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Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

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Unknowingly Used By A StrangerUnknowingly Used By A Strangerby ilovestrangersI had been thinking about getting my wife to have sex with a stranger for a while. It added a lot of heat to our sex life together, and to our fantasy life as well. I would get to her to imagine me as a stranger while we were making love, she would get so turned on by this that I knew she needed to be fucked by a stranger one way or another. She told me that she never wanted another man, but I knew that deep down she did.It took months of waiting for the right moment, until one night when we stayed in town for the night. We went to a nightclub for a few drinks, It was packed and we stayed until the early hours of the morning, drinking vodka mixers all night. This is where i met Rob ( I don’t know whether or not this is his real name), and noticed him checking out my wife. He was well groomed and looked clean. I approached him and asked what he thought of the blonde girl dancing in the corner. Rob said that he thought she was hot, I then told him that she’s my wife and that he could fuck her tonight if he liked. Rob thought that it was a joke, but realized that this was no joke after I told him to go and dance with her.Rob then went up and grabbed my wife Mel from behind, looking over at me to see my reaction. I wanted to hit him when he grabbed her ass and started to grind up against her, but I wanted to see him bed her as well. When Mel realized that it wasn’t me dancing with her, she quickly pushed Rob away and told him to fuck off. Rob came back up to me and told me that Mel wasn’t interested in him, that when I told him about my plan.I want you to take the key for the room and go up and have a shower. If you don’t shower you don’t get to fuck her. You have to leave now, Ill give you fifteen minutes and then ill bring Mel up to the room. Wait in the closet, there’s heaps of room in there and you can have a drink form the mini bar if you like but don’t order room service. When its time to fuck her ill let you know. Make sure your ready to fuck when we get there. Do you have any questions.Rob asked if Mel would know that it would be him fucking her, I told him that she wouldn’t and Rob started to smirk. I told him that she would be in the doggy position and wearing a blindfold, Ill fuck her first and then we’ll swap. We don’t want her to know so don’t make any noises, and don’t kiss her or grab her.We had an agreement!As Mel and I made our way back to the hotel room, my heart started pounding, I couldn’t believe what i had done and knew that it was probably too late to turn back. We were talking about the night on the way up and she mentioned this asshole who grabbed her on the dance floor . Knowing that Mel was going to get fuck by this guy that she thinks is an asshole, without her having any idea started to make my cock hard. My wife about to get FUCKED by a total STRANGER.When we got to the room I quickly went to the bathroom, the mirror was steamy so i quickly turned on the hot water to disguise the fact that the shower had been used. It made me feel better that at least he was showered, but I also felt weird that this stranger probably had time to go through our stuff and was now naked in our room. Rob must be in the closet and the thought of him actually being in there, waiting, made my cock started to get really hard.When I came out of the bathroom, Mel was already waiting on the bed, lying naked and spread eagle. She asked if I had a beer before I left, and got a little angry with me for leaving bottles lying around. I pushed the bottle to the side and put on some mood music.I got on canlı bahis top of Mel and started to lick her pussy and play with her clit for a short while.When I felt the timing was right, I asked her if she wanted to play a game. The one which I pretend to be a stranger when were in the park.The game where Mel puts on a blindfold and waits in the nude with her ass in the air for someone to come along and use her the way they see fit, and doesn’t know who is inside her.Ooh yeah. Mel jumped up to go to the closet to get out the blindfold which was in the overnight bag. My heart almost jumped though my mouth. I threw her back on the bed and told her that i would get it. I opened the closet and grabbed the blindfold , giving the stranger a wink as I left the door slightly open. Mel put on the blind fold, and as usual she turned over and started to present her ass and pussy for some lucky stranger.So the GAME begins.I leave her waiting there for a while to set the scene and let Mel get into her position. I start to walk around the room, pretending to be a total stranger just walking in the park and gave Rob the sign to come around. Mel can hear some footsteps, so in good form and going along with the game, she stuck out her ass just a little bit more, inviting the possible stranger to view her up close.Mel started to moan in a begging tone I need cock, anyone’s COCK, can someone FUCK ME I’M ALL YOURS TAKE METhese are the words Mel’s always says in our little game.Mel’s pussy and asshole are twitching, her wet holes are just itching for cock. She really wants to be a good little slut and please who ever walks passed.Rob at his stage probably couldn’t believe his luck. He must have thought, I’m gong to have that rude slut that told me to fuck off, I’ll give her fuck off.I hand him my camera phone and asked him to take a video and some pics while I wait in the corner. Robs as hard as a rock and looks at me as he starts moving towards Mel. Rob waist no time as he starts to play with Mel’s wet pussy lips. Then starts to lick her juices and grabbing her ass, pulling Mel’s cheek apart so that he could really get his tongue in her and gently bites her on the clit, Mel lets out a small cry. OHHH Rob sits back, (ROB starts to video himself with Mel) and starts to slide a finger in to feel her for size. Her wet pussy leaves a string of juice on his finger and he rubs it onto his cock just before he finds her hole with his nob.Rob knows it will slide strait into Mel, all so wet by now and she still has no clue that shes about to be taken BY ANOTHER MAN. I look at Rob while holding my erect cock in my hand, thinking about her beautiful pussy which is about to get invaded by this stranger.The man who earlier on was rejected by Mel but oh how the table has turned. Mel’s now waiting for his cock, to be filled by the man she thinks is an asshole, and doesn’t even know it.Waiting and wanting for the lucky stranger to go deep inside the same man she rejected is now going to have the final say, hes going to have his way with her. Any way with her.Mel’s wildest fantasies are going to be fulfilled tonight.Performing dirty deeds with the stranger that I chose. The man she thinks is a total asshole. Mel thinks hes an arrogant fuck, one of those guys that thinks he can have any girl wants.Knowing that my wife would never ever be with or even want this man anywhere near her, the only guy that truly pissed her off tonight and now has his cock hard up against her wet pussy and is about to have her anyway he wants, makes it even more exiting.I watch Rob grind his cock up against her beautiful pussy lips, bahis siteleri hovering around her slut hole. Mel groans as she rocks up and down on Robs cock. Rob pulls away for a second and I thought that he was going to put on a condom, something that wasn’t mentioned but was presumed by me, but he just put his hard cock back up to her beautiful hole.He starts off by gently caressing her lips with his nob, inching his way inside her, meeting Mel’s thrusts with his own. Getting deeper and deeper and more forceful with every thrust. Hes all the way in now, pounding my wife, balls deep inside MEL’S FERTILE PUSSY. .Mel was thrashing her head from side to side and grunting and bucking with exertion and excitement. Mel’s fantasy of imagining a stranger inside her bareback while shes so fertile it was driving her wild. Little squeaks are coming out of her as her fantasy cock became more familiar, scratching her itch in new and erotically exciting ways.HARDER YOU FUCKING STUD, give it to me all the way. Mel cries.I stayed in the corner, hearing Mel’s moans, with me pulling my cock watching my wife being used by this stranger just makes me want to cum.Rob Quickly pulled out.Hes going to finish off on her back.what a WASTE.Rob then without hesitation lined his throbbing monster up to her winking puckering asshole, spits on it and forces it in. Mel screamed as he made her fit to size, her cries weren’t going to stop him from pounding her sodden hole.Mel started to buck and moan as he pounded her ass hatefully, you could see by the way he was being so forceful that this was the painful payback for Mel’s painful rejection which happened earlier in the club. He was relentless, it seemed that he was pounding her ass forever. Her cries only making him push even harder.Mel starts to get used to the hard pounding after a what seemed an eternity of slamming her. He must be cumming in my wives ass, grunting and pushing with all that meaning. he slows down and leans over to kiss her back while squeezing Mel’s tits and erect nipples.Mel’s cum was dripping out of her pussy, after what looked like the orgasm of her life. Rob starts finger fucking Mel and then making her lick his fingers clean. This guy was really enjoying himself with my whore wife.His Cock was starting to go soft but then the stranger started swapping his cock between Mel’s holes. The fucker was cleaning the shit off his cock by shoving it back into my wives pussy. Mel moaned in discontent. But rules are rules, she has to let the stranger do whatever he wants. .oHHH Fuck me, don’t stop now, cum inside my fucking pussy, fill my holes, cum in me you fucking stud, take me anyway you want!!!!! THIS GUY WAS SUDDENLY FUCKING HARD AGAIN. I thought as I watched. we didn’t agree on this, it’s going too far.Rob started to finger fuck Mel’s ass, he used two fingers at first, then he reached over and shoved a beer bottle half way into her freshly fucked and fingered gaping hole. Ahhhhhooooooo. Mel’s moans grew louder and people in the other rooms would definitely be able to hear her cries now.That was the point where he truly knew he could do whatever he wanted with Mel and I wasn’t going to say or do a thing.A beer bottle in her ass, with his shit covered cock, plumbs deep in her fertile pussy, with MEL, MY WIFE screaming out OH YOU FUCKING STUD, TAKE ME ANYWAY YOU WANT. This must had given this guy Rob another idea.He pulled out his cock and the bottle and started to pull himself , with the I’M ABOUT TO CUM expression on his face. Hes going to CUM AGAIN He fed the bottle in and out of each of Mel’s well fucked holes like a sewing güvenilir bahis machine, twisting it in her ass then into her pussy over and over and over again.Mel Was now screaming with pleasure. The guy She never wanted is making her want it more than she has ever wanted it before. Rob threw the bottle aside while lining Mel up for another hot load.Mel then grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart , inviting the stranger to cum in either her gaping ass or fertile vagina. FILL ME PLEASE CUM IN ME AHHHHH COME ON OH YEAH BABY WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR FILL ME WITH YOUR SEEDWithout warning Rob thrust his hard love stick back into Mel. Mel pushed back hard on his bare cock, she knew he was ready to cum, Rob stiffened and grunted, I didn’t know if he was in Mel’s ass or pussy, all I could see was Robs face as he plunged in one last time and held it there, deep inside her, shuddering as he came inside my beautiful whore wife. Mel must have known that he was about to do his load so she pushed back as hard as she could onto the strangers shit covered cock and milked him for all his seed, holding him deep inside her, both of them shuddering over the wild time they just had.Rob had filled BOTH of my wives holes, and fulfilled her fantasy. Mel still doesn’t know it was that fucking asshole stranger that had been pleasing her oh so much . Her fertile pussy now glistening with the strangers seed, and still wanting more.Mel moaned, are you finished already you filthy man, while Robs thick creamy seed was dripping out of Mel’s now gaping and maybe pregnant pussy.Ohh FUCK, I need another cock I NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO FUCK ME PLEASE ANYONE, Mel moaned FUCK MY USED HOLE JUST FUUUUCK MEEEE. FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH ME!!!NOW I’m starting to think Mel knows that a STRANGER has been fucking her all this time or knows that someone been watching. Now I’m REALLY TURNED ONI climbed between her legs myself now, and buried my hard cock in her soaking stretched pussy. Feeling another mans cum dripping onto my cock made me want to fuck his cum back into her and give her a cream pie milkshake. As I stroked my shaft in and out of her pussy, I scooped up the cum that had dripped onto the sheets, pulled out my cock and spooned his seed back into her swollen gaping fertile pussy followed by my cock, plunging his seed back deep inside her. This made me fuck harder and faster than ever before, my cock had never been so hard and I filled her completely, feeling a strangers slimy seed inside my slut wife felt so good. I then noticed cum dribbling out of Mel’s shitter, all over my cock, so I scooped out what I could and fed it to Mel. SHE gobbled up Robs seed mix with ass juice and licked my fingers clean.OH FUCK, Mel cried, the neighbors and the people in the hall would have been able to hear Mel’s cries for sure! FUCK ME FUCK ME I’M CUMMING I’M CUMING CUM INSIDE MERob was dressed by now, but he took out his cock and was still good for one more hot load.He pulled his cock violently and just before he came all over Mel with vigor, I pulled out so that he could shoot his final seed into her gaping fertile pussy.I started working his seed back in then while he rushed out the door leaving it wide open for anyone to watch or maybe even join in.I WANT EVERY ONE TO WATCH ME GETTING FUCKED I WANT EVERYONE HERE TO FUCK ME ANYONE TO FUCK ME I’M A SLUT I’M A WHOREFUCK ME PLEASE FUCKKKK MEEEEEEEAnd with the final DEEP thrust, I did as she asked as Mel came on my cock with a huge shudder, making the cream pie milkshake.Shaking like never before, gripping my hard cock with her swollen and abused pussy. Mel just lay there , covered in cum with all her holes dripping. Her pussy swollen like a balloon and ass stretched out and still leaking cum into her gaping pussy. Do you feel like a fucking slut? OH YEAH BABY< OH YEAH.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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