching him take hold of us two at a time and begin pumping his hand over our shafts like a plate spinner but instead of keeping the plates spinning he was keeping dicks hard.We all stood in relative silence as Cooper did his thing. It was not hard for him to keep four horny men hard, I even thought to myself at the time that it was more difficult for me not to stroke myself when his attention was not on me. Gary was the first to enter his mouth that day. He had myself and Tom in a hand each, Gary who was standing between is with his tree branch he called a penis was moaning sweetly as Cooper attempted to break his record of how far down he can get. I could visibly see him holding back his gagging as his eyes watered from pushing Gary’s girthy long monster down his throat. Cooper managed to make sure we all got equal attention moving his hands and mouth from cock to cock, keeping us hard and horny. I could just about see his own poking out from under his tutu as it flexed from excitement from dealing with our four cocks. “Okay, time for the real fun.” Cooper said once he was satisfied with how steadfastly rigid we all were.Cooper let go of us all and went onto his hands and knees. I shuffled quickly over to behind Cooper. I could remember how he almost tore me open in our last meet up. Now was time for my revenge. I only wished my cock was as thick as his.Tom positioned himself in front of Cooper who merely opened his mouth like some sort of obedient sex slave. It seemed Cooper had no intention of using his hands any more so Tom leaned in with his hips and started to slowly fuck Cooper’s face. Not wanting to be left out, I lubed up, pulled out his butt plug as gently as I could and pushed myself into his eager arse hole.It was the first time I had ever given anal. I looked down as I watched as Cooper’s tight arse bursa escort bayan hole easily gave way to me. It was still the tightest hole I have ever had to pleasure of sticking my dick into but if there was any pain from Cooper then he hid it well. So well in fact that only around a third of me was in him before he pushed back, hard. I could feel his ring grip the base of my shaft tightly before sliding forwards to push Tom into his mouth. After a few moments Tom, Cooper and I found our rhythm. Cooper rocked forward and backwards as we matched him to the opposite, pushing forward each time he pushed himself down us.”Switch,” declared Cooper after releasing Tom.James and Gary were standing either side of him as Tom and I had our go. Gary stepped in to replace me after I reluctantly pulled out of Cooper and stepped into the space where James stood and watched. James wasted no time at all and had his perfectly shaped and sized dick in Cooper’s mouth before Tom had taken his place beside Cooper. Gary on the other hand was still lubing himself. We were all watching and waiting to see Gary destroy Cooper’s ring. It made me glad I went before him as I’d be afraid to have my turn after in case it would be like fucking a half inflated arm band.Gary finally stepped up and placed his bellend against Cooper’s arse hole. Holding himself steady, Gary pushed forward. I snuck a peak at Cooper who’s eyes were tightly closed as Gary forced open his arse. James pulled out his mouth from fear of having his dick bitten off. Cooper was gritting his teeth as Gary made his progress. After what seemed like a decade of Gary squeezing his bulbous helmet into Cooper, it popped in with no warning. From the momentum of Gary pushing forward, his cock lept about six inches in. The worst was over, Gary was in, all Cooper had to do now is keep replaxed and get used to him stretching him out. Gary seemed not to want to wait and started to push deeper. His mammoth cock slowly edging it’s way into Cooper. “Get that dick over here so I can suck ya’!” Requested Cooper to James.James nervously stepped forward to fulfil Cooper’s request.I stood impressed watching how quickly Cooper got used to having Gary, who was building momentum, drilling his arse with such a big cock. He must not have been lying when Cooper told us he had been getting ready. His arse opened and held Gary like a pro. We spent the rest of the night taking turns on his arse and mouth. Whenever Cooper called us to change places we’d swap out. He told us he’d douched ‘like a mad man’ before so he had no problems sucking the cocks that had been plowing his arse hole only a few minutes prior. None of us challenged him on that, instead we happily fucked that man. Over and over we swapped and he showed no signs of fatigue. Admittidly his arse was not as tight as when we started, especially after Gary had his turn but each time I got into position behind him and watched my cock disappear escort bursa until I was balls deep inside him, a wave of pleasure would wash over me.I was the first to cum this time. I lost control and got carried away. I felt myself reaching the point of no return so I held onto his hips and fucked. And I truly mean fucked. All the energy I had left I used to slam myself as deep, hard and fast as I could. I felt myself erupt inside him and kept pumping. I kept at it until I could no longer. My balls were empty and my energy had been depleted. Exhausted I pulled out and slumped onto a chair. James was next, he came when using his mouth. Instead of cumming directly down his throat he pulled out and released over his face. Cooper could only take it, Tom was holding him on the chair as he gave him all he could from behind. Thick, juicy streams of cum blasted him relentlessly as Cooper eagerly took it. Watching James’ cock shoot his seed had my cock stiring. So much so that I could have had another round on Cooper but it ached for James. I can only assume Tom felt something similar, shortly after James had finished coating Cooper’s face, Tom let out a familiar groan. His thrust slowed but became stronger and erratic. He was clearly cumming. The site of seeing my friends cum had still not become old. I loved it. Seeing their faces screw up, their bodies tense and either seeing or simply knowing their cocks were spewing forth their cum with me near them kept me wanting these meet ups to go on for a long time.The last was Gary. Tom, James and myself just sat and watched as Gary had his final turn. I wish I had filmed it. I had the perfect side view to see Gary’s god cock pound into Cooper. His tutu rippling each time Gary thrust forward. “Shit, I’m cumming” groaned Gary, more to himself than any one else.”Cum in my slutty arse you huge stud.” Cooper instructed, still with the evidence of James’ orgasm racing down his face.Being told that acted like a trigger to Gary’s balls. He kept the same vigorous tempo but I could see his face begin to sweat and his movements were no longer so fluid. With a loud and long groan Gary slammed into Cooper to release his load. He held himself still as his first torrent unloaded. Then he would pull out just enough to slam back in for each wave of cum. I quickly got up and moved around to behind Cooper, just in time to see Gary pull out of Cooper’s now gaping arse hole to witness Gary’s load gushing out of Cooper before his arse hole managed to tighten once more.Cooper finally let his fatigue catch up with him. He rolled onto the floor and onto his back. His face still had James’ load now dripping down his cheek which helped illuminate his gleaming smile. It was only then could I see the front of his tutu. Cooper had been having more fun than he let on. His tutu was soaked through with his cum. I had always been bisexual, something I never told my friends but I assume they all kind of know now, and have given myself anal orgasm with thin vibrators in the past but seeing how much Cooper enjoyed himself being passed around four guys was a surprise. I couldn’t help wonder what would be coming to light about the rest of my friends.

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